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On Feb 13, 2010, faykoko (7 reviews) from Cross Lanes, WV (Zone 6b)

I bought many of the cultivars on sale from Brian and Paul September 09. Not only were the plants in great shape, but Brian and Paul were extremely helpful with plenty of advice and were very friendly. I could not have received better value on the plants or have encountered better people to deal with. Big thumbs up. I highly recommend them.

On Oct 7, 2009, aggiegrl (2 reviews) from Lufkin, TX (Zone 8b)

i recieved my shipment, actually shipments of daylilies from Daylily Meadows and was blown away by the number of fans, cleanliness and generous bonuses that were included at wonderful prices! it was like Christmas in October! i could not have been happier with my purchase and plan on making many more in the future. Daylily Meadows was very helpful with information, responded quickly to emails and were lovely to work with. i HIGHLY recommend them!!!

On Sep 6, 2009, Bourret (15 reviews) from West Newfield, ME

Most of the plants received were completely dried out. If they make it through the winter I'll be surprised. Will update this posting in the spring.

On September 6th, 2009, Bourret added the following: I received them on a Thursday. Most of them looked like they had been out of the ground for 2 weeks or more. You asked: "..have you ever had daylilies shipped to you before? They are always prepared by first being completely cleaned and dried so as to prevent fungus and mold growing in the dark confines of their shipping boxes. That is standard operating procedure with all experienced daylily hybridizers.“ COMPLETELY CLEANED?! They were an absolute mess. There were snails in them. You're experienced?! It took me hours to clean off the soil and weeds. Dried is different than desiccated. We’ve received numerous shipments from other sellers and rarely have seen plants in such poor condition. You also said: "Once you saw that they were not to your liking, you should have immediately contacted us and returned them for a full refund, which you may still do if you so choose." If you think I'm digging them up after all the work I put into cleaning them, think again. It was a costly but very valuable lesson.
On September 7th, 2009, Bourret added the following: Dear Brian and Paul, I'm reading your asinine and insulting emails. You know full well what you sent but just can't believe I had the guts to call you on it. Good luck in your future endeavors. Sincerely, Lisa Bourret

On Jun 19, 2009, Cync2007 (4 reviews) from Lexington, NC

Most beautiful daylilies and incredibly generous divisions...many fans for one price. I will never again order from the online sources I have used before for daylilies. Owners took time to educate us during our visit plus show us some of the new plants they are hybridizing for current and future development. Website is fantastic. Check out the photos of the plants they will ship. You will not believe what you will get for your money!

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