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Phone: 860-567-8734
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Positive gardenertom
Felton, CA (Zone 9a)
(2 reviews)
April 18, 2021
Very happy with my experience. Ordered 200 tulip bulbs last fall. Bulb size was larger than I was expecting and only a few of nonviable bulbs. Bloom rate and size was fantastic. Would definitely recommend.
Positive ngreenla
Lisle, IL
(3 reviews)
October 2, 2020
Just received and planted a large order (++1,000 bulbs) of narcissi and muscari bulbs. Well packaged bulbs, shipped on time. I am very pleased with the size and quality of the bulbs. I as also impressed with the website, which provides detailed horticultural information for each species. WiIll definitely order from them again and will recommend to others.
Positive Jadwin59
Rochester, NY (Zone 6a)
(14 reviews)
May 5, 2020
I've bought many bulbs from VE and their sister company, John Scheepers, over the years.

The bulbs are high quality, large and fresh, and well-packaged.

One year they sent me tulip viridiflora (green-flowering tulips) instead of the Pink Impression tulips I ordered. I complained and they were a little snippy with me but offered to credit my future orders, so I stopped ordering from them for several years.

When I decided to return four or five years later, they had kept a credit in my file for the wrong tulips. They apologized for the mistake, and credited my order.

This is the mark of a company with a policy of honesty.
Positive mcsnail
Chicago, IL
(9 reviews)
November 19, 2019
I started ordering amaryllises from this company when Easy to Grow Bulbs became more interested in promoting their products than actually supplying them. I am just a home gardener--but Van Engelen offers amaryllises in quantities that are appropriate for me (I like to give them as presents). For the last 3 years or so I have received very large and healthy bulbs at an amazing price point. All of the bulbs have flowered prolifically and as expected (no surprises). I am a little intimidated by the reports of rather surly customer service--but -thankfully--I have never had occasion to complain.
Positive DonnaMack
Elgin, IL (Zone 5a)
(64 reviews)
November 12, 2019
I ordered from this great company in past years but did not provide a review. But my recent order was so outstanding that I had to comment.

I ordered an end of season special called the Sapphire Jewels. It contained Anemone blanda blue shades Chionodoxa forbesii, Iris reticulata Harmony, and Scilla Siberica Spring Beauty. 100 of each. It was so reasonably priced that I had to order 100 Chionodoxa Lucilae alba to get to the $60 minimum.

I have grown several of these bulbs before, but I was stunned by the size and firmness of them truly amazed me. They were separately boxed and very large. This is the first collection I have ordered in over 20 years of gardening. And I am thrilled. I certainly will do this again.
Positive brahmabantam
Rimrock, WA (Zone 5b)
(8 reviews)
November 12, 2019
I ordered from Van Engelen for the first time this year, and also from John Scheepers their sister company. I mostly ordered spring blooming bulbs from John Scheepers and will add a review of that company next year once I've seen the blooms. From Van Engelen I ordered ~$100 worth of spring bulbs plus 5 amaryllis for christmas blooming and 50 paperwhites. All the amaryllis and paperwhite bulbs are large and great quality. The first set of paperwhites I set in water and they bloomed within 4 weeks (first flowers stared after about three weeks) plus they've been blooming for 1 month in a bowl of water, which exceeded my expectations (the first batch of flowers I cut and put in a vase, and maybe that helped induce the second flush of flowers?). I started one of my Merry Christmas amaryllis as soon as it arrived (couldn't wait until Christmas, LOL!) and it is blooming now with 2 thick flower stalks. The first stalk right now has 3 flowers and the second hasn't opened yet but looks promising - I think it has 3 flowers also.

I also appreciate the fast arrival of my bulbs, which I received in early October. These bulbs arrived 4 weeks prior to an order I placed at the same time with Brent and Becky's. That made a huge difference to me because (1) the ground was not frozen when my Van Engelen order arrived making for a MUCH more pleasant day for bulb planting, and (2) my amaryllis was blooming so much sooner. I'll be ordering from Van Engelen (and their sister company John Scheepers) again for certain.
Positive tomspeak
Vashon, WA
(12 reviews)
October 20, 2019
I've ordered bulbs Van Engelen for years, and with every shipment I delight in the quality of the bulbs and the care of packaging and shipping. Spring at my farm includes a glorious show of gold, white, salmon and blue, the drifts of blooms brought to me by Van Engelen. I could not be happier with my purchases.
Negative flowerpowerca
Santa Clara, CA
(1 review)
July 27, 2019
This week I placed an order for 100 paperwhite and 12 Amaryllis bulbs for a total of $169. Yesterday I received a call (in a very rude tone of voice) from a woman in customer service. She said that they were cancelling my order, by instruction from "upper management", and that I should take my business elsewhere!

She said that this decision was based on my last order for the same items in 2017 when I had a problem with 6 of the Snow White Amaryllis not blooming for four months after planting and being very stunted. At that time I followed their instructions by emailing them photos of the stunted plants (the problem was very evident in the photo because I pictured them next to the good bulbs that were growing nicely and had been planted at the same time). They requested a very time consuming process (for me) to prove that the bulbs were deficient but eventually refunded my money for those 6 bulbs.
Never at any time was I aware of Van Engelen's anger towards my complaint or warned that I would be blacklisted and banned from ever ordering from them again. To say that I was shocked by this call is an understatement and I asked to be called back by someone from "upper management" but did not receive a call.
Positive zomer
East Troy, WI
(1 review)
May 27, 2019
First time ordering from this company, not the last though. They are going to be my go to company from now on. Every allium bulb this fall is coming up as planned and the lilies are all nicely started. I've never had this good of luck with KVB or Michigan Bulb and the prices are great, I've compared them with everyone. Thank you Van Engelen!
Positive SanJoseFool
Canton, GA (Zone 7b)
(20 reviews)
February 10, 2019
First time ordering fall bulbs anywhere. They held my order until they felt the correct planting time to ensure best chance of success. That was nice so I didn't have to think about it. I had lots of bulbs to plant, maybe 900 or so, daffodils, alliums, muscari, and crocus (tommies). Bulbs were in excellent condition just a handful of bad ones out of 900. I can see most of them are putting up stalks now, the tommies are starting to flower. Would order again but I hope I don't have to and that these guys like my Georgia clay and come back next year. I know the daffodils will I see them everywhere around here.
Positive MacGupta
Englishtown, NJ
(1 review)
November 13, 2018
First time orderer from I was irritated at first because I didn't receive an email notifying me of the shipment; and then when I received it, at first glance it appeared to be the wrong stuff and incomplete, and I wrote them an irritated email. On careful examination though, all proved fine, and the bulbs all appear fine and healthy. So my sincerest apologies to them, and no excuses for my irritation. I'm looking forward to seeing how the blooms come out next spring.
Positive CooDeeFoo
Central, SC
(15 reviews)
September 29, 2018
I have ordered from this company over many years with excellent results. I have even ordered discounted bulbs at the end of the planting season when a person might expect to get bulbs at the end of their viability; I have never received a bad bulb. They have grown, looked beautiful, and most perennialized for several years afterwards. I was surprised negative feedback on your website. They also sell to anyone; no wholesale tax number is needed. They just offer bulbs in larger lots. Their sister company, John Scheepers, has the same bulbs in smaller lots, but at a slightly higher price. I have already ordered $200 worth of bulbs that I expect to arrive in October.


Gene Hinson
Positive collectorpalms
College Station, TX
(15 reviews)
December 8, 2017
Posted on November 22, 2016, updated December 8, 2017
Posted on January 21, 2016, updated November 22, 2016
Posted on December 31, 2015, updated January 21, 2016
This company does not respond via email or Voicemails if you have a problem. Two years In a row part of my order had soft bulbs that were not in good condition and when complained there was no response. This year it was the Parrot Tulips mix of 200 that arrived in an unsellable condition. If you will be storing your bulbs to prechill them they have to be TOP quality without any injury or they mold soon after arrival and become soft with disease that progresses.
I can move on and find better bulbs elsewhere now. (
On January 21st, 2016, collectorpalms changed the rating from negative to positive and added the following:

Linda with customer services contacted me after my review. She asked for pictures of the bulbs. She offered a replacement next Fall of the 200 Parrot Tulips that arrived in question and the 100 Synaeda Blue that became moldy in the Refridge.
Thank you Linda, looking forward to the bulbs next fall.
On November 22nd, 2016, collectorpalms added the following:

True to their word, I did receive 300 replacement bulbs in October without having to send out any reminders. They did show up in good condition and have not molded this year in the fridge so far. Hoping I can plant soon, come on cold weather!
On December 8th, 2017, collectorpalms added the following:

I placed one order this late fall season and the daffodil and tulip bulbs were healthy. Only complaint is the use of UPS as it takes 7 days while if using Fedex it would be 3.
Positive macdogdaddy
Happy Valley, OR
(1 review)
November 2, 2017
This was my first order with Van Engelen so I checked them out here at DG before ordering. Historically they have many positive reviews, however, the most recent several reviews (fall 2015) are solidly negative. So I took a chance ordering from them (fall 2017) hoping they'd gotten their act together, and I'm glad I did. Here's my experience.

Before placing my order I emailed customer service with a question about my upcoming order. They never responded to my email. If there had been a problem with my order I have no idea if or how they would have responded. Surely not by email anyway. I would have needed to call them on the phone. But thankfully, there was no problem with this order so I'm not going to give a neutral/negative review. Failing to respond to email questions is a problem I have experienced with other large mail-order nurseries in the past. So it didn't completely surprise me or put me off, but it's still pretty bad practice.

I placed my order on Oct 11 with standard shipping, included instructions to ship immediately, and had it in-hand by Oct 19th (8 days later). For a mail-order nursery that's REALLY fast. I ordered Crocus, Spanish Bluebells, Snowdrops, Fritillaria meleagris, Summer Snowdrops. Upon arrival I opened each package of bulbs for a quick look and was satisfied with their packaging and appearance. A few bulbs are already in the ground. I have no idea how they will perform in the spring, but I'm confident because they look really good and fat, clean and viable. Out of 300 bulbs ordered, I've only found one dried-up shell of a bulb. But so far I've seen no powdery mold or slime on any of them. I think that's doing really good and I'm very happy. I will definitely order from this nursery again next year.
Negative DayPlanter123
Chehalis, WA
(3 reviews)
April 15, 2017
BEWARE, fall 2015 customer service was at a low point, will not be ordering from again. Ordered 3 bulb types well in advance (July of 2015). In Nov was sent notice that two of the types ordered where not available and were being cancelled by the company. At that late date was unable to locate and reorder from another company. Then found I had to write and complain to get the third type ordered bulbs sent and to get a check for the bulbs that were not available. These bulbs arrived in mid Nov., the quality was in question. Second complaint sent but was never responded to, nor was an adjustment made for the price when these same bulbs sent where at the time on sale on their website at the end of year clearance for about $10.00 less.
Negative cyanna
Waynesboro, VA
(1 review)
December 10, 2016
Posted on December 10, 2016, updated December 11, 2016
I received an order of tulip bulbs that were not to the quality I have received from other companies in the past. The bulbs were small with several bulbets attached as well as many loose ones that had fallen off. Most of the bulbs had no skins. My concern was that the small bulbets were taking away from the main bulb which was why the main bulbs were so small. I sent an link to an artical to back this up. This could have been a result of the variety which was more expensive as well. . The other bulbs I ordered were fine. My response to my phone call and to the photos I sent to them of the condition was this.

begin response....

"Management feels that the bulbs are perfectly fine. The nicks are from the counting & harvesting machines. The baby bulbs are free - not part of the count. Missing tunics/skins, no problem."

End of response

I found this response did not address my concerns and was sarcastic. I am sorry to have to report this.

On December 10th, 2016, cyanna added the following:

I would like to provide my initial email to this company to show how none of my concerns were taken seriously.

-----Original Message-----
Sent: Wed, Oct
Subject: Attn Linda

Hello Linda,

I called about my shipment. I was not happy with the condition of the Pink Diamond Tulip bulbs.

I have attached 2 photos One showing the whole group out of the box. The other photo shows the ones that are small and with multiple offsets making the main bulb even smaller.

" Offsets forming on a tulip bulb eventually weaken that bulb and cause the plant it produces to stop flowering"

Some of the bulbs are also soft probably due to a poor main bulb.. I found 40 of the 100 unacceptable. The other 60 are Ok. The entire group is not as nice as the other bulbs I ordered and what most quality bulbs look like at purchase. Please let me know a
s soon as possible what your companies intentions are for replacement. .

My order # is ########

The bulbs are pink diamond.

Thank you for your attention

Positive Madisonwigarden
Madison, WI (Zone 5b)
(10 reviews)
June 7, 2016
Love this company. I've ordered from Van Engelen for years. They have a great selection, great prices, and great bulbs. I have no clue why anyone would order bulbs from anywhere else.
Neutral flowermaiden2
Saint Maries, ID
(19 reviews)
June 6, 2016
Their print catalog has NO color photos of any of the plants they're selling. It only has line drawings in blue. While the descriptions tell what colors are in the mixes, etc., there's nothing like actually seeing those colors to know what shades they're supposed to be. "Lavender" can be visualized as different tints of purple to different people, for example.

Therefore, while I receive this catalog every Spring, I have never ordered from it, and am hesitant to do so. I just can't be certain of what I'll be getting.

It says on their cover, "Wholesale Price List". Does that mean they won't sell to the average consumer, but only to nurseries or garden centers?

From what I've read here about their "It's not our problem" responses to those who've had problems, I can see a brilliant red flag.

So, no, I've not experienced this company, but am still posting because I think they should offer a COLOR catalog, and merit a neutral rating because they don't.

Theirs is the ONLY mail-order nursery I've ever seen whose catalog doesn't have color photos. In this digital day and age, there's no reason not to.

If they start publishing in full color, I MIGHT take a chance on them, depending on the reviews they consistently get here.

But, I'm NOT a wholesale nursery, so they shouldn't expect a large order from me, in that event.

Negative Plantcrazylady
Santa Cruz, CA
(5 reviews)
November 13, 2015
Posted on October 31, 2015, updated November 13, 2015
I used to order from VE years ago, and they could be relied on for good quality stock. So having returned to gardening this year, I placed a large order with a company I thought I knew and that I once trusted. I have just received and inspected my order, so cannot speak to the performance of the plant stock, but I was disappointed to see I was sent items that should never have left the warehouse. Out of an order of a little more than 1000 bulbs, ten bags (of two types of allium, ten bulbs to a bag) arrived in obviously unacceptable condition. Every bulb of the allium cernuum was brown, wet, and infested with flies (the bulbs are like short scallions, so imagine a bag of rotted scallions you find in the bottom of the vegetable drawer). They smell terrible. There are actually numerous mature flies flying around in the plastic bags, which were shipped from Holland. (The Department of Agriculture might be interested to hear about that. Aren't the growers repaired to fumigate?) The allium carinatum s. Pulchellum arrived in an advanced state of sprouting (three inches of green) and the bulbs were already shriveled and loose in their jackets. I phoned and reported this, and was told to count out each bulb that was bad. I reiterated that the stock was unacceptable, that I was not going to pick through the bags and select the odd bulb that might possibly survive, and I wanted a refund rather than replacement. I was told to take photos and send them, and that a horticultural report would be submitted, and my refund could not be guaranteed. I have a customer guarantee on my payment service, so I assume I am protected, but I am now required to hold onto the ruined bulbs until I hear back from the quality control staff. In other words, I was not trusted and am being treated like a dishonest person, when in fact it is the Van Engelen company that is in the wrong here. I will not be buying form this company again. I am going to do a more thorough check of the rest of the bulbs that I have tucked away for cooling. Who knows what surprises may lurk there!
On November 13th, 2015, Plantcrazylady added the following:

Update: I was reimbursed for the bad bulbs. My county ag department wanted a sample of the insect infestation, so I submitted one. Oddly, after posting this negative review I received spam e-mail in Dutch, which has never happened before (they were those "help me, I need money" kinds of e-mails). Interesting, and disturbing.
Neutral AS
(Zone 7a)
(46 reviews)
November 4, 2015
Posted on November 4, 2015, updated November 4, 2015
Posted on November 18, 2013, updated November 4, 2015
Posted on October 25, 2011, updated November 18, 2013
First time order from Van Engelen, though I've ordered smaller quantities from their sister company John Scheepers for many years. But I needed large numbers of bulbs this year, and Van Engelen's prices are a little better in that case. As I expected, I received large, healthy, well packed bulbs, at excellent prices, and the experience was hassle free. These two companies remain my reliable standbys for fall bulbs, although I've occasionally ordered from others with good results.
On November 18th, 2013, AS added the following:

Mostly fine bulbs, this year, but at least 1/10 of the bulbs in their muscari mix arrived with long sprouts (up to 2") this year. Single colors of muscari were unsprouted.
On November 4th, 2015, AS changed the rating from positive to neutral and added the following:

I just received my fall order - 2 weeks later than from Colorblends and Old House Gardens, in spite of trying to get Van Engelen to send it a little earlier by claiming that I'm planting in one zone warmer. (Never have to do that nonsense with other bulb companies, but lately Van Engelen always sends bulbs to us very late, well after fall foliage has peaked. )

The species crocus were mostly sprouted - about half an inch, which is a nuisance - I always feel I have to handle sprouted bulbs extra carefully, plus dash out quickly and plant before the sprouts get any longer. The Allium cernuum had very long, whitish sprouts. And when I planted the hyacinths, even some of those were starting to sprout. (Sprouted hyacinths are a definite first in my experience). Plus there was some sort of sticky substance on a few of the bulb bags. Had to wear gloves to handle them, though whatever it is did wash off my hands easily.

The lilies and tulips looked OK.
But between the late shipments and sprouted bulbs I keep getting from these people, and their customer services responses to me and to other people lately, I'm starting to get fed up. If I wanted to get end-of-season, substandard bulbs, I could order from bulb sales and get them cheaper.
On November 4th, 2015, AS added the following:

I just wanted to add that the rest of my experiences - including my customer service experiences - are under John Scheepers, which sells smaller numbers of bulbs but is the same company.
Positive deforestliz
Sandy, UT
(9 reviews)
March 14, 2015
I waited to review until I saw my bulbs come up. My early bulbs are up and way better than I expected. They were advertised as second quality naturalizing bulbs and I planted 1,000 of them. The called them floriferous, but I did not expect 9 flowers from one bulb of a second quality. I have 1,000 in front which are just poking up because they are a later variety so I can't speak to them, but these have a quality making me wonder what first quality looks like. I got them because I wanted a mass planting and they were very cheap. It also looks like I will have over a month of blooms because the bulbs don't send up all the flower spikes at once, possible 6 weeks of flowers or more since it has already been 2 weeks and they are just hitting their stride. They got snowed on and frozen and it did not phase them.
Positive Azurel
Youngsville, NC
(11 reviews)
December 18, 2014
I ordered some end of season daffodil collections & lilies. The price was great, the order came promptly. (UPS had busted the box but the bulbs were in good condition). The box was VERY heavy for 115 bulbs. It turned out that they had given a very generous bonus either in number or quality (one bag had double-nosed, triple-nosed & even a few quadruple-nosed bulbs;the other bag was mostly singles but good sized and lots of extras. I could not be happier with my order.
Positive Kat6778
Newry, SC
(1 review)
November 26, 2014
I placed my order with Van Engelen on November 21 2014. It was confirmed on November 22 2014 and I recieved the order today, on November 26 2014. I'm very impressed with the quick shipment. All the bulbs look healthy. The lilium bulbs are huge. Great experience. Will definitely order again.
Positive quiltjean
North Chelmsford, MA (Zone 6b)
(3 reviews)
October 29, 2014
VE and JS are great. I have ordered bulbs for our condo a couple of times, and they arrived in good shape. This last order had one moldy tulip out of 250 assorted bulbs. They're good sized, too.
My personal Scheepers order came similarly in fine shape,
Positive coriaceous
(18 reviews)
February 1, 2014
I've placed orders with this company many times. Their selection is good, mistakes are rare, and we've gotten way fewer bad bulbs than the industry standard. Customer service has been good.

This company accepts orders from anyone who's willing to meet their minimum order requirements ($50 I believe) and order in the units they offer, which are appropriate for most gardens.
Positive Patty57
Wake Forest, NC (Zone 7b)
(27 reviews)
October 25, 2013
Just rec'd my fall shipment of bulbs!! Was very satisfied all around!! Customer Service was a positive experience as well.
Positive nikesamothrace
Houston, TX
(2 reviews)
July 31, 2013
This is my first use of Watchdog and my first post. I have ordered bulbs from Van Engelen since 1990. I have bought 1000's of bulbs and spent 100's of dollars. I have never had a bad experience. I was thinking about finding another supplier. I checked Watchdog results for other suppliers and was surprised to see so many negative comments for the other suppliers. So, I checked VE's ratings. I was not surprised to see such excellent ratings.
Positive jacintac
Fairfield, CT
(3 reviews)
April 4, 2013
Top size bulbs (unless described as landscape size) at great prices. I've purchased from them for years and they have yet to mess up the order or skim me on quantity or quality. Love this company!
Positive pokerino
Little Rock, AR
(4 reviews)
February 7, 2013
I placed an order during their end of season sale for crocus, tulip, and lily bulbs. The bulbs I received were fresher and healthier than an earlier mid-season order I placed with another popular and highly rated bulb company. They appear to have superior storage facilities and I found the tiered boxes used in shipping quite ingenious.
Positive carolmo
Olathe, KS (Zone 5a)
(23 reviews)
December 1, 2012
Ordered lilies late. The bulbs arrived in a few days. Bulbs were great. Very pleased.
Positive Joseph_Cincy
Cincinnati, OH (Zone 6a)
(13 reviews)
November 3, 2012
Last month, I ordered 1,310 bulbs from Van Engelen. It was my first time ordering bulbs in bulk. I found their web site easy to use and their prices very competitive. I requested that the bulbs be delivered during a small window, and they arrived on time as instructed. One of the other reviews complained about the packaging, but I found the bulbs smartly packaged in different internal boxes with sawdust cushioning. The bulbs themselves looked fine. I have no complaints, and I'll certainly order from Van Engelen again next year (obsession cannot be stopped). I'm looking forward to seeing hundreds of new flowers in the spring!
Negative Someonelse
Providence, RI
(1 review)
November 2, 2012
I am too exhausted by speaking to the supervisor of a supervisor of the customer service representative to go into too much depth here. In short there is no customer service here. When I called to report that I received the wrong bulbs (the ones I received were less than half the correct size) I was told that I received the correct bulbs. When I asked how they could be so sure that I received the correct bulbs when I still had them I was told that they were packed in the Netherlands at a plant that has a conveyer belt with holes that were sized to the right size. When I proposed that they were missed labelled, the customer service representative and her supervisor and her supervisor 's supervisor told me that they weren't. when I asked how she could be so sure of all this, the answer was that they checked the bulbs they had on their stock shelves and they were all correctly labelled. When I pointed out that maybe the bulbs I received were mislabeled they all said they weren't etc. etc. like a broken record that went on for a half hour of rudeness. DO NOT USE VAN ENGELEN.
Neutral naomiZ5b
Bangor, ME
(2 reviews)
October 28, 2012
Van Engelen provides a good product, if not quite as good as Colorblends. I found the packaging inconvenient (individual cardboard box for each variety or mix -- awkward to work with 100 bulbs packed this way). The prices were slightly higher than at Colorblends, and six bulbs of 100 in the viridiflora tulip mix were shrivelled and moldy. It didn't seem worth the trouble to request a refund of just a few dollars so I didn't follow up with the company. I do like their selection so will probably order from them again when there's something not offered by Colorblends.
Positive pamichen
Huntington Woods, MI
(2 reviews)
October 23, 2012
Have ordered bulbs from this company for years-always wonderful. They arrive at the correct time for planting, are large and firm and grow beautifully. My bulb plants are much admired in spring, and now neighbors are ordering, also. I've never had any problem with this company. Helpful on the telephone with technical questions, also. I highly recommend them.
Negative Floralisa
Greenville, NC
(1 review)
December 4, 2011
I'm giving this company a BIG NEGATIVE for their customer service. The bulbs were fine except for the one that was left out. Their response: our bulbs are packed in the Netherlands so it's not our fault. They offered a credit on my next order, but with that attitude, I'm not about to order from these people again.
Positive Ispahan
Chicago, IL (Zone 6a)
(55 reviews)
November 21, 2011
I must say that I have enjoyed placing multiple orders with Van Engelen this fall season. Their ordering process is hassle fee, their website is streamlined and easy to use, their selection is good, their prices are great and the bulbs I have received have all been wonderful, firm, healthy specimens. Even their lily bulbs were of superb quality with large size and often with intact root systems. I can't wait to see how my spring garden will look next year with so many fine Van Engelen bulbs now safely planted and put to bed for the winter.
Positive kerryb
Danbury, CT
(1 review)
November 14, 2011
Ordered bulbs from them for my company. Arrived on time, look great, etc. I had ordered one of their tulip collections consisting of 6 different varieties. They duplicated one and left one variety out. I emailed them and within an hour someone got back to me and said they would ship the missing variety and I could keep the other 50 bulbs. Very nice and responsive!
Positive bryana
Albany, NY
(72 reviews)
November 6, 2011
I ordered the early spring collection, species crocus and tricolor crocus.
Good value for good sized bulbs well packaged.
Positive hoosierbananna
Indianapolis, IN
(5 reviews)
October 18, 2011
I ordered the orienpet and asiatic lilly bulbs from the VanEngelen website: the price was great, the service was excellent, the bulbs were perfect. I am very pleased and highly recommend this company to others. Looking forward to next Spring to see these beauties in bloom.
Positive caterino1
Newburgh, NY
(7 reviews)
September 20, 2011
I have been ordering from this company now for about four years and have had great luck with their products.Last year I ordered about 1200 bulbs, and all of them bloomed. I had a fantastic looking yard last spring.bulbs are healthy and are packed well. You would be crazy to buy your bulbs from anywhere else. Prices are very reasonable, If I'm planting a large display, I order from no one but these guys, Plus their customer service people are very friendly and helpful.

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