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The scoop on 'Crystal Creek Pond Supply (formerly Pagoda Koi and Pond Supply, LLC)'

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Crystal Creek Pond Supply (formerly Pagoda Koi and Pond Supply, LLC)

Mailing Address:
20699 Richardson Rd.
Lake Ann, Michigan 49650 (United States)

Phone: 1-888-867-1785
Fax: 1-888-867-1785

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  Company Comment, posted on March 26, 2007:  
I am the webmaster for Pagoda Koi and Pond. I wish people would just visit Pagoda Koi and Pond and they will find out that these people bend over backwards to do anything to make a customer a happy camper.

Dave, as the owner of this garden website do you have any way to validate the complaints people make? The reason I ask is that it seems to be very easy for someone to post some slanderous remarks about a website with no way to know if in fact a person ever used the business.

At least with BizRate or other consumer groups you only get to review the company if you get a link after your purchase something. With your setup here any Tom, Dick or Harry can come on and slam a company just to cause trouble.

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Negative KitsonMkt
Greenwood, SC
(1 review)
August 27, 2016
Posted on August 27, 2016, updated August 27, 2016
Posted on August 27, 2016, updated August 27, 2016
Jun23 '16 I submitted an order and $116 pmt via debit card. Jun26'16 'Dave' (Dave Baker, 4176 Alpenhorn Dr #9, Comstock Park, MI?) responded via email that he was out of one of the items ordered (I learned later it would have been illegal for him to have sent that plant into my state) and offered a refund or a substitute. I requested a refund. No response. No refund. Aug 28'16 merchant turned over to fraud dept. Will contact PayPal and others as well. This is my first issue EVER with any on-line merchant.
On August 27th, 2016, KitsonMkt added the following:

Just checked the Western Michigan BBB to file a complaint. As to Crystal Creek Pond Supply, the BBB web site states: "THIS BUSINESS IS NOT BBB ACCREDITED" and "! THERE IS AN ALERT FOR THIS BUSINESS !"
On August 27th, 2016, KitsonMkt added the following:

Just checked the Western Michigan BBB to file a complaint. As to Crystal Creek Pond Supply, the BBB web site states: "THIS BUSINESS IS NOT BBB ACCREDITED" and "! THERE IS AN ALERT FOR THIS BUSINESS !"
Positive tracisjazz
Fort Washington, MD (Zone 7a)
(1 review)
April 28, 2016
I found Crystal Creek by a web search, and ordered a large number of plants (60 + 60 snails). I received a very detailed email confirming my order, letting me know how to prep and what to expect when my order arrived. THEN, I found this posting trail on the company on Dave's Garden, and freaked out a little. I emailed the company to check on my order (I never got an order number so I was nervous), I got an immediate, detailed and courteous response back. I ordered late on Saturday, the company ships out Monday - Wednesday...I got my order on Friday in Maryland. (less than 1 week). Everything arrived quickly, the order was complete, and all of the plants were very healthy. Many of the plants were larger than expected. Everything was well rooted. I had instructions for how to handle the live snails. I followed the instructions to get everything into the pond. It's only been a couple of weeks, but so far everything looks great. My experience was very positive, and I will definitely purchase here in the future.

I never post reviews, but wanted to in this case. If after reading all of the reviews you feel nervous, I just wanted to let you know that I purchased in April 2016 and everything was fine. I would purchase again with confidence.
Positive halesite
Huntington, NY
(1 review)
June 30, 2014
I have ordered online from Crystal Creek for a few years now and have been completely satisfied with their products and service. If I have questions I only have to email Paul and always receive a prompt and courteous reply. The shipments arrive in a timely fashion and in good condition.
Negative KentJDaniel
Estelle, LA
(1 review)
January 4, 2013
I purchased $72.00 worth of plants. I never received them and all correspondence has been ignored. In addition, the telephone number that I received from the BBB only leads to a voice mail that gives an email address. Their website has also been removed. Thankfully, I paid via Paypal and should have my money reimbursed. If I donít hear from anyone in the next two weeks, I will report this company and its owner to the Department of Justice for mail fraud. I hope that no one else experiences a problem with this company or any other company the owner starts up!
Neutral patriciafree
Catonsville, MD
(1 review)
June 26, 2011
The pictures of the water lilies on the site were beautiful and the price was reasonable. I ordered three water lily plants which were delivered Memorial Day Weekend. I opened the package and followed the instructions even though I noticed they were a bit slimey. I waited two weeks and contacted Paul who was quite abrupt, but asked me to give it another couple of weeks--which I did. Still the plants looked sickly and were not only slimey but had developed mold. I again contacted Paul who said he would contact the supplier--he later responded stating the supplier had never heard of such a thing and offered me a 50% refund. When I told him that I would prefer a replacement, he indicated the supplier would decline to do so. Paul's emails were coarse and gave the definite impression he felt I was somehow trying to rip him off. Looking back I feel like I should never had given the company the opportunity to make good on the sale and prob ably should have just disputed the charge. Definitely beware...not a reputable company to deal with. Caveat Emptor!

I have since ordered water lilies from another company which provided beautiful healthy plants and was a pleasure to deal with.
Positive timbergal
Ramah, NM
(2 reviews)
August 12, 2010
I ordered pond plants in July '10, then was out of town for several days during the expected delivery time. Our housesitter received no order during that time. Eventually we discovered that the shipper had been negligent (lazy) in trying to deliver to our rural address. When I contacted Paul at Crystal Creek, he graciously replied with concern for the problem. After waiting futilely for the shipper to resolve the problem of the missing package, Paul refunded my money. Problem solved. I will definitely shop with them next spring to stock my little pond.
Positive SocialBtrfly
Lake City, FL
(1 review)
March 12, 2009
This was my first order of anything live. as most people I was skeptical. My plants arrived quickly and they were all very beautiful and healthy. As instructed I took them out of the box immediatly and followed the directions. I am VERY pleased with my plants, and I will continue to use this company. As I said before I have never ordred anything live, but now I think Im going to go pick out some koi!! :)
Positive hybridtufa
San Antonio, TX
(1 review)
July 4, 2008
Healthy plants and larger than I expected. I ordered on a Sunday and had my plants on Thursday. In just 2 weeks, my Dauben lily is blooming and I've harvested 3 babies from the pads. When I opened the package, all of the plants looked as if they had just been pulled out of the water. I can't say enough about these good folks.
Positive Kahna
Oxford, OH
(1 review)
June 20, 2007
I placed an order with your company last week after doing some web research and comparing plants and prices. I found your lilies to be mid-price, some sites offered cheaper plants, some sites had much more expensive prices-all for the same variety of lily. I selected your company because it was closest to me geographically, and because the local pond supply places offered no named varieties of lilies, and their plants seemed stressed to me. Anyway, after placing my order last Wednesday, I found this website and was dismayed to read some of the comments, and I admit I was apprehensive about my order. I didn't need to be-my order was shipped yesterday (Tuesday) and arrived today before noon. The plants were in great shape, and there was no odor of any kind to any of them. I debated about ordering a tropical lily-but I'm glad I did, as its leaves are the most beautiful of the three lilies I ordered. As suggested, I used materials that I have around my home to pot my plants-this is my first pond, and I don't want to spend lots of money on specialty items until I have a feel for how water plants grow. However, I suggest that people use plastic or special baskets as containers. A gallon of mud in a ceramic flowerpot is HEAVY-and was hard for me to handle. I learned my lesson fast-plastic or special baskets from now on. Thanks for getting my order to me so quickly-the plants are healthy, attractive, and if they do well this year you will be hearing from me again next year!
Neutral shears4kim
Tuscaloosa, AL (Zone 7b)
(3 reviews)
May 17, 2007
I ordered 30 Japanese Trapdoor snails from them. This is the first 'live' purchase I've ever made. I opted for Next Day Air for the cost of $60.00. As soon as my ordered shipped the seller sent me a FedEx tracking number. It clearly states on the shipping label...2nd Day Service. The cost difference is $25.00 and I won't be home on the expected arrival date. I've emailed the seller and am awaiting reply.

Will be back to change the experience depending on the seller's stance...seems a little shady.
On May 29th, 2007, shears4kim added the following:

Seller refunded the shipping difference immediately. The shipping date was most inconvenient. I wasn't home and my neighbor retrieved them for me.

All's well that ends well, I guess...all the snails lived.
Positive Amyshunt
Gunnison, CO
(1 review)
May 1, 2007
I have been dealing with this company since last year and have had nothing but great experiences with them. Their website is full of helpful information for people who are interested in learning about ponds, pond plants, koi, snails and many other topics. Also, there are a ton of pictures available to get ideas for your projects, which is priceless. I am also a member of their forum and they have given me a ton of free advice, on multiple topics, that I wasn't able to find anywhere else. Plus, I have met several very nice people in utilizing this invaluable tool. I had a serious problem with the koi in my new pond and posted on several forums about possible solutions. They were the only one to ever respond. I hadn't even purchased these fish from them, but they took the time to help me. I find the administration at this company to be very personable and they really try to help in whatever way they can. I want to show my appreciation for everything they have done for me. Thank you very much Pagoda Pond and Koi Supply. I will continue to recommend you to other pond enthusiasts.
Negative mark2003awol
Clinton, MD
(1 review)
April 5, 2007
When are you shipping my plants?
No VOICE phone number to call you. I never would have ordered from you had I relized that you have no VOICE phone. Also I was disapointed to read that you are a drop shipper and these plants not origin from your personal attention.

Please respond as to when you will be shipping and I also live in Maryland...
On April 5th, 2007, mark2003awol added the following:

BEWARE OF Pagoda Koi and Pond Supply! THEY SUCK!
The following email was exchanged in dealing with the most
unreasonable and dence company I had the displeasure of dealing
with in my life!

--- Subject: Re: Contact from Pond Koi


>> ----- Original Message -----
>> From: "Pagoda Koi And Pond"
>> Sent: Thursday, April 05, 2007 3:33 PM
>> Subject: Re: Contact from Pond Koi
Our aquatic plants and snails are shipped Monday thru Wednesday. This is
standard practice for businesses that ship aquatic plants. We cannot risk
having a plant sit in a truck somewhere over the weekend.

We are just looking out for our customers. We want to make sure they receive
live healthy plants, that are not going to be damaged from the frost.

The soonest we can ship your order out would be Monday April 9th.

Is this date good for you?

Melissa McCartney
Customer Service Manager

--- Subject: Re: Contact from Pond Koi

Again, again, Ship today...
Else refund... The End of this nonsence...


----- Original Message -----
From: "Pagoda Koi And Pond"
Sent: Thursday, April 05, 2007 3:33 PM
Subject: Re: Contact from Pond Koi

We show your zip code 20735 to be in USDA Zone 6. That means that the safe
to ship date for your plants is April 16th to avoid any deadly frost.

Is this a good time for you?

Melissa McCartney
Customer Service Manager

--- Subject: Re: Contact from Pond Koi

I followed the direction in your confirmation email and sent a reply
When will you ship my plants?

----- Original Message -----
From: "Pagoda Koi And Pond"
Sent: Thursday, April 05, 2007
Subject: Re: Contact from Pond Koi
Hello Mark,

The Thank You letter we sent out to you on April 3rd says when you will
be receiving your order.
We show your zip code 20735 to be in USDA Zone 6. That means that the
safe to ship date for your plants is April 16th to avoid any deadly

No, we do not have a customer service phone number to call whenever. We
call our customers if we can not resolve something through email. Or if
they need step by step instructions on how to build their ponds. We have
excellent customer service and beautiful healthy plants, and fish.
If there is any thing else I can help you with please let me know.

Melissa McCartney
Customer Service Manager
Negative webmaster
Fort Lauderdale, FL
(1 review)
March 9, 2007
The site has no concerns with taking Copyrighted materials and re-using them.

Pagoda Koi and Pond Suppy took a pond calculator the was developed by another comany, and placed it on their own site in blatant violation of Copyright laws.

It is also amazing how difficult it is to find their real address, or the company owners information.
Company representative comment on March 9, 2007:

On Mar 9, 2007 9:04 PM, Pagoda Koi and Pond Supply, LLC added:

Here we go again, another pond website, owner who has nothing better to do than try and discredit our company. With something as stupid as a pond calculator.

Just about every good pond website has a pond calculator, of some sort. To help there customers. With pond construction.

And why are you so interested in our address, we are an online business not a retail store. I will give it to you if it will make you feel better.

As far as the companies owner information all you have to do is read the pages on the website.

In fact I would love to talk to you in person E-mail me at [email protected] so I can set you straight.


Wes McCartney

Positive ench35
Pendleton, OR
(1 review)
February 18, 2007
last year we ordered Japanese Trapdoor Snails and some other stuff from Pagoda and were completely satisfied with the whole experience, and planned to order again this year However I am very disappointed with wes7639's response.
I as a business person myself understand his anger but his attack on Sara was completely uncalled for. Why didn't he contact her and ask for proof of her purchase and attempt to correct the situation. As for me I will wait to place this years order until I see this situation is cleared up. As a frequent online purchaser I can understand Sara's frustration of trying to settle a problem with a net purchase.
On February 20th, 2007, ench35 added the following:

Wes7639 your quick response to my posting its self indicates that you are concerned about your customers problems. I, and I'm sure countless others, are glad to see that you had attempted to remedy Sara's complaint BEFORE you wrote your response to her posting. Thank you for clearing that up. I look forward to a long relationship with your company
PPS; I especially like the down to earth way you write your planting and care instructions

Company representative comment on February 18, 2007:

On Feb 18, 2007 1:52 PM, Pagoda Koi and Pond Supply, LLC added:

Hello ench35,

We have no record of Sara ever purchasing anything, from our company. If she did, I would have bent over backwards to help her resolve her problems. She has been contacted and has yet to provide proof of anything. I was not attacking Sara, I was defending my company.



Neutral knocktwice
Lake Ann, MI
(1 review)
January 30, 2007
I have been using this website for pond plants and koi for a couple of years now. I would highly recommend this pond and watergarden business to anyone. The main reason I like them is that they will bend over backwards to make things right for you if something gets screwed up. I ordered some Koi last year and one of them was dead on arrival. It was very hot at that time of the year and I think the fish overheated as a lot of them were struggling. I emailed them and they refunded my money for the Koi within 30 minutes of me sending the email. That was the fastest I have ever gotten something resolved shopping online in 4 years.

The have a pretty cool forum too for people to ask questions on and get answers. It is here if you want to see it. // and they will even let you sell your own koi on there.

Another nice thing is that if you need something and you can't find it anywhere on the internet they will help you find it even if they don't sell it. Who would do that nowadays? I contacted them once for advice on buying the right kind of pond salt for my pond and they told me to get it locally and save money. I found that really refreshing as I didn't even know that what I wanted could be found at Home Depot. PS> Water Softener Salt is what I got. I figured I needed some kind of special salt.

Note from the Garden Watchdog editors:

This comment was created by a user who logged in from the same IP address as Pagoda Koi and Pond's webmaster. It is the stated policy of the Watchdog that companies cannot pose as customers in order to affect their ratings. This rating was changed from positive to neutral so that it would not affect the true rating given by customers.
Negative SaraJgardengal
Alexandria, VA
(2 reviews)
September 10, 2006
I have only ordered from this company one time (this summer). I ordered a number of plants, koi, and a new pump. The pump is working great but there were three dead koi on arrival and the plants arrived in terrible condition (the water lettuce were all torn apart and the water lilies had yellow mold growing on the leaves). My husband and I emailed the company and on each attempt have gotten no response.
When trying to get a refund through our credit card we found out the reason that all Pagoda's products came from different locations is that they are NOT EVEN A REAL POND COMPANY!, no location and no ponds, they are just drop shipping from a Michigan Apt? It seems they have no realy quality control nor care. They could be shipping me contaminated plants from in or out of the country, Id really like a response from this guy. Beware.
Company representative comment on February 19, 2007:
Hello Sara, I am the owner of Pagoda Koi and Pond Supply. I read your negative comments about our company. All I can say is that I am shocked and disappointed that some one would try to discredit my companyís good name. First off I have been in the pond installation business for over 10 years; I have personally built around 300 ponds and waterfalls. My company was ranked the 36th largest waterfall company in the United States by Aquascapes designs in 2002. Unlike most websites that sell pond supplies and aquatic plants. I actually have experience installing what I sell. If you noticed our website is loaded with information, learned from real world experience. We try to tell customer how to be successful with the products we sell. Unlike most sites that just have products and prices. You know why they have no information on how to be successful, because they donít build ponds for a living, thatís why. They have no clue what works or what doesnít. Also you stated that we are not an actual company because we are not stupid enough to spend millions of dollars on a building and property to house our plants and supplies. Why would any smart businessman want to start off a business in debt. It would take to many years to even show a profit. I'm not going to get into basic economics with you I think it would be a waste of time. Do you realize that 60% of all business on the internet are home based businesses. Does that make them bad? Of course not, that makes them smart. And to finish we have no record of you purchasing anything from our company ever. If you ever did buy from our company I guarantee you would be 100% satisfied. And for whatever reason you were not satisfied, I would make sure that you were. Because we have no record of purchase from you all I can assume is that you are a competitor who is insecure and jealous of our companyís website. All I can say is that you are going about this the wrong way. You are only dishonoring your self.

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