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On Jun 18, 2020, BrentonSims (7 reviews) from Jacksonville, FL

This is one of the best sources of rare semi-tropical/tropical fruit trees! I bought six plants a year ago and they're all thriving. Yes, the staff aren't friendly but i'm not going here for conversation. Look at their list of plants and know what you want before you go.

On Mar 24, 2015, nananut (3 reviews) from mccordsville,
United States

I saw their ad on web site. I gave them a call & inquiring about some tropical fruit trees and ask if they ship? their attitude & tone of voice customer services are unacceptable. The owner had bad manner said out loud we don't ship and do not take credit card cash only. he want to bite my head off. it's very nasty of him. the employees can't understand what our questions about they barely understand good English. it was a bad experienced to me. My advice to people that do not shop with them, stay away from this place. there are many nurseries in Florida. take time & shop around you will find better selections & good quality services.

On Aug 20, 2014, hlhiley (1 reviews) from Lake Worth, FL

The trees here are very nice; thus I have mixed feelings about recommending this business. Unfortunately, the customer service is absolutely awful. I was promised a delivery today, for which I took the day off of work, and it did not happen. I should have known better when the owner and employees were more interested in, and began eating mango, while showing us some trees... my bad. If you buy a tree here, agree on a definitive delivery date and time!

On Mar 13, 2013, nsobgyn (2 reviews) from West Palm Beach, FL

This has always been the place to buy tropical fruit trees. The prices are very fair and the quality of the trees is excellent. The customer service is usually very good. And the owners are extremely knowledgeable.

On Oct 23, 2012, DanMcNellen (2 reviews) from Lake Worth, FL

Negative !00%. I went there to pick up some aloe plants, and they were either covered in raccoon poop or covered in black spots. When I asked Richard how much the plants would cost he had to call someone, and gave me a price that was just way too high for a plant covered in poop. I then asked how much for a smaller plant(covered in black spots), and he once more had to call someone. I would only buy plants from them if they were the only company selling that plant. I ended up going just a mile down the road and got the same plant for less and without the poop and black spots. IF YOU WANT TO BUY PLANTS THAT WILL DIE. THIS IS THE PLACE FOR YOU. PRICES - A large aloe plant(3 gallon) was $25 and a small aloe plant(1 gallon) was $10. I paid $8 for a small aloe plant(1 gallon) at the other place and it looks 10 times better. Side-Note - Richard acted like a little kid as in he didn't want to even talk to me and make a sale. He just wanted to go back inside and play video games/ watch TV.

On May 29, 2011, tangerinelover (1 reviews) from Lake Worth, FL

My wife and I had been to Excaliber on a tour once before. We had the owner, Richard explaining all about his plants and philosophies about plants. We wound up buying several plants and bushes from him that day. Several months later we went back to Excalibur to purchase a large tangerine tree. The young lady who greeted us showed us three small tangerines, two murcutt and one dancy. When we explained that we wanted a somewhat larger tree that was all ready to fruit, she called another employee on her phone. She tried to explain what we wanted once whereupon the employee hung up. She called back and gave the phone to my wife, where she tried to explain that she wanted a larger tree and needed some help deciding what type to get. The employee was very abrupt and told her that he didn't have the time right then. Needless to say, they did not make a sale that day. Nor are they likely to make any other sales to us ever again.

On Mar 17, 2011, DonGeorgio (1 reviews) from Pompano Beach, FL

Excalibur fruit trees is my absolute #1 source for fruit trees not only because of the insane selection of fruit trees of all sizes and rarities but also because the staff is both friendly and knowledgable. Bob took me on my golfcart tour and was telling me about a Black Sapote. He insisted that this fruit tasted just like chocolate pudding and upon my scepticism, he promptly took me to his house (located on property) and pulled a black sapote off of HIS tree for me to sample. Let me assure you that it tasted enough like chocolate pudding for me to buy 2 of them. I have also taken tours with Wilson who is equally knowledgable about the various fruit trees and allowed me to sample a Durian that they had sitting there. Although it tasted like how I would imagine a seat in an outhouse would taste, it was still a unique experience. They price all of their trees very fairly and the staff always helps you select the very best available. I can not rave enough about this place and highly reccomend it to anyone who is in the market for a fruit tree and lives within a 2 hour drive (I commute 1 hour and 20 mins to get there and it is well worth it).

On Jun 11, 2009, Ninzerbean (1 reviews) from Fort Lauderdale, FL

After talking at length to Linda and being told that the tree I wanted was $800 and delivery to where I lived and planting was $350 I drove up to pick out a tree. This is a 1 hour drive for me. I wasted another 50 minutes driving around with Wilson to pick out my tree to be then told by Richard that the delivery and planting even though he was going to be one block from my house the next day was $450. He even told me this was a $50 discount! For less than 10% they lost a $1150 sale. I can not understand this type of attitude. Durning my 1 hour drive home I called and asked to speak to Linda and was told she was just the bookkeeper and what did I "expect to get out of it?" I replied in a very positive friendly way that I just wanted the person who owned the business to know what had happened and why, but the person who answered the phone assured me it was going to make no difference to her. I hope to save someone else the time I wasted - talk to Richard before you drive there.

On Jun 4, 2008, vabhaiva (1 reviews) from Fort Lauderdale, FL

Excellent Source for Tropical Fruits Trees. I Travelled 45 miles to this Nursery. I was amazed with Number and Varieties of Trees. Guide was very Helpful. I got Makok sapodilla and Emperor Lychee Trees. In Regular Nurseries,You do not get what you are looking for. This place has full Listings of Tropical fruit Trees. I will love to come back to this place to get more Trees. We had good Discussion about Different Varieties of Mango Trees and which can be suitable for south Florida. Highly Recommend for anybody who is looking for Exact Tropical Fruits Trees/Rare Fruits Trees

On Apr 28, 2008, ayugo (1 reviews) from Jakarta,

I'm Yugo, I love all plants information inside. Thanks.

On Mar 5, 2008, kpienaar (1 reviews) from Boynton Beach, FL (Zone 10a)

I wish I had found them before buying more than 15 trees at the major home improvement stores in Boynton Beach. I decided to go and check them out because I wanted grumichamma trees and couldn't find it anywhere. We made this a family outing Upon arrival I was greeted and asked what it is I was looking for, we were all loaded onto a golf cart - the nursery is so large, and driven to the grumichmma's, I bought two for about half the price of a store bought 3-5 gal tree and one already had flowers on them. I was also interested in a sapodilla, but on the way I spotted some very large star fruits and asked my guide about it as I wasn't sure how they tasted, he stopped, walked into the rows of trees and came back with a huge ripe start fruit, produced his pocket knife and cut each of us a piece, needless to say, I was so impressed, I bought one ! Not only are the trees very reasonably priced, but for about the same price as the major home improvement garden centers, you can get substantially bigger/more vigorous trees. If I had a bigger budget, I would be back - the problem is I will easily blow it at this nursery, they not only have fruit trees but a large selection of other tropical plants. They only accept cash or checks, so be prepared. On our way out, I asked if he had a sapodilla fruit I could taste, he said sure, walked back to the tent and came back and handed me a sapodilla - thats another story, I'm not quite sure I like the sapodilla. I will be back to buy a jaboticaba and possibly others (if I still have space left) ! I LOVE this place ! P.S. we arrived during lunch time - anyone is welcome to sit at the table and enjoy a soda and slice of pizza !

On Jan 24, 2008, eldys (3 reviews) from Miami, FL

Excalibur has an astounding selection of tropical fruit trees. I was amazed to find durian, chempedak, abiu and grafted mangosteens in stock. The owner is an encyclopedia of horticultural knowledge and quite willing to discuss the care of particular species. Highly recommended.

On Dec 15, 2007, jeffhagen (11 reviews) from Fort Lauderdale, FL

I've visited these guys several times. This is South Florida's premier tropical fruit nursery. The owner is highly regarded in the local tropical fruit community. He has introduced several new varieties of rare tropical fruits from all over the world. Excalibury carries a huge stock of the more common tropical fruit trees in addition to an overwhelming stock of rare and hard-to-find varieties. Moreover, they carry an array of sizes from 3 gallon up to several hundred gallon liners. Some of the prices might be slightly more than what you would pay at a competing nursery, but overall they are fairly reasonable. And, if you are looking for hard to find varieties, this is the only place where you will find it.

On Jul 30, 2007, jambu (1 reviews) from West Palm Beach, FL

I'm torn. LOVE the plant materials they have. I would lean neutral to negative; negative only in that their staff (outside of either the owners or their main guy which changes) do not know horticultural practices. Purchased large specimens of plants from them and they transported and planted. Many trees were planted 6-8" too deeply, which ended up in slow deaths over the next 8-10 months. They would deny it, even though when pulling the plants, you could visibly see soil stains 6" above the root crown of the dead tree. I also am angry that when told about the bad planting, would be blown off. Their retort would be "this tree likes it wet". Needless to say, because they repeatedly planted too deeply, even these few water-loving trees even suffocated and failed within 6-8 months.

On Jan 19, 2007, murahilin (3 reviews) from West Palm Beach, FL

Quite possible the best source for tropical fruit trees in palm beach county. I have been to this nursery multiple times and every time i leave with some excellent quality trees. The nursery is located on 15 acres and has the widest variety and largest selection of anywhere else i have come across in palm beach. The staff and owners are very knowledgeable and can answer almost any question about the fruit and how to take care of the trees. The prices are alright. Not to expensive.

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