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Maui Plumeria Gardens

Mailing Address:
480 N Holokai Place
Haiku, Hawaii 96708 (United States)

Phone: 808-572-5506

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Positive Lorenzo99
Winchester, KY
(8 reviews)
October 13, 2020
Received sizable cuttings of two plumeria varieties within several days of ordering. In addition they sent me as a bonus a couple of mystery cuttings and a packet of plumeria seed (which after sowing promptly germinated). My only problem is finding room to grow everything.

Very good experience with this company.
Positive GAGirl222
Decatur, GA
(2 reviews)
September 12, 2020
We ordered two plumeria cuttings from Doug this spring, our first foray into attempting to root plumerias on our own. What a wonderful surprise to receive an extra mystery cutting! They shipped wonderfully quickly and were well packaged, traveling halfway around the globe without any issue. Six months later all three have absolutely thrived. Iím looking forward to ordering more next spring as gifts for friends and family.
Positive PlumeriaFreak
Milwaukee, WI
(1 review)
February 23, 2019
I ordered a starter plumeria collection from Maui Plumeria Gardens in the spring of 2018. I was pleasantly surprised when the cuttings arrived within 3 days of ordering and were thick, long and fresh. I even received an extra 'mystery' cutting with my order. The cuttings were planted following the directions that Maui Plumeria Gardens included with my order. In 2 weeks I noticed small leaves protruding from the tips. 6 months later I had big, beautiful blooms on 3 of the varieties....I was shocked as I read it may take up to two years for them to bloom. I so love my plumeria cuttings. I will definitely be back for more varieties! MPG rocks!
Negative PlumeriaGuy
Seal Beach, CA,
United States
(2 reviews)
September 29, 2017
I ordered their Moragne Plumeria Cutting Collection in 2015 and not one of them rooted. I ordered in late fall so maybe these cuttings were from dormant hard wood???? Never had this bad of a survival rate with any cuttings before! The only one left is the mystery cutting and it to is slowly dying after recutting the bottom off and trying to get it to root all summer. FYI non of these were over watered while trying to root.

I now only buy rooted plants from local growers in SOCAL-San Diego. Both seeds and cuttings are a crap shoot that can take years to produce.

Nice way to burn 70 bucks!
Company representative comment on October 1, 2017:
On Oct 1, 2017 4:51 PM, Maui Plumeria Gardens responded with:

Maui Plumeria Gardens guarantees all purchases. If a customer has a problem rooting our plumeria, they can simply contact us for replacement cuttings or receive a complete refund of the purchase price. This individual did not contact us when they had a problem and has not responded to our email offering a refund.

Positive LNassal
Millington, TN
(4 reviews)
April 21, 2016
Posted on April 9, 2016, updated April 21, 2016
I ordered brugmansia cuttings from this business. They kept me informed about ever step of the shipment and sent nice notes. I got this big box and wondered what the heck was in this? The cuttings are HUGE and they sent an extra surprise!! Lovely cuttings and a wonderful value. I had a question about rooting them, and they promptly responded. I will order again!
On April 21st, 2016, LNassal added the following:

Received more cuttings from this business. I am absolutely amazed! They go WAY over and above! Love the bonus!!! This is the very first place I will check with when buying plants. Can't keep the grin off my face!
Positive magnaastra
Charleston, IL (Zone 6a)
(49 reviews)
April 25, 2013
Q: How do you make a grown woman cry [tears of joy]?
A: Send her a box full of plumeria from MPG!!!

Honestly, all I can say right now is, "WOW! WOW! AND MORE WOW!!!"

OMG, these have GOT to be the most gorgeous things I have EVER laid my eyes on...and they're not even blooming yet.

Scrumptiously healthy, bursting with promise, and shipped halfway across the world with nary a follicle harmed, these rooted plumeria and cuttings are just....WOW!!!

And, Doug, YOU are a rare and precious jewel! Such a complete sweetheart, to send all these extra little surprises along too, I'm positively giggling along with the tears of joy.

And, no, I'm not usually mentally unbalanced, but this boxful of goodies has plumb done me in :)

Buy with confidence??? YOU BETCHA!!!
Positive gandyman33
Saint Louis, MO
(14 reviews)
August 8, 2012
Posted on August 8, 2012, updated August 8, 2012
Posted on July 26, 2011, updated August 8, 2012
Well it should not come to anyone's surprise that my experience with Maui Plumeria Gardens was positive. I can only say "ditto" to the nice cuttings I received and the excellent communication/customer service. Now we will see if my green thumb can get them to root! This is a first rate online/mail order company and fiercely protects it's "Top 5" rating. I would definitely buy from Doug again. Thanks for providing outstanding customer service. I can't wait to see what the "mystery" cutting will produce.
On August 8th, 2012, gandyman33 added the following:

Maui Plumeria Gardens is celebrating 10 years of successful business - congratulations! I recently purchased their anniversary special, which consist of 10 plumeria cuttings. What a deal! The cuttings arrived quickly and in perfect condition. Every cutting was fat and had the beginnings of growth. A couple of the cuttings were also multi-tipped. Did I mention that I also received bonus cuttings? Rarely do your receive this type of customer service and it doesn't stop with the sale. Jim is always helpful when it comes to answering questions about plumerias. I highly recommend Maui Plumeria Gardens as the premiere source for high quality cuttings.
On August 8th, 2012, gandyman33 added the following:

Wow, I wish there was someway you can edit a comment after the fact (maybe there is...). I am not sure who Jim is in the previous post (lol) but I am pretty sure the guy who gave me fantastic customer service name was DOUG!
Positive TideFan
Birmingham, AL
(1 review)
January 13, 2012
This company is by far the "Rolls Royce" of plumeria growers. I have always received 5 Star service from them. Doug and Jennifer provide excellent communication, fast shipping and the plants they send always exceed my expectations. They also send me very large bonus cuttings each time I order. I highly, highly recommend !!!
Positive thiskid
Oklahoma City, OK
(1 review)
November 7, 2011
I recently purchased a plumeria cutting from MPG and received it with USPS tracking number within a few days. I was surprised to find a mystery cutting included. Let me just say their cuttings are of the best quality you could find. I've gotten some cuttings from eBay in the past and some would rot even before I got the chance to pot them.

Hopefully I can get these cuttings to root and post more updates in my page.
Positive Amandcr
Mustang, OK
(6 reviews)
April 23, 2011
Posted on June 12, 2010, updated April 23, 2011
I ordered their starter Plumeria cuttings and got 5 healthy cuttings that I am now going to root! I have ordered from other places before but I was impressed with the speed and quality. The extra cutting was the cherry on top. I love this supplier and will definitely be spending too much money there again soon.
On April 23rd, 2011, Amandcr added the following:

Since my last post, I have ordered the Moragne collection, a Celadine and a Kimo. All are doing well. I lost a few, one Lei Rainbow from my first order and one Cyndi Moragne from the second collection but i do not blame MPG it was my fault. I contacted Doug when my Celadine died because I really wanted it and he agreed to send me a replacement! I offered to pay shipping and when I placed another order for my Kimo he made good on that promise! He even still included a bonus! I highly recommend MPG to anyone who wants to order Plumerias because the shipping and processing are fast and they always send quality cutting that are fat and healthy! I've never been disappointed!
Positive Tina_A
Caddo Mills, TX (Zone 8a)
(9 reviews)
August 13, 2010
Oh, thank you so much Doug, the cuttings are perfect. They are nice and thick and I can't wait to see the mystery plumeria bloom. I will be a repeat customer. 5 out of 5 stars for you.
Positive SDCA
San Diego, CA
(20 reviews)
April 21, 2010
I recently received my 1st order from MPG and I have to agree with all the reviewers before me. I ordered and received 2 big and healthy cuttings at almost warp speed from the islands. And yes, I also got a mystery cutting, which I am quite excited to see reveal it's true ID someday. Order away folks, this is one of the good ones for sure!
Positive faithnhope
Cottonwood, AZ
(1 review)
September 17, 2009
I'm very happy to recommend MPG to anyone expecting good quality plants, careful professional packing, and prompt shipping. My order was for a birthday gift so I especially wanted to find everything as advertised, and it was. Nice to find a company such as MPG that you can recommend with confidence. They do strive for customer satisfaction.
Positive desertmikey
Puerto Vallarta,
Mexico (Zone 11)
(5 reviews)
August 21, 2009
Maui Plumeria Gardens (MPG) is an exceptional company. I found Jennifer to be professional and courteous, and the plumeria cuttings that I received were by far the best of any that I've ever ordered from any company. Added to this is the fact that MPG ships very quickly, cuttings were well packed and prices are among the most competitive that I've found. I've ordered plumerias (both rooted and cuttings) from several sources in the past, and MPG is the very best of the best! I would strongly encourage any plumeria fancier to order from this company with complete confidence.
Positive sugarlump
Louisville, KY
(13 reviews)
April 23, 2009
Wonderful company! The plumerias are very healthy looking and much larger than I expected. I placed an order for 1 rooted plumeria last week. Since the variety that I wanted was not available as rooted plant, she gave me a different variety instead at no extra charge. I still got the plumeria that I orginally wanted, just as a cutting instead, plus the free mystery plant. So I ended up with 3 very healthy plumerias for the price of 1. Shipping is very fast, excellent communication. I can't recommend them enough.
Positive zubababy
West Jordan, UT
(13 reviews)
August 2, 2008
this is by far the best place that i have ordered plumeria's from. i received the package within a few days from ordering. great packaging. the cuttings are the largest i have ever received. and they also threw in a mystery cutting as well. great company to purchase from.
Positive iameston
Charleston, SC
(3 reviews)
March 28, 2008
I have ordered from MPG now on 4 occasions, and each time has been a compete pleasure with cuttings/rooted trees arriving in great condition. MPG illustrates great communication both during your transaction and with follow-up questions in general related to plumeria care. Trust me in that you will not be disappointed in going with MPG for your tropical needs.
Positive mercedes2653
Portland, OR
(3 reviews)
January 17, 2008
My husband surprised me with a dwarf singapore cutting from MPG for Christmas, and although I can't comment on the financial transaction, I can say that the DS cutting and additional mystery cutting that come with it are HUGE and doing quite well under my grow light! I'd heard about what a great company this is and now I know for myself! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!
Positive Floridiankid
Miami Beach, FL
(3 reviews)
June 21, 2007
My experience with this company was exceptional!!!
I have never met such a profesional and organized business, absolutely friendly.
I recieved an immediate Email notice stating that my order was being processed, than another email notifying me that my order shipped and a tracking number.

I received my order and all the plumerias were beatuiful, healthy and very large. Actaully the items were larger than described.
I am incredibly happy and satisfied and will be ordering from MPG again. I have had 2 extremely great experiences dealing with MPG and another Nursery and one horrible one.
I am so happy that there are great sellers like MPG
Positive Nojajo
(4 reviews)
June 12, 2007
I have ordered from Maui Plumeria Gardens several times. Jennifer Brunner is excellent at communication, answering questions etc. The orders arrive quickly and the cuttings are wonderful. You also get the free Mystery one aswell. So far my seeds have a 50% yield rate - which is comparable to the other plumeria seeds I have grown before. I recommend this company highly and will be dealing with them again - I have already earmarked next years purchases !
Positive revolutionaryma
Granada Hills, CA
(9 reviews)
March 15, 2007
Wow! This company is just wonderful. I ordered 3 plumerias, 1 blue ginger and 1 ti. She gave me 1 extra plumeria and 1 extra blue ginger. And the quality of the cuttings were excellent! Huge and healthy and packed very well! Wonderful. I definitely recommend and will order again.
Positive victorianblu
Eureka, CA
(4 reviews)
March 9, 2007
Excellent first time experience with fast shipment ! My new baby ( a substantial healthy rooted plumeria cutting ) was packed to perfection! Additonally found a well very packed surpise Mystery cutting. It is evident Maui Gardens Takes great pride in their business....awesome...just awesome!
Positive TomH3787
Raleigh, NC (Zone 7b)
(6 reviews)
August 3, 2006
My order from MPG was shipped promptly and when the cuttings arrived June 23rd they were nicely packed and in perfect condition. I ordered three single-tip cuttings from MPG and when I got them one had 3 tips and another 2. I also got a free 2-tip "mystery" cutting. They are all now rooted and growing. I am very pleased with my order - I got more than what I was expecting.
Positive LindaCA
Concord, CA (Zone 9a)
(5 reviews)
July 24, 2006
I ordered 3 cutting. Communication was excellent. I received the cutting when they said I would. But wait they were hugh! much bigger than I expected and they sent me an extra mystery cutting. I could not be more pleased with everything about this company. Will definately order from them again.
Positive tigerlily123
Raleigh, NC (Zone 7b)
(5 reviews)
July 9, 2006
On July 6, 2006 I recieved my order from Maui Plumerias, and it was outstanding! All the plumeria cuttings were healthy and huge! They sent me a mystery cutting and an extra ti cutting! The ti cuttings were so large that I was able to cut them in half. The service was prompt and I was even given a tracking number so I would know exactly when they were going to be here. This is a great company and I will order from them again!!
Positive junglebob
Palm Bay, FL (Zone 9b)
(2 reviews)
June 29, 2006
I recently purchased a Red Tulips Plumeria and 100 name tags...not only did they arrive quickly but i received a mystery plumeria as well...This company is certainly near the top of the list in quality and service....I would not hesitate to buy from them again.
Positive chiele
Chickasha, OK (Zone 7a)
(8 reviews)
June 19, 2006
I ordered 3 mystery Plumeria cuttings and a Tye cutting earlier this spring and one of the plumeria has already bloomed. I am very pleased with the service I recieved. One of the plumeria cuttings did not survive, but it was not the fault of the nursery, but mine. I will definitely order from them again.
Positive MusaRojo
(7 reviews)
May 21, 2006
This company is amazing! I ordered two different named variety plumeria cuttings from them, one with two growth tips, one with three growth tips. They arrived in just over a week from the time I placed my order! When I opened the box I found my cuttings had been wrapped with a great del of care to protect them on their journey from Hawaii to California.

But wait! Thereís more! The cuttings were thick and over two feet long! Neither of them were ordered as extra large, an option they offer for some cuttings! They looked more like small dormant trees than cuttings. In addition, my order contained an additional large mystery cutting that was included as a bonus. They were potted up in larger pots than I had planned on starting them in, and all three of them are beginning to develop claws.

If it were possible to give this company a positive plus, I would do so.
Positive lmdozier
Richmond, TX
(4 reviews)
March 23, 2006
I ordered the beginners special of 4 plumeria. I was notified of the shipping date via email and was updated once the plants were shipped. Was surprised when I opened the package to find a bonus "Mystery" cutting. They have really good planting instructions on their website.

Next time I order plumeria I will definately order from Maui Plumeria Gardens.
Positive srgerrish
Helena, GA
(2 reviews)
August 15, 2005
I have ordered from Maui Plumeria Gardens several times.
My order always ships immediately and the quality of the rooted plumerias is excellent. I was always afraid to buy unrooted cuttings, but they have a nice tradition of always sending you a free cutting with every order. I tried rooting it and was successful. Now I even buy their unrooted cuttings which are very high calibur and I have never had trouble rooting any of them.
Positive Malestrom
Plumiedelphia, PA (Zone 7a)
(5 reviews)
August 3, 2005
MPG is an outstanding source for Plumeria Plants and cuttings.
Jen is extremely generous with her cuttings, they are huge and healthy!
Everything ive recieved from MPG has rooted and grown well quickly.
Jen knows her stuff too, very kind and pleasent on the phone with help.
Tracking the package is always a standard there too.
Packing is very professional and I have always been pleased.
I hold MPG in the highest regard as a asource for Plumies! ;)
Positive JimmyGimmy
Beverly Hills, CA
(4 reviews)
April 22, 2005
I just received a Dwarf Pink Singapore cutting from MPG and it is simply fabulously, gloriously, HUGE......OMG!!! I bought the large cutting and it out surpassed the description of it, talk about a healthy and rock hard 25" x 17" with a total of 18 tips WOW that is huge for a DSP that usually only grows 6" a year..
I have never seen such a huge and healthy dwarf pink before, it truly shocked me.
MPG has the best value and quality when it comes to oversized Plumeria cuttings. The customer service is the BEST anywhere.....
Maui Plumeria Gardens alway gives me a free large healthy mystery cutting with every one of my purchase thus far.
All I can say is Jennifer and her husband have the largest cuttings for the best value!!!
Positive MikeyToo
Cypress, CA (Zone 10a)
(4 reviews)
March 11, 2005
I ordered three Plumeria cuttings. I immediately received feedback from them advising they received my order and they sent me an itemized invoice and an invoice # to refer to . The next day I received another status update from the US Postal Service advising my order had been shipped Priority and they referenced a tracking/confirmation number. I shortly received my cuttings and they ranged in length from 24" to 18"; much longer than I expected. Additionally, they sent me, for free, a "Mystery" cutting that was also about 18" long. The cuttings arrived in good shape even though the mailing tube was battered en route.
On July 20th, 2005, MikeyToo added the following:

I thought I would give an update for the four cuttings I received from MPG. It's now mid July and all four cuttings rooted and are growing leaves. Two of the cuttings even surprised me by flowering.
On August 24th, 2007, MikeyToo added the following:

Update: I just ordered several more plumeria cuttings plus a brugmansia cutting. As usual, they arrived in only a couple of days and were in wonderful condition. It's great doing business with this company.

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