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Totally Tomatoes

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334 West Stroud Street
Randolph, Wisconsin 53956-1274 (United States)

Phone: (803) 663-0016
Fax: (888) 477-7333

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Negative BrewstersMaid
Laurel, MD
(1 review)
February 16, 2021
I ordered seeds on January 26, 2021 and received the order confirmation the same day. My credit card account was charged for this order on January 27, 2021. Order status on this company's website says order has shipped, but there is no tracking information available. I've called repeatedly and have waited for up to 20 minutes for someone to pick up the phone to no avail. Haven't received any answer to my customer service email either. It is now February 16 and I still haven't received my seeds. I am disappointed at not receiving my order, but I am outraged at this company charging my credit card for this unfulfilled transaction and not even being able to contact them about it. I'll never order from Totally Tomatoes again.
Negative jbond1717
McMinnville, TN
(1 review)
February 8, 2021
Definitely NOT doing business with this Company. I'll explain. I started a online order with Totally Tomatoes 3 weeks ago, after searching the internet, without luck, for a specific "Mountain" variety tomato. Before I sent my nearly $100 order, I thought best to check reviews here on Dave's. After reading some of the more recent reviews I decided to CALL Totally Tomatoes and speak with them personally about the availability and timing of shipment, as this is critical to my small farm. Per my phone records, I have called 38 times, been on HOLD in a automated system a total of 196 minutes.... and I've yet to speak to a human being. I followed instructions and wrote them an email x3, only to have all of them fail, not because of a bad email address but apparently their system is either DOWN or FULL. ("There was a temporary problem delivering your message to [email protected]."). I've changed my mind entirely. If I can't get in touch with anyone about an ORDER, what in the world would happen if I had issues with product? Guess we'll try the Mountain variety next year, certainly not sending $$ to this bunch over the internet.
Negative dirtfarmer3
Barnwell, SC
(1 review)
January 25, 2021
After struggling through an arcane online ordering form and submitting it, I realized that I had left off several items. When I called, there was a message saying that they weren’t taking phone orders and there was no way to leave a voicemail.
I submitted two “contact us” customer service requests asking for the missing items to be added to the order but they were never answered.
I finally received this after contacting them again after my order arrived:
“This order shipped on 1/16/20. You will have to call to make another order. We do not ADD to orders.”
I will not be ordering from them again.
Negative lizan
Redlands, CA
(2 reviews)
January 16, 2021
Jan 5th - I ordered 3 packets of tomato seeds - Costoluto Genovese, Orange Oxheart and Ten Fingers of Naples. The seeds were "In Stock" and according to the website, in stock seeds are "usually shipped 2-3 business days".
Jan 6th - payment cleared my bank account
Jan 13th - I tracked the order and found it was "still pending", six or seven business days after the order. Six or seven depending on whether Totally Tomatoes, which is open or Saturday, considers Saturday a "Business day". Later that same I rechecked the order and found it had been shipped.
Jan 15th - Package received.
Jan 16th - I opened the package to plant the seeds. I was sent by Totally Tomatoes - the seeds for Pink Better Boy, Early Girls and Orange Oxheart.

I can buy Better Boy and Early Girl in at local Lowe's or Nursery but I can not buy either in seed or plant the tomatoes I wanted. I purchased from Totally Tomatoes since they had all three varieties and I wouldn't have to have three separate shipping charges. Well, now I have separate shipping charges.

No where on their site do they have co-vid 19 delay notifications nor any other statement on backlogs, etc.... Presumably the company should have been able to fulfill an order on a timely basis and correctly.

Next year - I am not taking any chances - I will pay multiple shipping charges instead of buying through Totally Tomatoes.
Negative Frenchwoman911
New Waterford, OH
(1 review)
June 7, 2020
I'm very disappointed with the pepper, eggplant, and tomato plants that were sent to me this spring (2020.) They were dead on arrival and two of the pots didn't even have a plant in them!!! I tried to contact the company twice via email, but they refuse to respond or to acknowledge my complaint. Their product, their packaging, and their customer service is the worst I've ever seen. I really don't know how they stay in business, but I know they will never have my business again.
Negative Waldmani
New Bern, NC
(1 review)
May 10, 2020
On March 27, 2020 I placed an order with Totally Tomatoes for a starter pack of 4 sweet million hybrid tomato plants. They arrived on April 13, 2020 and were completely shrivelled up and completely dead. I took photos of them still in the shipping container and included them in an email to Totally tomatoes. I was surprised to receive an immediate response from J.W. Jung seed company apologizing and stating it was too late to re-ship so they would refund my money. I have not received my refund despite several emails, and 2 phone calls. There has been no response, and no one answered the phone.

Extremely disappointed.
Negative alwysluv2
Mooresville, IN
(1 review)
September 18, 2018
In February of 2018 I ordered 4 packets of seeds from Totally Tomatoes. Shipping charges for the seeds was 4.95 which I felt was a little high to begin with, but paid anyway. I read good things about this company and they had a variety I was looking for. When I finally got the small package, It came POSTAGE DUE. So not only did I pay 4.95 to ship a small, first class envelope, I had to pay it again to finally get my seeds! So trying to give them the benefit of the doubt, I contact "customer service" to try to resolve the problem. I got an apology and a "I'll look into it" but nothing since. Too bad. They have a lot of interesting varieties. It was my first order with Totally Tomatoes and it will be my last.
Negative Annie12
White, GA
(1 review)
June 24, 2017
I ordered Big Zac, Sun Sugar, and Big Brandy tomatoes from this company in June of 2016, though I didn't sow them until January 2017. The Big Zacs and Sun Sugars germinated and are growing great. However, the Big Brandies (though they germinated and grew well as seedlings) after being planted in my raised bed, shriveled and died in the middle of otherwise 7 extremely healthy other tomato plants. I also grew one Big Brandy plant for a son who lives at least 40 miles away. It was a strong and healthy seedling but my son told me it also shriveled and died after he planted it, also among other healthy tomato plants. (The plants looked like they had blight of some kind, but none of the other 7 plants withered and died -- they are very healthy and are loaded with tomatoes. This is garden-virgin soil, so if I end up with Late Blight, I'll know where it came from--Georgia seems to have only Early Blight.) Lot # 16-77-S.

I called TT to see if they'd help me out and talked with "Karen". I asked if they'd had the same problem with other orders of Big Brandies. She said, No, and because mine had germinated, it wasn't their fault and they couldn't help me. I've never had trouble getting seeds replaced when there was a problem from other companies, but I won't ever order from TT again, though they've been my go-to tomato company for years. They've deteriorated since being taken over by Jung. So we missed a whole year of Big Brandy tomatoes because of this problem.
Negative dirtboyfl
Panama City Beach, FL
(1 review)
April 29, 2015
I ordered 8 grafted tomato plants, two of which arrived dead, the other 6 are near death. They used a 9 day shipping method (really?? for live plants???). Even if they were alive, the plants are puny, at best. The order took over a month to be processed. If they grow the plants to order then they should say so. The only positive thing I can say about them is that they agreed to refund my credit card, without question. Of course I would rather have the plants I ordered in healthy condition.
Negative asgn77
Orland Park, IL (Zone 5a)
(2 reviews)
May 8, 2014
Beware, do not order live plants from this company. They sent me tomato seedling 1 inch tall, and all were dry and dead.
$6.98 per 4 the smallest seedlings ever?
You can find 6 pack tomato plants for $ 1.98 at Menards, and 3 times bigger.
Neutral sharecrapper
Macon, GA
(1 review)
January 14, 2014
I have ordered seeds from Totally Tomatoes two years in a row. The first year the seedlings were all deforme and I got no crop from them. I thought that the spray bottle I used might have had a residue in it. I start seedlings under lights on heating pads. Previous years the same type of seeds from Burpee grew extremely well, but they have disappeared from their catalogue so I got them elsewhere. In 2013 I again ordered them from Totally Tomatoes and took great care to use only a new spray bottles and other materials. Again I had deformed seedlings but the deformations appeared later when I set them outdoors. I managed to get a few plants to mature and set fruit. This year I will get my seeds somewhere else.

I am not saying the seeds I got were to blame, but in the ten years I have been planting the same variety I have never had problems with seeds purchased elsewhere. I wont risk loosing another crop and will not order from this company again.
Positive robbdogr
Long Beach, CA (Zone 10a)
(8 reviews)
December 21, 2013
I am very happy with the handling and shipping time. I placed an order for my mom, an avid tomato grower, for two of her current favorite varieties of tomatoes, Big Zach and Super Marzano, hoping to get them in time for a Christmas present. In total, I ordered six tomato seed packets, including my favorite cherry tomato, Sun Sugar. I got two pkgs of the Big Zach because I have heard from other tomato growers that big Zach is harder to germinate and needs a little extra care getting them to sprout.

I placed the order late on Saturday night on Dec. 14th and the seeds arrived on Friday, Dec. 20th, Wisconsin to California. I had really debated on whether or not to order, since I was worried they would not be here in time for Christmas. I was pleasantly surprised Totally Tomatoes sent a shipping confirmation notice Monday via email with a tracking number when they shipped. They also included two free trial pkgs, one pkg of a pepper seeds and one pkg of heirloom tomato seeds.

Positive rrho
Batavia, NY
(5 reviews)
December 13, 2013
happy with totally tomatoes. they emailed a tracking number when they shipped my order which was nice. they sent two extra seed packets. pepper coring knife will help when making lots of salsa.
Neutral leecounty
West Salem, WI
(3 reviews)
November 29, 2013
I've been a customer of Totally Tomatoes since they were in the SE US. I have always been in awe of the number of varieties that they carry.

The seeds I receive from TT are always great when it comes to germination. I sometimes will have a few seedlings that show damage on the cotyledons from mechanical damage to the seed when it was picked, but it's rare. They always grow into nice, healthy plants with no disease.

Where the issue comes in is that it seems that over the years we get more and more oddball plants popping up. For example, if I buy a packet of beefsteak, I may not have all beefsteak plants. I may also have a yellow cherry or a purple paste tomato that seems to have mixed in with it to. This year, I had Glacier Tomatoes that I bought. I planted 20 plants, but 8 of them produced small yellow cherry tomatoes that were about the size of my thumbnail. I did grow other varieties of tomatoes in my garden, but none of the other varieties were were yellow or orange, so it is not possible that they got mixed. I was told that I was the only one to have called in with this problem and was given the third degree on possible not labelling my plants correctly. Again, have never grown a tomato like this one, this year or in the past. Hmmm, I hope my packet was the only one like this, and I hope that in the past my 'oddities' that popped up were unique to my garden. Seems a little odd though.

I will be careful in all my future purchases from TT. While they have great growing, healthy plants, I need to have a place that also comes through on having the correct variety.
Positive donnyczech
Sioux Falls, SD (Zone 4b)
(6 reviews)
September 13, 2013
I purchased several packages of tomato and pepper seeds from TT and had good luck with them. I will purchase from them again. The germination was acceptable and the plants were healthy.
Neutral mtgibson
College Station, TX
(1 review)
April 25, 2013
As others have said the plants arrive in miserable condition. They should be ok tho, but for one or two. The packaging is the problem and I am surprised that they use these boxes. I used to buy and sell african violets, Even a hobbyist can ship plants better than this. You could simply roll them in a newspaper tube and pack with paper, and they would arrive in better condition. These are packed in a box that says it is designed for plants, but it seems that it causes the bulk of the damage to the stems. The pots are also not wrapped so soil is everywhere. Pretty sloppy actually. Just a little protection around the plants would do wonders.

The seeds are started in soil plugs and are well rooted. They ship four plugs per small plastic container. This is nice so you dont have to worry with separating roots and damaging them.

I ordered three grafted plants. The grafted tomatoes look ok (the same as the others - beaten up). The eggplant is near death and I may have to call the time soon.

Overall my seedlings grown without heat or more than window light (for only about four hours a day) are in as good or better condition. We'll have to see how they bear out in the season in comparison.

I did get some good varieties so hopefully they will produce.
Positive dmshrike
Salem, NH
(7 reviews)
April 24, 2013
I needed many plants this year, ordered from Totally Tomato, Bluestone perennials, NH hostas, American Meadows, Classy Groundcovers,
& Dans Dahlias. I will comment on each site as the orders come in.
Totally Tomato got my smallest order this year. 3 packs of tomato seeds. using Jiffy pots and Jiffy starting mix all gerinated in 7 to 10 days (no heat mat, room temp. at 72) all is going well
Negative Mylena1
Cliff Island, ME
(12 reviews)
February 4, 2013
It was for the first time that I ordered seeds from this company. I was amazed by the great choice of seeds and ordered exactly what I wanted to try this year. To my disappontment instead of Early Goliath I got the seeds that I didn't order and don't want. I placed my order on January 10, and on January 15 they made a comment on their website that Early Goliath seeds are unavailable this season and they offer a substitute. OK, I understand that there may be problems, but why didn't they contact me and didn't ask me whether I wanted their substitute or not, or perhaps there was anything else that I wanted, or maybe I just wanted my money back. The worst that I don't like about all mail-order companies is that they cheat their customers sending them the wrong stuff. I am sorry that Totally Tomatoes Company also prefers cheating their customers to communicating with them. I am really very disappointed - wasted money and unnecessary stuff - this is my first and I am sure the last experience with this company.
Positive Buddy44
Eagle Rock, VA
(24 reviews)
January 24, 2013
Posted on February 25, 2010, updated January 24, 2013
Posted on June 8, 2007, updated February 24, 2010
Have been ordering seeds from this company for several years. I always order early to be sure I have my seeds before the ordering rush occurs. The germination rate has been fantastic. The selection is great.
On March 19th, 2008, Buddy44 added the following:

Another wonderful ordering experience with quick shipping.
On April 20th, 2009, Buddy44 added the following:

Thanks for another flawless ordering and delivery experience.
On February 25th, 2010, Buddy44 added the following:

Another year and another order filled and shipped in a timely manner.
On January 24th, 2013, Buddy44 added the following:

Another successful and quickly shipped transaction. Thanks for the free seeds.
Positive Mikedog
Payne, GA
(2 reviews)
November 5, 2012
I have ordered from this company off & on for 20 years. No
other company seems to fill the small gardener nitch quite as well including the Big Guys & the obscure (I love them all equally till they burn me).They offer many "heirlooms" as well as the latest hybrids that are often only available in larger quantity & higher cost elsewhere. They do do sell treated seed so be aware of that. Service, shipping time & cost were AOK.
Positive Haviland1970
Butler, NJ
(2 reviews)
October 9, 2012
Posted on May 14, 2012, updated October 9, 2012
I used to start all of my tomatoes from seed but have run out of room under my grow lights. So, this year I ordered some Big Zac, Mortgage Lifter and Bush Goliath plants from Totally Tomatoes. Also ordered some Gourmet pepper plants and other seeds. They sent me some free seeds, a collection of Heirloom tomato varieties. Started the free tomato seeds and grew a bunch of odd looking tomato plants. I've never grown heirloom tomatoes before and they definitely look different. But, all nice strong healthy plants.
The plants I ordered were priced great. $5.50 for 4 plants each plus shipping. They arrived and I was a bit surprised at how small they were. They looked a little beaten up by the shipping time in the box, but they had good root structures for such small plants. I replanted them all into 4" pots with Miracle Gro and within a week they perked up nicely. Two weeks later they were strong enough to go into the ground (last weekend) and are looking strong-healthy green with strong stems. Will update as the season gets underway, but all looks well thus far.
On October 9th, 2012, Haviland1970 added the following:

Harvested about 250 tomatoes this year between the plants and seeds ordered from TT. I consider that a solid harvest! The Heirloom Tomato seeds were interesting. Some varieties were huge and tasty, and some were strange shapes and colors. Not sure what was what, but we had some delicious tomatoes out of the free seeds. The mortgage lifter tomatoes were my favorite, they grew nicely all through September. The Big Zacs were massive in size, but not as tasty as the ML's. The Bush Goliath were OK, nothing special but they did produce well. I will definitely order a bunch of plants from this company next year and try some more varieties of their tomatoes.
Beulaville, NC
(2 reviews)
August 24, 2012
The only seeds that grew as they should were for the Big Beef Hybrid VFFNtASt and I was totally satisfied. HOWEVER, I will never order from this company again.
FREE TRIAL GOURMET HEIRLOOM BLEND TOMATO: Horrible plants; some did not even look like tomato plants and no tomatoes to harvest.
WATERMELON, SOLITAIRE HYBRID: They had to send a replacement packet because the first pkg did not germinate inside the house as directed. By then, it was too late to start indoors so I planted directly outside. Nothing germinated again. They would not replace nor refund. I also planted a hill of watermelon that I purchased from Burpee, and they grew.
PEPPER, PETER, ALFREY'S STRAIN: Definitely did not grow as pictured. I kept them separate from other plants.
FREE TRIAL, PEPPER, GOLDEN TREASURE: I thought these had germinated, but I was wrong. So this year I am stuck with only hot peppers.
Positive WNYGardener
Dunkirk, NY
(3 reviews)
March 29, 2012
I have ordered from Totally Tomatoes twice, in 2011 and this year. In both cases I had communication with the staff via phone and email. The company was responsive and its representatives made a good effort to address my concerns. Last year I had some difficulty germinating two of the 18 varieties I purchased. I am happy with prices, selection, seed quality (on average), and specially customer service.
Positive suzy_qu3
East Chatham, NY
(8 reviews)
October 18, 2011
I recently ordered from these folks for the second time. They were out of stock on an items and promptly refunded my money. The planting garlic I ordered was in beautiful condition. The seeds I've gotten in the past were good. Their service is very prompt.
Neutral tepesridge
Catoosa, OK
(10 reviews)
August 9, 2011
I have ordered seeds from them for more years than I can remember. I've always been extremely happy with their selection and quality. My complaint now, is that last winter I ordered some Piquin seeds ( along with about 40 other varieties of pepper and tomatoes). They are now producing fruit and the fruit is NOT a Piquin but a Chiltepin (the company sells both). I wrote to tell them that there must have been a mix up with the seeds. Not a single response. I would think they would have at least written to apologize for the mix up. I will continue to shop with them, but I am not happy with their customer service.
Neutral sugarpine
San Jose, CA
(2 reviews)
April 26, 2011
Posted on January 5, 2011, updated April 26, 2011
My order arrived very quickly. The seeds were packed very nicely, and I got two free seed packets. I will order from Totally Tomatoes again. Excellent customer service, too.
On April 26th, 2011, sugarpine changed the rating from positive to neutral and added the following:

I had some problems with germination. About half the seeds germinated after a month and a half; I am planting new seeds now.
Positive aileen246
Priest River, ID
(19 reviews)
March 20, 2011
Ordered three kinds of tomatoes, two came plus a acceptable substitute. Recently planted them and 4 days later, they have sprouted. I'm satisfied with the price of the seeds and viability, although shipping could be a little cheaper. Now I need Mother Nature to do her part.
Neutral summerwynde
Dublin, NH
(7 reviews)
January 28, 2011
I have been ordering from Totally Tomatoes for the last four years. I have always been impressed with the selection of tomatoes and peppers they carry -- if only I could plant each one!

I've had some problems with germination from other company's seeds in the past (see my other posts) and said company was rather shady with their response. Of the items I ordered, the Gold Nugget was labeled with a special tag denoting that the germination rate was below their company standards but above the federal standards and overfilled to make up for it. I'm really impressed. It's nice to see a company that is honest with their germination rates and are willing to go the extra step to make sure their customers are happy.

I highly recommend Totally Tomatoes to my friends and family and I highly recommend them to you.

Note from the Garden Watchdog editors:

It is the stated policy of the Garden Watchdog that companies can NOT pose as customers in submitting customer feedback to inflate their own rating. The rating, along with the rating from "Bevgar" originally positive, were changed from positive to neutral so that they would not affect the overall rating given by customers.
Positive taufgardner
American Fork, UT
(21 reviews)
January 19, 2011
Posted on January 11, 2011, updated January 19, 2011
I ordered some tomato seeds today. Wow! What a selection. Varieties I couldn't find elsewhere. Lots of choices. Great prices. I am excited to see how it turns out. I have ordered from HPS (a sister company) for the past several years and have had terrific luck, so I am confident that these seeds will work out well, too. My only criticism is that the catalog is poorly organized. Difficult to sort out the hot vs. hotter peppers, or the different types of tomatoes, etc. Seems they could do a better job of categorizing things to make them easier to find.
On January 19th, 2011, taufgardner added the following:

Seeds arrived promptly and in the condition I have grown to expect from its Totally Tomatoes' sister company, HPS (in other words, excellent).
Positive gacooleys
Buford, GA (Zone 7b)
(2 reviews)
November 20, 2010
Really great selection for tomato and pepper nuts. Good quality that is typical of the Jungs family.
Neutral bevgar
Ithaca, NY (Zone 5a)
(3 reviews)
May 25, 2010
My husband and I have ordered from Totally Tomatoes for many years and were especially impressed with the seed we received this year. We ordered 21 different varieties of tomatoes and 15 varieties of peppers. All of our varieties had germination rates of 95% or higher. Nice to see such good seed.

Note from the Garden Watchdog editors:

It is the stated policy of the Garden Watchdog that companies can NOT pose as customers in submitting customer feedback to inflate their own rating. The rating, along with the rating from "Summerwynde" originally positive, were changed from positive to neutral so that they would not affect the overall rating given by customers.
Positive rtucker607
Covington, VA
(7 reviews)
March 16, 2010
A great company to deal with. We order a wide variety of tomato seeds every year and the order always arrives as it did again this year quickly. The selection is first rate and some seeds can not be found anywhere else.
Positive blueeyeskms
Waverly, KS (Zone 5b)
(29 reviews)
March 6, 2010
This was my 1st year ordering from them. Turnaround was very quick and so far germination appears to be great! Will buy from again!
Positive ZoarGardener
Bolivar, OH
(2 reviews)
March 6, 2010
My order arrived exactly 2 weeks after I mailed it. Not bad considering I paid by check. They offer a wide variety of tomato and pepper seeds that I have never seen elsewhere so I found their selection to be impressive. ALL of the seed packets had more seeds in them than the number stated. Out of the 10 vegetables that I have already started, 9 of them had a nearly 100% germination rate. (Habanero 'chocolate' was the exception but still germainated at about 70%.) I am very satisfied with Totally Tomatoes and will order again in the future.
Positive kjd
Parker, CO
(6 reviews)
February 8, 2010
Posted on January 29, 2009, updated February 8, 2010
I ordered seeds (online) from several companies Jan 10. I received the material from other companies within a week. When I emailed TT (Jan 26) to see if they had received my order, they said they shipped Jan 15 and I had to wait 5-14 business days for delivery - that means I need to wait until Feb 4 (nearly a month after ordering). I guess if you know they will be this slow in filling orders it's not a big deal. I'd hate to wait until late winter or early spring to place an order and expect it in a reasonable amount of time.
On February 8th, 2010, kjd changed the rating from neutral to positive and added the following:

This year I ordered seed again (Dec 29). I received the order within a week. One variety was back-ordered and I received it 11 days later. Much better processing (makes me wonder if last year's order had really shipped when they said - or maybe USPS misplaced it). To be fair, this year's order was handled quickly and efficiently. Good germination on all seed last year - I will order from them again.
Positive MustafaMc
Leland, MS
(5 reviews)
January 21, 2010
I have ordered from them for several years and have gotten good service. I like the wide diversity of varieties and hybrids offered. I order most of my tomato seed here.
Positive toughgardengeek
Bethpage, NY
(6 reviews)
January 19, 2010
I order from them regularly for most of my tomato and pepper seed. It's all about the price and variety. Every order has been on time, and great gemination rates. Sure, there are the other companies that have their exclusives, and when interested that's when I go elsewhere.
Positive betta5
Gainesville, FL
(1 review)
May 19, 2009
I ordered several types of tomato seeds. The seeds arrived in about a week and a half. I planted a few seeds from one of the tomato types and they started to come up within a week. The germination rate was good. I planted roughly 15 tomato seeds and have had 12 come up so far. I did not order any plants but would certainly order seeds again.
Positive BellefonteJen
Bellefonte, PA (Zone 5b)
(3 reviews)
May 9, 2009
I have ordered tomato and pepper seeds from this company for the last three seasons. All have been very successful.
Negative ljlouden
Winston Salem, NC
(1 review)
April 25, 2009
I ordered seeds and plant collections. The seeds had about a 90% germination rate and I might order seeds from them again.

I also ordered some plant collections. I expected that they would be small but what I did not expect was that they would send 4 seedlings growing in one 2 inch cube pot. I will never order plants from them again.

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