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Organic Bountea offers a complete bio-organic growing system based on premium compost tea and special additional components. Using the Bountea Growing System, John Evans has won over 400 awards for quality vegetables and 9 World Records for giant vegetables.

The Bountea Systems achieves its results by supercharging the soil with beneficial microbes, minerals and trace elements. Bountea compost tea is made using Alaska Humisoil as the microbial starter and a specially developed Bioactivator.

posted on May 5, 2010



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On Nov 7, 2005, gemmertine (2 reviews) from Bristol, NH

I ordered their 5 gallon bountea system and a refill for it, which came to $150 or so. The order came but they had sent a 1 gallon refill instead of the 5 gallon refill. I sent them an email and they replied. Although a bit irritated , they said they would send the correct refill. Excuse me, but I wasn't the one who did not get it right. Needless to say, I never received the refill. I sent several more emails to them which have been ignored. Let the buyer beware.

On February 28th, 2006, gemmertine changed the rating from negative to positive and added the following: John Evans from Alaska Bountea sent me an email to the effect that he had been having a difficult time with the manufacturer who was filling the orders. He states that those problems are hopefully in the past, and that he would address my order immediately. A short while later I received the correct refill along with a sample of his latest product Fertalive. His frankness and willingness to address and correct my order immediately was enough for me to change my rating to positive. Service issues aside, the Bountea is interesting, and I look forward to using it and the new Fertalive. The website for Alaska Bountea is a testimonial to the continuing success that John Evans is enjoying with all of his products.

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