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On Nov 13, 2009, user43433 (1 reviews)

An Open Letter to badvandongen Dear User, We are committed to our clients and to our reputation of providing excellent customer service. As a means of doing this, we deliberately go out of our way to understand our clientsí needs, and in rare circumstances, understand how our services didnít meet the expectations of our clients. We came across this blog and wanted to speak to it. Our first impression is that perhaps it was posted incorrectly because we are located in Ontario Canada, while you are from California USA. Additionally we try to provide the most accurate and transparent information possible, including our comprehensive website which has a large amount of product information and pricing, along with policies. Finally, we keep the highest standard of quality throughout our product and services; because in the 60 years we have been in business, we have never subcontracted a single project. However if we did service you and didnít meet your expectations, we welcome you to contact us directly. We care very much about the opinions and satisfaction of our clients, and we take it very seriously. Our company details are provided in the above link. Thank you for your time.

On Apr 22, 2009, badvandogen (1 reviews) from Beverly Hills, CA

Lie about products and price. DO horrible landscaping work as it is all contracted out to the lowest bidder.

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