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Flower Scent Gardens

Doylestown, Ohio 44230
(United States)

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This company offers a variety of plants.

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Closed Per the owner, this nursery has closed. We extend our best wishes to Mr. Varner and his staff in whatever new endeavours they undertake!

  Company Comment, posted on June 20, 2007:  

Time to say goodbye...

 It is with mixed feelings that I must now announce the closing of my nursery Flower Scent Gardens. I am sad I will no longer be growing the plants but happy and excited to venture into a new creative occupation. I must express my most profound THANK YOU to all who ordered my fragrant flowers during these many years and for being thoughtful, kind and courteous to me. Your generosity and civility has been greatly appreciated.

I also wish to thank “Dave’s Garden” website for including my nursery on its listings. My nursery was (until recently) in its top “Watchdog 30” list for which I will always be honored and proud. I must have done something right during these many years!

Always remember to continue cultivating some beautiful smiles in your flower garden.

- Glenn Varner

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Positive Niere
Chepachet, RI (Zone 5b)
(7 reviews)
May 24, 2007
Ordering from this nursery was a very pleasant experience--I only recently found Flower Scent Gardens through this site and I am so sorry to see that this nursery will soon be closing it's doors. As for my order, it included one mock orange and eight saponarias--all arrived in great condition and the packaging was excellent. I also appreciated the head's up email that the plants were on their way. At this point I'm going to see if I can squeeze in one more order before the business closes permanently.
Again--sorry to see such a great business shutting it's doors, but I send my best wishes to the Mr. Varner--I hope your new endeavors are rewarding!
Positive aksee
Scott City, KS
(3 reviews)
May 11, 2007
I just received my plants they were in excellent condition. I am so happy with them. I really appreciate the quality of service! Good Luck in your future endeavors Mr. Varner!!
Positive jlplum
Winchendon, MA
(1 review)
April 29, 2007
I found Flower Scent Gardens last summer and placed two orders which included violas, iris, mum and echinaceas. My orders were packed extremely well and plants were in great shape. And this was in the midst of Mr. Varner's (owner) parents passing. He still got those orders out in timely fashion! I recently received my 3rd order and again, packing showed great care and my plants are very healthy. My mom says they look like I "bought them off a shelf locally". I wish I found Flower Scent Gardens earlier because I have had such positive experience with them. Mr. Varner has announced that he will be retiring this year and Flower Scent Gardens will be no more. I am sad about's hard to find great nurseries online that offer nice plants for a decent price with great customer service, but I do understand that people need to move on with other ideas too. Thank you Mr. Varner and good luck! My plants thrive!
Positive r_rugosa
Centerburg, OH (Zone 5b)
(4 reviews)
April 22, 2007
Mr. Varner is a pleasant person to deal with. He e-mailed me a week or two ago explaining that the recent cold snap had delayed shipping. However, I received my plants on schedule and they are healthy and doing quite well. I only wish I'd found his nursery before now as he is retiring at the end of this season.

Overall, a very good experience.
Positive Bec_No_Va
Huntsville, AL (Zone 7b)
(39 reviews)
April 10, 2007
This is the 2nd year I ordered and I am thrilled with my plants, well packed, great sizes and can't wait to plant them! Thanx again! Becky
Positive sayma
Tujunga, CA
(5 reviews)
March 31, 2007
I just received several plants I ordered. Everything looks great, I got a catalog and several pages describing how the plants should look if dormant, how to acclimate the plants, my order in detail, and inspections.
The gardenia I ordered was over a foot tall already! My biggest regret is that I just found this company the year it is going to close.
Positive Revnrose
Clinton, NY (Zone 5a)
(10 reviews)
August 20, 2006
Now, late in the season I have to report how fantastically everything I rec'd from FlowerScent did in my garden this year -- from Hy-Scent dahlias to honeydew scented sage. BTW, the hummingbirds have been the real fans of that sage. Beautiful plants, timely shipping, good packing. I couldn't have asked for better.
Positive dave12122
East Haddam, CT
(73 reviews)
July 4, 2006
I ordered some plants from an online sale in late June. They were shipped immediately, but were delayed by UPS due to "inclement weather", so were 6 days in transit. I've received boxes that have been in the mail for that amount of time before, and usually there are no serious problems. However, the plants were either badly shrivelled, smaller than blooming size, or very badly potbound. I had to cut the pots off with a scissors and prune off much of the top growth on a few to reach healthy tissue. With the exception of one Agastache, which is too far gone, I think most of these will survive with major TLC.

When I wrote to the owner, I was pleased to see he responded in a timely fashion. Unfortunately, his message was mostly defensive rhetoric, describing how everyone else thought his plants were so wonderful and berating me for having the nerve to judge his operation on one small order. Yes, this is my first order with this nursery and is all I have to go on. The owner tried to imply UPS is the cause of all my problems, but that doesn't totally explain small or potbound plants that appear to be the runts left over after all the better plants had been sent out earlier. The owner refunded my money for the entire order, which I think is excessive...only the Agastache is near death and probably won't survive. I would have preferred a heartfelt apology for the whole affair and a promise that my next order would be filled with really outstanding plants. Instead, I am accused of "despising" the nursery and thus the owner which is totally preposterous...I've never even met the man!!

Bottom line...99 out of 100 people would have been disappointed with the plant size, packing, and overall presentation of this particular order. I am rating the transaction "positive" since the owner at least wrote back, but would not deal with the nursery again since I don't believe in putting "sloppy seconds": on sale at the end of a growing year just to blow them out....just a difference in philosophy I guess.
On July 9th, 2006, dave12122 added the following:

I think the below statement amply illustrates how I feel about the owner's rebuttal to my comments:

"I supplied him with plants that were the best ones I could send out. If I felt they would not live or survive I would not have sent them - period."

Just because plants might eventually live or survive does not mean:

a. they were worth the purchase price.
b. they were as described in the sale.

To give an actual example, I was sent a Phlox, that by the time of shipping had only produced 2 puny stems that were at most 3 inches high. That size will take at least 2-3 seasons to amount to anything, assuming it lives at all. Yes, it might survive, so that fact alone justifies the small size? The owner could have dealt with this a totally different way.:

"Dear Dave, When I looked at the phlox that were left, they were very small, 2-3 inches high at most. This is not representative of what I usually send, so I could just put one in as a gift or you can wait until next season to purchase a larger, more close to blooming size specimen. What would you like me to do?

Instead, the owner put a seedling size plant in the box, using the excuse that my order "was toward the end". A really professional nurseryman would put outstanding specimens in even the very last order, or simply not fill the order at all.

Severly potbound plants imply neglect...if my plants had been potted on to larger pots in April, they would be twice a s large as the plants sent in June. When root systems need to be untwined/cut apart, that can cause a shock to the plant.

Bottom line: I stand by my original comments completely. Most people would have been disappointed with the plants sent, no matter if they were on sale or not, and disregarding the added stress caused by the UPS delay.

Company representative comment on July 4, 2006:

On Jul 4, 2006 11:09 PM, Flower Scent Gardens added:

My name is Glenn Varner (no pseudo-name.) I am the owner of Flower Scent Gardens and the sole grower of the plants. I will give out heartfelt apologies when customers write complaints that do not imply that my nursery deliberately sends out inferior, substandard, half dead plants. I do not and many people who have received plants this year and in the past know for a fact I do not. This is not "defensive rhetoric" but is based upon fact and hard work over these years. For the record, I do not fault UPS for this problem; this shipment was delayed for several days due to the serious flooding in many northeastern states. At the time of this customer's shipment it occurred well before I was aware of the massive flooding in several areas. What should have been a two day delivery ended up a six day delivery including a weekend holdover. As a result of the delay several plants became dehydrated from the hot weather and the constant reshuffling of the box to various destinations to avoid any flooded areas caused plants to become damaged. As for the plant "runts", I stated to the customer that his "end of season sale" order arrived almost last and many plants of his choosing were almost sold out. I supplied him with plants that were the best ones I could send out. If I felt they would not live or survive I would not have sent them - period. As for "pot bound" plants would that not imply well-grown plants that needed replanting? For those of you that remember I did warn all customers at the beginning of this sale that some of the sale plants were in dire need of transplanting due to excessive root growth. I did not know if the customer wished for a refund or not - from his two emails to me I was well aware of his disapproval of all of his plants and my apparent lack of professionalism. I can be very gracious (and give apologies) to unsatisfied customers if they communicate problems to me without the implications that I am out to cheat the hell out of the unsuspecting gardening public. This is what I felt from his original email to me. If there is a problem - tell me about the problem but don't insult me in the process. I still stand by my decision to give this customer a full refund whether he likes it or not. Now, tell me - how professional is that?

Positive Rosekiller
Harveys Lake, PA
(3 reviews)
June 30, 2006
I ordered 2 separate times from FSG. Both times, plants arrived timely, well protected, healthy, and many were ready to bloom. I found the price and selection a perfect fit with my needs. The only thing I could possibly be disappointed in, is that I did not find this website sooner!
On January 9th, 2007, Rosekiller added the following:

I just ordered for spring, and it looks like the place is closing! Order early for 2007! I'm going to miss working with this a class act and professional gardner. Good luck, Glenn!
Positive srtwoodland
Clermont, GA
(4 reviews)
June 25, 2006
Ordered several plants during the end of season sale (today is the last day!!!!). The plants arrived in perfect condition and are doing great! In particular, the fragrant blue hosta, is just beautiful!
Positive gardadore
Saylorsburg, PA (Zone 6a)
(21 reviews)
June 22, 2006
I ordered end of season specials on a Sunday and received them on a Wednesday in great condition. They even included a bonus plant! This was my first order and it was based on the Garden Watchdog comments. I was not disappointed and will certainly order from Flower Scent Gardens again next year!
Positive lanewalk
Lenoir, NC
(2 reviews)
June 22, 2006
First shipment from them was received six days late due to error made by UPS--they said they had incorrect address even though they had right one. Must have had new delivery man since I had received one to that address just a month before.

In spite of length of time until I got the package, the plants were so well packed and prepared that they were in very good condition and they have done really well. Service was really good as well

So I ordered from them again and this time I got it in two days and again the plants were really nice and I'm very pleased with them.

So I would and probably will be ordering from them again.
Positive galtx
Galveston, TX
(7 reviews)
June 18, 2006
My "end of the season" plants arrived healthy and well-hydrated. I will order from this company again.
Positive vetiver
New York, NY
(3 reviews)
June 16, 2006
Every plant I've ever ordered (honeysuckle, night jasmine, dianthus, and several other perennials( has arrived leafy and healthy -- even the end-of-season sale plants! Quick response and great communication, too.

So far I've placed two orders and plan to keep buying plants from Flower Scents as long as they sell 'em.

Positive carolrees
Arlington, VA (Zone 7a)
(28 reviews)
June 15, 2006
On 6/10/06 I ordered

1 Jasmine
2 Yellow Queen columbines
3 Emperor of China Chrysanthemums

All arrived in great shape with excellent packaging and lots of green follage.

I would definitely order from them again.
Positive bbinnj
West Orange, NJ (Zone 6a)
(21 reviews)
June 5, 2006
I ordered 2 lavender and 3 dianthus plants. Beautiful healthy plants arrived last Wednesday, which I planted yesterday. In my experience, when plants look like these, they will thrive (when planted in the right conditions, of course). I especially appreciated the notice by e-mail of when they shipped, and the very detailed planting instructions. The only better experience I've had with a nursery was the one that e-mailed the planting instructions when the plants shipped-- gave me time to buy peat moss or other stuff I did not have on hand. I'm already planning to order some Malmaison dianthus next year, maybe some honeysuckle vines too.
Positive robeezee3
Englishtown, NJ
(19 reviews)
June 3, 2006
I recently ordered some Lonicera (Honeysuckle) from Flower Scent. After placing the internet order, I decided to add some plants to it, and phoned to do so. My phone call was handled professionally.

Everything arrived beautifully packaged, in great condition, and in the correct quantity.

I am very impressed and will certainly order more plants from Flower Scent Gardens. I can't imagine a better internet gardening experience.
Positive pappu
Charleston, IL
(7 reviews)
May 23, 2006
I ordered some seeds that were mailed out a week late. For this I recieved an apology, a hefty discount, and lowered mailing charges. Wow! If only all vendors are this conscientious. Will definitely order from again.
Positive DonnaMack
Elgin, IL (Zone 5a)
(60 reviews)
May 19, 2006
I just received my wonderful order from Flower Scent Gardens. I ordered 4 Bouncing Betty White, a plant I have never seen anywhere, and did not know existed, and some unique varieties of heliotrope. They arrived in excellent condition (one of the heliotropes was blooming, and my home grown ones are not!) When I read of the sad passing of the gracious owner's faher, I attached a note to my order stating that my order could be sent when possible. I received it four days after our last frost date, and on a Friday. This was my first order, but it certainly is just the first of many.
Positive NJsGrandma
Neenah, WI
(1 review)
May 17, 2006
This is my first year using garden mail ordering and I was a bit worried about it. I placed an order with Flower Scent and received an email saying it had shipped. My order just arrived today, in two days and I'm very pleased. I ordered 4 varieties of Echinaceas and they are very healthy looking. They seemed to have survived the trip fine. I'm sure the extra care that was given to the packing of them helped a lot. I've looked around at local garden centers for the varieties I purchased and wasn't able to find them so I appreciate Flower Scent having them. I will be placing another order with them in the near future as we have a new home and have just started our landscaping.
Positive zville123
Zanesville, OH (Zone 6a)
(18 reviews)
May 15, 2006
I placed a seed order which was accidentally misplaced. I wasn't too worried about it because I understood Glenn and his family have been going through a rough time lately and figured it would get straightened out. It did and my seeds arrived with a hefty discount because of the mix up (this really wasn't necessary). I love their seed and plant varieties and plan to order plants in the future. If you want to order plants, order early...because some do sell out. Highly recommended.
On May 12th, 2007, zville123 added the following:

I placed 2 plant orders this year...after the first order, I wanted more and gave in and placed another order LOL. Beautiful plants! Good packaging & prompt delivery (especially considering he's being bombarded with orders because he's closing his business). I will definitely miss this company...great web site and catalog with wonderful descriptions of the plants and their fragrances. Healthy plants. But I can understand the need to start a new chapter in one's life. Good luck, Glenn, in all your future endeavors!

Positive judygarden
Bellevue, MI
(3 reviews)
May 1, 2006
Hats off to Flower Scent Gardens!! ~My 12 Lavender plants were big, fat and healthy and SO well packaged. I would definitely buy from this company again!

So sorry about the passing of your father.
Positive Pitimpinai
Chicago, IL
(22 reviews)
April 28, 2006
I am a long time Bluestone customer, but in the fall of 2004 I read about
Chrysanthemum 'Emperor of China'. I searched everywhere and found it at
a reasonable price at the Flower Scent Gardens. I was a bit skeptical
about ordering from someone I had not heard of and I remember that there were not many comments on this company here 2 years ago.

Anyhow, my 'Emperor of China' arrived without fanfare last spring. There should have been a reception line and a big parade for the Emperor! Wow....I have never received a larger and healthier looking plant at $3.50 each! Bluestone, move over!

Glen Varner does everything himself, I think, does not have a fancy catalog, but every entry is lovingly described. His love for plants really showed in the plants and package he mailed.........which was exceptional. And a fellow composter will appreciate his packaging; he
stuffed the box with shredded newspaper and he recycled his shipping box!

Unfortunately, he no longer takes small orders. I really have no more room for any large order. Too bad.

And I just noticed his note above. Please accept my deepest sympathy, Glen.
Positive soldiersong
North Plains, OR (Zone 8a)
(13 reviews)
April 22, 2006
My order arrived yesterday in excellent condition and in good, sturdy packaging. Everything looks wonderful and is good size and appears in good health. Some are even in flower!

I phoned this morning to ask a question about spacing so I may order additional honeysuckle. My call was returned promptly and I had a lovely and informative talk with the owner.

On May 14th, 2006, soldiersong added the following:

My first order has been planted a few weeks and everything appears to be thriving. I received my second order last week and all plants were of excellent size and vigor. One Honeysuckle was actually budding and begar to flower before I got it into the ground. All five honeysuckles have taken of like a shot and are working they way, quickly, up their trellis. All the perennials are growing nicely and may are either flowering or in bud.

I will continue to order from this company. Plants may cost a bit more than some other companies, but the size, packaging, vigor of the plants is worth a bit more money, plus communication from the owners is excellent.
On May 20th, 2006, soldiersong added the following:

Everything is thriving. The honeysuckles went in only a week ago and they are all at least triple in size and growing up their new tellis. Two are in flower and the others in bloom. All the dianthus are either budding or flowering. The Jasmine, in only five days is growing and in bud. I could go on and on. These are such healthy plants it is wonderful to watch them take off and settle in.

Wonderful packaging, excellent communication, and exceptional plants.
Positive Gardner18521
Memphis, TN
(8 reviews)
April 22, 2006
Just received my first plants from Flower Scent Gardens. The plants were a very nice size for the money spent, healthy, and well packed. Customer service was great. I recommend this nursery, especially for gardeners interested in fragrant plants.
Positive gedgar
Mobile, AL (Zone 8a)
(14 reviews)
April 20, 2006
I had ordered several plants and was alerted by Mr. Varner in a mass email that shipment would be delayed due to a death in the family. In his email he apologized and said that if anyone wished for a refund he would oblige or if they didn't mind waiting he would ship mid-April. I let him know I would wait and the plants arrived last week. They are all lovely plants. I very much appreciate the personalized 'thank you' included with the plants. I hope this company continues for many years to come because the entire process has been like dealing with someone that I felt I knew.
Positive bobkat13
Providence Forge, VA
(2 reviews)
April 13, 2006
I had a very good experience with this company. When I received my plants, for some reason they weren't packaged as well as it seems some other posters have experienced. Some of the plants were damaged. When I called to tell them this, I got the following response: We won't charge your credit card for ANY of the plants. And they didn't.
Positive Chantell
Middle of, VA (Zone 7a)
(22 reviews)
April 3, 2006
Wonderful web page! Glenn is a friendly, informative gentleman. It was a pleasure to do business with him. My order came in a timely fashion with detailed directions!
Positive kamalmisc
Antioch, IL
(6 reviews)
October 8, 2005
Ordered over 30 plants from this nursery. Plants received are very big for the price charged and healhty. Owner is extremely nice and helpful. If there is any issue with the order emails and keeps the customer updated.
Included a free plant as a thank you.
Will definetely do business again.
Positive dorbinetc
Easton, MD
(1 review)
September 23, 2005
I ordered online at 3:28 on Monday afternoon and my beautiful, healthy plants were on my doorstep by 1:30 on Thursday afternoon. Service was swift and helpful. I think the shipping rates are very fair. I will order again.
Positive debbiegalvin
Columbia, SC
(1 review)
September 17, 2005
My order arrived yesterday, exactly 4 days after I placed my order. I didn’t get home until late, it was dark, so I brought the box into the kitchen and didn’t open it until this morning.

I’ve ordered many plants from the internet in the past but I have never received such healthy and strong plants as those grown by Mr.Varner. Not a leaf out of place and the plants were still damp. I was so excited that I almost didn’t read the bright orange “Important Information” sheet. I have placed the plants in my carport out of the sun and will now acclimate them per Mr. Varner's instructions.

Mr. Varner has earned a lifetime gardening friend.
Positive nevadagdn
Sparks, NV (Zone 7a)
(117 reviews)
September 16, 2005
I was a bit leery of placing an order after reading Mr. Varner's Terms and Conditions, but he had several plants I wanted AND they were on sale at reasonable prices (even when considering s/h). Ordering, confirmation of my order and information on when my order would ship were all good experiences.

I received my plants today, and upon removing the first layer of shredded newspaper, all seemed well. But then, bearded Iris are tough, so that wasn't much of a surprise. Next, I saw what looked like the most anemic of Gardenias I'd ever seen. That's because it WASN'T the Gardenia. It was 'Harlequin' Honeysuckle and it's SUPPOSED to look like that. D'oh! The next Iris looked a little strange until I realized it was the Hippeastrum I'd ordered. And so it went until I'd retrieved all the plants from the box, found them to be perfectly healthy and good-sized and berated myself for expecting the worst!

Bottom line: The plants are all healthy, were well-packed, and hadn't dried out during shipping. I have no complaints at all.
Neutral AS
(Zone 7a)
(46 reviews)
September 14, 2005
I wanted to order 3 or 4 plants since this company was praised so highly and he does have some nice things. But, based on his comments on the "revised ordering policies" page, he's now trying to discourage small orders. When I added the $12 shipping and $6 "small order handling" charges, the shipping and handling ($18) was more expensive than the plants I wanted, and I decided not to order. (I was also a little put off by his statement under the explanation of the shipping/handling costs, "Don't like it - don't order and don't complain.")
On September 14th, 2005, AS added the following:

FYI: A "small order" currently equals $25 or less, and the shipping for up to $120 worth of plants is a flat $12. So this nursery may still be a good deal for those who want to buy a lot of plants.
Positive charlenenj
Fanwood, NJ
(13 reviews)
July 30, 2005
It was October and I had just moved into my first home. I so badly wanted to have some fragrant things in place to greet me in Spring. I ordered Honeysuckle from this company and it came perfectly wrapped, along with a few other free plants as gifts. I was busy that week and the poor things sat in the box. I finally planted them shortly before November. They hunkered down beautifully and at the first sign of Spring, began their climb. It's now only July and you'd think I had these things in my garden for years. The owner of the company is wonderful; I called him on the phone with some questions. The "extras" he included turned out to be a real treat too. The pamphlets he puts out describing his plants are so accurate they are funny. You just know he takes pride in his work. My best purchase online (or anywhere) ever!
On June 19th, 2006, charlenenj added the following:

It's one year later and once again, my gardens are filled with even more plants from this company. I ordered so many things this year, including Sweet Pea Cupani (knockout color and fragrance), Heliotrope and the amazing Petunias he sells that are so amazingly fragrant the entire front house has a spicy scent all day and night. Love this place. I know it's almost July but I just ordered more annuals.
Positive SnoopyPuppy
Arlington, TX
(6 reviews)
July 24, 2005
I was about to give up on ordering plants online. Then, I ran into Flower Scented garden from Dave’s Garden Watch dog. After reading the other customers’ positive feedback, I gamed. I placed my first small order on May 7 (two roses and two mock oranges). Glen, the owner of Flower Scented Garden, posted on the website that due to an unexpected huge backlog, all orders would be delayed. Normally, I would not order from nursery(ies) that did not ship the orders in a timely manner. But since Glen was the sole operator of the business and did inform the customer ahead of time, I patiently waited. I did not expect to receive the plants within a month. To my surprise, I received my plants within three weeks. Glen actually sent out the plants before charging my credit card. I received the plants for a few days but still did not see any transaction from Flower Scented Garden. All of the plants I received from other online nurseries were small, dry, dead and/or moldy. But the plants from Flower Scented Garden were big as the others attested. All the plants were well packed and still wet when I received. They even had buds and flowers. Since the day I put them on the ground, the two roses have been doing exceptionally well. They keep blooming. The two Mock Orange plants are healthy and trying to adapt to the Southern heat. From my experience, I know they will thrive next year.

Anyway, as you all have known, Glen did not charge the flat and sky-rocking shipping costs like other online nurseries. He would figure out the actual shipping costs from UPS and bill the customers later. So, I was expecting to receive another bill for the shipping costs. At the end of June, the credit card I gave Glen was expired and I still did not see Glen charging me for shipping costs. I emailed Glen to let him know, asking him to bill me or email me the amount and I would send him a check. Unexpectedly, Glen emailed me back and thanked me for my honesty and integrity. And for that, Glen does not charge me shipping costs. I was and am still speechless! Such customer service is really rare these days.

I will definitely buy from Glen again. I do hope that Glen increase his rare and unusual plants so that I do not have to buy from other online nurseries. I like to buy from someone I can trust.

Positive plall
Columbia, MD
(2 reviews)
June 13, 2005
The plants arrived beautifully packaged. The healthiest plants I have ever recieved from a mail order company. I will definately buy from him again and again
Positive fpgill
lexington, MA (Zone 6a)
(25 reviews)
May 28, 2005
I ordered a number of perennials from Flower Scent Gardens this winter and received them this week, all in wonderful condition! Incredible packing job, hardly a leaf out of place.
Positive Liila
Lantana, FL (Zone 10a)
(16 reviews)
May 20, 2005
I ordered some flowering tobacco's, (which I've had one heck of a time trying to find!) an agastache and 2 lavenders from Glenn, and am very pleased with my order! Both lavenders and the agastache were blooming, the tobacco's are healthy and vigorous. When I ordered, he sent an email explaining that they are in busy season, and told me when I could expect my order to arrive. You don't mind waiting a few weeks when you know what to expect. His plants are great, his prices are terrific, and I will definitely do business with this company again. I'll also recommend them to my friends.
Positive slubberdegulion
Roanoke, VA (Zone 7a)
(33 reviews)
May 20, 2005
I received my 1st order today and I'm impressed. The packaging was excellent (only one plant looked slightly jostled, but it was still in good shape) and because one plant was unavailable, two extras of plants I ordered were put in. Two of the daylilies were in bloom and I could smell them as I was opening the box, a very nice surprise; the flowers and stems looked fresh despite their trip. I love the catalogue and web-site, I will be sure to check it out again this coming year.
Positive sky4va
Bristol, VA
(1 review)
May 19, 2005
I received my order today and was pleasantly surprised. I would recommend FlowerScent Gardens to everyone. My plants were large and healthy, and some were already blooming. I have never received plants of this high quality from any other mail order company. In fact, some of the plants were larger (and less expensive) than plants sold locally. I was able to speak to Glenn Varner directly on the phone and it's so nice to talk to the owner instead of an operator on a 1-800 line. The plants were so well-packed, also. After having several puny, expensive plants that came from Spring Hill and Michigan Bulb die, this is a refreshing change. I will be ordering again and advise anyone who is thinking of placing an online flower order to try Glenn first!

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