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On Jan 4, 2015, abbeygarden (1 reviews) from Orange, CA

This was my dad's nursery. He has since passed and we will be sadly selling it. If you are interested in all of the cacti and succulents and greenhouses and surrounding landscaping let me know. We are trying to sell it as a complete unit as piecing it out a few plants at a time is not an option right now. It was listed in the cacti journal for $75,000 but we are selling for 1/2 of that price now. I am doug the son 714 403 5808

On Jan 6, 2007, houseplant (11 reviews) from Topeka, KS

I used to order from them a few years back. Actually, they were my first experience with ordering plants by mail, and that's good because their plants were big, healthy and really beautiful. A great experience. They really should update their catalog, because it is spectacular.

On Jul 18, 2006, trudyjh (6 reviews) from North Kingstown, RI

I used to order from them a number of years ago, and they were great. My attention wandered away from cacti (life happens) and now I'd like to start growing cacti and succulents again. Is the company still in business? A web site? A catalog? If they're out of business, can someone recommend another mail order source? Thanks.

On Sep 23, 2004, towers (16 reviews) from (Zone 6a)

hm they say there send a updated catalog but its been 3 years now

On April 26th, 2005, towers changed the rating from negative to positive and added the following:
On April 26th, 2005, towers added the following: they do indeed have great plants

On Jul 3, 2002, Bex (1 reviews)

Been ordering from L. at Abbey for at least 5 years. Prices are reasonable & all the plants I've ordered have been healthy. Several times I've just told him a price range & please send something nice and he always selected plants that I just love. I've had excellent experience with them.

On Jan 9, 2002, Crasulady2 (5 reviews) from Valley Village, CA

Plants came in good order, about two week delivery time, clean, nice size. They closed down their shop and are operating out of their yard, I see them from time to time, but have not visited this new facility. The plants are spotless, they have always kept a clean garden. Plants are on benches. Very professional, have a nice cataloge, if it is $2.00 is will come off your first order, I have cataloges going back at least 10 years. They have a great selection, and they purchase many of their plants from the Huntington especially if they are the rare speceis. The prices are average for the industry. The don't have a email. I would give them a A rating I love their Echevieria, and Euphorbia selections.

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