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Moore's Roses

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Harmony, Pennsylvania 16037 (United States)

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Closed As per a note from the owner, Moore's Roses is no longer in business. We wish them all the best in future endeavors.

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Positive dwr857
Winston Salem, NC (Zone 7b)
(8 reviews)
June 12, 2008
Large full own root roses shipped semi bare root. Each rose was shipped with a small amount of soil and wrapped very carefully to stay moist. The roses were very large and very green. They were shipped on time and after following their planting instructions these roses are doing very well. I was impressed with the size of the roses and they started putting out new growth immediately and are doing well. I would purchase roses from Moore's again without hesitation. Their customer service was stellar and very helpful. Thanks you!
Positive mudbugs56
Monessen, PA (Zone 6a)
(4 reviews)
June 6, 2008
I am very pleased with the roses I received, and the customer service was excellent. In fact, they went beyond the call of duty to make sure my order was correct. No problems whatsoever and very quick shipping; I will definitely order from them again.
Positive Kassia
Framingham, MA (Zone 6a)
(12 reviews)
May 19, 2008
Love the roses I got from Moore! Great size and healthy plants!!!
I had a great conversation with the owner... she is a lovely person and very helpful! Got some great roses from her!

And yes, I will get some more roses as soon as she has available the ones I could not get this year!
Negative asphodel
La Grande, OR
(3 reviews)
May 13, 2008
Placed 3 orders Sun, Feb 24, 2008. Had difficulty, as there is a 2 rose limit, but one order went through with only 1 rose, but ended up ordering a total of 4 roses on 3 invoices. Payment went through, and had dialog with Lorene during payment. Thereafter, all communications stopped. Mon Apr 7, 2008, 2 out of 4 roses shipped. It was still frost here, but they arrived, lost about half of 1 plant, as it had 2 tender bloom buds on it. Lucky to get those 2, as they are all I would ever receive. Weeks go by, where's other 2? Emails not returned. Had to call phone # and leave msg. She returned my call Apr 29, 2008. Said she hasn't been getting emails. She said 1 rose couldn't be found, so I said send me 2 plants of same variety then. She said she'd send them May 3. On May 1, due to mis-delivered mail by our post office, I HAD to rent a box to protect my mail. All mails prior would have to be forwarded. I contacted Lorene, she said box WAS mailed May 3. By post office reconing, it should have arrived May 7, been forwarded, redelivered 5 days later...May 12. May 13, I email to ask Lorene for tracking number as stated on web site. She answered within minutes, telling me there's no tracking number.
I have no verification for the complaint I've filed with post office. Bottom line, if roses had been sent all at same time, I would have them. I got NO notification and NO explaination why the last 2 roses weren't also sent on April 7. Now I'm out 1/2 my order, due to difficulty with my post office and (mostly) with Moore's Roses. No idea where box of dead roses is at this point, no proof it WAS sent, no way to file complaint. Will never order here again, lack of communication is frightening.
On May 16th, 2008, asphodel added the following:

May 15, still no sign of roses. No one has seen this parcel, and there are MANY people looking... I filed a claim with Paypal on the 2 roses still undelivered, got a terse message on my cell phone from Lorene, wanting me to call her. I've already made long distance calls about these roses. I'm not making any more. My inbox has "proof" of delivery on one order of roses.... dated April 10. YEAH, that's the 2 plants I received. What about the 2 that I have NOT received? She refuses to use email, possibly because that leaves written proof. Who knows. When it's my problem, she just doesn't communicate. When she gets notification from Paypal that SHE has a problem, THEN she wants to communicate. On my dime.
On May 16th, 2008, asphodel added the following:

On the evening of May 15, I received notice from Paypal, and this is a 'cut & paste' of the message:

Amount: $21.04 USD

Transaction ID: 9**************

Subject: rose order

Note: I am voluntarily refunding you the monies for the two roses that got lost in the mail. It was in fact my mistake that they were not shipped with the first order, but they were indeed shipped May 3rd as I promised you they would be.

I take great exception to you inferring that I took your monies and failed to send your order; your attitude is just beyond my comprehension.


Ok, well that's better than nothing, which is what I've had so far, but that's only the cost of one rose. Which, if I have to split the difference, it really is better than nothing.

On May 16th, 2008, asphodel added the following:

May 16, one last thought before I let it go... (no box in mail today). All orders were placed online, each generated a Paypal postal label, total of 3 postage paid labels, which could have been used. One was used on the only shipment I received. No orders were placed via phone. Lorene only responded to this forum AFTER I placed a claim with Paypal. And then she refunded money for only one plant--doesn't she know how much her roses cost apiece? I resigned myself a week and a half ago that I'd be receiving a box of dead roses. After the snit I raised at the post office, I've been dreading going to the counter to claim this package when it finally arrived...but it never has..... Lorene lost my order, ignored my emails, then took advantage of the situation as I explained it to her once I finally spoke with her on the phone. Then, to make it look better here, she made a big production of refunding my "monies" but only half of them. My imagination has only come up with O-N-E other possibility for the "missing" parcel.... maybe it was seized by the state for lack of phyto sanitary inspection--agriculture inspections. I doubt Lorene would want to admit that on this forum, but I don't recall any paperwork of that sort in my other shipment.... just speculating, of course. Since I have no evidence of any box.... And now, I'll lay this issue to rest.
On May 18th, 2008, asphodel added the following:

Sunday, May 18. Surprised to find a notice in my inbox from Paypal:
Payment Details

Amount: $21.59 USD

Transaction ID: 42789119VX158****

I am so pleased to FINALLY get a refund for both roses, however the rating will stay negative for the difficulty in doing so. I am extremely thankful for this forum--I believe that is the only reason I received a refund at all. Sadly, this is the third year I've ordered from Moore's. I had found them initially on Ebay where they sell under the name *epiphany. I recommended them to my neighbor who placed an order last year. They have been deleted from my bookmarks page.
Company representative comment on May 16, 2008:

On May 15, 2008 8:41 PM, Moore's Roses added:

This customer had difficulty placing her order; and ended up with three separate orders; each one for just for one rose along with three separate shipping charges; and the third order was an inadvertent duplicate of her second order. I called the customer and explained that she had duplicated the second order and that I would cancel it for her. She decided that she wanted to add two more roses, so I took this part of the order over the phone. I cancelled the third order and adjusted the balance to account for the four roses that she wanted.
This is where the confusion came in; on recorded invoices on our web site she was due only two roses. When the invoices were pulled for shipping, only the two roses listed on the invoices were shipped (and an email is sent notifying the customer of shipping) I forgot that she was due two more, and went just by the invoices; and this is entirely my mistake. When the customer called on April 29th and left a message about the missing roses she was called back the same day (verified by phone records). She was told then that it was my mistake to have missed two of the roses and she acknowledged that her ordering had been a bit confusing. I told her that one of those roses was not available and what would she like to do? She indicated the two roses that she wanted and I told her that I would ship them for her on May 3rd, which we did. Normally there would be a tracking number through the web site, but as I had already marked this order as shipped this option is unavailable (this is through our web host; not under our discretion).
I next heard from her that the post office had been losing her packages and she had switched to a post office box and she wanted to know where her roses were. I assured her that they had in fact been shipped as promised. She asked for a tracking number and I explained that due to the circumstances this package did not have one.
I assumed that the roses would turn up, and she did not contact me again. I knew nothing further until today when she initiated a complaint via our merchant account and posted a complaint here.
I try very hard to accommodate my customers, and I accept the mistake of not sending the other two roses with the first shipment; but simply cannot be blamed for post office mistakes and lost packages. Nevertheless, had she simply called back and told us that there still was no sign of the plants and politely asked for a refund she would have received one, simple as that. There is no vendor that I know of that actually wants their customers to be unhappy. If the rule is “the customer is always right” the accompanying rule for customers should be “give them the benefit of the doubt”; assume that an honest mistake could be made, or something inadvertent could happen, and give them the chance to work it out with you.

Positive mik88
Warwick, RI
(1 review)
May 3, 2008
As a new customer I ordered four roses from Moore's. They all arrived in wonderful, healthy condition. Consider me a returning customer now. And I'll be sure to spread the word about this gem of a company!
Positive crogers854
Farmington, MO (Zone 5b)
(1 review)
May 3, 2008
I ordered 9 roses and received 8, because they did not have Danae, :( and I am waiting for a credit to my account.
I am very pleased with the plants, very healthy and beautiful. One of them had a flower and I got a second flower the very next day. Great Plants! I will order again. Thanks, Gloria
Positive Len123
Adrian, MO (Zone 6a)
(5 reviews)
April 20, 2008
Moore's was recommended to me by zuzu last winter. I received 13 roses. If i'd have known how nice these roses were I would have ordered so many many more. I have never received such beautiful roses anywhere, I'm not putting down my other favorite vendors, i'm just saying that Moore's is in a class all their own!
Positive Dan1465
Northfield, NJ
(8 reviews)
April 25, 2007
I could not be happier. My Illusion Rose arrived today very well packaged and it appears very healthy. Also, it's three times the size I've received from other venders in the past. Very impressive. I believe I have a new favorite online Rose Company. What a pleasure!
Positive amandaemily
Gulf Coast,
United States (Zone 9a)
(12 reviews)
April 18, 2007
First time purchasing roses sight-unseen. The plant I received is well-rooted, packaged very well for shipping and is quite healthy.
Positive celestialrose
Belmont, NH (Zone 4b)
(25 reviews)
April 12, 2007
This was my first order with Moore's and I was in for a wonderful
surprise.....their roses are superb. I was looking for some hard-to-find varieties and they had them in stock so I took the plunge and ordered. Shipping was fast and the plants were perfectly packaged; roots were lovingly wrapped and the roses were leafed out, large, healthy and even had flower buds!! I was delighted to see such large plants for own-root roses (I was mentally preparing myself for tiny band-size twigs, which these were not). I soaked the bareroots in a bucket for several hours before potting them up and they look refreshed and wonderful. I highly recommend this company and will order from them again.
Positive larlienda
Strasburg, VA (Zone 6b)
(35 reviews)
March 22, 2007
I just received my first order from moore's and the roses look wonderful! I'm thrilled and can't wait to get them planted. I plan on making additional orders in the future :-)

Positive Zuzu
Sebastopol, CA (Zone 9a)
(38 reviews)
February 26, 2007
I've placed two orders for roses from Moore's and all of the roses have been healthy and vigorous. The prices are exceptionally low for roses this size. You could pay much more to many online nurseries for roses half this size. They're grown own-root, but shipped "bare-root" to reduce shipping costs.
Positive Nigella
United States
(23 reviews)
February 24, 2007
I too am very pleased with the plants I received from this company. Good sized plants, excellent roots and the roses were very well packaged. She offers some rare roses that not that easy to find elsewhere.
Positive trackinsand
mid central, FL (Zone 9a)
(47 reviews)
November 21, 2006
i couldn't be more pleased. i placed an order for one rose, Old Master, on Sept.7 and it arrived a few days later. i like that there is no minimum order requirement. it was well-packaged and had a nice, fat root ball and was a big plant, much bigger than i had hoped for. the leaves were a little iffy, as though it hadn't been fed, but i planted it and stripped the leaves after a couple of weeks. it put out beautiful new leaves and i've already had at least a dozen wonderfully healthy blooms. i will be placing more orders with this company!
Positive Mary1NYS
Sherrill, NY (Zone 5a)
(14 reviews)
September 14, 2006
Ordered a 3 gallon rose which arrived huge, healthy, and blooming! Great packaging and wonderful healthy plant. Will order from again!
Positive phoebejo
Waverly, IA
(1 review)
July 31, 2006
For the last two years, I have bought several Buck roses from Moore's Roses. They have arrived bare root, large and healthy. To see the beautiful results visit my garden journal. I highly recommend Moore's Roses.
Positive CottageKat
Putnam, CT (Zone 5a)
(3 reviews)
July 27, 2006
I just received my first rose from this company yesterday and it was such a pleasant surprise. I never know what to expect when mail ordering and here it is the end of July so I knew I was taking a big chance. I am really glad that I did. Although the rose was barerooted for shipping the leaves were in perfect condition and it even has a bud. It is now potted up and looking like it never left it's original pot. I look forward to ordering more from them in the future.

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