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Pase Greenhouses

Mailing Address:
1581 Milestrip Rd
N Collins, New York 14111 (United States)

Phone: 716-337-0361
Fax: 716-337-0361

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This company offers a variety of plants and seeds.

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Negative Grtgrdn
Porter, OK
(1 review)
April 21, 2018
Cabbage seeds were ordered and received timely. I made three plantings in a temp-controlled greenhouse. NOT ONE OF THE SEEDS GERMINATED. Iíve started all kinds of seeds (including CABBAGE) from other companies over 4+decades and have never had an issue. The cabbage SEEDS WERE BAD. I contacted the company via email asking for a reimbursement of $6.50, saying I would rather not have to go through PayPal with a dispute claim. After sending a second email to the company within the twenty day resolution period, Iíve still not received a refund or even an acknowledgement of the issue. I will make it a priority to tell everyone who will listen to NEVER deal with this company. I have never had to file a dispute claim, but gardening is hard enough without having to deal with a company knowingly selling bad seeds. DO NOT BUY FROM PASE GREENHOUSES!
Positive valleygardens
Fairfax, VA
(2 reviews)
July 19, 2013
My order was filled accurately and without a problem. I received my order a week after ordering, and it included a nice freebie. Will definitely do business with them again.
Negative TomatoMan1
Carmel, CA
(4 reviews)
September 8, 2012
This seed supplier has taken copyrighted photos and descriptions from other websites. Then they post photos to compete with the websites they have taken from. Clearly a lack of integrity in management here.
Company representative comment on September 8, 2012:
On Sep 8, 2012 5:48 PM, Pase Greenhouses responded with:

We most certainly have not done what you have accused us of. We buy from a large reputable wholesaler of seeds who in turns gives us a disc with pics and descriptions. We also have written permission to use the pics and descriptions.

Negative BlakeInCanada
Canada (Zone 5a)
(5 reviews)
November 18, 2011
First, be aware I haven't bought any seeds from Pase Seeds.

I just wanted to warn that the site uses pictures that are used on other sites for different cultivars, and that the descriptions to their seeds are written like this:

"Sweet Pea - Old Spice - Rose-White Seeds... Sweet Pea - Old Spice - Rose-White SeedsAnnualApprox. 10 seeds per package... Delicious rose and white bicolor, Highly fragrant, for old fashioned look or cutting, now in separate colors, long blooming in summer... Height: 10". "

There is no more detail once you click on it so the "..." is incomplete on each item. This screams of stolen descriptions from another website where you'd click on the item and the rest of the description would show. First words are categories copied and pasted.

If they're willing to do this, it says something about the kind of business they're running. With the incorrect pictures, I wouldn't trust that the seeds I got would be the exact cultivar I ordered.
Positive shindagger
Oklahoma City, OK
(4 reviews)
October 27, 2010
I ordered three types of ornamental grass seed from Pase Seed a couple of weeks ago and it seemed like they arrived the very next day. Quick Service!

I already have some stipa sprouting and I have to say, they have a great ornamental grass seed collection. Some pretty unusual types of grass, I will definitely have to order more for winter sowing.

I recommend them highly.
Negative nsb06751
Middlebury, CT
(1 review)
September 12, 2010
Posted on April 10, 2010, updated September 12, 2010
I ordered several packets of seeds from Pase. One packet had zero germination so I was told a fresher packet would be sent. When it arrived, it has the same lot # on it but I tried it anyway. As expected, zero germination so I asked for a refund. The response I received to a second email request for a refund was apologetic because the recipient had been recovering from surgery. I wished them a quick recovery but was puzzled a large company such as this would not have sufficient coverage for these situations. I did receive a refund but wasted allot of time and starter pots on bad seeds. Would I order again? Probably.
On September 12th, 2010, nsb06751 changed the rating from neutral to negative and added the following:

Update: Would I order again? No!! Of the seeds that did germinate, 2 varieties were either not what I ordered or were inferior. The worst seeds I have ever seen.
Positive lovemyhouse
(Debra) Garland, TX
(4 reviews)
April 10, 2010
Have had excellent service and quality from this grower over the last three years of ordering from their company. Plants have always been healthy on arrival and packaged appropriately. Good communication, kept me informed if there was a shipping delay or question about my order. Always prompt to answer email. Recommended.
Positive CanDoGal
Amherst, NH
(1 review)
March 30, 2010
I ordered 14 packets of perennial seeds from Pase on 3/12/10. I chose them because I was pleased by their selection of seed packets of harder to find shade & part shade tolerant perennials, and the pricing on most packets. I'm trying to grow plants to fill in the numerous shadier areas of my front yard, and I'm trying to keep costs down.

I received one shipment within a week or so, with all but 4 packets of seeds. The packing slip was clearly marked with what was backordered. At first I was wary, wondering if I'd ever see the last 4 packets, but they came yesterday. So my order was complete within 18 days, even with a backorder.

Some of the seeds I ordered are on the trickier side to start. Some basic information is included on the seed packets, and more complete information for many/most items is available on their website.

If germination rates are reasonable, I'd certainly order from Pase again.
Positive pgt
Chalfont, PA (Zone 6b)
(5 reviews)
January 11, 2010
My seed order arrived very quickly after ordering online. So far, I am pleased. There was also good general germination/growing instructions included in the package. I'll update after germination, but so far my experience has been positive.
Neutral johnrsharp
Hillsboro, OR (Zone 8b)
(3 reviews)
April 5, 2009
Ordered "Early Cascade" tomato seed. Only a few sprouted (4 seeds out of 20) and they were 2-3 weeks later than other varieties I planted. I have planted Early Cascade tomatoes from seed at least 10 times and they were always among the first to sprout. Pase said they have a new supplier, and they did offer me a refund.
Negative SCNewbie
Anderson, SC (Zone 7b)
(5 reviews)
April 28, 2008
I've just finished the 2nd of two purchases of seeds with Pase Seeds, thru their eBay site. BOTH transactions were not pleasant, and I won't be doing business with them again.

- The first order was for 18 pkgs of seeds. Approx 3 weeks later I still didn't have the order, and they filed "Non-Payment" claims against me. I had paid *immediately*, and they never even contacted me before filing the claims. I was outraged that they would try to ruin my eBay records & wrote them a nasty note with proof of the payment. They apologized profusely and sent the seeds within a week.

- The second order was for 3 pkgs of seeds this last week. When I opened one of the pkgs, then opened the interior waxed-paper pkg of seeds, the bottom of the interior one was not sealed. The *tiny* black seeds fell out and I lost them. I wrote them, told them what happened and asked them to replace them. Their response was very derogatory and told me it was my fault I lost them, not theirs; and if I wanted to buy another pack, that was fine. Needless to say, I wrote them back a very nasty email & will NEVER buy from again.
Positive chicochi3
Fayetteville, AR (Zone 6b)
(20 reviews)
April 17, 2008
Ordered tomato plants from them on Ebay. I received great plants with excellent packing and fast shipping. I will definitely be doing business with them again!
Positive amandaemily
Gulf Coast,
United States (Zone 9a)
(12 reviews)
June 6, 2007
Purchased tomato seeds from them on eBay.

Seeds arrived promptly and with very good germination rates.
Negative pescabella
Endicott, NY
(1 review)
September 29, 2006
I had emailed Pase Greenhouses several times in regards to paying for some strawberry plants. I got no response for a very long time. Finally I got an email from "Ramona" stating she was out of town and for me to send her my phone number and she would call me about the 14th of August. Well, here we are almost at the end of September and there has been no word from Ramona and no reply to any of the emails I have sent to her and through ebay as well. She was very polite and assured me that we could resolve the issue and obviously it was never resolved. I am extremely dissapointed with the whole mess.
Negative humpbacks1962
Middletown, CT
(1 review)
May 22, 2006
I was ripped off on ebay by these people. Took my money over a month before they said they'd ship, but never sent my wisterias. You name it... "they did not do so well this season, my brother died, we are behind in shipping...". I filed a complaint with ebay and Paypal, who could do nothing about it because between excuse and excuse, these people kept my money over the time limitations, and I was the one giving them time to ship. Ultimately, I confirmed to "Ramona", I guess, that I wanted my money refunded. To this day, almost four months later, I got nothing but cold shoulder. Bottomline: They ripped me off, kept my money and act like nothing happened. Beware.

Oh yeah, and if the business reads this, just SEND MY REFUND to wtorres1962 on ebay!
On May 22nd, 2006, humpbacks1962 added the following:

PS: refund my Paypal account [email protected], rather than post "This will be taken care of" all over the place, and ignore the solution!
Neutral jcomeau_ictx
Columbus, NM
(1 review)
April 20, 2006
bought seeds from them on ebay; a few minutes later I get a bounce from them telling me I have to subscribe to their spamfilter in order for them to see the email (which was generated by paypal, not something I sent them). what kind of business is that? I wonder if I'll ever get my order if I don't subscribe to their spam filtering service.
On April 21st, 2006, jcomeau_ictx changed the rating from negative to neutral and added the following:

ok, perhaps I overreacted. it's just disconcerting to have the first communication received from a company you've already paid be something that says in effect "sorry, I can't be bothered to read your email because I get too much spam; you'll have to subscribe if you want me to read it". I've changed my rating to neutral. thanks for your prompt response.
Company representative comment on April 20, 2006:

On Apr 20, 2006 11:51 PM, Pase Greenhouses added:

I just wanted to clarify what he is saying. I am subscribed to that I pay so it filters out the numerous junk mail I get. It is the same like earthlink and many other sites use. You do not have to subcribe to it so I can see your email. Yes they will get their seeds.
Ramona Pase

Positive ScbNymph
Clifton Park, NY (Zone 5a)
(7 reviews)
April 19, 2006
I found Pase Greenhouses via eBay, they had many items which are on my ever growing "wish list"!!! Always a nervous eBayer I was quickly reassured by Ramona's FAST email responses and the promise of a mid-April delivery

Well, its April 19th and my plants have arrived - Cinnamon Fern, Varigated Weigela, Buttonbush & a Northern Bayberry. All arrived in a very sturdy looking box, tighly packed together and protected by newspaper. Plants are shipped bareroot but looked very fresh and moist. They are all still dormant although they all look like they are ready to wake up. I received EXACTLY what was advertised and am in no way disappointed. Planting information is included and explains how to care for your plants upon arrival

I am VERY impressed with Pase Greenhouses and have every intention of buying from them again. Now, lets hope my boss doesn't discover what I am doing at work instead of working!!!
Positive stone_garden
Burtonsville, MD
(5 reviews)
June 13, 2005
High marks for Pase for its plants, shipping, and customer responsiveness! Ordered via Buy-It-Now in E-bay and my 20 Ozark Beauty strawberries got left out - sent several e-mails which got increasingly "pointed" - even tho this seller has very good E-bay feedback . Seller sent me a VERY courteous e-mail explaining it was a tough time (planting seasons had just come) and they were swamped and training new staff, etc.; I was impressed as even if there is an issue it is always hard to deal with someone who is irritated and sending you tough e-mails.

Plus, of course, I was shipped my missing strawberries solidly packed in a box, which are very fine starters that greened up overnight after planting and already have healthy leaf growth. My other plants were 2 Bridal Veil/Wreath Spirea - were rooted foot-long slender sticks that are thriving - and 2 Peppermint Lace crepe myrtle that sadly appear not to have made it - no fault on either side, these were rooted 2-3 foot plants - we have good crepe myrtle country so I honestly don't know why they didn't take. Seller has already said to contact her and I wll probably send back for an exchange.

Very good shipping - plants are bundled together w. a little soil around roots - moist, not rotted, in a sturdy full-size box w. newspaper (no trashy shipping bags); planting instructions included and plants, when I received them, were dormant as appropriate for that time period. Overall I would say this is an economical place to get good quality "starter" plants and Pase is working hard to be what other, better known, inexpensive mail order houses SHOULD be - the ones that send you all those catalogues and send stuff in "trash bags". And they work to make things right for their customers - I would definitely order from again.
Positive bmac111
Dublin, OH
(1 review)
May 31, 2005
A great company to work with. Bought bareroot strawberries (twice) and Ostrich ferns online via ebay. Plants were nicely packaged, shipped in a very timely fashion, and best of all looked good. Strawberry orders were for 20 plants and received 3-5 extras in each order. Plants came up within DAYS of planting and had fruit coming on within 3 weeks. Ferns are BUSTING OUT with new fronds. Also, owner agreed to swap one strawberry order for a different kind of strawberry even though the fumble fingered mistake was totally mine. AND this occurred during the busy spring season!!!! Wonderful customer service!! Good luck on your recent startup of a year round business Ramona......I know you will do great!
Company representative comment on May 31, 2005:

On May 31, 2005 1:12 PM, Pase Greenhouses added:

Thank you for your kind words. We really do appreciate it and your business. My goal is to make each and every one of our customers happy with their purchases.
Again thank you very much,

Positive mournlight
Charlotte, TN
(2 reviews)
March 23, 2005
I have ordered twice from this company on eBay. Both times, my orders were for plants which were priced far below average. The orders have ranged from lilac trees to figs, cherry, plum to a jade tree. Both orders arrived promptly. Both were adequately packaged. I always expect that not everything will live when I purchase them cheaper than is reasonable, but most of the items have lived and are flourishing. They happily made a last minute substitution of an item when I realized I had ordered too many of one item. The trees they offer are small, but I paid a very small price and it was hassle-free.
Company representative comment on March 23, 2005:

On Mar 23, 2005 3:43 PM, Pase Greenhouses added:

Thank you for your positive feedback. But just so everyone else knows out of the above items you stated you bought the only one I sell is the lilacs. Our trees are not small unless advertised as so. But thank you for the wonderful feedback as this was our first one here on daves garden. WE AIM TO PLEASE OUR CUSTOMERS!! HAPPY SPRING PLANTING!!!! Thanks, Ramona Pase

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