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On Dec 19, 2018, phulse (1 reviews) from Bronx, NY

Terrible customer service. The shipment of $1100 worth of plants arrived over three weeks late. I only received notice about the delay after contacting the Indiana attorney general to open a complaint against the company. The plants finally arrived and weren't as high quality as the plugs we received from North Carolina Farms--a very reputable company. They also have no phone number and do not respond to email messages unless placing a prepaid order or threatening legal action--DO NOT PURCHASE PLANTS FROM THIS COMPANY.

On Aug 22, 2016, darinworden (2 reviews) from Monroe, UT

In late April I ordered a specialty very hard to find corn seed from Agrich. Following their procedure (really stupid of me), I sent a check via regular mail which was cashed in 3 days. I waited 2 weeks for the seed to arrive, while my spring planting window was closing very quickly. I then sent multiple email and left multiple voice mail with no response. I contacted the local county prosecutors office with no help. I then went to the Central IN Better Business Bureau and filed a complaint. After they tried for 2 months to assist, they gave up and recommended I go to the IN Attorney General, so I did filing a 2nd complaint. Once Agrich knew that the AG's office was involved, low and behold, my seed showed up on 8/4/16. $425 worth of seed completely worthless to me for the 2016 growing season. I demanded a refund in full, and was told (and this was acceptable to the AG), that if I paid shipping, sent the seed back, they would return my money with a 15% restocking fee. Fat chance of that - send the seed back and then hope for a refund - right! Stay away. These guys are as crooked as they come. Don't be stupid like I was. Never send money through the mail! They should be shut down! This has been going on for over 10 years. The IN AG's office should be ashamed.

On Aug 18, 2015, sbauer83 (2 reviews) from Ravensburg,

i am waiting 3 months now and nothing happened, no order received and no message answered

On Aug 27, 2007, px00001 (1 reviews) from Hinckley, OH

December 2006 I ordered $880 worth of plugs. Some never came. The rest came in too late to plant, and were damaged. Communication with this company is nonexistant. They don't respond to email and don't have a telephone number. The plugs were shoved in a box with newspaper. The box did not have any markings such as "This side Up" or "Perishible plants." The plugs were planted in recycled trays. Basically, for $880, I received a cardboard box filled with dirt and newspaper. Stay away at all cost!

On May 28, 2007, texascecil (1 reviews) from bradenton,
United States

April 20th the company cashed my check for almost $200.00 --On May 10 I forwarded them a copy of cancelled check and asked where is my order -- they again asked for my delivery address -- within an hour of their email I replied --and replied and replied --3 times per day for 20 days...never a reply. No phone number showed on their site but I now have one for the feed selling part of the company. They certainly know how to NOT get a second order..

On Feb 1, 2007, bananatree (1 reviews) from Easton, PA

We ordered 2 lb of Elaeagnus multiflora "Goumi" and instead were sent 2 lb of Elaeagnus angustifolia "Russian olive". We have sent an email which advises them of the error and have asked for a call back. We specifically requested the call back because they delibertly omit their phone number. We were also charged $4 per lb more than their listed price but at this point it isnt a factor. It has only been two days but we have no reason to be optimistic. If we receive a positive response we will post it here. Fred Marrin

On Oct 15, 2006, foxtrap99 (4 reviews) from St. John's,

This "company" also goes by the name Rich Farm Garden and should be avoided at ALL cost. Unfortunately they are easy to find in the internet - just do a search for "agrich seed" or "rich farm garden" - despite two different websites, it is easy to see these are the same people (or person!) - same location is provided for both companies - 985 W. State Road 32 Winchester, Indiana. You can look them up at //www.yellowpagecity.com - do a search for each and you will see them listed for the same address. I paid for a seed order via paypal in September 2005 at just over $440 from their Agrich website. I waited for weeks and received nothing other than a couple emails with bogus excuses (e.g., crop delay). I eventually tried to get my money back via paypal - no such luck! I reported them to the BBB - spent weeks/months at this - in the end, this "company" even refused to respond to the BBB - my case is well documented with the BBB. Unfortunately, the BBB has no real "teeth" and could not do much other than to say the company did not co-operate. Bottom line - AVOID THESE PEOPLE (OR PERSON) AT ALL COSTS! This is definitely an online scam and hopefully enough people will eventually complain enough to remove them from selling online (ideally put them in jail where they belong!). There is so much more detail I could add here but I was so ticked off after all I went through last year, it is only now that I can stomach to even think about this again, let alone write about it! It is unfortunate that the Garden Watchdog does not have a 4th category for comments called "crooks" as this is where this company should be rated - a negative rating is simply not low enough!

On Nov 22, 2005, ctdaylily (10 reviews) from Wallingford, CT

Plants were delivered over seven weeks after the scheduled date --too late to be re-sold. I never received any notification of a delay. I had made two inquiries during this seven week period. I finally received an e-mail they had been shipped right after my third inquiry on the day I called to cancel the order. They arrived in disarray--soil spilled out of the small (approx.2") pots --several plants actually out of the pot--perhaps because they were packed in a hurry. I had paid $50 to have three trays of rooted cuttings sent to me. A very disappointing experience.

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