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On Apr 9, 2010, dude945 (1 reviews) from Harlingen, TX

This is the best product out there for polyacrylamides. Fast shipping and very couteous people to deal with. The person that didnt believe the order being lost in the system apparently knows nothing about spam filters for businesses. IT HAPPENS....I run a business on the net and I know first hand. And that is why they ask to be notified within 5 days for just that very thing, excellent idea I think and will add that to my ordering system. At least that way you have some personal control. But I will always order from there, and bonus they are less expensive than all the rest and YES there is a difference in the products. Theirs if only First rate....Thank goodness for business people who care....

On Jul 10, 2009, Reviewer41 (1 reviews) from Salt Lake City, UT

I tried to order a 10 lb bag of Watersorb directly from the company and approximately 2 weeks after placing the order, and receiving 2 e-mailed receipts confirming that my order was received, I got an e-mail from the company stating that “Your order was caught by the spam filter and not discovered until today!” I was told that this problem is why they ask all customers to contact the company if they do not receive a shipping confirmation within 24 hours. I responded that it seemed incredible that e-mails generated by their own website are tagged by their own spam filter and it took 2 weeks to find the error. I asked them to ship the product in an expedited manner. The response was to ask if I wanted the order cancelled. I was told that this only happens twice a year and “It is a shame you didn’t contact us when you didn’t receive your tracking within an acceptable time frame.” I cancelled the order and ordered an equivelant product from another company.

On Sep 12, 2005, chunx (35 reviews) from San Diego, CA

I've ordered from this company 3 times now, maybe 4. The Watersorb is amazing stuff. Another thing that impresses me is that they are non-profit. The Watersorb has saved me way more in water bills than the stuff costs. When I had sod put down, I used the Watersorb as directed. That was 2 years ago and it's still working. I've also used it in my flower beds, in planters, and pots. Just a word of warning though....Do not overuse the stuff in pots. Follow the directions. I mixed it with the soil and used way too much and when it rained, my plants were out of the pots and on the ground along with a lot of soil and the Watersorb. It just takes a little bit. Too much is not better than too little. Well worth the money and the shipping is cheap and fast. I've recommended it to a lot of people here where it doesn't rain for months on end.

On Mar 1, 2005, everevolver (3 reviews) from Tacoma,
United States

I have placed two orders with this company and each time the service was prompt. Their website is very easy to use, and there is detailed information about their product and its application. My first order was for five pounds, which I've already gone through, my second order was for fifty pounds. Needless-to-say I am very happy with this product.

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