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Roslyn Nursery

Mailing Address:
Burrs Lane
Dix Hills, New York 11746 (United States)

Phone: (631) 643-9347
Fax: (631) 427-0894

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This company offers a variety of plants.

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Closed As of July 2006, the following note is on their website:

"The Roslyn Nursery will not be accepting mail orders until further notice. Our retail location will be closed as of July 1, 2006. Please use this catalog for reference only."

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Negative pinsandthrums
Bath, ME
(3 reviews)
April 1, 2007
My experience here was mixed at best with many mislabelled plants, and sometimes tiny specimens; others werent as hardy as promised. Great list they had but if the qulaity is so so..then why bother.
Positive DuffyW
Wakefield, RI
(1 review)
March 3, 2007
I have ordered plants from Roslyn's for many years. They always had the best selection of plants at reasonable prices. I will deeply miss their store. I hope everything is going well for them.
Positive gdionelli
Huntington, WV (Zone 6a)
(29 reviews)
October 15, 2006
The website now says "and watch for our Spring 2007 catalog." Are they reopening under new management?

I was just walking through my garden and admiring the wonderful plants I've gotten from them -- a lovely pieris, groundcover azaleas, eleagnus, trilliums, and a rhododendron. It's been a couple of years since I've ordered from them, but they always sent wonderful plants, beautifully packed, and the folks on the phone were always helpful. I'm going to miss that source of unusual plants.
Positive ladyisle
Bohemia, NY (Zone 7a)
(34 reviews)
June 12, 2006
I am very disappointed that this great nursery will close in a couple of weeks. I'm lucky enough to live and work nearby so I have bought many beautiful plants from them. I can't comment on shipping, as I have no experience, but 99% of everything that I have purchased on-site has done well in my garden.

I wish the best of luck to the owner in his retirement, and thank him for allowing his local customers the opportunity to purchase on-site before closing.

I wonder what will happen to the fish though?
Muskegon, MI
(5 reviews)
June 9, 2006
This is the fifth and final year I will be able to order from Roslyn Nursery as they are going all wholesale. While over the years I have recieved some great looking plants, I had about 25% of them not make it to the next year. With their let us know upon arrival of any problems policy, It was impossible to get a replacement as you have to watch the plant perform upon planting and growing. But the 75% that did survive are thriving! Sometimes a million dollar hole and some TLC did not do the trick with ther plants and I don't know why. I do know that at the price of their plants it cost me an average of $30 per lost plant. I hope that in the future they sell to many of the mail order companies who give a good guarantee. :)
Negative Jazzmom
Syosset, NY
(9 reviews)
May 31, 2006
I received in the mail today a postcard stating that they are closing this location after July 1st. Everything is 50% off from June 1st through July 1st. All plants are for nursery pickup only. They will be open from M-S 9AM-5PM and Sunday until June 11th. It will be sad to see them go out of business, but they only offered to the customer a 30 day guarantee for all their plant material. Please note: nowhere on their website is there a notice saying that they are closing. So buyer beware!!!!
Positive Falconet
New York, NY (Zone 7a)
(8 reviews)
May 14, 2006
I've been buying (on site, as I'm local) from Roslyn Nursery for about 7 years. It is one of the very few "serious" retail nurseries left in our area. Yes it is very plain and simple. They don't sell garden tools, supplies, chemicals, books, pots, accessories, or 'garden decor'. In a nutshell, Roslyn Nursery is all about the plants.

They propagate a lot of their own plants, which means you will find things here that you will never see in places like Home Depot, Lowes, or in the upscale garden center that also sells overpriced statuary and bronze garden-fairy sculptures along with the plants they've had all trucked in from mammoth wholesalers like Monrovia. At Roslyn, you need to arm yourself with a copy of their catalog if you don't already have it. Plant labels are straightforward with basic information (the catalog will have more details). This is not the place to shop if you need to have pretty pictures on the label or pot in order to know what you're buying.

I've read the comments describing the management as "rude" but can only say that never in all the years I've been a customer have I ever had that experience. Quite the contrary, in fact whenever I go there (which is at least once a week between April and November) it feels more like being at a second home! This is a serious "working" nursery and it's a pleasure to talk to these professionals who know plants inside and out. No fluff, no window dressing, no employees in matching polo shirts following you around trying to sell you something (the nursery crew is too busy working, and the management has enough respect for your intelligence to know that if you need help or have a question, you will ask!). Again, at Roslyn it is ALL about the plants.

On June 4th, 2006, Falconet added the following:

Yes, sadly Roslyn is closing after many years.They are still conducting business as usual as far as web and mail order, and as for the 50% off sale, there have always been special on-site-only sales events during the year - as many many nurseries routinely do.

Roslyn Nursery will be sorely missed by serious gardeners on Long Island, because there is no other nursery with anywhere near a comparable range of the specialist plants that they have always offered.
On June 10th, 2006, Falconet added the following:

On June 10th, 2006: I do not know where the poster "Godisgreat" received his/her information that Roslyn Nursery is "going wholesale", but I do know (firsthand from the owners) that it is incorrect. The nursery is CLOSING. They will not be selling plants anymore, period. Not retail. Not wholesale. It is of course possible that some other nursery may buy their mailing list of customers, but as far as Roslyn Nursery continuing as a wholesale or any other type of nursery, that is simply not true.
Positive gencon
Schenectady, NY
(16 reviews)
April 24, 2006
A good dwarf conifer nursery where open to public in New York area, though as a mailing order nursery.

Watch out the opening time in their web.. as some Sunday are closed (yes, I was there and door closed).

Speaking for the conifer, it is healthy and "big".. I recommend anyone interesting conifer can go and check, at least you can have in your goods by actually seeing it and save some shipping and handling costs. I have beening dealing with them for 4 years..

Negative liparise
Alpine, NY
(1 review)
July 1, 2005
I would have loved to check out Roslyn Nurseries in spite of all the negative comments I read about them on this site. But, alas, I was too late! When I arrived there, just after 5 PM on an early June day, everything was locked up. A nursery closed at that time in planting season? Hard to belive. Now, that's of course, their prerogative. So much the better for them if they let their employeed go home in time for dinner and for some puttering around in their own gardens.
But there was no sign, no indication whatsoever as to the actual openig times of the nursery. Having come a long way - 7 hours in the car - I would have loved to come back in the morning to try again, if I had known what time they open. With no openig times posted anywhere - they could have closed for the summer, or gone out of business for all I knew - I didn't go back there, and I won't go back there in the future. It's just a small thing, maybe. But it falls in the category of disregard for their clients I read about in all the other posts.
Neutral frahnzone5
Bensenville, IL (Zone 5a)
(17 reviews)
January 9, 2005
I have had mixed results with this nursery. In spring 2003 my order came so poorly packaged and small (some perennials had their roots wrappted in aluminum foil) that some plants did not survive the shipping. However, they were promptly replaced. I decided to give them another try in 2004. My spring order (2 ilex glabra & 1 croylopsis spicata) was wonderfully packaged and the plants were magnificent. My 2004 fall order, however, was damaged in shipping because they tried to cram too many plants in the same box & the plants were not properly secured. Again damaged plants were promptly replaced. I will continue to order from this nursery because they have unusual plant material and because they have been responsive whenever there was a problem.
Positive ldelaney
Lexington, KY (Zone 6b)
(1 review)
November 2, 2004
I ordered three 'Attraction' Butterfly Bushes and two Mountain Laurels from Roslyn about three weeks ago and couldn't have been happier with the plant material and how they were packed. They were much bigger than what I had imagined and were packed by someone that #1 knew exactly what they were doing and #2 knew how to deal with plant material. All of these shrubs have been planted and haven't missed a beat. I would not hesitate in the slightest to order from them again. They were very helpful on the phone and my order couldn't have been filled any better. My experience with Roslyn was 110% positive.
Positive benspence
(1 review)
July 4, 2004
I have visited Roslyn Nursery many times in the past few years. They have the widest selection of unusual shrubs and perennials that I have seen in this area. It has always been a pleasure to browse through their stock and find varieties that I have read about. When I have needed help, there has always been someone available to answer my questions, but this is really a place for a serious gardener, and it is a good idea to do some planning before you come so that the choices are not overwhelming.
I have found the plants to be healthy and have had very good success in transplanting them into my garden. On one occasion when I did have a problem, the plant was replaced without question. I look forward every spring to spending time with their catalog and planning to add new items to my shrub and perennial borders. I would recommend a visit or trying an order by mail.
Negative tracipro
Kings Park, NY
(2 reviews)
May 10, 2004
I found Roslyn Nursery on the Azalea Society's website and figured if they were recommended by the ASA- they must be great. What a dissappointment! When we visited them- there were weeds and dead plants everywhere. Although it was only mid-April all of their plants were exceptionally small. The Hostas were only about 6" tall. We visted 5 other nurseries that same day- who all had big beautiful hostas. Most of the Azaleas are clearly marked by name- but none of them had a description of how big they got or bloom time! None of them were marked with prices either! We were there for 20 minutes and not once did someone offer to help us. We were totally ignored. There are so many beautiful nurseries on Long Island (Hicks, Martin Viette, Paul's, Walsh's). We will never return to Roslyn Nursery!
Positive ilex
Cedar Grove, NJ
(3 reviews)
April 21, 2004
I have had wonderful plants from Roslyn - and they have gone out of their way to try and help (such as in trying to sex Lindera Benzoin). Lately I go there and look around (it is an irresistable place), but when I have had them ship things everything arrived well packed and good sized.
Negative Aparkplace
Barrington, IL
(6 reviews)
December 31, 2003
I have ordered from this company for a number of years. However, the past two years I have been very disappointed in their plants. Their Rhodies increasingly have been shipped with rootballs which were so rootbound it was impossible to separate their roots or to plant them properly. In addition, two years in a row they have shipped plants with wrong names. Two years ago, I ordered Anemonopsis and received some sort of Anemone. They did not respond to emails. It was necessary to make 4 long distance calls to secure a refund. This past year the Rhodies were also severely rootbound. In addition, I ordered two different Semi-aquilegias. Both plants were aquilegias. I will no longer order from them.
Positive pan
(2 reviews)
December 16, 2003
My experiences with Roslyn Nursery have all been positive - both mail order and one trip to the actual location near Dix Hills, NY. I am a landscape architect, landscape contractor & avid gardener and have dealt with many dozens of nursery suppliers over the years. I would rate Roslyn's phone order responsiveness, mail order packaging / delivery and the catalog selection highly.
My plant orders with Roslyn have been usually limited to several special plants a year, primarily by mail order to Wisconsin. I have never had problems with my order being of poor vitality, incorrect labeling or undersized. I have always been very satisfied with the delivered plants. The person taking phone inquiries and orders has been very professional about returning calls on availibility, arranging shipments and answering questions. Buying plants is a gamble - you win some and you lose some. The gamble is going to compounded with purchases by mail where there is a certain amount of trust in the 'blind' purchase. I have sympathy for the negative comments listed above, but my advice (after 30 years of professionally dealing with nurseries)is to not judge a plant supplier on the basis of one bad experience, especially when there is a site such as this in which some testimonials are contrary.

Roslyn's rural Long Island location is obviously NOT intended as a garden center retail outlet, so be aware you are generally on your own there .... if you expect large tidy inventories and swarms of retail staff to assist your shopping, you might be in the wrong place. If you are an experienced gardener that knows what you want, can sort your way through the plant aisles (weedy pots and all) and can recognize a good buy from a bad one without any horticultural hand-holding, then visiting Roslyn Nursery's actual location is a really good treasure hunt. I think their catalog is a tremendous resource - I look forward to the Roslyn catalog every year and will continue to make selective purchases from them.
Positive oswald
Wausaukee, WI
(19 reviews)
April 24, 2003
Excellent source of good quality plants, orders shipped on time as requested, packed well. Recommend highly.
On April 1st, 2004, oswald added the following:

Spring 2004--again good experience and plants of quality.
On April 7th, 2005, oswald added the following:

A rhododendron and three evergreen grafts were the size just as descriped in the catalog. Packing exemplary and above all, order shipped on the date requested.
Positive bromel1
(3 reviews)
February 12, 2003
I have purchased plants, three times, directly at this nursery after slecting what I wanted from their catalog. At a time when shipping rates are so high, it is a blessing to have a source, on the east coast, for such a good selection of plants. They have a very good selection of hardy magnolias, vibirnums and many great trees. Their stock is very good and I have not lost one of their plants, to date. There prices can be higher on some items, like ferns, but they have a larger slection than most. One annoying thing is that they sell their plants by the length of the stems, rather than the size of the pot. When you bring your cart , with selected plants for purchase to be checked out, they measure them and charge accordingly, thus you may be charged the next higher price for an additional half inch of growth.This causes needless confusion and discussion and one would wish that plants were sold there, as in most other places, by the size of the pot. A great place to visit. Good healthy plants and a great "wish book" They also have a fall sale at the nursery.
Negative mainegardener
Wiscasset, ME
(5 reviews)
December 29, 2002
The number of negative comments is surprising to me. I have ordered from this company almost yearly for at least twelve years and have never been disappointed with what I have received. This fall I ordered a parrotiopsis jaquemontiana (a plant I've only rarely seen available elsewhere). It was backordered but arrived exactly when promised and turned out to be at least twice the size indicated in the fall catalog.
My experience is limited to rhododendrons and other woody plants but I have always been pleased and every single one is alive an flourishing.
On June 7th, 2003, mainegardener changed the rating from positive to negative and added the following:

After last year's positive comments, I feel obligated to add these. This year's order was definitely disappointing. 1. a redbud with severe canker on the main trunk. 2. a plant that was supposed to be golden full moon maple turned out to be (after leafing out) some form of acer dissectum. (I was promised a refund over the phone which is yet to arrive). 3. two different plants listed as 1 and 2 gallon size respectively were tiny rooted cuttings. 4. a hydrangea Gentian Dome which has so far produced two miniscule leaves at the base.
There seem to be definite quality control problems currently at this nursery. A real shame given my previous experiences with them.
Positive DashboardDJ
(3 reviews)
September 4, 2002
Last week I received 16 great looking plants. I have never seen plants packed so well for shipping. In fact, I just ordered 11 more new plants. The only complaint I have is that the catalog doesn't have enough photos of all of the unique plants that they offer. If it did, I think it would weigh a few pounds.
Negative zzdog
Stamford, CT (Zone 9a)
(1 review)
August 1, 2002
Add my name to the list of people that will not return to Roslyn Nursery. I drove there from Connecticut after hearing so many good things to find most of their plants (except shade plants and rhodies) mis-labeled or unlabeled, dried out and full of weeds, overpriced In trying to speak with the people there, [they were] rude, in a hurry, couldn't be bothered. People made excuses (he had a bad day) - then stay closed that day and don't take people's money. Never again.
Positive SoccerMom
(1 review)
June 3, 2002
I ordered 6 shrubs and 4 perennials. The shrubs were very
good size and were packed very well. No damage to the shipment at all. The perennials were also packed very well
but could have been a bigger size for the price. I also thought they have a very good variety of shrubs. I will definately order again.
Negative kimkaplan
(1 review)
June 1, 2002
I can second (or is it third or even seventh, by now) Roslyn Nursery's lack of interest in customer service. I recently faxed an order to them for two rhododendrons. About a week later, I got a phone call that they were out of one of them. Not unusual or upsetting. In response to my questioning, they assured me that the other one was available. So I said just send the one. About another week later, I got another phone call saying that well, the second plant was not available in the 10-16 inch size, as I had ordered and was offered on their web site. It was only available in 24-30 inch for nearly twice as much. I pointed out that they had now waited long enough that other sources of the shrub were also out of stock and that since I had been assured of the plant's availability just the week before, they should discount the price of the larger one. The response was that I should talk to the boss when he returned the next day. The boss did call me the next day, but his customer service approach when I explained what had happened was silence and then, so cancel your order. His attitude was gruff bordering on rude and certainly uninterested in solving customer unhappiness. I won't bother to order from them again.
Negative RonCzekalski
Buffalo, NY
(3 reviews)
April 1, 2002
Well, rudeness can be a subjective interpretation but the yardstick cannot. I recently ordered a Franklinia advertised as being 24-30". It arrived promptly but was somewhat expensive to ship because they used an oversized box. The real problem is the size of the plant, 22 " and the diameter of a pencil. I'm sure that if I were to file a fraud complaint with the State's Attorney General, I would eventually receive a plant that measures up. But is it worth the effort? This is probably what they count on; if they sell 10 undersized plants and have to make good on one, they're way ahead of the game. Roslyn refunded the cost of the Franklinia and had UPS pick up the plant. They did not refund any part of the shipping.
On March 10th, 2006, RonCzekalski changed the rating from neutral to negative and added the following:

Purchased Pinus flexilis ' Vanderwolf's Blue Pyramid, size
12"-15" @29.95, Franklinia ' Wintonbury ' 16"-24"@
35.95, and Camellia ' Winter's Sunset ' 6"-10"@14.95
by phone last fall. Very dis-interested female took order
and never mentioned a lack of size or stock. What arrived
was a Pinus that just met the 24"-30" size parameters I was
charged 49.95 for, without my permission, and a Franklinia
that came up a couple of inches short. Camellia was
" unavailable ". I might mention that the voice at the other
end promissed that the plants would be in containers,
but arrived as loose root balls. I told her I would order in
the fall IF they were in containers so that I could heel them in.
Instead, I had to pot them up myself. Hope they survived.
Cannot recommend these people under any conditions.
No answer to my letter of complaint. A real arrogant bunch,
I'd say.
Positive sg114
Franklin Square, NY
(1 review)
January 1, 2002
I have dealt with Roslyn Nursery for several years now, but was forewarned by a neighbor to ask for a certain employee on my first visit. I did so and this man spent over 15 minutes with me answering my questions and suggesting plants, then he turned me loose with a map of the layout - it was a very positive experience. I have also dealt with them over the phone and was treated most courteously. I had a problem with a tree I had purchased and sent them a fax with the details. I received a call back the following day with the information that they had inspected the trees of the same type still at the nursery and found no similar problem. They made suggestions as to treatment and the tree recovered nicely. I make no representation as to the character of the owner except to say that I have dealt with him on several occasions and, while not exactly outgoing and cheerful, he has always been polite. For people who shop in person, Roslyn Nursery is not a fast drive-through experience for the amateur gardener used to dealing with mass market garden centers. I can happily spend hours there in awe at the variety offered, but the employees are busy at their own tasks and generally do not offer to assist you - you are on your own to find and carry/cart your selections to the office. Frankly, I prefer it this way. Neither are they set up to be modern and efficient in their check out procedures, but I find their leisurely, hand written invoice rather charming. The whole experience gives you a chance to slow down and "smell the rhodies".
Neutral christopherm
(2 reviews)
July 1, 2000
I have bought from Roslyn Nurseries on several occasions and have met with mixed results each time. I live nearby and have visited the nursery several times to meet a pleasant, helpful staff one time and a disinterested, downright rude group the next. The plant quality is also erratic and if you visit the nursery you will see why, many areas are clearly neglected.
Positive joyceww1
(1 review)
April 1, 2000
Last spring I ordered two unusual Rhodies from Roslyn. They arrived looking very healthy at the end of bloom. I planted them in mostly dry shade, though I did attempt to enrich the soil. I did give them a good soaking then and a couple of more times during the summer. But this was the hottest driest summer ever. As I was busy attempting to preserve the many flowers in my back yard, these poor shrubs received little attention. Despite that they set bud and now are full of bloom and growing nicely.
Neutral twilliams
(1 review)
February 1, 2000
I have mixed feelings about Roslyn Nursery. I live about 30 miles from them, and last spring, visited their location twice after having just moved back to the east coast. There was an amazing variety of plants, and a number of offerings you can't find elsewhere. I was floored by the sheer number of azalea and rhododendron they stock, and dizzied by size and scope of their catalog. Their plants appeared to be in good health, and the specific plant I purchased (as a gift for my grandmother) seems to be doing well. However, their prices did seem a bit high, and I found their customer service lacking. When I had initially called to inquire as to whether or not they carried a yellow azalea (at that time not knowing there were a number of different yellow named varieties, with different growing habits, blooming times, scent etc.), I was treated rather gruffly. Specifically when I asked the man on the phone to double check that they had plants in stock. When I arrived at the nursery I understood part of the man's exasperation. There were 100's of different azalea to choose from, and my insistence for confirmation that they had a "yellow azalea" in stock must have been frustrating. In my defense, I just wanted to avoid driving 30 miles for a plant that might not be in stock, especially after the treatment I had received from some other nurseries in NJ. I browsed through the nursery with two children in tow (by necessity, not choice). There was no one out there to assist me in locating the type of plant I was looking for. Eventually, I found a man watering some rhododendron, who walked me over to the area I needed to be in. This man was very helpful. He told me to call for him if I needed help. However, when I had finally chosen a plant, I had difficulty in locating someone to assist me in carrying my 24 inch tall azalea to the front in order to pay for it. I had walked up to the checkout area twice, and been unable to locate anyone in the greenhouses or at the front office to assist me in transporting my plant. So I placed my children in the wheelbarrow with the pot. There was simply no other way to get my plant up front. I wheeled the cart to the checkout area, where after waiting about 5 minutes someone finally came out to help me. Apparently, the person had been in the office on the phone. I was promptly and severely reprimanded for having transported children and plants in the wheelbarrow together. I bought the plant (at almost $40), and then asked if they had a catalog. I received two catalogs (one for myself, and one for my grandmother), as well as planting instructions for the azalea. I must say, my grandmother was delighted with the "Narcissiflora" I had purchased for her. Neither of us had ever seen a scented azalea with double flowers before. But I'm still not sure how I felt about the attention I received. I think if you are going to be in the retail business, you need to pay attention not just to the quality of your merchandise, but also to the quality of your service. And I think the service was lacking. I realize they are obviously very busy, but I would suggest they hire a knowledgeable individual to answer the phones, and maybe assign their staff zones to work so that customers can find help if need be. I intend to try again this spring, and hopefully I'll have better luck. But I'll make sure I bring someone to help me carry this time!
Negative rogerbossley
(1 review)
January 1, 2000
I ordered a very expensive tree - it was backordered so I assume they were getting it from another source. When it came, it looked poor and started to lose its leaves and seemingly die. It did and I told them. They did not stand behind this at all and I got the distinct impression that they are money driven - not customer driven. I deal with many nurseries - this is one I will NEVER deal with again.
Neutral KateHunter
(20 reviews)
October 1, 1999
Interesting to read the comments on this nursery again as I have had one fairly good experience (Spring, 1999) and one not so good one (Fall, 1999). My spring order was fine - nice looking plants, which arrived in good condition, but when I received my fall order, I was pretty upset.The box was a piece of junk which had been cut down to size and had been crushed somewhere in transit. Inside was a mess of loose dirt and sloppily packed plants -- if you could call them plants, that is. I realize that after a long summer in pots things do not look as nice as they might have if they'd been in the ground, but these were things which should not have been sold this season. The top growth was minimal and on several of the plants, blackened and soggy. One of the plants didn't have a label and on the invoice it was labeled as another cultivar of primrose - not the one I had ordered. When I contacted them about this they assured me that this was the correct plant and that the screw-up was in the invoice. I won't know whether they are right until spring. They also assured me that the roots on the other plants were healthy when sent, so they should be OK. I agree with the other comments about customer relations. I think these folks have a pretty big ego about who they are and they figure that their customers are just a bunch of Midwestern amateurs.
On June 15th, 2004, KateHunter added the following:

Spring of 2004: I still order from Roslyn every spring but have some advice about this mail order nursery. (I have never visited so I cant advise about that!) I live in central Illinois and ask for early April delivery. This year, my plants arrived and the shrubs were terrific and the perennials should have been shipped staight back to them. They were tiny root masses set into a folded piece of foil with about a quart of loose soil around each one. None of them have done well. My Deinanthe took a full **2** months to break dormancy. Here we are in early June and its about 2" tall with a total of 5 leaves. So in future I hope to resist the perennials and only order shrubs. They apparently keep the perennials in a cold greenhouse awaiting spring and shipping. One plant (Paeonia veitchii) had mold growing on its stem from the cold and damp conditions at the nursery. It never budded out, but I was able to get a replacement from them - after 3 phone calls. The other perennials which I received and potted up in early April are now finally ready to place in the garden - early June!! So my advice is RESIST the perennials, and dont ask for early delivery - late April would probably have been better as they might have been abel to choose better plants to ship to me.
Negative DavidWlos
(4 reviews)
July 1, 1999
In the spring I telephoned them to place an order for a "Monumentale maple" - a $40.00 dollar item. I was told they were out of stock. "okay" I said ,"forget it , thanks anyway, bye". In the meantime I went to the local nursery and bought a tree for the intended spot. Lo and behold! - VERY LATE in the season I am AMBUSHEDwith this tree on my doorstep! Wait I did not order this! Well I thought I'll give it a try. It was a twig 4 inches high. And of course my credit card was then charged for $50.00. And the following spring it was deader than a door nail (although I think a door nail is larger). I never bothered to seek a refund and after reading their customer service reports, I'm going to consider it tuition expense in 'one of life's lessons'. WHY DO THEY AMBUSH ORDER YOU! I've never heard of this happening before. I should have called them immediately (like that would have done any good) and notified my credit card company. Never again.
Negative LEpstein
(2 reviews)
July 1, 1999
I'm a new gardener, and ordered many plants from a variety of sources, hoping to learn which companies were good and which weren't. Before ordering, I checked this internet source for others' comments. Unfortunately, the comments about Roslyn were true--they are rude, hostile, and unaccommodating. I received 3 plants that looked weak, planted them anyway, and when they died, I called to report this and was told I could get replacements in the fall. I had already replaced them locally, and said I only wanted my money back for the ones that died. Not until I wrote a nasty letter didI finally get my money back. As it turns out, the other plants I ordered from them are growing, but not well. Moreover, I could have bought them locally for the same price (or less, given their 20% shipping charge)and much hardier. In short, although I got my money back on dead plants, it was not a pleasant or encouragingexperience. There are enough bad manners in the world without asking for it with mail order plants.
Positive Ntropics
Mount Sinai, NY
(14 reviews)
April 1, 1999
I live just a few miles away from Roslyn Nursery, so each year I take a trip there to purchase Hostas and some perennials. Naturally, I can pick out only the plants that I like, and the best ones on the benches, so quality has never been a problem. Their selection is excellent and the quality of the plants is very good. I received a Rhododendron that was mislabeled, and one year later I called them. The owner's wife said that they would replace the plant if I returned the original. I decided against it, only because it was a nice plant and growing well. But there was no question that they would take the plant back. And this was ONE YEAR after I bought it, so their return policy is indeed very liberal. I think it is possible that some of the experiences of the others might be true, however, even though it has not been MY experience. As are many plant specialists, the owner is very nice, if a bit eccentric. Perhaps those who had trouble just hit him on a bad day. I have spoken with him several times at the nursery, and he is usually very pleasant. I would absolutely go back to Roslyn Nursery for more plants. I cannot comment on the mail order/ telephone communications aspect of their business, either negatively or positively.
Negative FrankAdamski
(2 reviews)
February 1, 1999
I purchased numerous plants from Roslyn Nurseries over many years (six or seven), literally spending hundreds of dollars with them. Plants were ordered from their catalog during Winter for Spring delivery.I then ordered one 'double' flowering Bloodroot costing $ 7.50, and was told it was a Fall only delivered item. When it was received it wascompletely dormant, with no growth at all showing above the soil line. This condition is normal since Bloodroots die down in summer afterSpring bloom. I did not think anything of it.It was planted the same day received, in the company of about 10 other established 'single' flowering Bloodroots in a 2' by 2' prepared bed, placing the label supplied next to it.The following Spring all the established Bloodroots emerged rapidly forming leaves and flowers. The 'double' flowered Bloodroot, however, did not emerge. After waiting a few weeks with still no emergence, I decided to unearth the root. It was totally decomposed with only a mushy remainder where the root once had been.Having been a very good customer over the years, I called the 800 number and asked for a replacement. The customer service person I spoke with informed me in a very curt, business-like manner that they do not guarantee plants after customers have planted them. I fully explainedwhat I described above. She put me on hold and then put on a man, who said he was the President of the company.I again explained what had happened, but he would not listen, breaking into my explanation numerous times, telling me each time in acondescending tone, 'we do NOT guarantee plants after receipt and planting.'Trying one more time, I explained my long standing customer relationship with his company, and told him the pot received had no top growth, and was planted with soil intact in a bed with other Bloodroots.I may as well have been asking him to chop off his arm as opposed to asking for a plant replacement.He gave me a ridiculous answer about the soil having been a problem, even though it was only inches away from other Bloodroots. I said it was"not the money, it was after all only $7.50, it was the principle; I had spent hundreds of dollars with his company, and was reallyanticipating getting a 'double' flowering variety."I asked him point blank, "in the interest of customer relations, would he send me a replacement?"His response, 'Absolutely Not!'I would suggest you all take your business elsewhere, these people do not appreciate it. There are plenty of customer satisfaction oriented companies out there, give them your business.[update]In response to [email protected] who wrote in part ... "I received a Rhododendron that was mislabeled, and one year later I called them. The owner's wife said that they would replace the plant if I returned the original. I decided against it, only because it was a nice plant and growing well. But there was no question that they would take the plant back. And this was ONE YEAR after I bought it, so their return policy is indeed very liberal." This is NOT a replacement guarantee for a non surviving plant, it is an even exchange. Also wrote in part.... "I think it is possible that some of the experiences of the others might be true, however, even though it has not been MY experience. As are many plant specialists, the owner is very nice, if a bit eccentric. Perhaps those who had trouble just hit him on a bad day. I have spoken with him several times at the nursery, and he is usually very pleasant." Eccentric is not the word - Arrogant, rude, hostile, condescending, and self-destructingare more apropos. I also wrote him letters and he ignored them. He is no businessman. He may be a good gardener, but he has no place interacting with customers because every day for him appears to be a "bad day". Buy elsewhere, with someone who appreciates customers!
Positive jamessdeneke
(7 reviews)
April 1, 1998
I have been ordering many plants this past year or two, since I have drastically increased the number of perennial beds in my yard. I was able to find some plants I had been unable to locate through my usual sources; shipping costs fairly high, but the plants arrived in good condition, and grew well.
Negative daisyanderson
(1 review)
February 1, 1998
Having ordered quite a vast number of plants over the years I only once have run into a "perennial" rudeness problem and that was with Roslyn Gardens. Even when I told them my sizeable check had not cleared and would be happy to reissue one (less a stop-payment fee) they were most unpleasant. Will only do business with them on an "as needed" basis now.
Positive KBWoodburn
(2 reviews)
January 1, 1998
I have purchased numerous shrubs and perennials from Roslyn over the past 2 years and have nothing but the highest recommendation for the quality of their plants. My orders have arrived on time and their unique practice of wrapping the root balls of perennials in aluminum foil seems to work quite well. The 'Yak' rhododendrons that I ordered from them several years ago arrived in good condition and have flourished. A fine nursery to order from and my preferred first choice of mail-order nurseries.
Positive EGreig
(7 reviews)
November 1, 1997
Their printed catalog lists over 2000 varieties of shrubs, trees and perennials. The descriptions are brief and there are a few color pictures. They list many rhododendron hybrids and species and many unusual and rare plants that I've not seen elsewhere. I have ordered from them several times and have purchased plants at their retail nursery on Long Island. The quality and packaging of their mail order plants is generally good. The plants arrived on schedule. I had a problem with one plant I received in Spring 1997 which never broke dormancy. I recently contacted them and they agreed to send a replacement plant.

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