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On Aug 15, 2009, lillyo (8 reviews) from Marlborough, CT (Zone 6a)

Based on the favorable reviews Antonelli's received, I purchased my first 7 bulbs from them. All the bulbs I ordered were solid yellow or yellow with edges in a contrasting color, but only 2 of the 4 which have bloomed are yellow. One bloomed in peach and one bloomed in red. I have written to Antonelli's twice and included my contact information and received no reply. I am disappointed to have put the effort into growing begonias in colors I didn't want and in Antonelli's poor customer service.

On Apr 24, 2009, timbers (11 reviews) from Vallejo, CA

My tubers arrived in good condition. They all have healthy sprouts.

On Jun 29, 2008, Goodmanster (1 reviews) from Oakland, CA

I have purchased begonias from Antonelli many times over the years. I keep coming back and reordering from them because I find them honest and reliable. I have NEVER had any trouble with any order. On the phone I have found them pleasant and informative. I recommend them highly.

On Sep 26, 2007, hawaiiroses (12 reviews) from Honolulu, HI

I ordered a cane begonia, two rhizomatous begonias, and three of one type of shrub begonia. All arrived healthy and surprisingly large for $5.00 each!

On Dec 26, 2005, nmgingerdave (1 reviews) from Cedar Crest, NM

I have ordered from Antonelli for over 20 years. Last year, my begonia order was shipped out the very morning of the horrible fire. I received it promptly as usual. A few weeks later, I received a duplicate order. Since they lost much of their paperwork, they were covering orders to make sure. I returned the second order with my thanks. Few if any other companies would go to this effort. They sell quality only and are as upright as any company I have experienced.

On Jul 18, 2005, sacerdos1 (8 reviews) from McLean, VA

In the spring I ordered some tubers and fertilizer ,Nothing happened.Then I received a call from someone at Antonellis and when I returned the call I could not reach him.I realize that they had a fire but that is over and I still have not received my order (they supposedly have the stuff)nor a refund nor another call.Disappointing but I want my money back.

On January 9th, 2006, sacerdos1 changed the rating from negative to positive and added the following: Almost a year ago Iplaced an order and sent a check for several items. As I said in my negative comment I was completely ignored but mycheck was cashed and it was impossible to reach them. I lodged a complaint with this website and several moths later (two days ago to be exact)I received a reply through this excellent wbsite. I called them(Antonelli Brothers) today and the lady who answered was very accommodating and apologetic. I have ordered from Antonelli since the late 50s and this spring I plan to order from them again.Thank you for restoring my faith in this wonderful company.I only pray that they do exceptionally well.
On April 10th, 2006, sacerdos1 changed the rating from positive to neutral and added the following: It seems like old times.A month ago Antonelli charged my credit card for an order but I have yet to receive it.Its April 10 now.Did they have another fire?
On April 22nd, 2006, sacerdos1 changed the rating from neutral to positive and added the following: I finally received my begonias and I was surprised by their large size.I hope they get their act together ,I have been ordering from them since the days when they sold named varieties. Now I get my named varieties from Whate Flower Farm.

On Apr 19, 2005, riosamba (21 reviews) from Marlboro, NJ

Antonellis is a wonderful company to deal with. I will never purchase large begonias from anyone else. Everything is grown in the USA. Next year I will order additional tubers from them. They are a pleasure to buy from.

On Apr 4, 2005, nevadagdn (118 reviews) from Sparks, NV (Zone 7a)

I placed an order for tubers in late February, and as I went through my plants bought lists, I realized that I hadn't received them yet--not that I remember my requested ship date, and hadn't made a note of it. I went to the website and read that Antonelli's had suffered a disastrous fire, but that tubers were still available. (The fire was real--it was huge news in the local papers--and it destroyed at least some of the offices as well as at least half the greenhouses and all the seed stocks). I emailed them yesterday inquiring about my order, and I'll see how things go. I hope Antonelli's comes through this okay, because they are the premier begonia hybridizer in this country, perhaps in the world.

On April 11th, 2005, nevadagdn changed the rating from neutral to positive and added the following: I LOVE it when I can UPgrade a rating! A few emails later, Antonelli's had my order sorted out, and I received the tubers today. They aren't enormous tubers, but I did order the bargain assortment of small tubers (18 tubers for about 20 dollars--and certainly well worth the money). I chose the smaller tubers and lesser expense because this is my first foray into tuberous begonias.
On June 10th, 2005, nevadagdn added the following: Is it possible to go higher than positive? I followed Antonelli's instructions as closely as I could, and even though the tubers were small (about walnut-sized), they have produced nice-sized plants, as large as the plants I have from tubers four times as large. They aren't ready to bloom yet, but that's because it's not quite warm enough here yet.
On May 1st, 2008, nevadagdn added the following: The tubers (medium) from this year's order are very nice and coming along nicely; I also ordered (non-tuberous) Begonias and Fuchsias. Those plants arrived today, with generous substitutions and extras. The Begonias and Fuchsias are all in 2.5" pots, consistent with what I've received from other growers. The plants all looked a little unhappy from traversing a frigid mountain range to get here, but that's not Antonelli's fault. It's easier to predict the next earthquake than it is to predict the weather in my area. I put the plants under lights, watered with tepid water and turned on the seedling heating mat, so I expect they will look much better in the morning. The plants don't look unhealthy--just the way humans do after going out in the cold, all huddled and shivery.

On Nov 19, 2004, kdjoergensen (19 reviews) from Waxhaw (Charlotte), NC (Zone 7b)

This is the best vendor for tuberous begonias in USA. The blooms are just huge and beautiful. They do their own hybridizing and the results are spectacular. This is not just any other "resaler" of imported tubers. The tubers are grown in USA, are nice and healthy, and with large eyes. I have ordered from them in the past and was very pleased. I have another order for this spring. This company is highly recommended.

On May 24, 2004, silkieweaver (10 reviews) from Salem, OR (Zone 8a)

I placed my first order with Antonelli Brothers this spring. Because I wasn't sure about a couple of my choices, I called in my order and got friendly and helpful assistance. The plants (tuberous begonias, fuchsias, a few other tropicals, bulbs) looked great upon arrival -- among the best mail-order plants I've received -- and have done well for me. I will order from them again.

On Apr 15, 2004, downscale_babe (23 reviews) from surfside beach, SC (Zone 8b)

I ordered two different types of tuberous begonia bulbs from this company and was sent the wrong bulbs.I emailed them and they responded by asking me for my address and phone # and said they would check into the situation.That was almost 2 weeks ago.Since then I have sent 2 more emails that have been ignored.Meanwhile the planting season is here and I don't know what to do.The order was only $56 which is not very important for them but I as a business person would not risk a sterling reputation because I ignored a small customer

On Feb 16, 2003, CherryGeathers (4 reviews) from Cape Coral, FL

I have purchased from "Ant'nelli" on and off for years and have been very pleased with their products and Prices. They are famous for their begonias (tuberous) but also have the rhizomatous and cane type as well at prices well below other nurseries. ALso a huge selection of Fuchsia. The only thing I dislike is waiting for the secondary catalogs when I am watering at the mouth to order!!! Also, I don't like the clay type media they use, but transplant and all is ok.

On Jan 23, 2003, HortEditor (4 reviews) from Des Moines, IA

Though I haven't purchased plants from this company, I have visited the nursery. Everything was in excellent shape and the staff was both knowledgeable and helpful.

On Jul 1, 1999, ClaudeSweet457 (1 reviews)

I have ordered tuberous begonia tubers and various fibrous, cane, rex, and rhizomatous begonias. Good quality and reasonable prices. I highly recommend this company.

On Jul 1, 1999, jenifer (2 reviews)

I ordered from Antonelli brothers and my tuberous begonias have done wonderful. Nice, healthy bulbs. Would highly recommend.

On Apr 1, 1997, mohanyellayi (3 reviews)

For begonias Antonelli brothers is the place. I got big tubers at $1 each.

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