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On Aug 31, 2007, TropiSocal_dave (2 reviews) from Garden Grove, CA (Zone 10a)

On many occasions I have bought palms from Tropical Vibe. The reason I continue doing business with them is because of their fantastic service and huge selection of palms. The service is the best I've ever experienced- They are knowledgeable, willing to answer my personal questions, and most importantly HONEST.

On Apr 18, 2007, likepalms (1 reviews) from Irvine, CA

I first learned about Tropical Vibe Nursery in 2004 when a friend referred me to Johnny. The nursery was smallish but had lots of interesting small palms and killer deals. I bought a 1 gallon ravenea glauca, a few ravenea sambiranensis and a caryota gigas and all have grown very well except the ravenea sambiranensis. The dog knocked it over in the can and the srpinklers didn't hit for a couple of weeks. It survived but seems to grow slow now. I probably just need to breakdown and buy another one. I have stopped by once or twice a year and theres are all bigger than mine. I went to their sale on Mar 18 and was blown away by how much their plants have grown. They had 15' kentias in full sun, 20' Triangle palms, lots of rare stuff, too. (I almost bought a Latania loddegesii x lontaroides. I went back the next weekend and they were sold out. They told me that they had 2 out of 3 that were known in the world. Should of bought it the first time). I have never seen licuala mapu in person but after seeing them there I can see why there is such a buzz about them. Cute little things. I bought a nice 5g dypsis decipiens, 5 dypsis onilahensis that was 4 years old for $5 each!!, a huge 5 gallon chambeyronia macrocarpa watermelon, 1 gallon archontophoenix purpurea, a 2 gallon calyptrocalyx sp awa (that was the priciest one - good thing it was a sale day!), a big 5 gallon hyophorbe indica and a 2 gallon syagrus xcostae and I can't wait to see how this one grows. I like hybrids. All that for under $300 bucks! When I went back the following weekend, I couldn't resist the licuala mapu, licuala ramsayii and some cool colorful ti plants. They said they would grow well in Laguna Beach but I haven't talked to many people that are growing them. They said they had them outdoors under shade cloth during the freeze and they didn't burn. My only regret is not buying the Latania loddegesii X lontaroides when I had a chance. Turns out that they were sold to a guy that has had his garden published in magazines. At least now I will have an excuse for not getting my garden published! All in all, Johnny is a nice and knowledgable guy that knows how to grow plants! tropical vibe nursery is a big thumbs up!

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