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  Company Comment, posted on January 23, 2008:  
My name is Angel Mattocks, My husband ( David ) and I run the business Central Florida Farms. We at Central Florida Farms want to start by appoligizing to the many, complaints. We had some problems with getting our emails and decided to shut the business down for a few months due to mine and my son ( Corban ) medical issues,and my husband David working full time, it was to much for us to handle. David was under the impression that he closed all of the buy links on the page and later found out that what he had done to the links did not work. .We would like to send out all of the products that were paid for ( whether or not you recieved a refund via pay pal ) free of charge if you did not recieve a refund let us know and one will be applied to you along with the plants you ordered from us . If you could send me a email at [email protected] with a list of the plants you ordered the dates and your address and phone number and your purchase price and whether or not you recieved a refund.

We here at Central Florida Farms pride ourselfs on Customer satisfaction healthy and unique plants ( some of which you cannot find anywhere else on the web) and are truely sorry to those of you that feel the way you do about us at this time. Thank you for your time, and God bless you all.

We do appoligize to everyone, we here at Central Florida Farms hope that you will be able to in the future, have the confidence to buy from us agian, if not we are very sorry for the problems that this has caused each and every one of you.

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Negative zspeed32
Exeter, CA
(1 review)
October 30, 2010
Ordered about a $100 worth of seedlings in Oct. 09. They never responded to a single communication attempt. I did file a Paypal dispute, but they could not recover any money from the seller. Couldn't recover any money because I transferred from my bank account - always use credit card with Paypal!
Negative plantfreek
(5 reviews)
January 15, 2010
Posted on June 17, 2007, updated January 14, 2010
I have joined the group of people who have ordered from this company and haven’t heard anything from them since. I’ve had no response to any attempted inquiry except an automated response saying they would get right back to me (or an error message saying their mailbox was full). I have filed a dispute with PayPal. An interesting point about their policy (click on “terms & agreements” at the bottom of their homepage, then see the section “PayPal claims & buyer disputes”) is that they state that if a dispute is filed with PayPal, they will not ship unless the claim is canceled. However, once a dispute is canceled, it cannot be re-filed.

More contact info can be found by Googling "Florida Nursery and Growers Association” "central florida farms" .

The owner of the company, David, says in his website that medical problems with his wife and child have interfered with his business. That is certainly understandable. But, according to him, this has been going on for at least a year and a half and he does not appear to have done anything of consequence to let buyers know what will happen (or not happen) after they order.

On January 15th, 2010, plantfreek added the following:

I cannot BELIEVE that this outfit is still making a pretense of being in business, and taking people's money. They have a history for years now of simply accepting payments for orders, then never responding. Year ago they were "selling" on ebay, got massively negative feedback. Now and then they post some sob story about how they can't keep up with business, personal problems, etc.
Negative jconnorsclay
Estero, FL
(1 review)
December 14, 2009
I ordered from Central Florida Farms in June 2009. The payment was received by them through PayPal. As of December 14, 2009 I have not received delivery, many promises and excuses, but no plant. Emails and phone calls were unsuccessful. Today I finally notified PayPal of this scam. Obviously my experience with Central Florida Farms is NEGATIVE. Save your money and get your plants elsewhere.
Negative mooner
Valparaiso, FL
(1 review)
December 12, 2009
I also got scammed. Ordered a banana plant on 10/20. I emailed them on 11/9 and received a reply from Angel Mattocks that plant would be shipped in 3-5 weeks. Tried to call them, but mail box was was full. On 11/23 I notified Paypal. Paypal needs to terminate Central Florida Farms contract! I was able to locate them. Angel Dawn Mattocks, 1528 State Rd 40 West, Astor, Fl. 32102-7903. Personal phone unlisted.
Negative Fiona5
San Jose, CA
(6 reviews)
November 9, 2009
I wish I had found this site before ordering from CFF 2 months ago! It would have saved me a lot of hassle. She states her husband was "under the impression he had closed the buy links down", yet here we almost a year later and he still hasn't done it! No, I haven't received any plants either. No reply to my emails to various addresses or to voice-mail.
Negative bdanwood
College Station, TX
(3 reviews)
October 23, 2009
Posted on October 08, 2009, updated October 23, 2009
Regardless of the last report, which I suspect to be from someone affiliated (look at the address), this company is still at it's scamming. I ordered two kiwi plants and am continuing to get the story that they have been shipped. I'm dubious that I will ever receive them. I've paid through paypal and will be checking my alternatives there, given that the 45 days has expired. I'll also be looking into the Florida Attorney General suggestion. Also, since this shipment is in interstate commerce, the U.S. attorney general is a possibility, as well as the Office of Consumer Protection of the Federal Trade Commission. Chalk it up to bad judgment on my part in not checking them out beforehand.
On October 9th, 2009, bdanwood added the following:

I contacted the Florida Attorney General's Office about these folks. Their response is below. So far I've followed their first two suggestions and may follow others. Perhaps if more people who were scammed complain we can shut down this illegal operation.

Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum received your email regarding your concerns with Central Florida Farms. Attorney General McCollum asked that I respond on his behalf.

Attorney General McCollum is concerned as well with potentially unfair and deceptive trade practices that mislead consumers. By law, this office exercises statutory authority to address consumer fraud under Chapter 501, Part II, Florida Statutes, known as Florida's Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practices Act. Our office focuses its enforcement efforts on business practices by companies which harm numerous consumers in more than one judicial circuit. We use complaints to develop information about patterns
of business activity which may indicate the need for formal investigation or action by our office to protect the broad public interest. Please note that our office does not mediate individual consumer complaints.

Please contact the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Division of Consumer Services (DACS) to file a complaint. The DACS is the state clearinghouse for consumer complaints and has a
voluntary mediation program to assist individual consumers. You may contact DACS at:

Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
Division of Consumer Services
2005 Apalachee Parkway
Tallahassee, Florida 32399
Telephone: (850) 488-2221
Toll-free within FL: (800) 435-7352
Website: //

You may also wish to contact the Internet Crime Complaint Center, a combined effort of the National White Collar Crime Center and the FBI to combat Internet fraud, by telephone at (800) 251-7581, or visit that agency's website at:


The following websites may be helpful to you:

// Commission "Online Shopping"

// Commission "Billed For Merchandise You Never Received?"

(follow the path at Consumer Protection/Protecting Yourself Against Consumer Fraud)

In addition, you may contact the following consumer agencies as you seek to resolve your individual complaint:

Federal Trade Commission
Toll-free: (877) 382-4357
Internet: //

Better Business Bureau of Central Florida (serving Winter Park, Orlando, Altamonte Springs areas)
Telephone: (407) 621-3300
(800) 275-6614 (toll-free in FL only)
Internet: //

Finally, Florida's Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act provides individuals with a private remedy to bring an action for damages, attorney's fees and court costs. If you need help finding a lawyer, The Florida Bar offers a Lawyer Referral Service which you may contact toll-free at (800) 342-8060. If you cannot afford to hire an attorney, you may be eligible for low cost or pro bono assistance through a local
legal aid office. The Florida Bar can assist you with this process.

Thank you for contacting Attorney General McCollum's Office. I hope this information proves to be helpful.


Travis Dudley
Office of Citizen Services

On October 23rd, 2009, bdanwood added the following:

Paypal refunded my money even though the 45 days had passed. I was hoping they would shut this scam operation down, but I see that it is still possible to pay with Paypal on their website. More people need to complain about this operation.
Negative unigarden
Lake Jackson, TX
(1 review)
October 7, 2009
I was excited about ordering plants and waited anxiously for the arrival. Ha what a joke they have never arrived and from reading these comments I will never receive them. I should have checked them out first. A linch mob would be too good for these crooks. If you can not deliver then stop letting people place orders. You are fully aware of what you are doing. My claim is in and the attorney general is next as well as the BBB.
Neutral nous
Mount Dora, FL
(1 review)
September 24, 2009
I bought some product from Central florida farms. It gave a statment that it woudl take 3 to 5 weeks.
In the end I received the product and commmunicated with the owners.I am neutral on them as a buisness, they in the end fulfilled the tranfer of product and had legitimate excuse as for the time span going over, and are honest people.
Thank you,

Negative Goodasgold
Auburn, AL
(1 review)
July 1, 2009
I ordered 2 banana plants in march and now it is July and I haven't
received anything but Lies.
I Don't like to be told, IT IS ON ITS WAY and find out they never shipped it,
time and time again.

JWA Auburn AL
Negative jpearson535
Deland, FL
(2 reviews)
May 23, 2009
I too have ordered plants from Central Florida Farms and have not received the product as promised. My correspondence with the seller was answered only when I threatened to complain to PayPal. I have now filed a dispute through PayPal and the bank that issued the credit card that I used.
Negative chapharper
Hot Springs National Park, AR
(1 review)
May 20, 2009
I just completed a formal complaint with the Attorney General of Florida. However it was lacking an address since it was not listed anywhere. I was in told in March(2009) that a horrible freeze had occured there and the Borneo elephant ears were not large enough to ship yet. She would contact me in May and ship them then(over 45 days so I couldn't get a refund from Pay Pal). I tried to get through to them for the last three days with email and no answer. I called them and the answering machine is full. If you try to order plants they say they are not taking orders now, but they will be back soon. I say only if they can take orders from prison! There are so many good companies out there like Eldon's for instance that I guess I trusted the wrong people without doing due diligence. My bad!
Negative tonyatthebeach
Orange Beach, AL
(1 review)
May 16, 2009
I ordered from this (company) and paid for a Musa Basa through paypal and wrote an email to them to confirm they had recieved it. Angel emailed my back stating that they were running behind but that they would get my order sent later that week with an extra plant for my trouble...It's been 3 weeks since then and still NO PLANTS! Can't get a reply from them now and wish I'd never heard of Central Florida Farms. Do Not Do Business with these Scam Artists!!!!!!
Negative razordj
Raleigh, NC
(1 review)
May 10, 2009
I ordered 6 Borneo Alocasia Giant Bulbs and 2 Red Siam banana trees on 3-22-09. I've received nothing. Rec'd an e'mail from Angel promising shipment the next week, that was 3 weeks ago. Filed a complaint with PayPal, then rec'd another e-mail from Angel that my order was shipped she would give me a tracking # the next day. Still have no tracking # and still no plants. I may have lost my 300.00, but I gained a lot of experience. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH CENTRAL FLORIDA FARMS. TOO BAD I WOULD HAVE BEEN A REPEAT CUSTOMER.
Negative RYBOYER
Greenwell Springs, LA
(1 review)
April 24, 2009

I ordered 2 Hua Moa banana plants on 3/14/09 for 59.00 and paid through pay pal. I still have not recieved my plants. I emailed Angel on 4/09/09 she said she would mail them out the following Monday. She said she delayed shipping do to freezing tempertures. That I know is B.S. Because I live in Louisiana and we had no freezes since the first week of March and she is located further south. After about 1 week I emailed her again on 4/17/09 stating I knew I only had 45 days to file a complaint with pay pal so please send my order or refund my money. Well I did not get my plants or a refund from Angel. I filed a complaint with pay pal this morning. I Just want my money back now.

Neutral jimmy2
live oak, TX (Zone 9a)
(14 reviews)
March 2, 2009
i orderd from this company,email them first if they had the items, they email back yes, the plants arrive sm,ok,even gave a free extra, the delivery was a little slow, but recieved ,hopefully better change for the future,
Positive chironex
N Las Vegas, NV (Zone 9a)
(1 review)
October 27, 2008
My experience was positive, my banana plant arrived in good condition, was well packed and within the time-frame promised. I did not have to email or call them, it just arrived as expected.

In view of all of the negative feedback, hopefully things are back in working order for CFF. My experience might be an indication of that change.
Negative jedinhb
(1 review)
October 1, 2008
I ordered my plants on July 3rd and just got them today (oct 1st). They claim to have email trouble. Do they live in Iraq? Come on! Give me a break. My plants showed up totally thrashed too. I'm betting they don't survive. Never do business with them! You will regret it!
Negative briancirwin1
(1 review)
September 3, 2008
I am just the latest person to be taken advantage of in exactly the same way as described in other comments. Even got the same email response buying time and then nothing... I am quite upset that they have been getting away with this for so long and paypal or BBB or anyone has done nothing...
Neutral leahrenee1
Orlando, FL
(3 reviews)
August 15, 2008
Scam artists. I find Angels's rebuttal to be beyond bold! My order never arrived, I have left many phone messages and emails, now their paypal accounts have been closed. I did find an address for them but an arial view reveals that it is not a nursery, just a small building, no plants to be found.
On September 15th, 2008, leahrenee1 changed the rating from negative to neutral and added the following:

*Update, 8 weeks after my order was made it arrived at my house. David wrote me a letter explaining his actions and asking me not to blame his wife, along with a discount offer if I ordered more plants. They were healthy plants but I think I there were way too many excuses.
Negative toddntampa
Tampa, FL
(1 review)
July 27, 2008

I have put this off as long as I can... I tried to give Central Florida Farms the benefit of the doubt and I waited patiently for them to do the right thing. However, like everyone else here, I've been taken advantage of by these people!

On June 10th (my birthday), I ordered a couple of plants for my courtyard. Immediately after I placed the order, I sent them an e-mail wanting to confirm what I had ordered and I never got a response. And while **normally** I check out a business before I buy from them on the web, I chose (subconsciously) to forgo that process due to the elaborate website and so many plant offerings. I noted they also had some really cool palms that I was also planning to purchase in the future!! These people COULD HAVE had my business over & over!


I too wrote to Angel who "promised to send the plants and an additional plant for my inconvenience"... HOWEVER, I know now that that was just to buy time in hopes that the 45 days would elapse before I had the chance to dispute the charges through PayPal. I have now done just that (thanks to this website!! and all the derogatory comments) and am currently awaiting a response from Dave Mattocks by July 30th. I am not holding my breath!

Another member here, 'flionti', mentions that people should file a complaint with the Florida Attorney General's website (scroll down for the link in their post of July 16, 2008). I suggest everyone do just that! Afterall, if they're having problems filling orders, then WHY NOT TAKE THE WEBSITE DOWN? WHY CONTINUE TO TAKE INNOCENT PEOPLE'S MONEY?

Negative marti6729
Union Grove, AL
(1 review)
July 21, 2008


They will not answer any emails or phone calls.

Call them 1-386-299-3605 and God will bless you in the form of Angels voice saying they can't take your calls :ONLY your MONEY!!I

We ordered from them a month ago via paypal thinking that they were a legitimate business WHAT a mistake!!
They have scammed everyone they have dealt with.
Negative lexiblue
Sand Springs, OK
(1 review)
July 19, 2008
I too placed an order from this company, waited the 14 business days and nothing. I contacted them, they promised to ship it out the next week and nothing. They now won't return my phone calls or emails. I was attracted by the beautiful plants and free shipping. (Easy to offer free shipping when you aren't shipping anything out.) All you have to do is visit the Better Business Bureau for Central Florida to see that these complaints are not isolated incidents and that this company has a significant history of taking people's money without providing the service that was paid for. This is a standard mode of operation for them.
Negative pego1200
Lake Mary, FL (Zone 9b)
(1 review)
July 14, 2008
Unfortunately I can confirm the negative comments of the members below. I was attracted by the rare palm trees they had on their web page and I ordered 3 of them on July 3rd via PayPal, but I heard nothing back from them. I tried several times to contact under the different e-mails and via phone, but nothing; no reply, no confirmation. I am out $123 and I fear about my funds now.

I should have read the comments on this page before I made the order.

Negative Areephanthu
Hartsville, SC
(1 review)
July 9, 2008
I had three orders over a short time. I continued to order plants before I received first shipment. My stupidity in getting excited about the different plants they had available. I never received any plants. They claimed they shipped my plants but they were lost. They continued to claim they would send my plants. I asked for a refund and never received a reply. I asked for a refund from Paypal. But only received 2 of 3 payments back due to the timeline. They said I would receive my plants even though I was asking for a refund. But of course I received nothing and I am out $187.
Negative TampaGarden
Tampa, FL
(1 review)
July 5, 2008


*** FRAUD ALERT!! ***

I sent them a paypal payment on April 27 2008 of this year for two large Alocasia Bulbs and still have never received anything from them! I asked several times for a refund and got nothing, not even a response. I waited too long to file a dispute with paypal and now I am at a loss.

My paypal payment was in total of $59.90, transaction ID 7HH73604BN7672533 and still has never been refunded!!! I am posting here in hopes they will do the right thing and refund my money!! If they do i will gladly post here stating they have done so. If not then flame on!

Positive budholly101
Franklinville, NC
(1 review)
June 20, 2008
I ordered a Blue Java/Ice Cream banana from Central Florida Farms in mid-May. After the promised 14 day shipping period had elapsed with no plant in my mailbox, I contacted Angel. It took two emails and a phonecall to get a response, and another phonecall and two emails to get my plant. I did, however, get three extra, different plants (if I'd ordered these on my own, I would have spent about $90). All three are highly desirable, suitable for my climate zone, and in great condition. I wouldn't rule CFF out for future transactions, just know that it may take some patience and time to get your order, so plan and order well in advance.
Negative lancerstelz
Miami, FL
(1 review)
May 30, 2008
I recently ordered a Red Banana plant from these people. It was paid for through Paypal. They sent me a confirmation of my order, and claimed it would be shipped out in a few days. Never happened. I emailed. No response. I called and left a message. No response. I contacted Paypal, and Paypal tried to get them to respond. They never responded to Paypal so, hopefully, I will now get a refund. DO NOT ORDER FROM THESE PEOPLE!! Read all the negative comments, and save your money.
Neutral Zogger99
Raleigh, NC
(1 review)
May 17, 2008
I was just getting ready to find out what happened to my order when it arrived today, with two extra plants for the delay. These are my first bananna plants, I will update as the season goes on. If it weren't for their great website and obvious love of the plants, I'd be ticked off with the delay and no communication, but I'm feeling optimistic ;)
Positive geeeman
New York, NY
(1 review)
May 14, 2008
The bananas are fantastic. There was a delay with the order because of a miscommunication. They actually sent me an extra 2 plants as an apology and were extremely kind. Give them a chance, the plants are great!
Positive Allancaseus
New Albany, IN
(1 review)
May 12, 2008
I am happy to say that I received my plant order from Central Florida Farms this past weekend. I had placed an order and sent a follow-up e-mail and they were slow to respond. After reading the info on this website I was afraid I was not going to get my order or my money back. However, they did respond to the next e-mail and I also got a phone call from Angel Mattocks offering a refund. My plants arrived healthy and they even sent two free plants as gifts because the order was slow in being processed. I hope everyone else is able to work out their complaints as the plants I received were nice specimens.
Negative sattolico
Tucson, AZ
(1 review)
April 28, 2008
I ordered a plant from this company in Feb 08 and after not receiving it in the time period stated of 2 weeks I contacted them. They sent an email saying that they had marked it as sent and would correct the error and send it. I waited and have not received anything after the prescribed time which unfortunately puts me over the 45 day limit with Pay Pal.
I now get no response from there email address.

On May 15th, 2008, sattolico added the following:

After contacting CFF with the help of information I got on this site. They did send my order and also sent two extra plants as a way of saying sorry for the delay. The plants arrived in very good shape and are in the ground, one has a new leaf already. I am happy they took care of thei issue.
Negative bully01
Noble, IL
(1 review)
March 27, 2008
On about 6/20/07, I ordered online $104 of elephant ears and paid with pay pal. After 2months I tried to get a refund but Pay Pal had a 45 day limit. Since I had missed this, I tried to get in contact with Central Florida Farms. I happened to see angels reply on Dave's Garden website in January, 2008. So I tried the email. I got an answer that said they were going to send my order--nine months late. They said I would get my order by that Friday. Three weeks later, nothing. She even called and told me I would get the order. Still nothing---save your money. Mike Bookwalter
Negative houtown
Houston, TX
(1 review)
September 13, 2007
July 12, 2007 I paid for two ginger plants via PayPal; the plants have never arrived. I have had no response from my emails and have now begun the process of filing a report with PayPal in hopes of recovering my cost. This is a company that is scamming buyers.
Negative Caladiums4Less
Lake Placid, FL (Zone 9b)
(12 reviews)
August 17, 2007
Buyers Beware!!
Bought two Black Magic plants for my personal collection. Plants were NEVER received though. Thankfully I paid via PayPal and got my money back after a short wait. They didn't respond to any emails in regards to order. I wouldn't buy from this company again, that's for sure!!!
Negative kathy_ann
Judsonia, AR (Zone 7b)
(25 reviews)
August 16, 2007
Placed an order 4 weeks ago, and they don't reply to their emails . There is definitely some trouble with this nursery. From all the other negative comments. I gave them my credit card info, they haven't charged my account but I did call my credit card company and had them block any charges from this company.

I should have read here first before I ordered.

Negative flionti
Jacksonville Beach, FL
(1 review)
August 13, 2007
David Mattocks is a rip-off artist. I sent him money for plants, and PayPal took the money immediately. I paid for the plants in April 2007. It is now August 2007, and I have not received any plants. He has no phone number or address on his website, so you cannot contact him. I've sent a dozen emails requesting my plants with no response except an automatic reply. Don't buy from Central Florida Farms! I filed a complaint with the Florida Consumer Affairs. You can do that online at:// In his bio he mentions that he lived in Daytona Beach near his grandmother.
On July 16th, 2008, flionti added the following:

I called Angel at the number given. I emailed them again several times. It is now July 16th, 2008, and I gave them my order and they took my money on April 2007. Their phone mailbox is full (no wonder). They have ripped off a lot of people I suppose. Dear Angel has not returned any phone calls, emails, or my money, of course. Everyone should go to the web site at // and file a complaint against these people. That apology that they wrote at the top of the page and their promise to make amends is obviously more "fertilizer" from Central Florida Farms.
Negative RedHorseFarm
Salem, WI
(1 review)
August 11, 2007
I ordered $85.00 of plants from Central Florida Farms in January and have not received them as of August. I also e-mailed them to request a refund (four times) and they will not even acknowledge my mail. I recommend that you DO NOT order from these people.

Does anyone know how to reach this company?

Thank you.
Neutral racerjeff
United States
(2 reviews)
June 17, 2007
ordered from dave a few years ago, and my banana plant arrived fine. a friend ordered recently, and his never showed up. i guess the company's having some problems. i'd wait to order from them until they either fix their issues or refund peoples money.
Neutral oblofusc
Tallahassee, FL
(1 review)
June 17, 2007
I ordered two banana trees from CFF and the paypal account cleared May 17, 2007. CFF's site says to allow 7-10 business days for the order to arrive.

As I had not received anything by June 6, I e-mailed "[email protected]" asking for an update on my order status and got an automated reply which essentially promised a personal response, which had not materialized by June 16th. So, today, the 17th, I sent a second request, along with a message to "[email protected]" outlining the above as well as giving my paypal receipt number. However, that e-mail bounced, which prompted me to Google the company, and that is how I found this site, which, upon reading the reviews, made me a little more concerned to say the least.

I rated CFF "Neutral" here because in my mind there may well be a reasonable explanation for the delay and I am not yet ready to denounce the owner(s) or the company. I represent many small businesses in my practice and can understand the many problems that can come up that can cause delays. I am willing to give CFF more time to either deliver the banana trees, or otherwise refund my money.

However, if after allowing a reasonable time to pass I still hear nothing, I will have to assume that CFF is a fraudulent operation and will proceed accordingly, and I will make every effort to recover my paypal payment as well as my fees and costs.

Ted A. Avellone, Esq.
Tallahassee, Fla.
(850) 519-0785
Florida Bar No.: 0093106
On September 10th, 2007, oblofusc added the following:

Follow up--

I did finally receive my banana plants order and also received an apology for the delay. They came via overnight mail and were professionally prepared for shipping. I am very pleased.

As far as I can tell this outfit is not a scam, but is probably just a small business run by one or two people who are very busy and are probably a lot better at growing things than managing the books and orders.

I do note that the site, which by the way is a great and informational site, now indicates that no new orders are currently being taken. At least there appears to be an acknowledgment of a need to get caught up etc. I hope they get up and running soon as I want to get some more banana plants.
On September 30th, 2008, oblofusc added the following:

Update--September 2008: As my post above indicates I did receive my banana plants order last summer. One of the varieties I ordered was a Ladyfinger. Well, the "Ladyfinger" is just now fruiting--except that it is clearly not a "Ladyfinger" variety but a "Praying Hands" variety, which has an unmistakable "fused fruit" characteristic. Not what I ordered or wanted! Arrrrrgh! To their credit, the Red Iholene does appear to be a Red Iholene, and the Dwarf Cavendish and Kru Sunset look right too, but I have no idea if the "Misi Luki" is really a Misi Luki, or if the "Ice Cream" is really an Ice Cream. I suppose if the fruit tastes good, I won't complain.

I had really hoped they had straightened everything out by now, unfortunately in looking at the posts it doesn't look that way. It's a shame, their web site is fantastic.

If they are truly good hearted people who want to make a go of this business, my recommendation would be to scrap the PayPal payment mode and go to a personal-checks-only payment system.

Will I ever order anything again? After my experiences, and in looking at the posts here tonight, I don't think so. There are other places that sell banana plants.
Negative Planter56
Buffalo, NY
(2 reviews)
June 17, 2007
On May 11, 2007 I ordered an aroid from CFF and as of June 16 I haven't received anything. I went through paypal and I have esculated my account to a claim. I do not think that CFF is in business any more. Hopefully I can get some of my money back.

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