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The scoop on 'Catalpa Tree Seeds Co.'

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Catalpa Tree Seeds Co.

(United States)

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Question Mark November 24, 2008

This company has possibly shuttered its doors. I have a note from a homeowner who resides at the address given and they purchased the property but not the business. The website is parked, and there is no contact available at this time.

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Negative rfrigault
(1 review)
July 15, 2008
I placed an order for wild rice and spartan northern highbush blueberry seeds with this company on May 2nd, 2008. I received a confirmation email after having placed the order, but by June 14th I had still not received the shipment or any other communication from the company. I called them on two separate occasions during their regular business hours and left a message. I never heard back from them. Fortunately my credit was never charged either.
Negative dswansondc
Washington, DC
(1 review)
June 15, 2008
The other negative responses posted here sum-up my own experience. I'm 'hoping' Catalpa is just incredibly inept. However, if it's simple ineptitude, their lack of communication (consistent email bounce-backs due to a "full mailbox," lack of call backs, no order updating, etc) inclines me to believe this is a scam. (Well, that, and being lied to about my delivery). FYI: some of the positive feedback noted here seems to be in the same 'voice' and written cadence....It's clear that much of it may be written by the same individual. Oh dear.
Be safe, stay clear of Catalpa Tree Seed Company.
Negative Celticdragon
New Richmond, OH
(1 review)
April 25, 2008
On 3/30/08 I Placed an order with Catalpa tree seed co.
My Order was for 4 oz of Siberian Elm seeds
Purchase price plus shipping was $25.93
Method of payment was Visa Credit Card.
I Received 3 confirmation emails regarding my order status.
in this order, 1 order paid 2 order shipped 3 order complete.
I waited 3 weeks Before trying to contact the company. After several emails and phone calls were made i got absolutely no response from the Company.

Here is a little statement taken from the emails i received,

If there is a delay in shipping items, you will receive an email, as well as a phone call from us regarding the delay or the issue with the shipment. Due to vast array of items that Catalpa Tree Seed Company carries, we will not be able to ship some orders in an individual package. Occasionally, these will be shipped form their respective suppliers directly to you. Should an issue arise regarding delays, misdirected shipments, or otherwise, we will contact you via email and phone with the situation and whatever updates we may have regarding the matter.
This is a Total Lie and they do not call you or email you back.
It seems to be a take the money and run type of scam.
I Have filed a complaint With the better Business Bureau in Trenton New Jersey. And i hope anybody that has Fallen Victim to the Catalpa tree seed co Scam will Also file a Complaint with the BBB.
On May 29th, 2008, Celticdragon added the following:

The Final Word on Catalpa Tree seed co.
After several failed attempts to resolve my dispute with Catalpa .
The better business bureau has closed my case and I have been instructed by the BBB to take Legal action By contacting the Burlington County Consumer Affairs office at ..
(609) 265 – 5054 after contacting the Consumer Affairs Office I was asked if my money was ever refunded or if I contacted my credit card company to dispute the matter and up until this point I had not done so. Consumer Affairs told me to tell my credit card company that I was charged for services not rendered. So I did just that!
My credit card company will now send me a letter of dispute which I will have to return back to them and get my $25.93 credited back to my account.
The Bottom line is, do not for any reason do any business with Catalpa tree seed co.
Since they will not even speak with the BBB in New Jersey or respond to letters sent by the BBB. This tells me that the Company is now Defunct, Bankrupt, and Down the Toilet
My next step is to start an online Boycott Against Catalpa Tree Seed co. I will keep you all up to date when I get things rolling. I hope this info has been helpful to all of you!
Negative bear1
Dayton, OH
(1 review)
March 31, 2008
I placed an order with Catalpa Seeds in January 2008. The items never came. After many phone calls and emails, no response received. This is a scam company.
Negative tsmiles132096
Kissimmee, FL
(1 review)
February 15, 2008
I'm starting to believe we may be another victim of Catalpa they did not hesitate to charge our credit card but have not replied or sent our order, I would not place an order with this company there are to many reputable seed dealers on the web to put up with their customer service. also if you have had similar issues notify Local Harvest and other companies that link to catalpa's web site.

Negative daisy2flowers
Athens, GA
(1 review)
January 28, 2008
My experience with Catalpa Tree Seed Company has confirmed the advice to NEVER buy something online without first doing some research. From their website it looks like a very legitimate company. After not receiving my order and having the money taken from my account I no longer beleive they are legitimate whatsoever. I have called the numbers on the website to only reach the same answering machine message and have received exactly ZERO return calls. The same holds true for the emails I have sent. I found two other numbers which have both been disconnected. I have contacted the Better Bussiness Bureau of NJ as well as my local consumer contacts. My advice to anyone doing business with this company via online payments is DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME OR YOUR MONEY.
Negative mirvq
Greensboro, NC
(1 review)
January 21, 2008
Well I have been screwed also. I sympathize with all of you who have also lost $$$ to this "company." I was charged $25 for one-seed juniper seeds on September 24, 2007. I actually was able to speak to a human being on 2 occassions (Carl) - who knows, maybe Carl is Cliff as I saw many Cliff references. Carl assured me on Dec. 4 that the seeds were "in the germanantion stage" and would ship within the next week. I bought it hook, line and sinker. I try daily phone calls but it always goes to the answering machine. I have never been screwed before by an internet merchant. The website does a good job to fool you. If you do not want to have your hard earned $$$ thrown away, stay away from Catalpa Tree Seed Company.
On July 8th, 2008, mirvq added the following:

July 8, 2008. Thank you Celticdragon for your followup and mention of starting an electronic boycott. All of us in this link have been the victim of this fraudulent company. I also contacted BBB and worked with my credit card company and was quickly refunded my money. My only question 6 months later was 'who exactly was I speaking with on the phone 2 or 3 times?' I am guessing that this man is now enjoying life in a NJ prison and is therefore unable to answer the phone!
Negative orlando79
(2 reviews)
December 5, 2007
This is probably the world's most unserious seed-dealer.

I ordered my seeds over a month ago. I have tried sending numerous mails, calling the 1-800 number, and using the contact-form on their webpage.

These guys don't belong in business, they belong in prison. Who knows how many people they have hoaxed?

Don't ever buy from this company.
On January 3rd, 2008, orlando79 added the following:

OK, I have waited about a month and nobody at the company has answered my emails or phonecalls.

So I did some detective work. It's amazing what you can find out from the internet. I can see Mr. Cohen has been in some trouble. It appears a Mr. Cohen has been the defendant in a real-estate court-case. What do you know? The address listed here by the business representatives matches the business address! Check this link out:


What can I say Mr. Cohen? Con-artists never win in the long run.
Negative ssgdjudy
Columbia, SC
(1 review)
May 15, 2007
I ordered $10.00 worth of Calwpata seeds in Apr 2007. After a month of not reciving them are any e-mails I called and of course no answer I received them around 45 days later, none of them have grown.
Negative HMD
Memphis, TN
(1 review)
March 22, 2007
They will steal your money; do not order seeds from this company!!!! I called to order seeds and spoke with Cliff, who seemed very nice and willing to help. He located my seeds and told me the price would be $11.00. When I received my credit card bill it was for $900.00. He never sent me a receipt or e-mail confirmation, although I requested one. I called non-stop, he told me he would cancel the order and refund my money. After many excuses, he finally said he would mail a check, which I never received. I continued to call daily, but they would not pick up or return my calls. Once I used another person’s phone and they picked up. Cliff was nice and told me he was working on the problem. After this he never returned another call nor was I able to get in touch with them again. I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau of New Jersey. I would recommend this, because they will try and get your money back. It will also alert other people about the company. If they can not get your money back, you can take them to small claims court, which they offer as a suggestion.
Negative erin89
Lowell, MA
(1 review)
June 21, 2006
On May 30th I placed an order with the Catalpa Tree Seed company for some ivy seeds and to this date have not received them. As many others have stated, I have called, emailed, left messages, and have heard nothing back. I am filing a complaint with the Federal Trade Comission and I would encourage others to do so as well. (You can do this at I should also note that the order was origianlly placed through [email protected] a company which is also impossible to reach via email, phone, voice mails etc. I will pursue this until I get my money back.
Negative tuts51chevy
Orlando, FL (Zone 10a)
(1 review)
May 26, 2006
On April 1st, 2006, I ordered 50 Royal Paulownia tree seed, via e-mail from Catalpa Tree Seed Company, which arrived about 1 week later. The seeds were incredibly small, about the size of the tip of a pin.
They were planted immediatly in single pots, with Miracle grow planting soil, and misted frequently....2 months later...still nothing.
I think I was sent OLD seed, and trying to reach anyone at this Company is IMMPOSIBLE!!!!!!
I tried numerous times to call and speak with a "human being", but they don't have any there.
I left 3 messages on the President of the companys line, and he still to this day he has NOT returned any of my calls, as he says he will in his message.
I went online for further info on The Catalpa Tree Seed Co. and found a few more phone numbers that I didn't have to try.
Unfortunetly, they all lead you right back to a full mailbox that NEVER gets emptied. IT IS ALWAYS FULL.

This is NOT the way to conduct business, or at least it shouldn't be. I ordered seeds because I heard that mailing small trees don't always make it in the end, or very few trees survive.

I will NEVER order ANYTHING ever again from this fly-by night company, and suggest if you don't want to get ripped off, find a more reputable company to give your hard earned money too.

Negative bluebeagle92
Winooski, VT
(1 review)
May 10, 2006
I ordered $35.00 in seeds on March 23, 2006 and I still have not received them. I wish I would have found this website earlier so I could have learned from previous posters experiences. Hopefully now someone can learn from mine. I tried calling multiple times and no one answer and their mailboxes are all full (probably on purpose or more people they are trying to take advantage of). I also tried emailing them and still did not receive a response. If I were you I would not do business with them go someplace else there are a lot of other companies on the internet that actually send seeds when you pay for them they don't take your money and run like Catalpa.
Negative stacieb
Butte, MT
(1 review)
May 4, 2006
I placed an $161.80 order on March 20 - two months later I have not recieved it and the company will not respond to emails or phone messages, the sales department message service is full and the shipping department does not respond. I am very frustrated and cannot believe how unprofessional it is.
Negative kwetz
South Venice, FL (Zone 9b)
(2 reviews)
March 28, 2006
I placed an order for seeds from Catalpa via back on December 31st of last year. It was shipped they said on January 3rd. I never got it but did get the other 3 orders I placed with other companies via localharvest.
Over the last 3 months I have emailed localharvest numerous times about this order never appearing, talked to the folks at Catalpa and finally I've given up. Catalpa you can have the $14.98. It's not worth the bother of trying to get you to ship. Localharvest to their credit did try to remedy the problem by contacting Catalpa Tree co. I verified my address several times and the order was supposed to have been resent but again it never appeared. As I said the other 3 orders sent to the same address from other companies did appear so ??
Negative morganco
Zanesville, OH
(1 review)
February 19, 2006
I contracted with Catalpa Tree Seed Co. on Jan. 12,2006 for tree seeds and my credit card was hit with a $56.80 charge on Jan. 31,2006 being assured that it would be charged only when the items were being shipped! Even 6 days later no credit on account and no arrival yet! More than ten days ago I emailed Catalpa about non-arrival and whereabouts with documents about shipping. This last week I have faxed numerous inquiries to Catalpa. This last week I called Catalpa numerous times getting a revolving automated loop answering machine with no live person answering or returning a left message. A letter was sent this past week demanding immediate action. Catalpa is advertised as a "C3 Holding". Big Deal ! I have not received the goods or shown my credit card has been credited yet as of Feb. 19, 2006. I will take all legal action to protect my interests! T.F. MISSOURI
Positive RichoCech
Williams, OR
(104 reviews)
February 11, 2006
Ordered online on Jan 3 and no response--no seeds, nothing. I believe the order did not go through, and that's a computer thing--not the fault of Catalpa, really. Waited several weeks, called, Cliff called back when I wasn't there. Called again, left message, no callback. Called again and again gave him my credit card number. That was Jan 25. He promised the seeds would be sent right away. It is now Feb 11. Still no seeds. This is definitely the hardest I've ever worked to buy seeds. Will happily change this from a negative to a neutral review if the seeds actually arrive.
On March 1st, 2006, RichoCech changed the rating from negative to positive and added the following:

Received my Juniper seeds on Feb 28 and I really like them. Very nifty packaging, very clean seed, and marked with a current purity/germ. Obviously a professional outfit undergoing some massive customer service issues. I'm changing this rating to positive, not only because I feel that the quality of the seeds neutralized the poor service, but also because I run my own seed company, and I know how much it hurts to have people griping about me online (or on the phone, for that matter). Wishing the CATALPA folks the best and hoping that they get some good help over there real soon.
Positive DTC
Forest Hills, NY
(2 reviews)
January 23, 2006
I ordered a bunch of seeds back in October and November. I also spoke several times with the owner, Cliff, who was very helpful and knowledgeable.

About a month and a half ago, Cliff told me that he would be shipping parts of my order to me. Nothing came. Later Cliff told me that my entire order had been shipped out, but nothing came. I last spoke with Cliff about two weeks ago about this and he said that he would look into it and call me back. Never received any return phone call, despite my leaving multiple subsequent voicemails to Cliff and his sales staff.

I would like to make plain that my credit card was never charged -- so I am NOT accusing anyone of any thievery. However, I am troubled by the lack of responsiveness to my calls and inability to get a simple answer as to when my orders really will be filled. I would really like to get my seeds so that I can plant them at the beginning of the growing season.
On January 25th, 2006, DTC changed the rating from neutral to negative and added the following:

Well, I have read Steff's response to my earlier review and have the following comments.

First, I have not received any email response from her to date, although I will continue to await one. Second, she does not dispute that I have left multiple voicemail messages that were not returned. Third, while she now claims that certain sugar maple seed did not past Catalpa's germination testing, the company president, Cliff, did tell me that my order had been shipped out and made no mention of this. Furthermore, I had previously indicated that I would take whatever portion of the order could be filled and await the rest. Fourth, whenever I have called Catalpa over the past two weeks, I get a recording. I have left messages for the sales department, shipping department, and for Cliff (Company President). Never got any response.

I would be delighted if this problem could be fixed and I am not looking to bad-mouth the company. However, the fact remains that I have received poor/non-responsive customer service. Hence the negative rating. If I now get better service, I am amenable to changing the rating appropriately.
On March 14th, 2006, DTC changed the rating from negative to positive and added the following:

After my posts, I received a call from Cliff, Catalpa's President. He explained that his mother has been seriously ill and that he had not been able to oversee his small company's operations in the interim. He made plain that he wanted to make things right and he has taken efforts to do so. I did receive the bulk of my order shortly thereafter. There were some smaller issues involving receiving some incorrect seed, but they have been ironed out and corrected completely. The seed I received was in good shape and is germinating very nicely.

Because the problems I encountered appear to have arisen due to the foregoing understandable personal issue and the seed received was of high quality, I am changing my rating to positive. However, Catalpa's staff needs to really focus on being more responsive to customers.
Company representative comment on January 26, 2006:
On Jan 25, 2006, CatalpaTree Medford, NJ wrote:

Hi, this is Steff from Catalpa Tree Seed Company.

I am sure that Mr. Cho is anxious to get his seed. However, with the scarcity of the seeds that he is requesting, it has taken us extra time to locate and test the seeds that he has requested. Sugar Maples are very difficult to come by, and 4 of the 5 batches that we received in did not germination nor pass the V/V testing that we mandate for any seed. we are currently (As of Jan 25th, 2006) waiting on the final results of the Germination testing for the 5th batch. (I would like to point out that we do not sell seed that does not pass the testing as mandated by the Company Owner.

As Mr. Cho indicated, we DID NOT charge his credit card, any of the multiple ones that we were given when the others were provided to us for reasons that Mr. Cho indicated. We never charge sales until the shipment has left our offices. [This is the ensure that there is no mistakes.]

Additionally, I would like to point out that I have personally responded to all emails that Mr. Cho has sent to us. The delay in shipping is unfortunate, but we will not sell seed that is not viable, passes germination testing, or is from sources that we cannot verify.

As soon as the final results on the seeds are in, his order will be placed in fulfillment and shipped. (This will be prior to the end of the month of January, much before the growing season starts in his zone.)

I am sorry that there has been a delay with the Acer Saccharum (Sugar Maple) seeds. There has been a declining crop for the past 4 years, and, again, it is very difficult to locate quality seed.

I would appreciate it is Mr. Cho were to contact me directly via our 866-756-SEEDS [866-756-7333] number. I will assure him of the circumstances, and provide all of the technical details for each one of the species in his shipment.

Thank you for along me to reply to this. I really like having issues open and for other to be able to see the matter to make an informed decision.

Catalpa Tree Seed Company
a division of C3Holdings, LLC
General Manager
27 Fostertown Road
Medford, New Jersey 08055-9514
United States of America
[e-mail:[email protected]]
[[email protected]]
(866) 756-SEED [7333]
(609) 714-9635 [FAX]
Neutral Turtleman
Glendale, AZ (Zone 9a)
(1 review)
September 26, 2005
Sept.8th 05 we ordered 300 seeds through Local Harvest and had our credit card charged, Not really a problem except to this date we still havent received our order.
We did get a confirming mail with a US Post Office comfirmation number on it.. The USPO says they never heard of any number like that.
We've spoken to "Cliff" twice and have been told that another order will be shipped "Express Mail"... no order has ever been received.
We've contacted "Tere" at Local Harvest and asked that our payment be returned... as of this post no refund has been credited to our account..
We've posted this information on Catalpa Tree Seeds Forum but instead of dealing with the issue the Admin of that forum deleted the post.. We can only assume they didnt want anyone else to see it!
We've been told by both Local Harvest and Catalpa Tree Seeds that our order has been sent,, but we've never received any information to prove through the USPO that it has in fact been sent.. On Friday the 23rd Tere told us if we havent received any order by Monday that they'd refund the funds...As of this post, no refund has been made.
We've tried to contact "Tere" at Local Harvest but so far all inquires are only a private answering machine..
At this point we dont want anything to do with eaither of these on-line companys.. we do want our money back!!!

On October 1st, 2005, Turtleman changed the rating from negative to neutral and added the following:

It is true, the order did show up at our Nursery, we understand that shippment is out of your hands, but untill we received the order NO One was ever able to show us that an order was even shipped, the USPO could NOT confirm the shipment number you provided us with. And as per normal, the US Goverment (USPO) finally got the order here (in 20+ days)
All mail and phone messages were returned to you without exception! In fact I'm sure you'll remember the conversation that we had when you stated that your secretary had some type of problem and had deleted messages??
Company representative comment on September 30, 2005:
We shipped the items to the address that he entered in when ordering. The package was processed and sent within 24 hours of ordering. He contacted us to say that he did not receive the package, and we offered a full refund, reshipment of the seeds, or both the refund and the seeds when they arrived.

As of Monday, September 26th, 2005, the package was delivered. (For anyone wishing to check the validity of this statement, we refer you to the USPS site and enter in the tracking Number: 420853089101805213907922905663. This will reflect the date of fulfillment, and delivery. (All packages sent via any means of delivery are sent with either tracking or delivery confirmation to ensure that matters like this do not cause issues. Even single packages of see will be sent with tracking or delivery confirmation.)

When we contacted RSI Growers, the have not return our calls, and repeated emails to ask them to discuss the matter have gone unanswered.
We are a small company that stands behind every single sale. If it is for a single package of seeds, or a 2 ton order, we will treat it with the same respect.

When a company or someone has an issue with the company, I would appreciate if they would contact me and work with me to resolve the issues.

If anyone questions our sincerity, then we ask them to contact us, and we will prove that we are a superior company by the service, quality of seed, and professional staff that can assist them with any questions that they may have.

I am very sorry that RSI has had some difficulties with their delivery, but when the matter is out of our hands, we do what we can to ensure that the customer is satisfied with their purchase; with replacements, refund or both.

The error with the forum is in fact my fault. We just rolled out the website, and I have not learned how to manage it correctly. I inadvertently deleted RSI’s post, as well as a few others. I would be more then willing to ask them to post the same narrative again, or to post it here as well as on our site.

In the defense of LocalHarvest, they are the venue that I also sell at, and they forwarded all emails, calls and other information to me to address.

This has been an unfortunate incident due to unknown causes in the USPS postal stream. We do everything in our power to ensure timely delivery by verification of addresses, delivery point bar coding, correct formatting, and over postage for all items.

I do hope that this addresses all the issues that were posted. And I invite Reid to follow up with me, or to place a follow up post here to confirm delivery on the date mentioned with the Delivery Confirmation number provided above.

Thank you.

Positive lindai
Oxford, NC
(1 review)
August 17, 2005
I have bought a lot of seeds from Catalpa Tree Seeds Co. I appreciate their incredible selection, reasonable prices even with small quantities, detailed plant data sheets, combined/free shipping, and accessibility after the sale if I have questions. Most importantly, though, I like that the seeds are consistently viable. When I asked Cliff if I should stratify my magnolia seeds, he informed me that they store all of their seeds at the ideal temperature and humidity. I suspect they qualify their suppliers very carefully and individually inspect everything that goes out, because the seeds are noticeably uniform in quality (no runts, trash, or half-cleaned seeds). One warning: if you are in the habit of sowing extra seeds to allow for losses, you are going to end up with plants out your ears (I have a forest of pretty little Catalpas in pots on my front porch)!
Positive write2ryan
Milton, WI
(1 review)
July 26, 2005
I ordered 8 or so packets of seed. They were shipped well protected and look excellent. Each were well labeled and came with a full page of information full of traits, charictoristics, habitat you would find the trees in, and much more. I was sent an e-mail letting me know my package was about to be shipped and a tracking #.
This company is large enough to have what you want/need while at the same time they showed me they were small enough to care.

Nice to see a company still have some values. You will be a happy customer or they will make you a happy customer.

Positive steve_thomps
Las Vegas, NV
(1 review)
June 10, 2005
I bought some Tobacco seeds from Catalpa. The service was prompt and professional. He was very honest and a true professinal. i would recommend him and his company to ALL.

Steve D. Thompson
Positive angelachsium
Muldrow, OK
(1 review)
May 30, 2005
We had a problem with our seeds coming open in the mail the first time we ordered from catalpa. My husband called and talked to Cliff at Catalpa and he help us right away, he gave us all the instructions and answered every question we had about the seeds that we bought. He made sure our replacement seeds were in the mail that same day without any problems. He was very nice and easy to talk to.If you don't know alot about plants, he will take the time and explain everything you need to know. Thanks Angela Chisum
Positive hollander
(1 review)
May 24, 2005
During our summer holidays 2003 some people gave us a few Saskatoon berries, a kind of fruit we don’t know in Holland. A couple of weeks ago, I was looking in my stamp collection and found a Canadian stamp with a Saskatoon tree in the picture. I thought: why wouldn’t it be possible to cultivate such a tree in my own country? After I searched the internet I found some information about the requirements of this tree. I also found the site of Local Harvest. On this site it’s possible to buy seeds from Catalpa Tree Seed Company.

Because I wasn’t able to give in my own address in one of the fields, I decided to send an email to the company, in which I asked them if it’s also possible for them to deliver to me. A short time after I had send my email, Cliff answered me: It was no problem. In accordance with my question it was okay to pay with PayPal. After I had read this mail, I had still a number of questions, which Cliff answered elaborately and kindly.

After I had made my payment, Cliff sent me a mail to thank me. He promised me to send the seeds as soon as possible.

Within two weeks I received the seeds on my address in Holland. They were packed up properly.

I would like to recommend this firm to all of you!
Positive fishking54
Livonia, MI (Zone 6a)
(1 review)
May 14, 2005
My order From Catalpa Tree Seed Co via Local Harvest
went well. I have Heirloom Wild Oats & Purple Fountain Grass sprouts doing well in my garage window. They should
be ready for movement outdoors in a few weeks. I was unable to these items at any local garden center. Thanks
to this I found Local Harvest then
Catalpa Tree Seed Co

Positive bandi1
(1 review)
April 19, 2005
A week or two ago I ordered 100 elm seeds from Catalpa Tree Seed Company, for use in an Earth Day celebration. They packaged the seeds and mailed them to me right away, USPS, but by the end of one week the seeds had not arrived. I spoke on the phone with Cliff Cohen (of Catalpa) last Saturday morning. He was quite chagrined that the seeds had not arrived, and he offered to put another 100 in the mail right away-- priority mail-- free of charge. Both packages (the original and the replacement) arrived Monday (yesterday). Cliff even sent me directions for saving the extra 100 seeds in the refrigerator for next year's Earth Day event. In our phone and e-mail correspondences in the interim Cliff was very helpful and concerned that I get the seeds in time to use them this coming weekend. I would recommend him to my friends. Catalpa is a small operation that delivers personal service; I appreciate that a lot.

Barbara in Cheshire
Positive Andyv
United Kingdom
(1 review)
March 30, 2005
I would just like to say a huge thank you to Cliff at Catalpa Tree Seeds Co for such a superb,fast and efficient service.
On 14 March 05, I emailed Catalpa Tree Seeds Co to see if I could place an order for some Paulownia seeds that I could not find here in England UK.
Within half an hour of my email being sent I had a reply from Cliff saying that he had these seeds and that it was no problem to ship them to me (excellent news).
He worked out the cost of the seeds and shipping and handling costs and let me know straight away.
On the 15 March I sent off my order to Cliff, throughout the time of waiting for my order to arrive Cliff kept me fully informed of my order and would let me know when he received it.
On the 22 March my order had arrived to Cliff, he emailed me to let me know that the order would be sent out later that day.
Amazingly and to my pleasure they arrived safe and sound and very well packaged on Tuesday 29 March, here in England.
I now have the pleasure of sowing them and having some very beautiful trees for my garden, and my family and freinds.
Thank you once again to Cliff at Catalpa Tree Seeds Co for such a superb service, and I look forward to using your company again in the not so distant future.
Very best wishes

Andy V
Positive huntvirgil
(1 review)
March 11, 2005
I have a job that takes me half the year to Brazil form my home in NY. I love gardening, and I hate to leave it behind for my family to tend to while I am away. My job requires a lot of travel, but there is a lot of sitting on my rear doing nothing when I am where I have to be. I wanted to garden in my flat while I am in Brazil, but could find no companies that we reputable in the country.

On my last visit home, I went surfing to find a company that had seeds, (The only way for me to get what I want into Brazil.) And I found this company. They had what I wanted, and then more.

I placed an order, small, just to see what I would be getting. I was impressed with the speed and quality that I received. However, I did have to call them to clarify a point on one of the sets of directions. Carl, their manager, was very helpful, and even called me back to tell me more information about my Acacias.

When I got the seeds started, and everything was going fine, I placed my “traveling” order with them. I did tell them that I would be going overseas with the seeds, and they told me that I may have some issues with a photo-sanitary restriction. OK, I have never heard of this, and I thought that it was just the plants that were not allowed in. Silly me, was I in for an education!

A few days later, I received a call from Cliff, the owner of Catalpa Tree Seeds, he told me that it may be easier if the company shipped them then if I tried to bring them into the country myself. He said that there were papers and information that would be easier to deal with if they shipped them with all of the paperwork than in I carried it myself.

I was very weary of this, I have been burned before on sales that were “too be shipped”. However, he gave me his personal guarantee that they would not charge anything to my credit card until he heard from me. Now that is a wonderful service.

Well, I got here in the beginning of February, and the seeds followed me down and were here 3 days after I arrived. The parcel had been opened, and the contents inspected, but they were all there.

I sent them an email, and had my wife call to confirm the shipment had arrived. They then charged me the cost of the seeds, but did not charge for the shipping, saying it was fun and different to help someone out that is away form home a lot and needs this kind of diversion.

I just got done with my second order, and I am sure that it will be as good as the first. (I will be back and let you know.)


V. Hunt, Geo-Poly-Tech, LTD
NYC & Brasília
Petr0-Tech Spec.
Positive vs71099
Osage City, KS (Zone 5b)
(5 reviews)
February 28, 2005
I've recently ordered seeds from Catalapa. I completely agree with Duns. Carl was very helpful, my seeds came quickly, they were nicely packaged and contained instructions for each seed bunch. I had questions about the shipping costs Carl emailed back and forth several times and explained the shipping prices. I'm very happy with my purchase and will order from Catalpa again.
Positive Dunkins1986
Newark, DE
(1 review)
February 26, 2005
At the beginning of this year I contacted Catalpa Tree via the Local Harvest website. They had listed a very eclectic array of seeds from the plants, trees and cacti that I was looking for.

I emailed them first to find out the origin of their cacti seeds. Also to find out if I was dealing with a company that was fronting, or if I was dealing with a smaller company that wanted business. CH Answered the call. He said that he was the owener of the company and that he personally would take care of all customer inquiries. Nice so far!

OK, I wanted to know what they did to get their seeds, where they came from, what type of information was included with any purchase, and what the seed count was that I would get.

CH told me that they hand packed each order individually, that the seeds were obtained from smaller growers, farmers, and collectors. That I could order any quantity of seed that I wanted. GREAT SO FAR!

I asked about growing directions. CH said that they do not normally provide detailed growing instructions, but that they could give them to me, seeing that I requested them.


Since the first week of this year, my wife and I, our cousins, and a few friends have purchased from CH and have been amazed a the quality and the speed of service. We did have one problem though. One of the packages had opened in the mail. My wife called Catalpa Tree, and again got CH, he said that he would reship the seeds. They arrived in two days by priority mail. AMAZING!

I don’t know about other gardeners and those with eclectic tastes, but I lknwo that I have found one of the better, no the best supplier of unusual and hard to find (For me at least) seeds.

Noiw I just have the problem of what I want to get next.

Thanks CH (And Carl) you guys make gardening fun.


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