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On Jul 27, 2020, bondra76 (10 reviews) from Castle Pines, CO (Zone 5b)

Posted on May 23, 2017, updated July 27, 2020 My review is probably somewhere between positive and neutral Prices were great, delivery worked out well. Packaging was a little questionable to me - my box had been crushed and I think the shrubs will be ok but crossing my fingers. I wish they had just put some air pockets or something in the box so that FedEx didn't smash it. Shrubs are looking good in the ground now that they've got water etc. The shrubs were significantly pruned it looked like even though they're pretty young. I'm not a botanist or expert on shrubs, so I am guessing that's normal. Overall a good experience. Prices were very hard to beat compared to what I had seen in other stores. I was really impressed that I could get 1# containers of the shrubs I needed. It saved me a lot of money considering I'm trying to buy about 70 plants this year.

On July 27th, 2020, bondra76 added the following: Iíve had three transactions with evergreen now and every single one of them has been excellent.

On Apr 24, 2020, showers (3 reviews) from Woodstock, IL

I just received another wonderful order from Evergreen Nursery. Plants are healthy, large for the price and extremely well packed. Thanks to them I'm able to have plants I wouldn't be able to afford. My only complaint is they are often out of some of the plants I want but it's probably because more people are finding out about their fantastic plants.

On Apr 21, 2020, Unsworth (1 reviews) from Parma, MI

I bought 24 Hetzi Columnar Junipers in Feb 2014. I bought 35 Blue Rug Junipers and 4 Bar Harbor Junipers in Feb 2015. The Hetzi's were for along the driveway. The Blue Rug and the Bar Harbor were for a sloping area that needed ground cover. First off, every single one lived. Six years later I have a nice row of Hetzi's along my long driveway that are looking great. The low growing junipers behind the pole barn are getting thick now and keeping the weeds out. It is a nice carpet of ground cover. We live in Michigan where winters are tough on plants but these all came shining through. I would definitely buy from this company again. Sorry to take so long to put a review on here.

On Apr 10, 2020, karenandian (2 reviews) from Haddonfield, NJ

Just received 14 shrubs/plants from Evergreen. Shipping was a few days past estimated date however spring is apparently very busy and it was not an issue for me. Plants arrived securely packaged 'floating' in the boxes by twist-ties around the root ball. Everything was in good shape, one mondo grass had some scale insect which I've sprayed down, the plant itself is healthy. Some plants were much bigger than depicted and two were somewhat smaller but all in good shape, no rotting or wilting. They prices are fantastic and the shipping (20-30% of order cost) seemed quite reasonable to me. Plan to order again as we are trying to do further landscaping around our house. Very pleased.

On Nov 11, 2019, ikenobo (4 reviews) from Oriskany, NY

I ordered bulbs and all 5 (the whole bag) of the Jan Bos bulbs were not only rotten, they stunk. It is hard to imagine no one would notice this before they were shipped and they are still delivered like healthy bulbs. Worse though is that there is NO 100% guarantee policy...a customer has 7 days to return the bulbs but must pay for return postage which costs more than the bulbs. I suppose this is a way to make up for the original " free shipping" offer. I suggest buying bulbs else where, where bulbs are replaced totally free with no questions asked.

On Oct 7, 2019, delabeaux (1 reviews) from Spearfish, SD

I bought 4 spartan junipers and 10 spruce last year. 1 spartan lived. I bought 12 spruce this year... they're not looking good. Having better luck with the local nursery and fastgrowingtrees...

On Jun 30, 2019, karenmsmith7 (8 reviews) from Chicago, IL (Zone 5b)

Ordered three small evergreens for a container garden. They arrived very promptly, very well packaged and very healthy. Will be happy to purchase from this company again.

On May 17, 2019, zalmon (2 reviews) from Moorcroft, WY

I ordered 27 Moonglow Rocky Mountain junipers in February to be sent on May 1. They shipped them then and I got them 3 or 4 days later. Beautiful trees and great care in shipping! They were size 1 approximately 18" tall and very competitively priced. I planted them and they are they are thriving. I will be buying from them again. I was very impressed and give them my highest rating!

On May 21, 2018, rjthrelkeld (1 reviews) from Bethesda, MD (Zone 6b)

In spring of 2017 I ordered three Mandarin Lights azaleas, whose color is supposed to be orange. They flowered for the first time this year and they were not orange but purple, exactly what I do NOT want. I sent them an email with photos of the shrub and invoice showing the discrepancy but they have not responded. I wouldn't advise someone to order any plant for which flower color is important. Very poor customer relations!!

On Jan 11, 2018, KanapahaLEW (20 reviews) from Alachua, FL (Zone 8b)

I recently ordered and received 3 plants from Evergreen. I had not ordered from them before but they had excellent reviews on Dave's and they had the exact plants I wanted in small (what I would call 1 quart) size so cost per plant was very reasonable (all 3 actually on sale). Cost of shipping was almost equal to cost of plants but I wanted those plants, the reviews mentioned the nice packing, and the fact is that it is expensive to ship plants properly. I have been buying plants by mail and online since the early 90s and Evergreen exceeded my expectations. Shipping was prompt and satisfied my particular request as to timeframe. The plants came firmly and safely packed using twist-ties so no peanuts or airpacks were necessary (which probably allows for better aeration). The rootballs were just slightly moist (neither sopping wet nor excessively dry). The plants had beautiful form and were well-grown with substantial rootballs. In fact, all 3 were like mini-shrubs (rather than the little single-stalked rooted cuttings that one might receive at these prices). I recommend this nursery highly.

On Jul 23, 2017, WAPP (1 reviews) from Sister Bay, WI

Ordering was a breeze. I ordered plants to be sent to another State. They arrived carefully wrapped to both protect the plants during shipping and to maintain moisture. All plants were just as noted in the description. All survived and are thriving. Although anything can happen when shipping live plants, this company goes above and beyond to ensure your plants arrive alive and ready to plant. I plan on ordering additional plants this week. This company is superior to the majority of other mail order nurseries!

On May 7, 2017, RedClay007 (15 reviews) from Richmond, VA (Zone 7a)

I'm a bit disappointed that I didn't receive any of the plants that I ordered since others have commented on how well their plants looked. In summary, I made an order online, but never received it. After leaving them a voicemail and sending two emails without ever getting a reply, I canceled my order. They were very prompt in issuing a refund, which surprised me since they never called or emailed me back. I'm puzzled by the whole experience. They should definitely work on communication with customers!

On Mar 4, 2017, 1TexasGal (1 reviews) from Georgetown, TX

I have never ordered plants online before, so I don't know how to compare with other online nurseries. However, I have ordered many different products online, as well as purchased plants from local nurseries, mostly "big box" home improvement stores, so in this regard, I'm think I'm a savvy shopper. From the amount of good product information I found on Evergreen Nursery's website, buying from this company seemed like the right choice. I ordered 6 arborvitaes recently from Evergreen Nursery in TN, and received them a few days later, well-packed and very healthy. The product quality, shipping turnaround, and packing were outstanding, and their customer service is remarkable. Darren responded to my email about product and shipping within one weekday, and addressed my questions completely. This company is not a "big box" store, and I think that is to their advantage, because they care about the quality of their product and their customers more than larger companies could. They may not be able to respond to your questions as quickly as a local store, but that is a small price to pay for great product and customer service. In addition to quality product and service, the prices and shipping cost are amazing! This savvy shopper is impressed, and I will be ordering from Evergreen Nursery again. Thank you. I'm going to enjoy my arborvitaes.

On Mar 3, 2017, Usmc1969 (1 reviews) from Saint Paul, MN

I ordered about a dozen bare root upright Japanese yews and live in MN. I was asked when I wanted delivery and they delivered them on time. I was totally amazed at the care and quality they put into packaging those bare root plants. I have been ordering and planting bare root plants for 40 years this year, never saw the quality and work put into that package before - amazing. They sent me a half a dozen more than I ordered that they found without charge - another first. Highly recommend Evergreen Nursery to anyone out there looking to puchase plants on line - plants were beautiful and very reasonably priced. Reminds me of Gurneys in the old days. THANK YOU! MW from Minnesota

On Oct 17, 2016, lmtvafl (1 reviews) from Fernandina Beach, FL

We just had an excellent experience purchasing from Evergreen Nurseries. The Peach Drift Roses that we ordered arrived securely tethered with large, moist root balls. The shape, size, amount of foliage, and condition of the roses truly surpassed our expectation as we ordered end of season plants at a sale price. There was no thinning, yellowing, or spotting of the leaves as would typically be seen in many retail nurseries at this point in the year. I also want to say that the customer service we received was also beyond our expectation in every way. We ordered the plants the week before Hurricane Matthew hit our community. Darren at Evergreen was responsive to our worry about the timing of the shipping. He followed up several times by phone and personally oversaw the selection of our plants. This was our first order with Evergreen and we will definitely order from them again. We are also recommending Evergreen to all of our friends.

On Oct 11, 2016, againes_5 (4 reviews) from Lewisville, TX (Zone 8a)

Posted on April 19, 2013, updated October 11, 2016 Ordered 1 blue ice Arizona Cypress. The packaging was well done and the plant was undamaged. I was pleasantly suprised to see the graft/root flare of the young tree instead of inches deep in soil like so many other young trees. So far the tree has done well in the yard adapating to its environment. I would definitely order from this company again. Thanks so much!

On October 11th, 2016, againes_5 added the following: Just adding that my blue ice Arizona is now about 10 feet tall and doing great. Also, I just ordered and received a size 1 deodar cedar that arrived very healthy with no damage and a root ball that was not overly tangled and had only a few circling roots that needed to be trimmed. This is a nursery that I trust and will continue to order from in the future. Lastly, I keep seeing comments across the various nursery reviews where people are complaining about trees being rootbound or too tangled but this is an extremely common occurrence with growing trees in pots. The bigger the potted tree, the more entangled and girdled the tree. Order small and do your part as a knowledgeable consumer to root prune and untangle the roots to ensure a healthy tree for the future. Remember, it is not always the nursery's fault that your tree died.

On Oct 10, 2016, jmmLikesRoses (2 reviews) from Limerick, ME

I have called and emailed this company with no response. My order arrived (beautifully packaged) with three Arborvitae, and one other plant. I had ordered 4 Arborvitae. The 3 Arborvitae that arrived are in beautiful condition and seem fine where planted. The other plant looks like it's dying. I asked about how I can get the one Arborvitae that did not arrive. I had made a list of more plants that I had wanted to order (after this order arrived satisfactorily which it didn't) but I will NOT be placing that order! Also, their shipping cost doubles the cost of the plants and seems exorbitant especially in comparison to other companies. A reviewer mentioned Lowe's, and I will definitely be checking them out. Meanwhile, I want my missing Arborvitae, and cannot recommend this company to friends until/unless they fix this.

On Sep 25, 2016, emilyrogers4 (1 reviews) from Middlesboro, KY

I placed an order on 07/04/2016. My Order#: 27928 arrived rather promptly and all the plants were well packaged and healthy. I followed the instructions for planting these plants and planted them all within a few days of arrival. I ordered some azaleas, day lilies, and blue star junipers. After planting these plants, everything seemed to be going well and they were flourishing. A few days after planting, I started noticed that the junipers were turning brown. I contacted Evergreen Nursery on July 30 via email to tell them what was going on and ask if they had any advice to offer on how to care for the junipers and prevent them from dying completely. I did not hear back from them. On August 16, I sent another email with images attached of the plants. Again, I was asking for advice on how to care for the plants to prevent them from dying. I also wanted to point out that they have the Blue Star Juniper advertised as being a worry free shrub when it comes to insects, etc. This is FALSE. It is susceptible to root blight, limb blight, spider mites, and other insects. I don't know what happened to the junipers. They were transplanted, watered on a routine basis to help them get established, etc. like the other plants in my yard. All other plants purchased in this order and other plants purchased from Lowe's that were planted at the same time and in the same area as the junipers are currently doing great. The junipers just slowly began turning brown limb by limb until they died. For the most part, the quality of the plants I received was great. This negative review is for the blue star juniper shrubs, their overall health and untimely demise, and the fact that Evergreen Nursery is impossible to make contact with. They do not respond to their preferred method of contact which is email. You cannot run a business, ignore customer concerns over your product, and expect to get good reviews. I'll just pay a little more and purchase my plants from Lowe's from now on. They offer a one year guarantee on their plants!!!!

On Sep 21, 2016, carolmo (23 reviews) from Olathe, KS (Zone 5a)

Just received 4 plants - 2 drift roses - apricot and peach, 1 df gold barberry, 1 df cham. limerick. Perfectly wrapped - large root balls in plastic bags with ties at neck and inside box to keep them from moving. Beautiful plants. Will definitely buy from them again. Prices were great too - about $10 each. Just got them in tubs to go with other conifers, sedums, df barberry, df clematis, coneflowers, achilleas, etc. Will look wonderful all year. Glad I looked at Davesgarden before I bought - it is a saver.

On Jul 9, 2016, Gardenere (1 reviews) from Manchester, NH

Posted on July 8, 2016, updated July 9, 2016 My experience with Evergreen Nursery was extremely NEGATIVE! I received wrong plants, not the plants that I ordered. I made multiple attempts to contact Evergreen Nursery including: - making several phone calls and leaving message and asking to give me a call back. - sending multiple emails providing my order # and my customer ID and asking about their policy in case if they shipped wrong plants. I never received any reply to my phone calls or emails. Buyers, please be aware! Please read their 'Terms and Policies' -You'll be surprised how is every statement there is written to protect Evergreen Nursery and there is nothing said about how a Buyer is protected in case if Evergreen Nursery makes a mistake and ships wrong plants. There is only one statement that is kind of related to my problem, e.g: " We will NEVER knowingly ship plants which are of questionable health, or not true to type. We want you to be satisfied with your purchasing experience with us, and will do our best to work out any problems ( rare as they may be ) to everyones' satisfaction." I consider wrong plans that have been shipped to me as "problems", however Evergreen Nursery completely ignored their mistake and never responded to my multiple attempts to contact them. At this point there is nothing I can do ... there is an old-old fairy tale, where a character, who was being robbed used to say 'take my goods and my misfortune along with'... At this point there is nothing I can do, however, I can share my experience to warn potential Buyers. Buyers, please be aware while dealing with Evergreen Nursery! There are so many others reliable on-line nurseries, don't waste your money with Evergreen Nursery at //www.evergreenplantnursery.com/ ! P.S. If needed;I have all the info available to proof my NEGATIVE feedback: copy of the original order, copies of my emails, photographs of wrong plants that are shipped to me in place of plants I ordered.

On July 9th, 2016, Gardenere added the following: 7/9/2016 @ 7:25 pm - ​In respond to Darren' s post. No Darren, you have​ not​ addressed​ my​ concerns​.​ Description of the​ Shirobana​ ​plant posted on your site states: 'Clusters of flower ​​blooms are formed in multiple colors all on one shrub. White blooms are combined with several different shades of pink........anywhere from a dark pink to a very, very light pastel​'. There is no mentioning that a young plant will display only light pink blooms...and it may take a while before it goes multi-color. So, information on you web is quite misleading and lacking information​.​ Regarding giving you a feedback after the 7 days waiting period: In modern communications​ ​technology,​ ​there is a simple​ ​feature of effective communications, which is "OUT of the office" reply that can be used on answering service as well as emails. Getting your​ "OUT of the office"​ on my first attempt to contact your would be ​very ​helpful. I contacted you for the first time on July 1, I was following up​ via emails and calls​ all wee​k with no success, and finally I used my last option - posted feedback on July​ ​8.​

On Jul 3, 2016, relaxnplant (1 reviews) from Monticello, AR

A big shout out to you and your nursery employees for the most AWESOME packing and shipping of our ligustrum shrubs!!! They arrived in perfect condition late last week and were planted this weekend. We are so appreciative of your attention to detail and great customer service. We will be ordering again next spring! --- have a few azaleas to replace! But for now, we have our hands full to keep the yard thriving this year. Thanks again for a most professional online shopping experience -- great plants, great people.

On Jul 1, 2016, greenthumbgirls (1 reviews) from Roanoke, VA

The plants were gorgeous--arrived in pristine condition because of pro packaging! My first order from this company--I'll be a loyal customer from now on.

On Jun 20, 2016, BJames1 (19 reviews) from Elizabeth City, NC (Zone 8a)

Conifers arrived large, healthy, and securely packed.

On Apr 13, 2016, bernievfish (1 reviews) from Henderson, TN

I have been gardening for many years now.....have ordered from many, many garden sources (online, catalog and physical stores) but have never found anything to compare with the quality and care gone into Evergreen's plants. I have received 4 separate shipments over the last year now....and a 5th on the way. Everything from good sized trees & shrubs; their great roses & flowers to the most recent additions of their selection of Berries (Raspberries, Blackberries, Blueberries & Gojis) has been beyond expectations in health, size and GREAT packaging! I can't say enough about the obvious care they put into the shipments.....I can't believe the difference compared to those other mailorder outlets !!! Great job guys!!! Glad I found you all!! Bernie

On Oct 24, 2015, robt2137 (1 reviews) from Williamsport, MD

I ordered 20 some plants from Darren's, Evergreen nursery several weeks ago and recieved them in a very good timely manner. The plants were packaged very nicely. The size of the plants and the condition was great.I planted the plants in my garden a few days after I recieved them, and so far they look great.I had sent Darren two emails since ordering and his response was quick and informative. I am glad to have done business with him and look foward to doing business with him in the near future. THANK YOU DARREN & EVERGREEN NURSERY.

On Aug 14, 2015, aimeej (11 reviews) from Albuquerque, NM

This is a wonderful nursery. I ordered three crepe myrtles and one day lily. I was promptly emailed by the owner apologizing that the day lily was out of stock and asked if I would like to substitute. I called and left a message with the substitution and the order was sent out the next day. The plants arrived in very good condition and were huge. Because it is so hot this year I potted them and within a week they were pushing new growth. I have ordered plants from many online nurseries and Evergreen is one of the best.

On Jul 7, 2015, Mipii (3 reviews) from (Robin) Blissfield, MI (Zone 6a)

My experience with Evergreen Nursery was much better than just positive. I placed my order online and was allowed to add to my order before it was shipped. Darren was extremely helpful and committed to making my transaction seamless (like I was his best client). I ordered 3 Arborvitae and 2 flowering shrubs...all were absolutely beautiful, better than expected. The best price, the best stock and the best service I've had in years. Don't hesitate to purchase from this company. I can't wait to be a repeat customer! Thanks Evergreen, what a pleasure/treasure you are.

On Apr 23, 2015, HNemerov (8 reviews) from Bastrop, TX

I've ordered Lipan Crapemyrtles twice from Evergreen. Both times, all plants arrived healthy and ready to plant. Shipping was prompt. Even though I live in Central Texas, these plants have settled in well and produce a plethora of beautiful blooms each summer. This is a good company to do business with.

On Oct 1, 2014, lwbuchholz (11 reviews) from Manhattan, MT

I ordered 5 junipers and they came through wonderfully!! Well packaged and very healthy. Will keep you updated on how they survive.

On Jul 30, 2014, saradus (20 reviews) from Maple Park, IL

Earlier this summer I placed my first order with Evergreen. We lost a couple of older (20+) yews this past winter and I had a gap in our foundation plants . I ordered a Juniper, Chamaecyparis, and a couple types of arborvitae. The plants arrived in fantastic condition and were a generous size considering the prices. I see a lot of things in their catalog that I'm adding to my wishlist for next year.

On Jul 5, 2014, ehearn58 (6 reviews) from Houston, TX

Recently ordered from them. Shipping was fast with timely communication, price was reasonable, plant arrived in great shape and was securely packaged...no spilled soil inside box. Very pleased with service and plant. Have ordered from them in the past and will order from them again.

On Jun 13, 2014, trackinsand (47 reviews) from mid central, FL (Zone 9a)

have always wanted a couple Ilex 'Nellie R. Stevens' for my property and finally decided to order online. if i remember correctly, there weren't many places to choose from and i decided on Evergreen Nursery. they were shipped quickly. the website was easy to navigate and best of all, what i thought would be bareroot shrubs, were very large and just slipped out of their pots. the rootball was intact. they shipped fed ex and the packing was perfectly, not a leaf out of place. very green, healthy, berry laden plants. i'm very pleased with this purchase!!!

On May 10, 2014, Gardeningman (6 reviews) from Kingman, KS (Zone 6b)

Evergreen Nursery is an outstanding online nursery. Darren is very helpful and sells top quality plants. I ordered Rosy Glow Barberries, Froebelli Spireas, Gold Mound Spireas, a Diablo Ninebark, and a Shirobana Spirea. I received my order in two days after it shipped just like their shipping map said. Everything was very well packaged and packed. Evergreen Nursery ships each of their plants in in a plastic bag instead of a pot. They shake off much of the soil but there is still quite a bit of soil on the roots. The plants were healthy, and except for a few broken twigs, undamaged. Darren went over and above on my order. Apparently, he ran out of the size of Rosy Glow Barberries that I ordered, so he gave me the next size larger at no additional charge. I know that he absorbed the cost of the difference in plant sizes as well as the additional $25-$30 in S&H. Darren does things the right way; the way that all nurseries should treat their customers. Darren, if you read this, from now on Evergreen Nursery will be my first stop for my purchasing of plants that you carry. Thanks again for your great quality plants and going out of your way to help your customers. I appreciate it.

On May 5, 2014, JetGal (21 reviews) from Sugar Grove, IL

Posted on May 9, 2013, updated May 5, 2014 Received my first order from Evergreen Nursery last week & I couldn't have been happier with the plants they sent me. All were nicely packed & delivered undamaged. The evergreens I ordered were #2 size & #1 size for my Spiraea Dolchica, which turned out to be a nice sized plant. Will be placing another order with them very soon. Thanks folks at Evergreen Nursery for my awesome plants :)

On May 5th, 2014, JetGal added the following: The plants I purchased from Evergreen Nursery last year performed so well in my gardens that I pretty much duplicated that same order as my first order for 2014, which I received on 4/28/14. Once again, they did not disappoint with the plants they sent me. I absolutely love the Arb. Wansdyke Silver & Cham. Squarrosa Sulphurea. Considering the absolutely brutal winter a lot of us experienced, the Squarrosa got a little beat up & the extreme sub-zero temps & strong winds didn't even phase the Wansdyke Silver. The Nandinas didn't fare so well, but I expected that to happen that's why I ordered them again this year. Thanks again Evergreen Nursery folks & was wondering if any of the plants I've ordered from you are Black Walnut tolerant?

On Apr 11, 2014, SetterX2 (5 reviews) from Little Silver, NJ

This was my first experience with Evergreen Nursery and I couldn't be more pleased. Perfect communication from start to finish. The plants were packaged well and all 18 have obviously been lovingly tended, with nice root systems and beautiful, solid growth. Highly recommended for outstanding plants and great customer service.

On Mar 11, 2014, mech (2 reviews) from Copperas Cove, TX

Posted on March 20, 2013, updated March 11, 2014 I had ordered 80 - arborvitae blue cone trees from Evergreen Nursery and they arrived very fast. They were packed superbly and had a really nice root ball on each plant-well moistened in the plastic bags. they are very healthy looking trees for the low price. So far they are in the ground and looking great. I will try and report back after a few months of grow time,but i expect them to take off and do very well. I only wish you guys sold fruit trees! thanks, Mike

On March 11th, 2014, mech added the following: it has been just over a year since i have planted the trees and they have taken off and are doing very well. No losses of any of the 80 trees.

On Jan 22, 2014, zahradka1 (3 reviews) from Blakeslee, PA

Posted on June 5, 2012, updated January 22, 2014 When buying plants online I always turn to Dave's Garden for suggestions and reviews. I searched for vendors looking to purchase Serbian spruces. Found Evergreen nursery and placed an order. And I felt in love. I placed many orders and received many plants past years trying to bring to life surroundings of newly built home and make all little creatures happy with my arrival to their territory. Always thinking of hummingbirds I added 5 Tango Weigela to my order of 5 Serbian Spruces. Plants were picture perfect. They did not even looked real. Healthy, happy, unbelievable root systems... But they arrived damaged due to handling by UPS- ties that held plants in place were torn. So Weigela branches were broken, needles on Spruces shredded couple of leaders broken as well. I was so upset seeing such beauties so abused. I've contacted Darren at Evergreen nursery and he responded right away offering to replace the plants. Not only that Darren replaced the plants but also after learning that Spruces will be planted in memory of someone dear he'd sent higher grade of trees. I was deeply touched by this act o compassion and kindness from Darren and his wife. Replacement order arrived intact. Once again I was so taken by plants beauty and health, something that you don't see often if ever when you open the box. Evergreen nursery will always be first place where I'll shop in the future. I absolutely love their plants and I love to support business with such a personable customer care as Darren provides. He truly takes customer satisfaction to another level. Thank you.

On January 22nd, 2014, zahradka1 added the following: UPDATE; So I could not stay away from ordering from this wonderful source in 2013 after 2012 experience. I placed 2 orders of total around 35 different trees and some shrubs. All arrived perfectly packaged with no damage at all and so beautiful. Healthy, large... I do not know how is Darren and his wife doing it but this is example of fantastic online business that you can trust. I ordered all kind of different species, very impressed with their selection. I really liked Cryptomeria japonica Black Dragon, Chamaecyparis Squarrosa Sulphurea, Sawara False Cypress, Juniperus Robusta Green, Chamaecyparis Rachael and many more. Some Chamaecyparis were sold out last season so I may add it to my collection this year. Skyrocket Junipers arrived healthy but did not survived this wetland climate- PA-even in full sun- those are susceptible to blights and cankers- Juniperus Scopulorum. I will stick with Juniperus Chinensis from now on. That reminds me how wonderfully informative Evergreen Nursery website is. This is the place where I go to shop for healthy, robust trees and shrubs with many hard to find species. Thank you.

On Nov 15, 2013, sambucka (3 reviews) from Burlington, MA

Received order in time and plants were very carefully packaged. I also liked that they are packed in plastic to keep the soil from spilling out. Plants look healthy, good sized and I would order from them again.

On Oct 19, 2013, grgantt (4 reviews) from West Columbia, TX (Zone 9a)

I ordered six daylilies from Evergreen. They indicated that their method of shipment with the rootball intact was superior to shipping bare root daylilies. The plants were received in a timely manner and as described, but the plants were very small with under developed root systems compared to daylilies I ordered from other suppliers. As a consequence, only 4 of the 6 survived.

On May 23, 2013, mjeanl (3 reviews) from Abington, MA

When I first bought my house in Ma. I wanted to plant evergreen trees and shrubs for borders and sound barriers; my property was next to a commuter train and a main road. I spoke to them on the phone and they were very helpful choosing plants and sending me the biggests plants they could. Their prices per plant are one of THE MOST reasonable I have come across and they have a very good selection of evergreens. Also, their shipping prices are VERY reasonable AND they were willing to bargain down on cost since I spent alot of money. I always go to them FIRST when I need any plants I know they offer, sometimes I check them out to see if they've added anything new.

On May 11, 2013, gardenchik (3 reviews) from Robbinsville, NJ (Zone 6b)

I just received my order today, and I am so pleased! I bought 22 plants and all arrived healthy. They were packaged very well, not one was damaged. I bought a small batch of plants last year, which was my first time. Obviously, I was happy with my purchase then, which is why I didn't hesitate to buy here again this year. I did start my plant shopping a little late so a lot of what I wanted were sold out. But there's always next time. Thanks, Evergreen Nursery!

On Apr 24, 2013, awwwsweet (1 reviews) from Allen, TX (Zone 8a)

On 4/8/13 I ordered a number of threadleaf arborvitae (size 2), and a couple types of dayliles. They arrived today, 4/24/13. I was excited about my order and anxious to get them, but Evergreen was very clear on their website about delays in shipping times due to how many orders they had and sent my order within the expected timeframe. I was so pleased with the plants when they arrived! First, the packaging was superb. The delivery company didn't do such a hot job of delivering the box in the correct position, but Evergreen had individually tied every single plant in place and nothing was harmed. The arborvitae were just beautiful and completely healthy. The daylilies had a couple leaves with slight browning on the ends, but they were obviously strong and healthy. All items were very carefully wrapped and were a little larger than I had anticipated (which I think was simply due to the delay in shipping). I had been very close to buying plants from several other places when I came across davesgarden.com and discovered that all of them had very bad reviews. I found terrific reviews on Evergreen Nursery and decided to see what they had, and I am very glad I did. I wish they had more of the other items I am looking for because I would buy from them again in a heartbeat. Very happy with my order!

On Mar 23, 2013, lytkinedennis (4 reviews) from Staten Island, NY

I ordered a golden leyland cypress, blue ice arizona cypress, sky rocket juniper and a cryptomeria "elegans". All the plants came in perfect condition. Each plant was wrapped and tied down to the box so that it does move during shipping. I just have a recommendation to anyone who orders from this nursery: order size 2 plants. The plants that were size 2 were three times bigger or more than the size one plants and only a couple dollars extra. For example the size 2 cryptomeria was almost 4 feet tall while the size 1 leyland cypress was only 6 inches tall. The prices were great, beter than any local nursery or big box store I will definitely order again.

On Jan 22, 2013, melody (41 reviews) from Benton, KY (Zone 7a)

What a great experience! I ordered a special shrub for a new baby in the family and I couldn't have been more pleased. Communication was prompt and friendly, letting me know that the January weather was delaying shipment for a few days, as they would prefer not to stress plants further in bad conditions. I was kept in the loop and updated when my plant was ready to ship. Fed-Ex just delivered a robust, healthy plant. Packaging was excellent and there wasn't so much as a broken needle in the box. I'm quite pleased with my whole experience and will be a repeat customer.

On Oct 5, 2012, tsabatini (2 reviews) from Palisades, NY

I've now placed four orders with Evergreen in Tennessee -- be careful reading the reviews, as there are quite a few "Everygreens" around. As this is Fall planting season, the plants arrived along with groups of plants from other, vastly more expensive and "high profile" nurseries. I could not get over the quality of the product - beautiful, healthy sturdy shrubs and trees...and better-than-expected sizes....not a sickly one in the bunch. Superior packaging (at a very reasonable rate) and tremendous customer service. I immediately placed another two orders. Unfortunately, I've become accustomed to having to nurse along new arrivals, but these were strong, well-cared-for superior plants, at a price that went as low as 20% of what the fancier nurseries were charging for smaller, weaker and badly packaged items. 'Just can't say enough good things about them - the website is informative, thorough and simple to both navigate and understand. Buy something small just to try them out - you'll return again and again

On Sep 11, 2012, mirpeg (2 reviews) from Lansdowne, PA

I was so happy to find inexpensive trees for my sizeable project by using Dave's Garden resources. My Evergreen Nursery order of 44 junipers, spartan, moonglow and skyrocket were delivered in a timely manner and were well packaged and beautiful. All trees were slightly larger than I expected and look lush and healthy. I transplanted them immediately into roomy pots until they go into the ground which will be shortly. I would order from Evergreen Nursery again in a flash - great experience.

On Jun 27, 2012, Pinetucky (48 reviews) from Swainsboro, GA (Zone 8b)

This has been a wonderful transaction. I ordered three mini crape myrtles and received an order confirmation immediately after placing the order online. The next day I received shipping notification. Today, two days after placing the order, the plants arrived. They were packed perfectly - no loss of soil, no broken branches, rootballs still moist. The plants are the size expected, well-branched, and appear to be very healthy. It's a happy day!

On Jun 4, 2012, Cearbhaill (17 reviews) from Russell, KY (Zone 6b)

Posted on June 19, 2011, updated June 4, 2012 Posted on August 4, 2008, updated June 19, 2011 I did everything wrong when I ordered 44 conifers from Evergreen Nursery. I ordered for shipment during the hottest week of the entire year, I specified a different shipping date, and then had the nerve to email and ammend my order after having sent it. I really did not know what to expect for a $5-10 conifer, but as they had a few of the more hard to find varieties of some things I wanted in stock I took a chance. I was extremely happy when I opened those boxes. Not one brown branch or broken stem in the lot of them. The sizes were about what I expected with a few being larger than I expected. Each and every plant of the 44 I purchased were exceedingly happy and clearly very well grown- they were just screaming with good health. I really have never seen such happy little plants- it made quite an impression on me as they are literally lush and have obviously never wanted for anything! They were very well packaged- tied into place and easy to unpack. I do wish they had been individually labeled as it was a bit of a puzzle to match numbers of plants to names on the invoice, but I got them sorted out in short order and into the ground they went. I have no doubt that they will grace my property for years- the roots were healthy and they are all off to a fine start. I will definitely be ordering again!

On June 19th, 2011, Cearbhaill added the following: Two more orders received from Evergreen Nursery this spring and they were all as happy as the last time. I absolutely love this place!
On June 4th, 2012, Cearbhaill added the following: Another year and another couple of orders from Darren at Evergreen Nursery. This time I had one tiny broken plant which Darren cheerfully replaced with no questions asked. They clearly understand how to make customers happy so that we continue to order from them. Evergreen Nursery is and will continue to be my go to vendor for young conifers- I love them! Order with confidence.

On May 15, 2012, sunshimmer (4 reviews) from Shamokin, PA (Zone 6b)

I recently ordered 4 nandina firepower plants and 3 Nandina heavenly bamboo bushes from Evergreen Nursery. They were shipped very quickly and arrived in a few days after ordering. I opened the box to find some very beautiful, large, and healthy plants. Unfortunately, the UPS driver stood the box up on end and two of the Heavenly bamboo were severely damaged even though Evergreen Nursery had packed and tied the plants so carefully. I sent them an email and Darren offered to replace the 2 damaged plants. They sent them out very quickly and they arrived the following week. Again, I opened the box to find 2 very large beautiful healthy plants. They replaced the original plants with 2 of the same size and quality plants like I had ordered. I will definitely be ordering from Evergreen Nursery again and referring a few friends as well. Great healthy plants in good sizes and excellent customer service. Just the kind of company I was looking for.

On Apr 26, 2012, hanoverman (2 reviews) from Hanover, MD (Zone 7a)

First time buyer who will definitely order again. Good price. Nice plants - larger than expected. Excellent packaging. Thanks!!

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