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Rarexoticseeds has 597 products listed in PlantScout.

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465 rue Saint-Jean, Suite 300
Montreal, Quebec H2Y 2R6 (Canada)

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Negative beloved1
(1 review)
July 22, 2020
Save yourself the trouble and do not order from this company.

Over a weeks time, I sent them 4 e-mails, phone called, and left them a message on Facebook before I received a single response, to my request for the tracking information to my order. Which was in the form of a text message, redirecting me to an e-mail response to the third e-mail, I had sent. There response was as follows, "...It had been shipped on July 14th with regular airmail without tracking. Because of Covid-19, postal services are extremely slow and this could unfortunately add until 2 to 6 weeks to usual delivery time"... This makes no sense. How can a regular package be sent with no tracking information? That is basic information for sending a package.

This company has purposely, made themselves not responsible for the orders they ship out to their customers. Because of this, I have no proof of shipment other than their email "claims" or record of where my order has been. During this time, (and if I was able to track my order), I would be more than understanding and willing to wait for it to arrive... But to be expected to wait a projected estimate of almost two months for seeds, to ship from Quebec to NYC with no way of telling when they will arrive, where they are or heaven forbid end up waiting months to a year for this order, only for it to never arrive,as other reviewers have claimed. It's simply not worth it. And as previously stated, the company has made moves to hold themselves unaccountable, (by way of sending out the package without tracking) will take not responsibility should something happen to my order, as it is in transit to me. Which is ridiculous.

I wish, I had looked up the company reviews before ordering. Especially because their site Does Not state, that regular shipping does not include tracking information, for the order. I double checked after they left that cheeky reply to another costumer.

While I appreciate the seed selection, after my personal experience with this company and reading the reviews here, it is plain to see, Rarexoticseeds, does not do good business, they do not care about their customers, nor do they have any pride in themselves as a company. Terrible customer service and lack of responsibility for your products, does not a good company make.

I have demanded, the tracking information or a cancellation. In the future, I will take my business elsewhere.
Neutral Gbreeder
Dayton, PA
(2 reviews)
May 3, 2020
The website has a JS:CardStealer-BE [Trj] infection.
Negative vedprakash4
(1 review)
July 30, 2019
I have ordered seeds cost $20 from Rarexoticseeds, more than an year ago, but still I have not received the seeds. I tried to contact by email, but they never responded. Order # 100023107
Neutral plantastico
(3 reviews)
February 16, 2019
Seeds arrived. No germination thus far. It's been 3 months. We shall see. Nice company
Negative YYD1209
(3 reviews)
February 5, 2019
I ordered 14 kinds of seeds last year. I asked them to issue Phytosanitary certificate. In the website, it's written that they can issue Phytosanitary certificate after customer order. But they have never responded and they sent seeds. It was possible I couldn't receive without Phytosanitary certificate in my country.

7 kinds of seeds didn't germinate. Germinating rates were low.
Negative Marasse1
(1 review)
June 7, 2018
I placed my order on 19 May. It is now June 8. I have not received my order, nor any feedback on why.
Positive theresa435
Hempstead, TX (Zone 9b)
(1 review)
January 31, 2018
I have ordered from Rarexoticseeds 23 times sine 2014. I have only positive things to say about them. There was 1 time when my order was lost in the mail. I emailed Rarexoticseeds and they immediately resent the seeds - no questions asked. I see many people complain about germination rates. That can be so tricky when your selling seeds. Rarexoticseeds cannot guarantee all seeds will germinate - that's crazy. There are so many factors involved such as 1)following directions 2)are you growing the the right zone? 3)is the material the seeds were sown in the right material? 4) the experience of the grower 5) Light – Some seeds need light for germination, while some other seed varieties are hindered by light. 6)depth of the seed being planted. I could go on and on about factors that affect germination. Like I said, my experience has been positive and not EVERY seed I bought germinated but I am realistic about my expectations. Also, if your order takes a long time to come in, it may be because he is sending it via international mail - that means he has no control over when it arrives. If you want to know if your order has been processed and mailed, log-in to your account and go to my orders. They post it there big as day.
Negative BLC93
Monroe, CT
(1 review)
January 11, 2018
Placed my order for carnivorous plant seeds on 12/18/17, it is now 1/11/18 and I still HAVE NOT received my seeds. I have sent them multiple emails and they just ignore them and do not respond back, which is absolutely horrible customer service. For a company to just sit back and ignore an upset customer is probably the worst thing a company could do to their customer. This company is a SCAM, do NOT buy from them. I really had wished that I looked their reviews up earlier as I would have never made any purchases from them and would not get scammed $50 worth of seeds. If possible I will be pursuing this issue further.
Positive Azirphaeli
Phoenixville, PA
(1 review)
July 18, 2017
Excellent experience so far, ordered roughly 40 seeds of various types and so far so good. My Grandidier's Boabab is already sprouting exactly one week later, and other pots are showing signs of good things coming down the pipe.

Order shipped quickly and we'll see how the others turn out.
Negative MissTAS
Fresno, CA
(1 review)
September 22, 2016
Expert level grower- spent close to $100- on many types seeds (ssp of plants I've grown from seed many times). Not one seed sprouted. Sent many emails, only one reply explaining the seeds were "older". The only offer for resolution was that perhaps in the future, should they get more, they could send me other seeds. Save your money! I'm dealing with my financial institution now because this is clearly fraud. Had I known other people had similar problems in the same time frame, I would've spoken up sooner.
Company representative comment on September 22, 2016:
On Sep 22, 2016 2:36 PM, Rarexoticseeds responded with:


We are sorry you didn't get the results you expected.

We have just contacted you in order to find a solution to this issue.

Our policy is to satisfy our customers. We will do our best to meet your expectation. Rarexoticseeds does business with clients from around the world and collected positive feedbacks over the years.

Rarexoticseeds team

Negative xxs4eyes
(1 review)
September 2, 2016
In June of '16, I ordered 13 different varieties of seeds from the company, well over 200 seeds. i"m not a novice at growing seed. Ihave over 50 years at growin,graftin,and gardenin. I wrote them a week ago and explaned the 3 different methods I tried to germinate my seed order using different mediums. Not one of the seeds germinated.. and no one has ans my Email.. You know, its only 35$, but I will Never buy from them again. They got me once, and I will cont. to post my review where ever I can to inform others of the poor customer service ,. The risk they take dealing with a company that has complete disregard toward the customer once they have your money in their pocket .Exoticseeds-NOT... Thanks for allowing me to vent. T.
Negative ashishbhaskar
(1 review)
August 18, 2016
Well ordering is one issue, the other is of delivery. I had ordered with them in April 2016 and since then all I have been doing is following up. They didn't even bother to reply to my emails, leave apart the delivery of seeds. They have cheated me of my money with no order delivery.

WOULD HIGHLY VOTE AGAINST PURCHASING FROM , A complete unprofessional bunch of crooks
Positive Darabbit
Ravensdale, WA
(1 review)
March 4, 2016
Posted on February 29, 2016, updated March 4, 2016
I ordered some Amorphophallus Sauromatum Venosum seeds from this company. After ordering I became educated via the Internet that Amorphophallus seeds must be planted within just a few days of harvest while they are still juicy and plump. Anything beyond that time would be dried out, non viable seeds. I viewed both fresh and dead, dried out seeds. I knew exactly what would be coming in the mail. After a long wait I finally received my seeds and as expected, they were dry dead seeds. I did plant them as proof they wouldn't germinate and as expected they have not. I haven't contacted the company based on my belief that as knowledgeable seed experts, they know what I now know: Amorphophallus seeds must be planted within days of harvest. I feel this company is knowingly selling non viable Amorphophallus seeds. How could they not when this information is so readily available online. Because of this one sketchy transaction, I'll never order from them again.
On March 4th, 2016, Darabbit changed the rating from negative to positive and added the following:

I stand corrected. Although the Internet says Amorphophallus seeds have a shelf life of just a couple days, must be kept moist or refrigerated, that's not true and I was wrong! This company does know their seeds. I dug around in the dirt and have a root on the few seeds I uncovered. I would definitely trust this company to order again!
Negative waycool
Anaheim, CA
(1 review)
February 6, 2016
Back in October 2015, I ordered 4 different type of Drosera seeds and a mixed package of VFT seeds from rarexoticseeds website. I planted the seeds along w another Drosera seeds from Ebay. The Ebay seeds germinated great, but none of the seeds from Rarexoticseeds germinated to this date. I emailed my disappointment to the company contact email and got NO reply back regarding their nonviable seeds. I have grown carnivorous plants from seeds and cuttings for many years and am not a newbie. I would NOT recommend this company to anyone. Ebay sellers are more reliable then this company.
Positive KX
(5 reviews)
February 2, 2016
I have ordered from here a few times. They have a good selection of seeds and are reasonably priced. Not all of the seeds have germinated (I haven't kept track of which ones I had success with) but I can't say whether it was the seeds or my skills as a germinator.
I would order from here again.
Positive hillfarm
Quesnel, BC (Zone 4a)
(36 reviews)
January 26, 2016
First time ordering from this company with a marvelous selection of (as they say!) rare, exotic seeds. My interest is in Datura and Brugmansia, and they have a nice selection, though some were sadly out of stock when I was browsing their listing. Anyway, I did order a number of things, and am pleased to report that shipping was lightning fast and the order one of the best-packed I have yet received. I will update this feedback once I grown out the seeds, but as of right now I am extremely pleased.
Positive Peaches187
(1 review)
August 21, 2014
I have ordered from rarexoticseeds several times, and although there have occasionally been delays, I have never been disappointed. They have always provided fresh seeds that have achieved excellent germination rates. Some stubborn seeds required "treatment" to facilitate the germination process, however, even those seeds grew quite well. Just have to be patient and don't over-water! And their selection is awesome! Best I've seen.
Positive hypocondro
United States
(5 reviews)
June 7, 2014
So far I have not been disappointed by this company. I got my order on time, and the plants are growing nicely.
Their inventory is huge and it is all reasonably priced. I will order again from them in the future.
Positive AenRiv
Fallbrook, CA (Zone 10a)
(5 reviews)
June 14, 2013
Posted on June 4, 2013, updated June 14, 2013
Got my seeds. Looking good. Let's see what sprouts!
On June 14th, 2013, AenRiv added the following:

Arctium lappa hit the ground running - fast germination time and great seed vitality! I think Valeriana is sprouting too. Pampas grass is sort of slow, though. I'll read more instructions and try again.
Negative micropropagador
São Paulo,
(1 review)
November 11, 2012
I´ve bought 17 species of Drsoera to germinate and only one species have germinated. I expended almost 100 dollars with that. I´m experienced in Drosera germination. I waited a year to be sure that the seeds would note germinate and complaiened to the site that gave no responses...
Please, if You think I may be have done some mistake You can ask the Ontario Carnivorous Plant Society for the reputation of this disclamer. I would have better done that before.
Company representative comment on May 13, 2013:
On May 13, 2013 2:14 PM, Rarexoticseeds responded with:


We apologize for the late reply.

Rarexoticseeds does business with clients from around the world and collected positive feedbacks over the years.

We are deeply sorry to hear that your seeds didn't germinate and would like to help you in appreciating our services.

Please contact us via the contact form of our website in order to solve the issue (see link below).

We hope to hear back from you soon.

Rarexoticseeds team

Negative azgarden
Chandler, AZ
(1 review)
August 15, 2012
Recently ordered 25 seeds of 4 varieties of ADENIUM. Disappointed with the results. Germination rate was zero percent. Expect that seeds were not fresh as they did not "plump" up when soaked in water the appropriate time prior to sowing.
Company representative comment on May 13, 2013:
On May 13, 2013 2:08 PM, Rarexoticseeds responded with:

Dear azgarden,

We are sorry you didn't get the results you expected.

We propose you to contact us via the contact form of our website (see link below) in order to find a solution to this issue.

Our policy is to satisfy our customers. We will do our best to meet your expectation.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Rarexoticseeds team

Neutral Britt37
San Antonio, TX
(1 review)
July 28, 2010
I planted 3 yr old seeds(given to me in Nov 07) in a large pot for the first time in late April. The vines are over 6ft tall and lush and green but I have not had a sign of a bloom. I am in San Antonio, TX. Just discovered tonight they are Hyacinth Beans (courtesy Jerry Parsons, of I would appreciate any suggestions.
Positive DarkEarth
Hillsboro, OR
(6 reviews)
July 16, 2009
Placed an order for a number of seeds that are just plain hard to find. The seeds were shipped promptly, and arrived within two weeks, which is pretty good for a shipment from Canada to US.
Seeds were packed in small plastic ziplocks, with the plant species information clearly labeled on each.
This is probably not the source for the beginning gardener, since you are going to need to do some research on the correct germination procedures for most of these plants, but this company is a great source of rare seeds.

Positive neptunia2
Hayward, CA (Zone 10a)
(2 reviews)
May 18, 2009
I only ordered seeds.My order came very quick. All seeds were in little ziplocks and labeled and mailed in a Bubble Mailer. I hope they all germinate. I'm very happy with this company.
Positive vanillaman
San Gerardo de Rivas,
Costa Rica (Zone 12b)
(3 reviews)
November 3, 2008
I just discovered them a couple of days ago and ordered 13 items last night. They have a very interesting selection of water lily seeds, which is how I found them thanks to Google. I received a copy of my order almost immediately, even before they had processed the Paypal transaction. Now I'm hoping everything goes ok and I get my seeds. Not too many companies will ship here to Costa Rica, but I have received seeds from seed companies in England, South Africa, another company in Canada, and one in the U.S. Everything arrived fine via regular mail, even without a Phytosanitary Certificate. Naturally, if you don't want to take the risk, then you should purchase it. Without doing that, I don't think anyone in the U.S. especially, should be surprised if their order is confiscated, and it is definitely NOT the falult of Rarexoticseeds!

Positive evr
Toronto, ON (Zone 5b)
(8 reviews)
September 18, 2008
Excited to order seeds from this online source, but I've been waiting for them to re-open; I got an email saying that their store will be open in 5 days, but they're not open yet so....just waiting patiently =)
On October 14th, 2008, evr changed the rating from neutral to positive and added the following:

Just ordered and due to new management, this online store had backlogged. They emailed me regarding this issue and I appreciate this type of attribute very well from sellers.
Company representative comment on September 18, 2008:

On Sep 18, 2008 3:19 AM, Rarexoticseeds added:

The store will re-open september 18th in the afternoon. There is a new owner.

Negative yaoingho
Fremont, CA
(1 review)
August 21, 2008
Last year I purchased $36 worth of seeds (most of them were passionfruit seeds) and I never received them. The owner said that the package had been sent and was not willing to send the tracking information or resend the seeds. Since the purchase did not include the insurance and by the time I thought to call the credit company, three months had already passed. (I waited for three months because I thought the package would take a longer period of time to travel from Canada to California, and also because the agricultural sanitation would take two more weeks.)

Company representative comment on August 21, 2008:

On Aug 20, 2008 10:19 PM, Rarexoticseeds added:

If you want a tracking number, you need to buy the registered package option. If you want a phytosanitary certificate you can also buy it. At Rarexoticseeds clients are responsable to order what they need to import the seeds. Everything is offered. All information is on the website.

Positive lzyjo
Thompsons Station, TN (Zone 7a)
(7 reviews)
March 5, 2008
Great selection of seeds suitable for bonsai at very reasonable prices. I've had great germination rates with everything I've planted so far. Took about a month to receive the order due to customs, but well worth the wait. Impeccably packed. Also, the website includes very concise germination instructions which are super helpful.
Positive karyn1
Silver Spring, MD
(18 reviews)
January 11, 2008
They have a great selection of hard to find seeds at very reasonable prices. They responded to my emails within 24 hours and the seeds arrived in great condition. I haven't planted them yet but they look fresh and unbroken.
Positive grenouille
Canada (Zone 5a)
(18 reviews)
January 3, 2008
Great web site made selecting seeds very easy. The seeds arrived promptly in good condition.

Positive spacegurrrl
Tucson, AZ
(3 reviews)
October 20, 2007
I really liked the large selection of seeds, and the prices are very reasonable. When the seeds arrived, they looked like healthy seeds. I am looking forward to ordering again in the spring!
Positive gowron
Athens, GA
(38 reviews)
October 18, 2007
Excellent selection, very reasonable prices and fast delivery of very well packaged seeds. Will definitely be ordering again.
Positive krissy_p
Pipe Creek, TX
(7 reviews)
September 21, 2007
This site had most of the seeds I had been looking for in one place and the prices were very reasonable. The seeds were packed well and no seeds were crushed.
Positive dixie_angel
Trenton, TN
(23 reviews)
June 5, 2006
I just got my seeds and they look GREAT!! I apologize for the email mixup! Thanks SO much for redeeming the mailorder exotic seed site reputation..after the fiascos Ive had with 75% of them I had almost given up hope :0)
Positive Moonglow
Corte Madera, CA
(21 reviews)
December 13, 2005
ordered b. sanguinea seeds, and they arrived promptly, in a small box (no crushed seeds). germinated QUICKLY. i think RES is not kidding about FRESHNESS - - - very important of course!

even for a newbie, this is SUPER, since i do not use heat mats or grow lights for my seeds. just natural light from a south-facing window.

will write updates.

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