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On Apr 22, 2018, veronicaMN (1 reviews) from Minneapolis, MN

I am delighted with the super fast processing of my order for 22 different packets of seeds. I ordered online from their beautiful website, late in the evening on Jan 19th, 2018 (a Friday) and on Jan 22nd (Monday) morning received a friendly "your package has been shipped" with tracking information. My order had no excessive shipping charges---it was a total of $9.00--which is quite reasonable these days, for any size package (package, not a First Class letter), it is nearly impossible to ship anything for under $10, and Turtle Tree also had tracking added. My philosophy on shipping charges is, it is cheaper for me to order online and have it delivered to my front door, than to get in my car, drive 20 minutes, and perhaps what I want is not even in stock...drive some more and get hungry...etc...SO, in my mind it is worth every penny to pay a modest $9.00 shipping charge. It allows me to spend my time more effectively. I had nearly 100% germination on the tomatoes & peppers, and anticipate the rest of the seeds will be the same. I am super excited that the seeds are Organic, and not only Organic, but Bio-Dynamic, and to support Turtle Tree's mission in assisting adults with developmental disabilities is just awesome.

On Jan 17, 2012, DavesGarden0302 (5 reviews) from State College, PA

Negative because of High Shipping cost. Looked like a good company, nice selection, and non profit -- but it turns out they have High shipping costs. Tried a nice size order (around $50). When shipping costs were shown they amounted to an additional $1.20 per packet or 22% of order. If it was a very small order that might make sense because of fixed cost for envelop and printing. No individual items was more then 1 oz. I calculate Total order around 6 - 8 oz so first class postage around $2.50 plus cost of envelop and printing... I thought there must have been a mistake, contacted them and was informed they include the cost of the packaging person (handling) in the shipping cost,and it takes one person 45 minutes to fill a ten packet order, which means they must be paying that person by the piece otherwise the employee would be paid regardless and cost would be a cost of doing business as a mail order company....Its a shame this coompany feels then must do this but I am glad most seed companies dont do this

On Feb 28, 2011, Eekerka (8 reviews) from Wonder Lake, IL

Received seeds within a week of ordering. As of now, am getting a great germination rate. I love their selection of organic seeds too. Great company.

On Mar 27, 2009, chambma (2 reviews) from Bath, NY (Zone 5a)

I ordered from Turtle Tree because I was looking for open-pollinated and preferably organic seed. I reviewed the seed information on their web site and made my selections, but they do not have an option to order online directly. This would be nice to add in the future. My options were to order by regular mail, or to call the number provided. I wanted to place my order quickly, so I tried the number provided for two different days but was unable to place my order as I only got a message and couldn't speak to an actual person, even though I did call within the hours posted. So, I called another number provided (which was not for ordering). Got a person right away and explained my problem. He said he would be happy to take my order, which he did, and I received my order very quickly afterward. Really good info. on the seed packets. I have only just begun starting some seed inside in the past few days, so I can't comment on germination rates and plant quality, but I will post back and edit to include this information later. So far, I have been very pleased with my experience with Turtle Tree. I get the feeling they are a small operation, which is great -- I am happy to do business with them.

On Mar 25, 2009, straea (1 reviews) from Somerville, MA (Zone 6b)

This was my first year ordering from them; I found out about them over the winter via a gardening blog. I agree with the previous two comments. The service was excellent and the seed germination rate and seedling quality have both already been far above average. I am really pleased to have found them and am already looking forward to ordering from them again next year.

On Feb 25, 2009, SusanV (2 reviews) from Walkerton, IN

Yes, good service, but even better is the quality of the seeds. I have been ordering from them for several years. The seed germination is always good and the plants are robust. I have pictures of the difference between Brandywine tomato seedlings from them and from another supplier. The difference is astounding. Their spaghetti squash is wonderful, markedly different from what I previously planted. And they store very well. Can't say enough good things about this company!

On Feb 2, 2006, shockme_wv (3 reviews) from Grafton, WV

Super fast turn around on order, which was snail-mailed in. Accurately and completely filled. Ordered from another large company over the internet at the same time and got neither (they were slow and had backorders) so this only emphasized the good service with Turtle Tree. Will add more once seeds are planted and it is determined how well they do. So far a very pleasant company to deal with.

On May 15th, 2006, shockme_wv added the following: Just wanted to note that all the seeds I've planted so far have excellent germination. I am especially pleased with the Mallow which has been growing by leaps and bounds here in my garden.

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