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On Mar 20, 2012, SusieR (5 reviews) from Springfield, IL (Zone 6a)

This nursery is no longer open.

On Apr 28, 2008, chrisvas (1 reviews) from Forest Park, IL

Although my experience is about four years old, I just found this site and believe that my postive experience should be shared. I purchased a rose - Alba Maxima - from orionfarms.com as a memorial rose for friends who lost their 18 month old son, Max, to a terrible genetic disorder. Orion was very helpful with me in my purchase. Upon receipt of the rose, it experienced some stress and lost most of its leaves. Gen provided me with specific instruction on how to help the rose through this stress and get it healthy and happy again before I presented it to my friends. I was promised a replacement rose if this one did not recuperate. Happily, it did and now years later and through one move, the rose is still healthy and happy in their garden. It blooms beautifully every spring. The personal attention and care I received from this company was great and much appreciated.

On Sep 10, 2006, venu209 (10 reviews) from Jersey Shore, NJ (Zone 7a)

I recently ordered 6 roses from Orion Farm. All 6 plants were received in a timely manner and in great condition. I also have to note that I was very surprised at the size of the plants. They were very large with big healthy root systems. Gen and Leighton were also very pleasant to speak with. I will be ordering form them again.

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