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Neutral pastapicker
Columbus, OH
(4 reviews)
April 1, 2021
My experience with this company has been mixed. Over the years I have been able to order things at a very good price, and generally have received things in good condition, well packed and well labeled. Also, when I have reported something as not up to snuff they have sent a replacement without quibbling. A couple of times an order has gone out of stock before my order was processed, and the notification and refund was prompt. The Martha Stewart Daffodils that I got from them have been beautiful and are performing excellently.
However, I have had bad luck with every begonia order - not growing (? if my fault since a novice with them), sometimes with end of season discount orders (poor condition) and also now with two daffodil orders - healthy bulbs that grew well, but NOT the variety that I ordered. The Decoy order was replaced, and is STILL not Decoy.
Negative lisaaz
Phoenix, AZ
(1 review)
March 26, 2021
I placed on order 9 nine days ago and never received any shipping information nor have I received my product. I have now called several times and get people from the Phillipines that speak horrible english. The first person said there was nothing they could do then when I asked for a supervisor they said they would assist with "expediting" the order. Then when I called back they said I had to pay a "rush fee which I gladly paid in order to get my product. An entire week later I still have no shipping information nor have I received any product. When I called again I get someone else from the Phillipines who said there is nothing they can do. I ask for a supervisor or manager and he tells me they don't have any and it is not an option. Then I tell him just to cancel my order and he says that is not an option either:( I will be reporting this to my credit card company as a scam company and fraudulent charge. Their "guarantee" means absolutely nothing. I am not sure how this company actually stays in business?! The website looks beautiful and professional but they are quite the scam. Wish I would have checked for reviews prior to ordering:(
Positive chaznsc
North Augusta, SC
(2 reviews)
March 25, 2021
I was very hesitant to order anything from these folks based on the reviews on, but did decide to take a chance. I ordered a number of varieties of Tulips, some Grape Hyacinths, Several Crocus, and some others I cannot name.

The bulbs arrived and had good weight to them, meaning they weren't dried up. The bags are clearly labeled and clean. Everything I planted came up this spring and/or late winter. I am way beyond happy with the results and will order again.

Hope this helps. I am in South Carolina.
Negative mdjgutie
South El Monte, CA
(1 review)
March 20, 2021
I ordered some bulbs, expected a delay because they'd be shipped in "Spring" and went back and ordered some ferns and flowers.

Meanwhile, I ordered a tree from a different place, and some plants from yet another. I received everything else I ordered from every other place, then realized I hadn't even gotten a shipping notification from and it's been over a month.

Basically, they got my money, and didn't send anything I ordered.
Negative Judy14603
Bronx, NY
(1 review)
October 21, 2020
I ordered bulbs over two weeks ago and am now being told that they are "still growing them" (??) and won't ship for another two weeks and then it will be two weeks for delivery. That will be too late for me to get them into the ground. I wonder whether what they offer is even in stock. I'm hoping I can find bulbs elsewhere and then will cancel this order.
Neutral jane1989
(2 reviews)
July 18, 2020
I would like to order bulbs from this website, but I am not sure if they are related.

[[email protected]]

Any help would be appreciated

Negative xpid7
Saint Louis, MO
(2 reviews)
June 18, 2020
Placed order and paid with credit card on June 2. Received acknowledgment on June 2. On June 8 received email that order was placed on hold because I did not pay although my credit card was charged. I have sent emails to firm with info the order was paid but never received any return correspondence. I have received several emails regarding expected ship dates. Also receiving emails stating items now no longer in stock. Absolutely terrible customer service as they do not return any emails. Will never do business with again.
Positive cwalke
Longview, WA (Zone 8b)
(15 reviews)
April 2, 2020
Have ordered from this company on and off for many years with no problems. Recent ordered some Oriental poppy roots and an ensata iris; both were bareroot, which I understood
They arrived today and I was very pleased with the plump fresh roots I received. Often when you order bareroot plants, you get a mixed bag of quality, but I was very impressed.
Negative lovelyflower001
West Haven, CT
(2 reviews)
July 5, 2019
Placed an order ion April 2019. Waited one month with no shipping. Called customer service, answered by a rep who didn't speak English very well. I was told that I can't cancel the order, that my order was "guaranteed" shipped the next 2 days. There was no show. Order arrived the next 3 weeks after I spoke with the rep, in June 2019. Planted them and more than half are dead (didn't grow). Send email to customer service multiple times, no respond. Please STAY AWAY from K Van Bourgondien. This company is very SHADY.
Positive EliaH
Hillsville, VA
(1 review)
May 19, 2019
Over 5 years and we have experienced no problems at all with this company. I also have received bare roots that look like sticks, but planted them and they performed just as they should. If bulbs are received to early for planting, and they are packaged in plastic, i remove them and place them in paper bags and store them in a cool dry place. This is also how i handle tubers and bulbs when i am thinning out a bed. The tubers and bulbs hold just fine until i am ready to plant them.
Negative SeattleSun
Seattle, WA
(2 reviews)
April 25, 2019
They did not hold my order until planting season. They shipped it in mid February with 16 inches of snow on the ground. Therefore, everything had to go into storage. 3 weeks later I was able to plant or pot up some of the items but many did not survive, possibly due to storage time. A few weeks later I was able to plant the rest but many had rotted.

Customer service replaced the ones I lost but this whole situation is not worth it.
Positive Beanie45
Elkins Park, PA
(1 review)
March 27, 2019
I placed my order with van Bourgondien before I read the reviews on Dave's Garden. Needless to say, I was very dismayed at all of the bad reviews and was prepared for the worst. Well, it never happened. My order of 3 Cimicifuga Brunette arrived in a timely way for my zone and the bare root plants were huge and healthy with many sprouts. I don't know if I got lucky or van Bourgondien has heeded the many bad reviews and gotten their act together. I will definitely order from them again.

Negative zigzag64
Oakland, OR
(1 review)
December 22, 2018
When I ordered I was told my bulbs would be sent two days after
my order. That sounded positive.
What followed was the worst experience I have ever had with
a nursery, and I order bulbs from all of the major bulb companies,
generally, with great success.
After two or three weeks and no bulbs, I contacted the customer
service. They said the bulbs had been shipped. After waiting a month, I am told, "no the bulbs have not been shipped, but are
batched for shipment and they will expedite the order and I should
get the bulbs in 2 to 3 days"---Of course that never happened.
After waiting a month and a half, I am told they will definitely
go out by that Friday guaranteed! Of course that also did not happen.
The next thing I know they have cancelled the order!
I have never seen such lying, incompetent nincompoops!!!
I am usually a positive person. There is nothing I could possibly say good about this company.
Negative skye12
New York City, NY
(1 review)
December 7, 2018
Placed a very large order of fall bulbs over the summer. Bulbs arrived in a timely manner and were of decent (not excellent) quality. Some mold, and a smaller size than I'm used to for tulips, but the price was reasonable, so I wasn't disappointed. When things started to go on sale in early November, I decided to order some allium. It is now December and they haven't arrived, but it is too late to plant. I emailed their customer service 11/25 to inquire, and they told me they were scheduled to ship 11/29. Yesterday dec 6 I emailed again as I have not recieved any shipping info, asking them to kindly refund me since they were clearly unable to fulfill my order, and they responded saying that they couldn't refund it because they would "probably" be shipping out over the next few days. If reselling bulbs is your whole business, shouldn't it be reasonable for customers to expect that you'd at least do it with a minimum of competence? There is no way these bulbs will thrive with such a late planting, and it is obvious that they sold me a product that they didn't have in their inventory. Oh well- back to a more reputable source next year :(
Positive hlthcr2000
Chadds Ford, PA
(3 reviews)
November 15, 2018
After reading the many negative posts, I was afraid to order but decided to try a few varieties. My narcissis came today and I immediately placed a second order. N. Martha Stewart was the smallest of the bulbs but it is impossible to find and usually expensive so I am OK with that. N. Sinopel and N. Chapelet were most all double nosed bulbs.

I saw no mold through the semi-translucent bag and bulbs all felt firm. I immediately placed a follow up order since they are now 50% off.

From order to shipping was not as prompt as Id like but acceptable. Once they shipped, they were here in 2 days. I hope my follow up order ships quickly as we had snow today!!!

Ill try to remember to post in the Spring re: whether they were true to the variety stated.
Negative 5bee
Pittsford, NY
(1 review)
October 30, 2018
Ordered my bulbs on Oct 13, and was noticing they they wouldn't be shipped until the 24. Then, when I emailed asking to please rush, they were polite and re-assurring, only to have the order planned for the 26.. Today is Oct 30, and they still have not been shipped. Meanwhile, I have lost 2 weeks of forcing time, and numerous chances to buy locally at 50% off due to it being lat in the season
Negative wefarmasmidgen
Deer Lodge, MT (Zone 3b)
(1 review)
October 14, 2018
Ordered bulbs in the spring. Received mid-October; too late for this area of the country as a rule, but this has been a better year than many and I was able to plant what I could on a nice day one day before the snow flew in. I have to say I'm impressed with their math skills - there were exactly the correct number of bulbs in each bag. Unfortunately, too many of the bulbs were undersized and/or rotten/molded. I have a letter going back to vanBourgondian Monday expressing my displeasure and disappointment.
Negative springmeadow
Erda, UT
(2 reviews)
October 6, 2018
Shipping times are horrendously slow despite ordering months in advance. Customer service = diversionary talking points and not any taking responsibility to meet customary expectations for a nursery business that ships products out to customers.

Positive Spaghetti007
Cincinnati, OH
(1 review)
August 26, 2018
I ordered several types of dahlias and although they did take a while to arrive, it was worth it. The tubers appeared healthy. I planted them soon after receiving my order and they have grown into the most lovely and healthy plants! I am very happy with my purchase and would buy from this company again due to the quality of the product and the beautiful options I had to choose from. I wish I could post photos of the plants and flowers- they make me smile almost every day.
Positive Suze1
Dodge Center, MN
(6 reviews)
May 17, 2018
This year has been a learning experience for me in terms of which catalogs to order from and which to not. Van Bourgondien is a definite "do order."

They issued a replacement credit when my Shaker's Prayer irises didn't come up. When I had a question about an order I placed last year, they had access to my order number, what it contained, and provided an employee name. This is compared to another company that provided no name, no number, no contact info.

Their prices might be on the high end, but my trust in them is worth it. I will definitely order again.
Positive dacoitdan
Lanexa, VA
(11 reviews)
April 15, 2018
I received my first order about a month ago. Karma dahlias and Crinum bulbs. The order arrived right on time and healthy bulbs. I have since made a second order and received it for Dahlias and Crinum. Same smooth result. Good prices, fast shipping and quality product. I would recommend this company.
Negative Blumenfrau19
Beverly, MA (Zone 7a)
(1 review)
March 18, 2018
When I ordered gladiolus and arum bulbs, I called to express concern about the early delivery date. Was told the the March delivery date was when the bulbs shipped from Holland, not Ohio. Well, my Bulbs arrived on March 15th and I have 8" of icy snow on the ground with night temps of 13 degrees! Who knows when I will be able to get these into the ground and how long I will be able to store these without mildew or dehydration. I was not offered a delayed delivery date. The bulbs seem plump now, but I resent being sent bulbs too early for planting and making me responsible for storage until I can plant. The instructions say to plant the bulbs immediately upon arrival. How am I supposed to do that with frozen soil? I anticipate the company saying they sent viable bulbs (which appears to be true) but ending up with rotten or dried out bulbs. So why can't they store the bulbs and send them at a reasonable planting time? I won't be ordering from this company again.
Negative plover12
Grand Marais, MI
(6 reviews)
September 30, 2017
This is the second time I have ordered bulbs from this company and my experience has been poor in both cases. Last year it took them almost a month to ship my order because they said they were moving their warehouses.

This time I ordered 17 bags of anemone bulbs ten days ago. They still haven't shipped. I'm in zone 4 and running out of time to plant. I called their customer service and was told that "it typically takes two to three weeks to process and ship an order". WHAT?? Nowhere on their ordering page does it say you'll be waiting a minimum of three weeks to get your order. The customer service rep said she would put a note on my order to expedite it but couldn't promise it would do anything. I may well have snow on the ground by the time these things arrive. I won't be ordering from them again.
Positive GardnerGreg
Norwalk, CT
(4 reviews)
May 31, 2017
I placed a very large order with them this spring, mainly perennials but also some bulbs. I ordered in early Feb and they shipped promptly, which is less than ideal. I was able to store the plants until spring but I will wait a little longer before placing my order next time. The plants all had very good root systems; the dahlia's were some of the largest I have seen and definitely the cheapest. A few plants didn't come up (i'm not going to complain if I get 4/5 dahlias but none of the heuchera came up) however, their customer service was US based and very easy to deal with. I was promptly refunded and just placed another order with them. They have a pretty wide selection and if you wait for a 50% off sale they are the cheapest by far. I will be back next year for my spring bulbs.
Negative Georgiamom
Atlanta, GA
(1 review)
May 24, 2017
I don't even know where to begin. My first order from this company was worse than dealing with my local DMV or cable tv company. I would NEVER order from k. van Bourgondien again; I just wish I had read these Daves Garden reviews first. I would concur with everyone else who has written about the company's failure to ship, and complete and total lack of communication!

I ordered 2 bags of Dutch iris beauty mix spring bulbs on March 13th and was to have them by the first of April (to plant before it got too hot in Georgia). After sending more emails and making more phone calls than I can recall--and, writing a letter--bulbs finally arrived May 19th. The accompanying note said that I was receiving a substitute order, because they received overwhelming demand for the bulbs I wanted and had exhausted their supply. I am just dumbfounded. I cannot comprehend how a company that does business like this can, in fact, stay in business.

During my 10-week wait, customer service operators in the Philippines gave me wide-ranging order updates and numerous shipping estimates. I was told that the bulbs had not arrived from Holland, that they had arrived and were already sold out, that it would be another 4 weeks, and even that my order had been cancelled!!?! I got no response at all to my letter or first handful of emails. The email response I did eventually get said they would check into the matter and get back to me "that day or the next." THREE WEEKS LATER, having heard nothing, I made one more plea. It generated a meek apology, a $13 refund, and....shipment of an order of substituted bulbs.

As other reviews have noted, I, too, had to purchase my iris locally this year. With temps already in the 90s in Georgia, I'm betting these bulbs aren't even worth planting. In the future, and to preserve my sanity, I will take my online ordering business elsewhere. Don't say you haven't been warned!

Positive ncbill
West Jefferson, NC
(11 reviews)
May 11, 2017
Posted on June 14, 2015, updated May 11, 2017
I ordered a variety of bulbs. Good prices. Shipped quickly. Bulbs were packed nicely, were big and healthy. No complaints. No problems. As as expected and hoped. I will shop with Van Bourgondien again.
On May 11th, 2017, ncbill added the following:

Whatever Van Bourgondien is doing, they should teach the rest of Gardens Alive! how to do the same.

I ordered from Van Bourgondien, Michigan Bulb and Breck's about the same time. I have received the VB order, placed a second order (which has shipped and is due for arrival in a couple days). Breck's has not yet shipped, and Michigan Bulb has just now completed the first order.

Very pleased with my order. Bareroot Hostas were beautiful and large, same for Daylilies. Cyclamen bulbs were a nice size and seem "fresh". Crocosmia bulbs a little on the small side, but at the bargain price, no complaints.

Everything was nicely packed and labeled. I continue to recommend. I am about to place my third order for this season.
Negative LilBlossom
Bolingbrook, IL
(1 review)
May 4, 2017
I ordered some Vermeer Calla lillies from them. I purposely had a small order, to get familiar with the company before placing a larger one. The lillies arrived towards the end of April, and the bulbs were all soft, and some even rotten. I immediately called, and they said they'd send out some more lillies, free of charge. I was impressed at how they didn't argue with me, and last Friday they were sent to Fed Ex. Delivery was scheduled for tomorrow, however, they arrived today.

However... This bag was WORSE than the previous bag. Some bulbs were so soft, I stuck my finger through them. Thankfully Phil from Van Bourgondien was very quick to refund me. But it's sad when you place an order, and they can't even fix their first mistake, but make it worse.
Negative reeve1
Plano, TX (Zone 8b)
(55 reviews)
April 15, 2017
Posted on April 14, 2015, updated April 15, 2017
What I received is similar to others. Broken, rotted and unviable plant material. This company should be sued for fraud. This is absolutely ridiculous to pay money for what they picture on their website and then send something that could not possibly produce. I'm done with them! Stay away from Gardens Alive and its subsidiaries! These people are crooks only concerned about your money and are no friend of the gardening community.
On April 15th, 2017, reeve1 added the following:

I used to do business with these people because they would respond and eventually I would get my plants or my money returned. But, now, they don't even respond to customer inquiries or problems. These people hide behind closed doors now and still send the pathetic, broken, dead plants! Done!
Neutral dgrhosta
Marietta, GA
(7 reviews)
April 2, 2017
This company had an excellent deal on Itoh peonies and upon reading the info there was to be at least 2 to 3 eyes on each tube or plant so I ordered 4 of these and was told that they would be delivered by April of 17 .
So I waited and yesterday (saturday) the 1 April I found my order on the porch. It was late but I opened the box like a kid at. Christmas and noticed right away that the plants were really small but I did not want to dig into them because of the late he.
The very next morning I went straight to the box and looked at the smallness of my order and was somewhat disappointed but I opened them anyway only to find out that the first plant was completely dried out and dead as a proverbial hammer handle.
I scratched the main body and nothing.
Well I thought no problem just call and get another one but plant the rest now.
Upon opening the entirety of the order they were all in the same or like condition except one had some moisture in the bag but the plant has no life in it.
After seeing this I called the customer service number and talked with a young man and expressed that if this was an April fool's joke I would not be laughing.
He expressed that the plants were dormant and that I should scratch them and verify if in fact they were dead
I told him that I had been gardening for some 40 years and that I could spot a dead plant and these plants were
HE told me that they would replace them and gave me a new order Number
He also informed me that it would be 2 or 3 weeks before I would get them.
I truly hope that they follow thru on their part of this order and let me get them planted.
They were nice enough and was pleasant to speak with but I am and will be waiting for my ITOH PEONIES to come in
As of now I would shop them again but will wait and see if their as good at keeping their part of the margin as they want the consumer to be.
I will keep updated on my. ISSUE.
Positive Sterling1940
Talent, OR
(5 reviews)
March 1, 2017
We moved to Oregon recently and I am in the process of rehabilitating the somewhat neglected, depleted garden. Last year I bought a few Summer bulbs from Van Bourgondien and was delighted with the results. I went all-out for this coming Spring. In a series of orders, I wound up planting 550 bulbs from this company. Many varieties in lots of 25.
The daffs were all huge, most twos and a lot of threes. Everything is clearly labeled. What's popping up now already looks amazing. Tulips, Dutch Iris and Iris reticulata also good sized bulbs. I've bought from other vendors as well as locally - these are by far the biggest and very healthy-looking.
If you watch for their frequent "sales" - I'm a "retired" vet on SS - you can make out very well. My new rock garden received 190 bulbs, and they didn't cost me more than $50 or so. Most of the others went into large, practical planters. Stand by for pix.
I agree with some of the other posters about telephone customer service, which I attempted only once. I found that e-mail and live chat are most efficient.
On the topic of dropped shipments, that happened to me too. Three Items [on two separate orders] were not shipped. To be fair, these were "end-of-season" sales at huge discounts. So inventory gets messed up in heavy shipping times, it happens. I was disappointed, but they refunded my credit card immediately, so no big deal.
I am planning the next phase of Summer rock garden, and I will be ordering from this company again.
Negative Gardener21
Randallstown, MD
(1 review)
August 30, 2016
Perhaps it's unfair of me to say something at this late date, but many years ago I ordered some "on sale" Thalia daffodils and lycoris squamigera from Van Bourgondian. When they finally came up, the leaves on both species had "snowflake-like" white spots on the leaves. I had never seen this before. The foliage was weak, they did not thrive or bloom well, and after researching the issue on the web, I found out that these were virus-infected, and would never do well. To keep them from spreading virus to the rest of my daffodils and lycoris, I ended up having to dig up every one of those bulbs from Van Bougondian and dispose of them in the trash. I thought, how reprehensible of Van Bourgondian to offer up diseased bulbs as sale merchandise! The daffodils I have purchased before and since from OTHER suppliers have done very, well, thank you, but I swore right then that I would NEVER again order from Van Bourgondian. And I haven't. They lost me as a customer forever.
Positive KeweeGardener
Lake Linden, MI
(2 reviews)
July 27, 2016
I ordered before checking reviews, because the selection and prices were promising. Then, I got worried after reading reviews. I received bulbs in a timely fashion and in good condition. I planted them, but 99 of 100 freesia failed. I emailed the company and received immediate response. They refunded my purchase price and shipping for the freesia. I also received a well worded apology and assurance that if anything else fails that I should email them again. I will definitely order again!!!
Negative colorecho
Stamford, CT
(7 reviews)
March 2, 2016
I placed a few medium size orders for last season from this company and there were several problems. Of 5 Lilium 'Landini', 2 were the beautiful black-purple Asiatics, but 3 were much taller gold and orange inverted blooms, clearly the wrong bulbs. Another more subtle issue was the Lilium 'Trebiana', offered as pale greenish yellow, but was instead a bright true yellow. I emailed them 3 times, once even including a picture of the incorrect 3 Landini bulbs. They never responded at all.
As I send this, I pulled out my order and noticed that the Begonia 'Switzerland' I ordered last year was from them too. Of 5 bulbs, two emerged, but only one of the 2 had dark foliage. Not a good experience.
Positive Stinky111
Jersey City, NJ
(1 review)
February 22, 2016
Hi Folks,

I've been ordering from KVB/Dutch bulbs for years now and the only reason for that is they have always fixed what they or their growers screw up.

I have had experience with many different online sites and overall KVB/DB is the best of the lot.

If you are looking for live plants I would suggest a nursery or a big box store. Places like HomeDepot and Lowes have taken notice and (@ least around here) are being supplied with a better quality product then say 5 years ago.

Bulbs, tubers, bare roots etc... I have found and in my opinion, you go to KVB wholesale. Are they perfect? No. Have they had everything I have wanted to plant? No, I have shopped at " and" and a few others to find everything I need. Have they ever screwed up an order? Absolutely. Have they ever sent me bulbs, roots, tubers, plants that look as though they had been lost in the warehouse for about 2 years? Certainly.

Have they done their best to rectify each situation? Yup!

I order every year, sometimes in the fall and sometimes in the spring, the quality as as it is with many online groups but the quantity and price trump most I've been able to find.

Thanks for your time.
Negative sagebird
Laramie, WY
(5 reviews)
November 18, 2015
Ordered bulbs beginning of sept. Bulbs est delivery by end october. Still havent received all order and now NOV !8 ground is very frozen solid with inches of snow. Weather colder and colder . How am i supposed to plant bulbs . VERY crazy delivery - one package after another randomly and very LATE. I am avoiding in future .
Negative katesflowers
Columbus, MI
(1 review)
August 25, 2015
Negative experience. I ordered 4 different bulb collections 5 days ago and was told they would all be shipped in 18 days; no back orders. My credit card statement arrived 3 days after my order was placed with the bulb transaction charge. I had not received my order. I contacted van bourgandian, and was told they had a new policy of immediately charging the credit card, even if the order will not be completely shipped until 6 months later, which, oh-by-the-way, I'd have to wait until spring for part of my order. I have ordred from the van bourgondian company for years, they'd never charged prior to shipping, what's up? Oh, didn't you know, van bourgondian sold out to gardens alive. A company i would never have done business with if i had known.
Negative blancalj
West Des Moines, IA
(1 review)
May 10, 2015
Years ago, when I was an active IA State Ext Master Gardener, I purchased from K.Van Bourgondien often and until recently had some of their excellent bulbs. When I decided to replace my dahlias,tuberose, freesias, lilies and glads I did not hesitate to order from them. The prices are good and they arrived promptly, the lilies and glads were wonderful, the freesias ok but the dahlias and tuberoses were sad! The 10 dahlias I received might have had 3 viable pieces, and the tuberoses looked chewed on!
When I emailed them hoping for replacements or partial refund all I received was a "we care and will respond' email, that was over a week ago and I'm still waiting for a real response.
Very disappointed and will make sure to let gardening friends know.
Negative wallyg
Lone Tree, CO
(1 review)
October 20, 2014
I ordered bulbs most of two months ago. Finally, they sent email and told me this order was canceled. No substitute items was mentioned.

If they did not have enough items, why did they accepted the orders for such long time? So disappointment.
Positive eolivas103
Las Cruces, NM (Zone 8a)
(17 reviews)
August 16, 2014
I have bought bulbs from this company for 3 years and I most likely will order from them again soon. I hesitated for sometime before rating them because well, I just was not so sure what I thought of them. On the negative side: I have a pet peeve and that is, please do not send me substitutes and they sent me a different Lily than I ordered. But busy with my garden, I never bothered to notify them or tell them and lucky for them, I do really love the Lily or I might feel a lot more negative. And their policies do say they can substitute but I really do not like that policy with any company. If a company does run out, I think they should call and ask what you would like substituted or refund your money. Also, I thought they failed to send me some Gladiolus I ordered but they just did not bloom for an extra season and when they did they have like 4 stocks on them. In the end, I got everything I had asked for with the Glads. But I have been thinking about this company a lot lately because there is definitely an upside to them. Their bulbs and the flowers they produce are HUGE. When they say they are big, they're big. Their Tulips are Huge. Their Gladiolus have been absolutely amazing and multiply rapidly. And of the Lilies I have bought from them, I have been happy. In summary, their customer service is OK, their substitution policy is not to my liking - They need a Please do not substitute checkbox. But in their favor, their bulbs are huge and produce really good plants (and flowers) that perform well year after year. That is why I recommend them.
Negative cmitchprint
Florence, AL
(1 review)
June 22, 2014
On April 15, I bought $32 worth of Arium Metallicum, or red candle lily. The first order arrived in 2 pks of 5. Both packs were dried up, hollow chunks that could be crumbled. I complained through email and a customer service emailed a replacement certificate. I reordered the bulbs and they arrived worse than the first. They were so dry they were crumbling to powder like chalk. I don't understand why my order left both times like this but it's obvious this company is not in business to stay in business.
Pic here: //

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