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Hoover's Hatchery, Inc.

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Rudd, Iowa 50471 (United States)

Phone: 1-800-247-7014
Fax: (641) 395-2208

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Positive Bridget77
Rushmore, MN
(2 reviews)
May 18, 2020
This is my third time ordering chicks from the Hoover's Hatchery website and I have always been very pleased.

We just keep a backyard, egg laying flock and raise some birds to butcher, so we order only 15-30 chicks each year. We have ordered various breeds and have been pleased with them all: americana, black jersey giant, red ranger, cornish cross, wyandottes, black australorp, etc.

I live in Minnesota and always request shipment in April or May when the weather is warmer. The post office doesn't always update the tracking information, so my chicks often arrive sooner than the USPS website predicts - always 1-2 days after my requested ship date.

My first year, all chicks survived shipment and grew to adulthood. They were spunky! We kept them over winter for a couple years and they even had chicks of their own.

My second year, all chicks survived shipment, but we were shorted one. It was a less expensive broiler, so I chose not to contact the company. $3 wasn't worth the time of the phone call for me. All the chicks we received grew to adulthood except one - he got spooked one day and broke his neck flying into a wall.

My third year, we ordered only 16 chicks. This was our smallest order, as we didn't purchase any broilers. One chick was dead on arrival and 3 more passed away during the next 48 hours. I was surprised and disappointed. I contacted customer service in the midst of the corona virus outbreak, and they were very busy - I left a message. They returned my call later that day and were very polite and helpful. They quickly gave me store credit as I requested. I had been planning to order one of their "just one more chicken, I promise!" t-shirts anyway. T-shirt arrived just days later. Chicks are 5 weeks old and doing great.

Hoover's hatchery chicks are healthy and vigorous, customer service is polite and helpful, and I have had minimal shipping loss. When I did contact customer service due to shipping loss, they resolved it quickly.

I will definitely continue to order from them in the future.

Positive Perro2020
Greycliff, MT
(3 reviews)
January 8, 2020
I've been buying chicks in large quantities from Hoover for years and all I can say is they're fantastic!! I just received my order of chicks December 18th 2019 and my chicks arrived well packaged and are the healthiest chicks ever!! If I've had dead chicks they've credited my account. These folks work hard at what they do! And they hatch chicks in the winter when most hatcheries don't.The customer service can't be beat! There has never been a grouchy person yet in all the years I've been working with them. You can trust these people with your chicks!!
Negative Sorrel_Mare1
Summers, AR
(1 review)
January 5, 2017
When I first ordered the chicks, 25 total, 9 were dead when I picked them up, after receiving them 4/5 days late. The chicks were dehydrated and ill. Only 5 survived from the first batch. After contacting them, they provided a full refund. However, when the refund chicks came in 7 were dead, but they did arrive on time. I ordered from this company because of their great reeves. I do not advise ordering from them. I was very disappointed.
Positive Laurenregister
Baldwinville, MA
(1 review)
November 11, 2016
So I ordered 25 chicks from this company this week. They shipped out 26 chicks and they were at my local post office in Massachusetts in under 48 hours. I'll birds were alive, but it seemed that the cold snap that we've been having got to a few of them and we had a few losses. It's to be expected during this time year and especially with transiting that many birds.

My customer service experience was amazing… They handled everything with care and give me a variety of options. Ultimately we ended up deciding to replace the chicks that were lost. The woman on the end of the phone, Alicia is sending us 15 chicks to replace the few that we have lost. I think this was just a testament to how much they stand behind their product even though the chicks we're probably lost due to getting hit by the cold in transit.

I like this company, I did my research before ordering from them with their local businesses. The Internet is a scary and cruel place where people hide behind fake names and nasty reviews. I personally called local businesses that sell these chicks. Again, nothing but great reviews! I'd like to echo that I had an awesome experience and definitely will be ordering again for our flock. Also I'd like to encourage anybody who does buy from Hoover's, please write a review because this company is not getting enough praise for all that they offer. Their prices are super competitive, the options that they offer and types of birds are amazing, and the customer service is truly great as they dealt with our family and a very respectful way.

Oh and if you're shopping and trying to compare apples to apples… If you look at the cost of these birds and the fact that there's free shipping, they did not build in the cost of free shipping into the birds. Be aware of other websites that will charge you an amazing price for their birds and then hit you with a $20-$40 shipping cost.
Positive micnic
Brattleboro, VT
(1 review)
July 6, 2015
We love Hoovers. The only mistake they ever made with us was accidentally sending a batch in March when it was supposed to be MAY. They arrived healthy even though there was a big snow storm. Then they sent the ones in May at no charge with an apology. We wouldn't get chicks from any other company. I am very sorry anyone had a bad experience. and, PS, you really can feed Cornish too much... give them that 8 hour break and everyone is better for it...We are very happy customers in southern VT.
Negative ashleymett
Wellsville, OH
(1 review)
March 16, 2014
Well my husband ordered a total of 15 chicks from here and when we went to pick them up at the post office I opened the box and there was 2 that were already stiff, dead and had been trampled by the rest. My husband ordered chicks off a different company and ordered 4 total when they arrived the 4 were in the same size box that Hoovers sent 19 in!!! We recieved the chicks from Hoover's on Friday by Sunday 12 were dead and few more look like they aren't going to make it as well. This is very inhumane and awful to do that to chicks. They said they'd make it right. Out of the 15 we ordered there was to be one rooster and the rest hens. We recieved 17 hens and 2 roosters. Including the dead ones. They should of been in at least 2-3 different boxes! We will never order from them in the future and would not reccomend them to anyone!
Negative Woodducky
Vernon Center, MN
(1 review)
January 19, 2014
We are a new chicken farmer, and have had some experience with Hoover. Our first batch of chicks ( broilers) came 3 weeks early and left us scrambling to make a brooder for them as our coop was not ready to receive them. Our second batch ( egg layers) came 1 day early, no big deal, but 2 of our chicks were roosters. In the end that was fine I guess, more roosters to protect the flock. Our third batch ( broilers), came 1 week early and since we had just finished building a new coop I had to throw together a brooder again in the new coop because the old coop was being cleaned and refurbished and was not ready for the new chicks.

All in all, getting the chicks early put us in a bind twice. As it is right now we are talking about getting our chicks from another supplier, but as I said, we are just talking about it. What ever we do decide to do we are doubling the size of our bird order than what we ordered last year and we don't want 60 chicks three weeks early!
Negative crazybanshee
Clear Spring, MD
(6 reviews)
June 20, 2013
I ordered from Hoover Hatchery twice this year, and another online hatchery for 2 other orders. I hate to give these guys their first negative feedback but here's why I'm doing it. The first order was very early in the year. I ordered over 50 birds of various kinds. They quoted me a price with shipping. Received the boxes in a good amount of time, but the shipping was way higher than they quoted me. Also within the first 2 days of receiving them half the australorps died. Not sure if it was because they were in a separate box than the rest of the birds and got cold or some other reason. Called hoover, they did refund for the dead birds but were unapologetic about the significantly more expensive shipping. I wouldn't have minded but if that's the price it was going to be, but please tell me that up front. However it wasn't all bad and the rest of the birds seemed fine so I went ahead and placed a second order.

That was several months ago, and the reasons I'm giving them a negative are now coming to light. I purchased sexed pullets and I know there will be some percentage that are roosters because people are human and make mistakes. So far from the second batch of 40 I have 3 that are roosters for sure, and several more than I'm concerned are roosters. I could live with that, because maybe the guy was having a bad day. However I ordered easter eggers, and I received birds that are now clearly looking less and less like easter eggers. One hen looks to be a white rock maybe? One of the roosters is rumpless and tufted and I would swear he's an aracauna. I know easter eggers come from aracaunas, but I've never seen one that looked so much like a pure aracauna. It's a rooster anyway, but there's others that don't appear to be full easter eggers. Even accepting that I got a higher percentage of roosters, I ordered all easter eggers and seemed to get mostly easter eggers and some other stuff mixed in. I got suckered in by the cheap birds, but I'm not going to order from them anymore.
Positive LAFarmboy
Rosemead, CA
(1 review)
February 26, 2013
I oredered 50 chickens for my new back yard coop and yard.
I was fortunate enough to move into a neighborhood in this area that has large back yards.
Being an old farmboy from Oklahoma i wanted a garden and chicken's
Garden was easy.
Chicken's another thing.
First was city and county.
Then polling the neighbors.
to my surprise almost all were happy to hear there would be fresh eggs available someday.
Only one concern was voiced, Was i going to raise them in a cage?
My answer was absolutely not, pen for protaction when I am not out there with them.
But my plan was and still is let them roam the yard in daylight when my wife or I are present.
I ordered 50 chickens from Hoover's Hatchery.
12 Buff Orpington pulletts, 12 Plymouth Barred Rock pullets, 6 Production Red pullets, 6 White Leghorn pullets, 4 heavy breed cockrels hatchery choice, and 10 Cornish Cross straight run for butchering.
They were shipped on time as quoted by the nice folks there.
Local Post office called me as soon as they arrived.(2 days)
The survival rate was excellent concidering a record blizzard struck the midwest just as they shipped out.
I called them and told them they had all arrived and was satisfied with the birds.
Results are good with very health thriving 1 week old chicks growing fast.
I have raised many chicks from hatcheries in years past, theese are doing as well or better than most I have every raised.
I am especially happy with the Cornish Cross growth.
Would recomand this hatchery to anyone who is concidering buying chicks.
I am a happy customer!
Positive rollyro
(1 review)
July 13, 2010
We ordered 25 Easter egger pullets from Hoovers a couple of months ago and couldnt be happier with the birds or the customer service. They shipped the birds when they said they would and they were in my post office the next morning. They sent 2 two extra birds that were the same kind as we ordered, not a different breed or sex that we didnt want. All 27 arrived alive. I did cull one the first day and another a couple of days later. Many people would probably have raised these birds but I dont put up with stragglers. This is no fault of Hoovers as there are weaklings in every bunch no matter what it is or who breeds it. ALL 25 turned out to be pullets and are healthy and absolutely gorgeous!
Positive eildtcher
South Lyon, MI
(1 review)
April 5, 2008
My family has been purchasing chicks for years from Hovers Hatchery. Every year the kids enter the broilers into the local 4-H Fair. And every year we win!!! Grand Champion, second, third. They are so proud. They are the best in the county. We prove it every year.
Positive rhomestead
Plattsburgh, NY
(4 reviews)
March 1, 2007
Have been extremely pleased with Hoover's. We have had their Cornish cross, red sex links, barred rocks, white rocks, buff orpingtons, black sex links, and americaunas. We settled on the red sex links and americaunas for layers. The birds would get here sometimes within one day (they are in Iowa and we are in upstate New York), almost always within two days.

Since the imposition of air surcharges and the availability of started pullets within driving distance, we have switched to Moyer's Hatchery in PA for broilers and started pullets, but that is nothing against Hoover's.

We wanted americauna chicks this fall when Hoover's did not have them so got them elsewhere and are not nearly as pleased with them as we have been with Hoovers.
Positive lacamo
East Ryegate, VT
(1 review)
June 8, 2006
We have ordered broiler chicks and some layers for 4 or 5 years now and have been extremely pleased with the quality and health of the birds as well as the excellent customer service. A big improvement over the local feed store!
Positive chickenman
Somerset, PA
(19 reviews)
April 8, 2006
I've ordered egg layers, broilers, and most recently ducklings from Hoover's Hatchery. They sell quality poultry, and are quick to resolve any problems. I ordered some Cal White pullets one year. Later that year when they started laying, they layed brown eggs. I informed Hoovers that they had sent me white rocks instead of Cal Whites. My next poultry order included the Cal whites free of charge.

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