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Mailing Address:
3120 State St.
Medford, Oregon 97504 (United States)

Phone: 1-800-648-2852
Fax: 1-800-419-8813
Paper Catalog Cost: n/a

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This company offers a variety of bulbs.

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  Company Comment, posted on May 30, 2006: was formed to market top quality flower bulbs, perennial plants and other horticultural products exclusively over the internet, at the most economical prices for the consumer. As we have a long history in the plant industry, both importing and exporting plant products, we're able to offer a wide variety of plant material from growers throughout the U.S. and The Netherlands.

In order to keep our marketing/advertising costs to a minimum we do not print or mail catalogs, instead we constantly update our web site by adding new items when they become available or deleting items as they are sold out, thereby keeping our offerings current. We also encourage our customers to order on line as this saves them money ($10.00 per order) and saves us time by not having to re-enter orders manually. All of this helps us to be more efficient and, by being so, enables us to pass savings on to you in the form of lower prices.

Our product, in most cases, is shipped directly from our sister company in Michigan which specializes in the handling of perennial plants & bulbs. This affords us the ability to monitor and maintain the quality of the material we offer and, in turn, to back everything we offer with a 100% guarantee.

We also have the ability to ship internationally, but because of the special agriculture inspections and shipping costs associated with shipping internationally, it is very difficult to remain price competitive with smaller orders. However, we can be very competitive with larger quantity requirements, so please contact us for special price quotes on your needs.

The staff at wish you an enjoyable and economical gardening experience. Please let us know if we can be of help.

Happy Gardening!

The staff at

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Negative Fvivi
Groveland, FL
(1 review)
April 30, 2018
I ordered some amaryllis bulbs from blooming bulbs in Fall 2017. The Papilio amaryllis bloomed in spring but it was nothing like the pictures. I emailed the company with my photos attached. Nobody ever responded. Terrible service. $18 wasted. I would not order from this company anymore.
Company representative comment on May 1, 2018:
On May 1, 2018 9:30 AM, responded with:

Hi Fvivi,

I'm sorry you didn't get a reply to your email. Can you please contact me at [email protected] or 1-800-648-2852 so I can take care of the issue?

Scott Squire & the staff at

Positive collectorpalms
College Station, TX
(15 reviews)
December 8, 2017
I placed two orders this fall season and both times I had healthy bulbs. Lilies, Paperwhites and Amaryllis. Hardy to beat the price. Shipping was fast as well.
Negative Mia_Lousie
Evanston, IL
(6 reviews)
September 15, 2017
My first order with Blooming Bulbs is probably also my last. Of the two varieties of dahlias ordered, neither grew true to name. Wrong color, wrong form – useless for my garden plans. Eventually a refund was processed but that was after numerous emails and phone messages, and 6 weeks. They were never unpleasant, but who has the time for this?

Neutral stanlesmith
Plover, WI
(14 reviews)
August 18, 2017
Posted on August 12, 2017, updated August 18, 2017
I have a \"family\" garden, so ordered Pearl Stacey asiatic lilies in honor of my son\'s new wife. The bulbs arrived promptly, looked healthy, started to grow quickly. However, when they bloomed I discovered they are not Pearl Stacey, they are turk\'s cap tiger lilies. VERY disappointing! I\'ve emailed them twice, once without the on-line receipt number, once with it. I\'ve gotten no response. Not even an acknowledgment of my email. I had hoped to be a repeat customer, I\'m kind of a lily fanatic, but without decent customer service, forget it. I wish I\'d had the kind of positive experience others have had.
On August 18th, 2017, stanlesmith changed the rating from negative to neutral and added the following:

I'm changing my rating to neutral, Scott has really been working to make it right for me. He offered replacement bulbs or a refund. I chose the bulbs, they will be sent to me in the Fall. I will change my rating to positive next Spring/Summer, when the bulbs bloom. I do have a suggestion for the company, have someone read the "contact us" form e-mails, it would probably dispel a lot of problems.
Company representative comment on August 14, 2017:
On Aug 14, 2017 6:55 AM, responded with:


I'm sorry that you didn't get a reply to your emails and that your lilies didn't bloom true to name. If you can please contact me at [email protected] or 1-800-648-2852 I can help you resolve the issue.

Scott Squire & the staff at

Positive GardnerGreg
Norwalk, CT
(4 reviews)
May 31, 2017
I ordered a lot of plants from them this spring (Astrantia, Artemesia, Phlox, Geranium, and some Hostas). I placed a series of orders between Feb and early March and all my plants delivered in April which was fine for my planting season (7A). I think the customer service is a bit stretched. Scott is the main point of contact and I think he could use a hand. I had spoken with him on several occasions about combining my orders (their site is more difficult to navigate than it should be so I kept on "finding" plants). I followed his instructions and left a comment regarding combining the orders when I placed each new order but when it came time to ship they all went out individually and I was charged for more shipping than I should have paid. Scott responded that the orders didn't show any comments in their system - which I have no reason to doubt, the site infrastructure is not great and the worst is the ordering (why do the notes need a submit button that is separate from the order button). All that being said ... the plants were great. The artemesia had roots the size of small brooms! I only had one dead plant, an Astrantia, and unfortunately they lost their whole inventory. They don't store things that well (everything is very tightly wrapped and packed, expect 20 plants to come in something the size of a shoe-box) but on the plus side that means you tend to get fresh plants and not something that has sat in a warehouse for years. It took a few emails to sort out getting refunded (nothing untoward, they are just very busy) but I will order from them again next year (no one else sells good Astrantia).
Negative missysanford
DUNNEGAN, MO (Zone 6b)
(1 review)
April 26, 2017
This company takes your money at the time of purchase but does not give a ship date. There is no telling how long they can float your money before shipping your products. And it is up to the buyer to check the status.

These companies should not be allowed to operate if proper billing and shipping procedures can't be done. This is simple business and accounting methods. Communicate with your customers about their orders!
Negative no_regrets
San Diego, CA
(7 reviews)
March 16, 2017
Given all the glowing reviews, I'm really confused by my experience with I've paid almost $100 and have absolutely nothing to show for it.

On February 23, I placed an order on's site for almost $100 worth of spring-planted bulbs. Their prices were great, and I was hoping the reviews here on Garden Watchdog were accurate about the quality of their products and customer service. They had my zone listed as shipping spring-planted bulbs "late February to early March," which is pretty spot-on. Given that I placed my order (and my credit card was charged!) on February 23, I assumed my order would be shipping within a few days, a week or two at most.

I received an email receipt right away, but no further updates appeared in the days that followed. Finally, on March 13, I sent them an email to the address listed on their site. No response. On March 15, I followed up with another. Still no response. I finally called, and spoke with a representative who said that a few items from my order were not yet in stock and they were holding my order as a result, but they were expected within a few days so my order should ship out within the week. He wasn't able to tell me exactly which items were missing, but I was so exasperated that I asked him to just remove them from my order, ship whatever he could, and refund me for anything I didn't get. He promised to do so and said he'd send me an update the next day (today) about what items were going to be removed from my order, along with the tracking number for the shipment.

Today is March 16,it's 7 PM, and I didn't get an email. I am taken aback, confused, and disappointed that I am not having the kind of experience that other reviewers did. I may try calling them one more time tomorrow, but if I don't have a shipping number within 24 hours, will start pursuing a refund via my credit card company if I have to. We are well past "late February to early March" now, and no sale is worth getting your credit card charged for absolutely no product at all.
Positive plantbernie
East Greenbush, NY
(1 review)
February 15, 2017
Really excellent customer service. I wanted to send an item as a gift so I contacted the company to ask to have a message enclosed and to make sure the price was not on the invoice. They responded very quickly and agreed to do this for me. Then I realized I had mistakenly entered my own shipping address instead of the recipient of the gift. They helped me out again, tracked down the package at the warehouse and had the address changed. They really went above and beyond and I am so appreciative! I would definitely shop at Bloomingbulbs again!
Positive ctgrower
Stratford, CT
(17 reviews)
October 27, 2016
Received an order recently, but one item was missing. The remaining bulbs were in excellent shape, but wanted to advise the company about the errant peony. Spoke to Brad in Michigan, and then was contacted by Scott in Oregon. Both were so polite and helpful; they really cared about one missing bulb during a very busy time at their offices and warehouse. Scott also followed up with an email offering me several options to cover the cost, which made the experience even more positive. Looking forward to more orders in the future, and want to thank Brad and Scott again for their honest care and concern. Superlative customer service and exceptional stock!
Positive valal
Natick, MA
(7 reviews)
August 20, 2016
This company was recommended to me by a friend who orders often. After my first order, I know WHY. I ordered spiderwort roots in several colors, and some anemone. The anemone were good size, much bigger than from another company who shall remain nameless. The spiderwort roots were SO huge I was shocked (in a pleasant way)! WOW! I will certainly order from them again SOON!
Positive 7r0p1c4l
(Zone 14)
(2 reviews)
June 30, 2016
Posted on June 27, 2016, updated June 30, 2016
June 27 2016

I created this image combining their Ruby Glow photo on the left and my photo of the bloom from what I received on the right: [[email protected]]

- April 28 2016 After drooling over Passiflora Ruby Glow for over one year I gave in and paid for one 4” Passiflora Ruby Glow, even though it is very expensive from them; $28.45, including shipping total $39.55 // . This has been my first time dealing with bulbsnblooms.

- May 25th I received it and I was thrilled that it had three tiny flower buds forming. I brought it overseas with me to my home (I did inform them that I would be bringing it to my overseas home so arrival date was very important. I hope this is not why they did this knowing I live overseas.)

- June 18th it bloomed. It is NOT RUBY GLOW with its 5” ruby colored flowers. The bloom is barely 2” and white, ugh! I took a photo and informed them on the same day using Facebook messages as we had communicated there previously. On the 20th no reply so I messaged again, and also on the 22nd and 25th.

- June 25th still no reply so I sent them an e-mail giving the benefit of doubt that possibly they didn’t check Facebook.

- I thought at first it could be an honest mistake mixing up the plant BUT after looking closer at photos of Ruby Glow it looks like it has OVAL firm shiny leaves (I always concentrated on images of the flowers only). What I received has small papery thin tri-lobed Maple-ish looking leaves which would be very hard for any seller to mix up!

- Until now, nine days later, I have had no reply from them.

The correct solution to solve this matter is to issue a full refund ($39.55) as stated under Consumer Contracts Regulations.

My next course of action if this posting doesn’t help is to dispute with Paypal, my Credit Card, post in social medias, and look into agencies to report this fraud; as I did not receive what I clearly paid and the company has been completely unresponsive at this point.

On June 30th, 2016, 7r0p1c4l changed the rating from negative to positive and added the following:

June 30 2016,
To, Scott Squire & the staff,
My sincere apologies! I Googled it and it led me here. I changed my rating to Positive (instead of Neutral) as a way to make up for my dumb error. IF my original review can be deleted that would be optimal. I'm very sorry again.
Best regards.
Company representative comment on June 27, 2016:
On Jun 27, 2016 6:03 AM, responded with:

Hi 7r0p1c4l,

I'm sorry, I believe you have the wrong company, we're, we're not affiliated with bulbsnblooms.

If you do have an order with us that you need help with please contact us at 1-800-648-2852.

Scott Squire & the staff at

Neutral calicokitty
Scott, AR
(2 reviews)
April 30, 2016
As of today, I am rating this company a neutral. I placed an order on April 18th to which I immediately received a confirmation email. I call their 1-800 a week later to inquire about the status of my order since my bank had already been debited on April 19 for my order. The lady that answered the phone, switched me to a gentleman that explained that the bulbs would be coming in on April 27 from the overstock warehouse. I have emailed them to check on this order again. I would like a response about my bulb order, or forget it and refund my money.

This is the first time I have ordered from this company, but right now, I seriously doubt I ever will again. Until I either receive my order, a refund or a email back from them, I will stay neutral.
Positive shinesign
Asheville, NC
(4 reviews)
April 14, 2016
I have ordered bulbs and corms etc from this company for several years and have been very happy with the product. My experience with customer service has also been positive.
I will continue using them, their prices are hard to beat.
Negative amfh
The Colony, TX
(1 review)
October 14, 2015
I placed an online order totalling $73.22 on Sunday, October 4, and promptly received an emailed receipt. Since there is NO indication on the company website about shipping policies (other than seasonal dates and shipping costs), I expected to see an estimated ship date on the receipt. There was none.

I thought I'd wait a few days before making an inquiry, but when I had not received another email with tracking information by the following Thursday, I emailed to ask if they could give me an ETA o shipment. I received no reply, either to the email or to my Contact query left on their website Contact page.

Growing concerned, I called the 800# on Monday, 10-12, and spoke with Scott Squire. He found my order and said, "The product is now in the warehouse and should ship soon." Would that mean THIS week? I asked. He said it "might", and that when it did, I'd receive another email with tracking information. I was not particularly satisfied with this vague response, but thanked him and we hung up.

Today, 10-14, I checked my credit card account and found that had already charged me for the order, the same day I placed the order 10 days earlier. In my experience, most online businesses wait to charge an order until the shipment date. Having absolutely no idea when I would actually receive my order, I called again, spoke to Scott again, and asked to cancel my order and refund the amount ASAP. He agreed, said it would be processed today, but that it might take 3-5 days before I would see the refund on my credit card. I did suggest that communicate more effectively with customers in future.

I should have ordered my phlox from, since they are upfront about the shipping experience and the cost was exactly the same as at
Positive love4garden
Springfield, VA
(3 reviews)
October 10, 2015
Posted on November 28, 2014, updated October 10, 2015
I ordered lots of bulbs from on 11/14/14 and received them about 5 days later. Most of the bulbs are healthy and good sized. I got 4 mix daffodils and there\'re several small bulbs in the mix. I assume they are different varieties.
I emailed them on 11/23/14 to let them know that overall I am happy but there\'re bulbs that were bad. I still haven\'t heard from them. This is what I emailed them:

\"Hi, thank you so much for good quality bulbs. I got very excited when I see the box from This is the first time I ordered from you but from now, I know where to buy my bulbs. I can\'t wait until the Spring to see the result.
However, there are few bulbs that are mushy, moldy with smell as if they are rotten. Some are dried up and very light.
1 Tahiti daffodil: mushy, moldy
1 Flower drift daffodil- mushy and moldy

I got 2 bags of Minnow Tazetta daffodil:
3 bulbs of Minnow Tazetta daffodil - very small compared to other bulbs in the bag and very light, dried up.
2 bulbs of Minnow Tazetta daffodil in the other bag are mushy, and moldy.

Please see what you can do. Thank you for your help.\"

I am going to leave my experience as neutral at this time because I haven\'t got any response from them after 5 days. Hopefully, I will heard from them soon.

On October 10th, 2015, love4garden changed the rating from neutral to positive and added the following:

I am changing my review to POSITIVE. I posted a reviewed on Dave's garden, and also emailed Blooming Bulbs last year in 12/2014 regarding their service and bulbs I got.

I got an email from Scott Squire that if I wanted a refund or waited until the fall for him to send me the replacement. Time passed and I didn't even think about it.

Well, I came home today and got a box from Blooming Bulbs. I was so surprised because I did order any thing recently. I wanted to get paperwhite bulbs from them but haven't got a chance.

I opened the box and there're 3 bags of tulips (6 bulbs in each bag with different types), and 3 bags of daffodil- 10 bulbs in each bag: Minnow Tazetta, Tahiti and Flower drift.

They replace for 6 dried tulip bulbs, 2 mushy Minnow daffodil, 1 Tahiti daffodil: mushy, mold, and 1 Flower drift daffodil- mushy and moldy.

I REALLY APPRECIATE WHAT SCOTT AND STAFFS FROM BLOOMINGBUBLS.COM does for me. By the way, all of bulbs came up last year with beautiful flowers. I got a lot of bulbs from LIVING GARDENS and half of their tulip bulbs did not come up, and I was disappointed with them. I also got a lot amaryllis bulbs from them and some were very small up to 4 inches in diameter. I emailed them and they told me someone will contact me later but of course, no one followed up and they didn't say anything about small bulbs except that they shrink.

For sure, will be where I place to get my bulbs from now on.

Thank you again, Scott and everyone from I will place my order for paperwhites soon.

Y. Le
Neutral MaryArneson
Minneapolis, MN (Zone 4b)
(15 reviews)
July 25, 2014
I ordered a lot of spring bulbs for 2014. The prices were attractive. The bulbs arrived before we could safely plant them, due to the unusually long winter, so some of the losses may have been due to that. Several packages of small bulbs appeared to be mislabeled, since some of multiple packages contained bulbs that looked very different from others with the same label - - but resembled bulbs in other packets. Of several small bulb types (crocosmia and such), some failed to come up at all, and others haven't bloomed yet or have produced only puny blossoms. On the other hand, we are getting a good display of Tigridia. We ordered about 30 cascading orange begonias, which are blooming - - but in a much wider variety of colors and forms than I would have expected. Some are a rich red-orange and fully double, while others are pale orange and single, with others in between. It looks a little odd in the window boxes. The other things we bought we callas and gladiolus. The glads aren't blooming yet, but the callas have been blooming beautifully. I would probably order again, but only for Tigridia or callas.
Positive Pdeuel
Custar, OH
(2 reviews)
July 1, 2014
Posted on April 19, 2014, updated July 1, 2014
Searched for a long time to find a double delight rose to plant in a new garden i started as tribute to my mother after she passed away. Her favorite rose was killed when a utility worker dug it up. We tried forever to find it locally with no success and I finally decided mail order was my only choice. Spent a lot of time checking reviews and went with bloomingbulb because the only other company that had better reviews was sold out of them. The price was good and they were packaged well, but i was so terribly dissapointed to open the box to find the two bare root roses covered in young leaves! Of course the only information I could find about bare root roses that were leafing out was DON'T BUY THEM! Followed all the planting instructions and pruned them back (could only guess if this would help). One is rebounding ok but the other is struggling and I fear it will not survive. This was exactly why I have avoided mail ordering plants and I will avoid it whenever possible in the future. I have grown hybrid teas, climbers and shrub roses for years, always bought locally in pots and haven' t lost one yet.
On July 1st, 2014, Pdeuel changed the rating from negative to positive and added the following:

I gave both roses a little trim and some tlc and happily both of them recovered just fine. The bushes were healthy enough when they arrived to endure the extra stress just fine and I am happy to see them both blooming like crazy. Bloomingbulb offered to replace/refund my purchase shortly after my post. I declined the offer as the roses were showing slow signs of improvement. I probably would not have been so upset if I had been able to find information on what to do with them after they arrived with leaves on them. I am very happy with them now and would order from them again.
Company representative comment on April 29, 2014:
On Apr 29, 2014 8:09 AM, responded with:

Hi Pdeuel,

I'm sorry to hear about the state of your rose. We don't ship roses when they are leafing out but it sounds like this one got past us.I haven't been able to reach you by D-Mail but please contact us so we can resolve your issue. We guarantee all our plants so we can either replace the rose or give you a store credit or a refund.

Scott Squire & the staff at BloomingBulb
[email protected]

Positive iykim
Hillsborough, CA (Zone 10a)
(23 reviews)
April 3, 2014
I have been ordering from for several years now, mostly bulbs/corms. I have been very pleased with their quality as they always perform. Daffodils, especially the fall-preview sale, are great, and I love the discounts on multiple packs. Colchicum is fabulous, especially for the lowest price they charge.

However, sometimes the bulbs arrive soft/mushy or the bulbs end up not quite being the cultivar that I had ordered. When I contact the vendor, Scott Squire always responds with replacements or on the wait list for replacements for the following year (when he is out of stock or the shipping season has passed). Currently, I am waiting for replacement Colchicum bulbs because the ones that sprouted were singles instead of doubles (which are much higher in price). They have a great selection of bulbs. I will keep on ordering from BloomingBulb.

However, I would not vouch for bareroot strawberry plants. They failed to perform, even with the replacement roots. I would only stick with the bulbs. Their tuberous begonias are also fabulous.
Positive virginiarose
Portsmouth, VA (Zone 8a)
(64 reviews)
November 22, 2013
Posted on October 13, 2013, updated November 23, 2013
I had a very nice experience with this company. I was pleased with the website and communication. The shipping was on time and my box was packaged nicely. The bulbs look fresh and big so I am looking forward to some beautiful apricot daffodils and pink oriental lilies.
I would not hesitate to buy more bulbs from this company and I will recommend them to everyone.
On November 22nd, 2013, virginiarose added the following:

I put in two more split orders, part fall part spring shipping. I already got hostas and tulips and more daffodils.
The fall sale is fabulous! 50-80% off!! So many great prices I can't stop shopping. My last two orders were as wonderful as the first and they gave me a come back coupon for 15%.
I will follow up in the spring when I get the rest and again when things start blooming. :)
Positive backyardgrowing
Littlerock, CA
(3 reviews)
July 10, 2013
Ordered three knockout roses. however, their claim is that they use "jumbo" quart size pot. That is false. The three knockout roses arrived healthy. they arrive at different heights at about (7,12, and 16 inches). the reason i bought from them was because their prices were one of the cheapest i could find. For the exception of one the plants, the rest were of adequate size.
Overall, all three varieties are thriving and giving continuous blooms (over 50 in two months). I would recommend them if you don't mind receiving some smaller plants.
Positive mscatlady
Saucier, MS
(1 review)
June 8, 2013
I found Dave's Garden review while checking on services of other well known companies that send me their catalogs. I am tired of wasting my money on poor service and bad plants and blubs. I came across and saw that they had a lot of good reviews and they do internet orders only, no catalogs. I like that, I hate the waste of all that paper and they can keep their supply of products updated so I would when they were out of something. Well, the items were sent in two shipments with the first one of Fairy lilies and blooming hearts sent in one and a honeysuckle plant sent in the second shipment. The first shipment was very timely and the blooming hearts were in great condition. They even were trying to grow in the bags, I know they won't do much this late in the season but I hope they will be well establish for the coming year and the price was mark down for the end of the season and I only order 2 packages of the fairy lilies and they sent 10! That was nice surprise and I will spread the wealth with fellow gardeners. The honeysuckle vine came a week later and in great shape, it is little small but I realize that the bigger the plant the harder it is to ship and get there in good condition. I am well please with plant, it is green and looks great, not a bit of wilt. I plan to get it in the ground today. Overall I am well please with this company and will continue to do business with them
Positive cobafan
Sturgeon Bay, WI
(1 review)
July 3, 2012
Posted on July 2, 2012, updated July 3, 2012
I ordered from this company because it was listed on Dave's Garden as a source for Karma Sangria dahlias. Out of the six dahlias they sent me at least four are definitely not Karma Sangria. Two are small border dahlias with lavender blooms and burgundy foliage and two are standard sized dahlias with small plain white blooms. The remaining two should bloom shortly. Karma Sangria is a hot yellow-orange semi-cactus form. I am very disappointed.
On July 3rd, 2012, cobafan changed the rating from negative to positive and added the following:

Blooming Bulb responded to my complaint via email in one day and offered a full refund for the mislabeled dahlia bulbs I had received. I am satisfied with their prompt customer service.
Positive Petulia
Flushing, NY
(3 reviews)
June 27, 2012
I've ordered several times from this company. I get Free shipping because of a club I belong to, and they also give 10% off once you've ordered with them. What I like about them is their reasonable prices and availability of bulbs that are not easy to come by such as Hanging Begonias and Calladium. I've ordered several of each, for $1 per bulb (discounted because it's later in the season) and they are doing beautifully. I also ordered some dahlia, and they seem to be coming up. They give very clear information on their website regarding how to care for different bulbs. I've had no difficulties with shipping and the bulbs are well packaged. They are not quick, but I've never had a mail order company that was.
Positive trackinsand
mid central, FL (Zone 9a)
(47 reviews)
June 8, 2012
Posted on June 5, 2012, updated June 8, 2012
Posted on June 4, 2012, updated June 5, 2012
i ordered three 'Sunshine Blue' blueberry plants recently. i asked them, in a note on the website, to ship asap due to summer heat upon us already.
i have no problems with the shipping charges, very reasonable in fact. the plants were shipped almost immediately so no problem there either. apparently this company is a broker. they take the orders and then job them out to other growers. BB is in oregon; plants came from a northeastern state. i don't have a problem with that either.
what i do have a problem with is poor packing. the plants were in coir containers and although the ship box was undamaged, the containers were mashed and falling apart. the three plants were bagged into one plastic bag and then tied tightly with a string and put into a box that was way too large unless there is adequate cushioning. wadded newspaper would have been perfect, but no, nothing to stop them from banging around in the box. i have a handful of broken stems and root systems that look tromped on.
i've potted them up the best i can and we'll see but this will be my last order to this company.
it's just too sad to open a box that you've waited for and see this kind of slipshod careless work.

On June 5th, 2012, trackinsand changed the rating from neutral to positive and added the following:

less than 24 hrs. after adding my comment, i received a very nice d-mail from scott, offering to replace my plants or give me a refund.
i explained that the plants were already in pots and the wrapping was disposed of so i left it up to him as to which way he wanted to go.
i just received a ups notice of shipment, the same kind as before. i'm so relieved that i picked a good company to do business with....
i will update when the new plants arrive.
thank you so much, scott.
On June 8th, 2012, trackinsand added the following:

my three replacement plants arrived today in perfect condition. i must say that i was pretty blown away by the outstanding customer service and scott went out of his way to right the wrong.
i'm totally pleased.
thanks again!
Negative trudyh
North Kingstown, RI
(7 reviews)
May 8, 2012
Posted on May 2, 2012, updated May 8, 2012
Posted on April 30, 2012, updated May 2, 2012
Posted on April 28, 2012, updated April 30, 2012
I ordered carnation plants that were supposed to ship between "03/29/2012 and 04/12/2012." It's April 28th and they aren't here.

I contacted the company about a week ago and they said there was a delay, they'd notified everyone by email (not me), and the plants would ship by the 23th. As I noted, not here yet.

I just emailed and said if they hadn't shipped them yet to please cancel the order and issue a refund. Time will tell what happens.

It is hard to find carnation plants, so this is disappointing. It was my first order with this company.

On April 30th, 2012, trudyh added the following:

Update: This is HORRIBLE. The plants arrived today, and as soon as I opened the package, I saw that the packing material was literally covered with some kind of plant? lice? I had made the mistake of taking it into the house to open, so I rushed it out to the trash can, and hope that none of them got into the house.

It is hard to imagine a worse experience with a company.
On May 2nd, 2012, trudyh added the following:

Update on the update: I received an email from them in response to my review here (not in response to the email I sent them.) The email said:

"What you were seeing in your packaging material is seeded paper, those weren't bugs, they were wildflower seeds put into the paper on purpose. It makes for a very eco-friendly packing material that can be planted in your garden. Hopefully you can still recover the box from your garbage."

I dunno. I am not aware of any seeds that look like they have many legs. In any event, the trash was picked up this morning. It would be interesting to know if other people who have received shipments from them have received this type of material and what they think it is. I do not see any mention on their website of this material.

I see no reason to put seeds on (not in) stiff paper which would be hard to straighten out without knocking off the seeds, when such paper can go into the compost or paper recycling as is and how many people have room for a wildflower meadow.

The late shipping with no notice, the general poor response to email, and this bizarre thing, I am leaving my rating at negative. If other people, who have posted reviews already, update their reviews saying they received this stuff with a note saying it was seeds. I will change my rating to neutral.

On May 8th, 2012, trudyh added the following:

They did issue a refund.
Positive pirl
(Arlene) Southold, NY (Zone 7a)
(33 reviews)
April 8, 2012
Posted on February 10, 2012, updated April 8, 2012
In January 2011 I placed an order for some "jumbo" amaryllis bulbs. They arrived within a few days and bloomed beautifully in 2011 and again this year. Great plants at great prices.

Previous purchases were all excellent with Blooming Bulbs. Everything arrives as they promise and everything grows.

I've never had a problem with this company!
On April 8th, 2012, pirl added the following:

Ordered a begonia collection in January, 2012, and they all look fine. I will update my rating as they bloom.
Positive jaredm
Crossville, TN
(1 review)
March 15, 2012
First time buying from them, yes there were mix ups, its all part of the spring time shuffle people. We used our heads and got everything taken care of in a timely and precise manner, great place to buy bulbs!
Positive STxJimbo
Pandora, TX (Zone 8b)
(4 reviews)
December 9, 2011
All the items that I ordered were shipped at one time and in a timely manner. The bulbs and plants were received in good condition. I would recommend this company.
Positive MarBorisovna
State College, PA
(2 reviews)
September 23, 2011
Last year I placed a small order just for two plants (tulips Queen of the Night and daffodils Golden Bells) . They came up well but both were wrong kind.
Instead of black I've got red tulips and instead of yellow daffodils some tiny white.
I wrote them couple weeks ago, next day got an answer and today received the replacement. Bulbs look good.

Positive bazil323
Cameron, WI (Zone 3b)
(2 reviews)
August 12, 2011
A few years ago, I placed an order for snowdrops, a couple kinds of crocus, and a couple other kinds of fall-planted bulbs that totaled somewhere around 150 bulbs. I had ordered during the Early Order Sale in midsummer, and they did not charge me until they shipped (which was appropriately in September for some and October for the rest). All my bulbs arrived packed very nicely, and none were moldy or soft in anyway, very healthy-looking.

The next spring, I got loads of nice, healthy plants and beautiful blooms. I had even accidentally put an old rocking chair with a pot of morning glories over top of some of my crocus, and even they came up and bloomed! I will definitely order from them again now that I have moved and was unable to transplant any (moved mid winter) and the new people bulldozed that whole bed.
Negative kurango
Los Alamitos, CA
(2 reviews)
May 31, 2011
Posted on May 31, 2011, updated May 31, 2011
19 days to receive order on sale items is way too long! 13 days before they were even shipped!
On May 31st, 2011, kurango added the following:

If the company is in Medford, Oregon then why are my plants coming from St. Joseph, MI?
Negative billyet
Portland, OR (Zone 8a)
(2 reviews)
January 16, 2011
I was pleased to find several interesting small fritillaria advertised by Blooming Bulb, and I send in a sizeable (for me) order that also included some daffodills. As it got later and later in the season and my bulbs still hadn't arrived, I phoned them, they said they'd received my order but claimed something was wrong with the credit card info. They hadn't bothered to tell me of any problem. Then they took several days to check and discover that the only bulbs they had left were the daffodills, this really messed up my plans because it was too late now to order from any other place. They never explained why they hadn't let me know of a problem, they just ignored me until it was too late for me to re-order from anyone else. I will never send them another order, I know everyone makes mistakes but usually companies try to correct themselves when this happens. I don't think they care much about their customers; they had all the information they needed to get in touch with me and they didn't even bother to tell me that there was a problem.
Positive jgompper_41005
Burlington, KY
(2 reviews)
October 19, 2010
Placed my first order with this company on 04/29/2010 for 24 Astilbe - Bonn. Received plants on 05/05/2010, planted all on 05/06/2010 in my new shade garden between Hosta plants. All are doing well. Thanks
Positive kimberliw
Jensen, UT
(2 reviews)
October 19, 2010
Posted on April 26, 2010, updated October 19, 2010
Posted on November 10, 2009, updated April 26, 2010
I am going to remain neutral at this point. I ordered 25 daisies, and 210 lilies. Bloomingbulb did not charge my card until about a week before they shipped which I thought was great. They did send me an email when they shipped but it went to my junk mail. I'm not sure why,their order confirmation came thru just fine. The daisies were quite moldy when they arrived but I disinfected them and planted them. Half of them showed green before they got froze. The lily bulbs were a little smaller than the ones I purchased from another company but there was very little mold. I planted them all right away. I'm expecting a great show next year. We'll see, I'll try to remember to update my review.
On April 26th, 2010, kimberliw changed the rating from neutral to negative and added the following:

I'm changing my rating. I placed a second order of almost 300 tulip bulbs. The daisys from the first order did not make it through winter. The tulips came up and most of them have bloomed, the wrong color and some the wrong type. I called and spoke to them about both. They said tulips could change color depending on the soil. HA! They said they would give me a credit for the daisys. They would email me a code to use during checkout for a credit off a future order. I went to their site and picked some bulbs but the code still hasn't come. I checked the junkmail-not there either. Too bad they have a good selection and decent prices. But if you don't get what you ordered...
On October 19th, 2010, kimberliw changed the rating from negative to positive and added the following:

I am very pleased with the efforts Scott made to clear up the problems I had with my orders. I may even order from them again sometime.
Neutral BethanySLP
, WI (Zone 4b)
(1 review)
August 9, 2010
Posted on July 13, 2010, updated August 9, 2010
I felt the website easy to use and clear, shipping was great. They have a very convienient wasy of pricing crocuses, very clear.
However, some of the lily bulbs did not come up. I tried twice to contact the company about their guarantee to have them replaced but haven't received a response. This was my first time ordering from this company, so I was pretty disappointed. The lack of customer service is why I'm rating a negative.
On August 9th, 2010, BethanySLP changed the rating from negative to neutral and added the following:

After I posted this, the company contacted me, giving me an email address. After I emailed that address, I received a shipping email that they were replacing the bulbs that didn't come up. No other email explaining anything, or even letting me know that I'd receive the shipping email. I still am not impressed with their communication, but they did hold up to their guarantee, so I'm changing the rating to a neutral.
Negative xryka
Philadelphia, PA
(3 reviews)
June 24, 2010
On May 24, I placed an order for 24 'Max Frei' hardy geraniums, which were to be delivered by June 11 AT THE LATEST. June 11 came and went and still no geraniums. I nevertheless waited until the following week to find out where my plants were. On June 16, I called BloomingBulb and talked to Brad Squires. He didn't know what the problem was, but later that day he sent me an email: "It looks like there was a shortage on these Geraniums and we never let you know like we should have. I’ve set up your credit card to be refunded the $48.72". OK, so they goofed - I wasn't particularly upset with that (although I was really looking forward to getting the geraniums, and now it's too late to order them!). What is upsetting is that I had to call back three times, and I still don't know whether my credit card has been or will be refunded. On the first call, I was told it could take 4 or 5 business days for the refund to appear on my account, so I waited some more. On June 22 when I called, I was told they would investigate why the refund had not yet gone through. Today (June 24), still no refund! Upon calling, I was told the refund was only processed on June 22! I hope this has actually occurred, but I have begun to lose faith in this company. At best, they aren't on the ball; at worst, they have had my money to use for a month, while I have to pay interest to my credit card for this money, and I still am out $48.72! I will definitely not use this company again.
Negative joisgarden
Madison, WI
(1 review)
May 24, 2010
I was going to order from them for the first time, and I carefully picked out products that I wanted, and kept my order just under $50, to be charged that shipping rate. When I went to check out, my order was split into two orders - spring and fall - and shippping was applied seperately to each, which bummed me out, but when I scrolled down to my order summary, my totals where still the same, and shipping was still $10.95 (the $20-$50 rate). I filled out all the information, and got ready to complete my order, then at the last minute, it DID add an extra shipping charge - for two orders. This extra charge was $6.95 - and extra 14%!
I was trying this order Sat eve, and tried to call their customer number, which stated that they were open "7:30-4, pacific time," so I called back the next day but still no answer, so I assume that they are only open Mon-Fri - but I wish their message would state that.
I called back again on Monday morning and spoke to Scott (I believe). I told him what had happened, and he apologized, but explained that is how they do things. I said that the other companies I have ordered from don't do that - you pay one shipping charge, and they send things out when they're ready. I told him I was a first-time customer, and asked if there was anything they could do. He said "No." I asked (politely) if there was anyone else that could help me, and he said he was the manager. I said that I didn't think I wanted to try doing business with them, and he said OK.
I am disappointed, because I looked at their shipping charges on their website before I ordered, and it does not say anything about charging seperate shipping charges if things go out seperately. I also feel that if this is how they respond to customer service inquiries (and I was very polite throughout), then I don't want to give them my business.
Positive psudan
Mentor, OH
(18 reviews)
May 1, 2010
I've ordered from B.B. several times in the past year and have nothing but great things to say about them. I have been gardening for only two years and if someone like me can have the results with dahlias and jumbo gladiolas that i have had ,then you know it's because of a great product and not my "skill". I am now waiting on another order of dahlias. Also the prices are unbelievable.
Positive chinooktoe
Kent, WA
(1 review)
April 27, 2010
In March 2010, I ordered $100 worth of dahlia bulbs. They arrived in great shape. They were all big, healthy looking tubers with multiple tubers on each plant. I will re-evaluate in August to see how the plants grew. Bloomingbulb had the best prices I could find.
Positive Amber_O
Gaithersburg, MD
(2 reviews)
March 29, 2010
Posted on March 29, 2010, updated March 29, 2010
I ordered 100 daffodils from last fall. They arrived quickly but I was disappointed with the way the bulbs looked. They didn't look healthy, they were small and very dirty. However, I decided to plant them anyway. I have a townhouse and planted about 75 in front and the rest in back. I worried all winter long that my babies wouldn't come up.

Well, I was wonderfully surprised this spring!! I now have several gardens full of truly gorgeous big daffodils. I wish now that I had planted more. I guess I will just have to wait until next fall to purchase more and plant those too. I will definitely going to buy from Blooming Bulb again.

I also purchased bulbs that bloom in the summer, mostly anemones. Many of those are beginning to emerge nicely. I just can't wait to see how they progress as well.

On March 29th, 2010, Amber_O added the following:

They sent me 3 amaryllis bulbs as a gift. I gave one to a neighbor. I planted the other 2. One of the bulbs didn't bloom very well, but the other one was gorgeous. I have never tried amaryllis before so it was fun to watch. My neighbor's bulb grew very nicely and her family enjoyed watching the huge blooms.

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