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On May 11, 2004, TheFountainLady (13 reviews) from Beaverton, MI

I was very pleased with the quality of the plants I received from this company & they do a great job packing them for safe shipping. I called them about a mixup in my order, and Connie promply issued me a refund and let me keep the extra plants too. Great old-fashioned service from this Nursery. I will most definately order from Wolf River Valley again .... they offer a wonderful value for your dollar and they care about their customers. I give them two green thumbs up!

On Apr 22, 2004, TMF36 (1 reviews)

This was my first time to order plants through the mail. I have heard some absolute horror stories about mail order plants. My order came in within 3 weeks. I was very impressed with the people; They are very polite and helpful. The plants I recieved were so big that they would not hardly fit into their shipping boxes. I am amazed at the great quality of the plants. I loved the people, the plants, and the prices of the plants. It is rare to find a company where all three of these things are present but they are here.

On Oct 8, 2003, purpleice (22 reviews) from Bridgman, MI (Zone 5a)

I ordered 6 plants from this nursery about three weeks ago and was alittle dismayed at the tiny size of them but when I thunked them out of thier little houses I noticed they had beautiful root systems. So, I planted them with a prayer and waited, and they're growing and they seem to be tough as nails. This may not sound like much of a testamonial but the fact is that the most I spent on any of the plants was $2.49. These plants have endeared themselves to me. I guess great things do come in small packages! This nursery raises strong, healthy stock. I'll be back.

On Jul 26, 2003, Serene222 (7 reviews) from Manns Harbor, NC

I was very pleased with the Russian Sage that I ordered. When my butterfly bush died they agreed to replace it - the only hangup was that they wanted me to pay for shipping again so I didn't bother. But their customer service was excellent and their response prompt. Their plants are so inexpensive that it is amazing that you end up with such healthy specimens. I have ordered from them again and highly recommend.

On May 29, 2003, rebow (3 reviews)

I ordered some mexican sage from them and lots of perennials. I was impressed by their quality, very nice.

On May 8, 2003, Tala (3 reviews)

I ordered from Wolf River a few days ago, and already received my plants yesterday! I was concerned about the small size of my package, since I ordered about 20 plants. But when I opened the packages, I was pleasantly surprised. Although the plants are small, they're in PERFECT condition! They're in better shape than the ones I ordered from another very well-rated company here on GWD. I would order from them again, and probably will before the season is out. Their prices are reasonable, their shipping is fast, and their plants are beautiful.

On May 23rd, 2003, Tala added the following: My second order with Wolf River just arrived, and I am still very impressed! I ordered a dozen herb plants, and they came quickly and in great shape. The basil and fennel were a little bent and broken, but there is still enough new growth that I'm sure they will rebound quickly. Again, Wolf River's fast service, great prices, and impeccable plants will have me come back for more!!!

On Apr 14, 2003, flamingonut (12 reviews) from New Milford, NJ

My first order with WRVF was in 2001; plants arrived in wonderful shape and grew well, and any perennials I ordered have returned. My second order was in 2002; plants again arrived in great shape. I ordered 6 scabiosa's, 3 blue, 3 pink. All were blue, in my eyes. I informed them and they quickly sent 3 more pink, which were indeed pink. I haven't ordered from them this year (yet), but I've had great experiences with them.

On Feb 1, 2000, TraceySchiess (2 reviews)

I stumbled upon Wolf River Valley Farms website & decided to give them a try. I ordered 16 plants, totaling $41. The package arrived, and upon opening, the order was packed better than any I've ever seen, and all of the plants came in excellent shape. All had survived, and all had bloomed before the first frost, except one. I had ordered 3 Pink & 3 Blue pincushion flowers, all bloomed and were blue. I emailed them about this, and they immediately sent out 3 more pinks, at no additional cost to me (the 2nd set of pinks were similar in color to the blues, but were clearly not blue). I've been gardening for 5 years, and have ordered from ALOT of catalogs, and have had my share of disappointments. This company is by far the best I've ever dealt with; I can't praise them enough. They'll continue to get my business, and recommendations.

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