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On Jul 12, 2014, jeffoxtoby (1 reviews) from Port Angeles, WA

Dealing with Jane & Hank at Hoot Owl Hollow Nursery was a very pleasant experience from start to finish, it was like they were friends who cared about me and the 'green plant children' I had ordered (smile). Nine beautiful Hosta's arrived safe & sound, some with several eyes, one 'Stained Glass' free as a bonus :-) All were very carefully packed, smiling at me when I unpacked them on a hot Summers day in Agnew, WA. The 'Arc en Ciel' Water Lily was in fact two! They are happy soaking up sunshine in their new water home. Communication was great, several emails, one even asking if everything arrived safely. Pricing is very reasonable, below average, I will order again, Hoot Owl' now have me as a lifetime customer & friend. Thank you again Jane & Hank.

On Aug 15, 2012, steamrocket1 (8 reviews) from Middleton, WI

Excellent! I just received my first order from Hoot Owl Hollow and couldn't be more pleased. I received a lot of personal attention from the proprietors, the plants were large and healthy, shipping was fast and cost VERY reasonable. I will definitely order from Hoot Owl again. They have a great selection of hard to find plants. I was looking for petasites in particular, and they had the best selection by far of any other place I could find on the web. They also have a great hosta selection. Very good nursery. Thanks!

On Jun 15, 2011, gregr18 (28 reviews) from Bridgewater, MA (Zone 6b)

I had a very good experience. Communication was good, ordering was easy, they sent nice triple or quadruple fans, and shipping was very prompt.

On May 7, 2005, LazyJean (14 reviews) from Omaha, NE

I was a little leery about ordering from this company because of the feedback but they did have one hosta that I wanted and couldn't get else where, so I took a chance. It is a small hosta but it has a very nice root system and I don't think I'm going to have any problems growing it. They even sent an extra eye of the hosta I had ordered. I'm happy with the plant I received from them. My only complaint is the lack of communication on their part. Most mail order nurserys I've dealt with give you some kind of ship date idea. There was none from them, not even an automated "we received your order" email. Perhaps they can work on that part of their business to make it better.

On May 19, 2004, geestwo (1 reviews) from Fairfield, CT

I ordered 8 small/mini hostas over the phone. They arrived exactly when I was told the shipment would come. The plants were much larger clumps than I expected and in very good condition. I was also sent a cute bonus plant. I thought I got exceptional plants for my money and will definitely order from Hoot Owl again.

On Feb 11, 2003, McMahon (2 reviews)

I ordered a rare shrub in Nov. 2001 and was told, via e-mail, that it would be on it's way in the spring of 2002. They stopped responding to e-mail by late spring, and I had to resort to a registered letter (and the threat of lawyers) to be told that the rough weather took it's toll and they wouldn't be available until 2003. As a gardener I totally understand how a spell of bad weather can quickly finish off tender plants, but I feel they should have contacted me, or at least responded to my e-mail. They also said my check would be held until the shrub was a certainty - and they cashed shortly thereafter. They did send a mass e-mail assuring myself and others waiting for this shrub that it would hopefully be ready next (2003) year, so I'm anxiously waiting. I'm not totally negative, but rather just unhappy with the dely of, and curtness of, the responses I recieved. I do hope writing this doesn't cause problems for my pending shrub order!

On Jan 5, 2003, connoisseur (26 reviews) from Indianapolis, IN

My experience was similar--small plants, sarcastic attitude, poor service. In addition, I got a lot of misleading information--I was told that some items were in stock and my order was accepted, but the nursery later reneged. Double eyes were specifically promised (orally), but single ones delivered. A very frustrating experience!

On Jan 9, 2002, nsgardener (18 reviews) from Nova Scotia,
Canada (Zone 6a)

The plants received were very small. Puny, to be precise. When I gave feedback concerning the unsatisfactory size of the plants, the proprietor was rude & sarcastic. I was informed that if other businesses provided better quality plants, then I should do business with the other suppliers.

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