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On Aug 28, 2018, RoknRobin (1 reviews) from Denton, TX

I have had numerous beneficial transactions with Gary Pense. When I purchase in person, he always adds the secret sauce -knowledge of how to give the particular nursery stock its best chance of success. Combined with the healthiest, most vigorous plants I have ever purchased, at the fairest prices, the the most cordial of interactions, the most meticulous packing and speedy delivery of the most vigorous viable bramble root stock I have ever seen Boston Mountain Nursery is the best I have ever had the pleasure to do work business with. It has been well worth the scenic drive from at various times Harrison, Fayetteville and Fort Smith to see what is available for the year. It does happen from time to time sthat I may have to leave a telephone message while he is out tending to the nursery, but Gary has always gotten back to me. Boston Mountain Nursery is an Arkansas Jewel.

On Nov 24, 2014, fiveestring (1 reviews) from Nashville, GA

I ordered some Prime Ark Freedom blackberry plants. They arrived exactly when promised and very wll packed and in good condition. The entire order process was positive. Emails are better for contact as you are dealing with a farmer who is out in the field instead of in the office. They always promptly answered my emails, usually within one day. And their prices were far below other suppliers of the same varieties. Package arrived with certification of disease and pest free products. I will definitely use Boston Mountain again.

On Jun 9, 2008, CarolineC (7 reviews) from Berwyn, PA

I planted 10 blueberry bushes from Boston Mountain Nurseries in late March. The plants arrived at the time I requested them. They all seem to be doing well. I keep debating between positive and neutral rating. Although their plants are healthy, communication is difficult because they don't seem to answer their phone, but do answer e-mail promptly. But it is a family farm, so I guess you wouldn't expect them to have the same kind of customer service as a big business. And their prices are lower than big companies, though you have to order in larger quantities. I think I would do business with them again, should the need arise.

On Mar 13, 2003, patricewlewis (1 reviews)

I wanted to order boysenberry plants from Black Diamond Nursery after I found them on the web. I first tried to fax them, then tried to call them (3 different days) and then e-mailed them to let them know I was trying to get in touch with them to place an order. I have received no reply of any kind. Does this company really exist?

On Mar 30, 2002, DS (2 reviews)

I called this company and received a fax tone, never a voice message or live person. Finally I decided to fax in my order with credit card number against my better judgement. Sometime later after much searching I found an email address and contacted that way. All this to no avail, NEVER any kind of response from them. Why does this company have a website? It acts as if it's a front for something else. If Black Diamond doesn't sell out of the state of AR, or only in it's local area it should simply say so on the webpage. Don't these people know that "satisfied customers tell 3 people and dissatisfied customers tell 30" (if not 300)? DEFINITELY, not into customer SERVICE !

On Feb 1, 1997, EricZwerling (2 reviews) from Flemington, NJ

They have a very good selection of brambles, and blueberries, at very fair prices. They have some of the newest releases. I was very satisfied at how the plants arrived.

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