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On Jun 11, 2012, dgworth10 (1 reviews) from Richmond, VA

I have had success with Winn's Fancy Hibiscus. I've had several informative conversations with Winn; he always seemed so upbeat and eager to share his knowledge of how to grow his hibiscus. I live in Virginia, ordered the hibiscus in April and requested they be sent right away. Yes, they were smaller then expected, but with the care and feeding suggested -- in 2 months have grown to a good size. One of the plants hadn't been well established yet and sent too early (I probably should have followed Winn's advice and waited.) It didn't survive and Winn replaced it right away -- no question asked, no hassles. This is a good company and I will probably order more - if I can find space to winter them over.

On Jun 3, 2012, reynava (1 reviews) from Clear Lake Shores, TX

I have found Winn Soldani to be extremely helpful. He has held my hand walked me through my plant issues, which were no fault of his. The two plants I received from Winn were healthy and beautiful. AR in Kemah, Texas

On Aug 25, 2011, MajiA (6 reviews) from Kenner, LA

Posted on August 21, 2011, updated August 25, 2011 Ordered 4 plants from Winn at Fancy Hibiscus. Great guy to deal with. I wanted the Black Dragon but he told me that the plants were too small and he did not want to send me a small plant because that may create a bad impression about his company. He guarantees his plants and says that he will replace any one that does not survive the journey from his garden to the customer's garden. I felt very comfortable to talk to him and do business with him.

On August 25th, 2011, MajiA added the following: Wife calls me at work to ask did you order more hibiscus? I said no, and she says I just came back from work and what is this box with "Black Dragon" doing at our door?? Guess what, Winn sent me a nice Black Dragon plant. He emailed me later to say that he found it and wanted to share with me. Now, if you don't want to do business with a person like that, I don't know who you want to do business with. I hope you all give me more business and I hope that he will give you all the hibiscus that will make you smile.

On Jun 23, 2011, Amaximis (1 reviews) from Denver, CO

We have purchased 14 plants in less than a years time from Winn. We have always been dealt with in a very professional manner, our plants have arrived as he said they would, and questions have always been answered. I am glad I DIDNT run in to this site prior. I may have not tried Winn and I would have lost out on some very nice plants! People who are considering ordering from Winn - my suggestion is DO IT! People who get on these sites to complain - you really should wonder about THEM!

On Mar 14, 2011, UchikiMatsu (1 reviews) from Pompano Beach, FL

Residing in the same county as Winn, my partner and I have visited his garden several times now and have purchased a total of 10 plants. Two of them, gifts for others, did not survive. Unfortunately, I cannot account for how others cared for the plants, but when I mentioned to Winn that 2 plants died, he replaced them immediately, no questions asked. Of the 6 I kept for myself, all are healthy, vigorous, beautiful plants. I wanted 2 varieties for which he did not have larger plants and I bought those small. The other 4 BLOOM EVERY DAY, gorgeous and breathtaking. All we did was follow Winn's advice. He took his time with us, teaching, explaining, answering any and all of our questions. I highly recommend Winn and Fancy Hibiscus.

On Jul 14, 2010, blupit007 (2 reviews) from Clinton, CT (Zone 6b)

I spoke to Winn several times before deciding on the 4 plants I would buy. He was very knowledgeable and patient with me. When I finally decided on what to buy, they arrived within 3 days. I was unhappy with two of them. I told him about it and he offered my money back. I send the 2 of them back to him and he refunded the entire amount for all 4! I asked him why, and he said that he doesn't want an unhappy customer, to keep the other 2 plants and hopefully we could do business again. He even refunded the initial shipping cost as well as the shipping it cost me to return the plants to him. I am now a very happy customer of Winn. His customer service is an A+. I will definitely place another order with Winn. He is truly a kind & honest person who strives for 100% customer satisfaction. Thanks Winn!

On Jun 18, 2010, elliemccoy (1 reviews) from Columbia, MO

wow i wish i had googled this before ordering. Ordered 2 plants in November due to where they were going he said he would mail in March. They arrived June 17th 2010. As the first order was "lost" ....hmmmm...also was told they would be good sized plants..11 inches tall! buyers beware i contacted him and this is his response... but I am at a loss because "You are right and disappointed" -- no offer for anything else.....

On Jan 7, 2010, kerrysroxy (1 reviews) from Los Angeles, CA

CV= cultivar I emailed Winn last summer asking if he has a rare hibiscus called amethyst heart. He said yes and shows me a picture. it was amethyst heart. I am hybridizer and I explain to him I really wanted this cv to use with cross breeding. I also asked him about another cv and he claims he had it but it did not bloom for him. The cv i asked about blooms well and is a good cv so this just let me know that he did not have it just trying to make a sale he offered me tylene in which I declined. What I got in the mail was a shock ! he sent me a plant that looked nearly DEAD here is a picture // On top of that it had snow scale ! Winn blames me for the snow scale and tells me its because i did not put plant in direct sun light for 12 hrs or give it the crappy fertilizer he recommends to his customers. I soon found out from the hibiscus community that Winn is notorious for sending out sick plants as well and mystery CV's/ the wrong cv's. I brought the plant back to health and it bloomed and it looks nothing like amethyst heart. I showed Winn and he claims the color will change . Well this cv does not even have the same leaf shape as amethyst heart so therefore its not the cv I wanted. The color does not even compare to amethyst heart. Beware don't buy from Winn at all you will be much happier buying from Charles @ Hidden valley hibiscus !

On Apr 29, 2008, sunsetcruser99 (1 reviews) from Santa Clara, CA

I, at first, ordered two plants from Winn. The order came quickly, but alas, one did not make the trip, It was dead. I then called Winn back and he credited me for the dead plant. I realy liked some of what i saw on his site, and on faith I ordered two more, and this time he paid for the shiping. Now i am so glad i did as there are three very nice blooming hibiscus plants in my yard. And they are as stunning as the ones he had on his site. I am a novice gardener, at best, and only followed his advise and the plants are thriving with awsome blooms! Thanks Winn

On Sep 27, 2007, cat4gp (3 reviews) from Palm Bay, FL (Zone 9b)

I actually went there last March and bought 12 hibiscus. They were my very first hibiscus. When I bought them, they looked bushy, beautiful and full of promise. Unfortunately, out of the 12: 2 are healthy and beautiful. 4 are dead. 2 are struggling to grow. They are the same size they were 6 months ago. The other 4 are the weakest, straggliest hibiscus you will ever see. After 6 months, they look....well, they don't look healthy, for sure. All are treated with the same fertilizer, watering conditions, plant food, etc as my other gazillion hibs, but I can't seem to give them "life" My girlfriend bought 3 or 4, and all of hers died. I will break it down for you. I bought 2 nightfire. One is extremely healthy, the other has barely grown. I bought 2 Louise Bennett. One is extremely healthy, the other is struggling to grow, and, to survive. I bought 2 fifth dimension. The flowers on one are beautiful, but the plant is weak, leggy, very minimal leaves, no matter what I do. The other one died. Wallflower is a beautiful flower, but again, I never show the plant, because it is weak, straggly, and has very little leaves. I bought 2 Paths. One for my mom and one for me. They both died. Etoufee died, but I will blame the floods on that (even though most of my other hibs struggled thru and gained their strength and beauty back) Topaz Glory is extremely weak, straggly and barely has leaves. Abundant Treasure is weak, straggly and just starting to regain leaves. He is a great salesperson, but does not put loving care into his offspring. He grafts his own plants, and I have to think that whatever his grafting process, it does not show stability, but it does show a very strong case of inconsistency

On May 14, 2005, triviologist (10 reviews) from Buffalo, NY

The owner had such a bad attitude on the phone, that I decided not to place my order.

On Apr 30, 2004, DaCooknGy (1 reviews)

I highly recommend this site. I have purchased 5 fancy hibiscus from Winn this season. The service was excellent I was given the time to ask the questions that needed asking. The answers were patient and informative. I had no surprises when receiving my orders. The plants arrived in excellent condition on a timely basis. I did receive small plants on one of the varieties but I was told up front they would be small. They are doing very nicely now. On my second order (different varieties) I was told the plants were much larger. They in fact were and in fantastic condition, they began to bloom within 4 days of receipt. I am about to make a third order this morning. I am a very satisfied customer. I have spent hundreds of dollars ordering plants and bulbs online this year. Fancy Hibiscus dot com has been my most pleasant experience thus far in terms of service and quality.

On Apr 25, 2004, neheskett (6 reviews) from Albert Lea, MN (Zone 4b)

I have ordered from Winn twice, and both times recieved very healthy and vigorous plants that were remarkably well packaged. Being a Minnesotan, I'm not too familiar with tropicals but a simple phone call to Winn (and it is Winn himself who answers the phone!) and he had all the answers to my questions. Winn is very personable and extremely knowledgeable about his hibiscus. Definitely A+ recommended. Huge selection too!

On Feb 3, 2003, cowgardener (30 reviews) from Southport, ME

We ordered a couple of hibiscus from this company, requested shipment as soon as weather conditions permitted and waited and waited. Finally we e-mailed and were informed that we were to inform him of the appropriate shipping time. We responded 'asap'. After a second week delay, we finally got our two *small* hibiscus, considerably smaller than the size implied when we ordered. More disappointing was the fact that both plants were infested with spider mites & some sort of black spotting on the leaves. These maladies quickly spread to our own very healthy hibiscus which made us decide "that's it!" for fancyhibiscus!

On Jul 1, 2002, mkohlercocoa (1 reviews)

Simply the best in terms of variety, helpfulness and knowledge. The catalog is stunning and Winn is more than helpful in terms of helping grow the plants. I killed one- all my fault- and Winn told me what I had done wrong and replaced it. I ended up buying another plant. I was at fault and did not ask for this replacement, but Winn stands by his products, all of which are thriving.

On Jul 1, 2001, queenbilen (1 reviews) from West Chester, PA

Great service. Very accommodating. Beautiful plants and good selection.

On Jul 1, 2000, marcoangelo (1 reviews)

Fantastic service, variety, and healthy stock. Honest man with honest answers and is very helpful with any questions. I live in NJ and, due to the climate have to over-winter indoors for 3 years now and from someone with my knowledge of the plant Winn knows what he is talking about and comes highly recommended.

On Feb 1, 1999, GregHale (7 reviews) from Kent, OH

A nice web site and small full color flyer. If you're looking for fancy hibiscus this is the place. Talk about personal service, literature says "Call Winn" "call anytime" - Winn answered the phone himself - discussed what I was looking for and made pro/con recommendations for my locale. When I called back two weeks later to add to my order it took him about 15 seconds to find "the envelop he wrote my order on". (Not sure if I believe that or not.) Unfortunately, these hibiscus seemed mostly too tropical for Northern Ohio. Several did pretty well, and most of the others bloomed but never seemed to really get going.

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