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I see two comments. Both say the company is bad because they are accused of spamming. What proof do you have of this? Are you calling advertising spamming to make this company look bad to somehow make your position more valid?

I can tell you we do not ship broken products. That is pointless. We have a warehouse full of parts that are not broken to ship to our customers. If we get a part broken we return it to our vendors. We do not ship broken parts.

As for the other comment about our products being junk, that sounds like a matter of opinion and not fact. Which product are you calling junk and for what reasons specifically?

Are you really our customers? What are your order numbers, or are you competitors trying to make us look bad? We have a B+ BBB rating, so what you say can not be true....

posted on October 24, 2009



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On Sep 5, 2009, carefulwarning (1 reviews) from Beverly Hills, CA

This company is just terrible. The owner is rude and unresponsive. He's simply awful to deal with. They spam the internet promoting their worthless equipment, and in my case, took my money. I was left with a pile of (expensive) garbage, they shipped me broken parts and then claimed they weren't responsible. Please shop around. There are much better and safer options out there, don't risk being ripped off by homegrown-hydroponics.com. In my opinion the guy running the place is a con-artist

On Jun 11, 2008, blacman (1 reviews) from Sevierville, TN

This company is a spammer. All you have to do is google their name, and thousands of spam posts come up. They have some bad posts about ripping off numerous customers, and seem unethical in most of their business practices. Do not use!

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