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On Jul 29, 2007, Toffy (1 reviews) from Ramona, CA

Excellent experience with White Dove Farm and Patti Gilbert has been very easy to communicate with. She has been pronto with returning emails, I recommended this company, for their promptness, rapid delivery, great product, and communication. I ordered 5 Banana Rhizomes, received them with explicit instructions. Followed them, and in just about 1 month my Bananas are 24" tall. I'm not kidding about that either. 2 ft tall in one month. Maybe the worm castings mixed with the Miracle Grow plant medium helped. Dunno....This company is there to please their customers, and give a superior product.

On Mar 29, 2007, tkcuisine (1 reviews) from Longboat Key, FL (Zone 9a)

Fantastic to work with, very knowlegeable and fast to reply to my questions!

On Mar 25, 2007, Namonstoo (1 reviews) from Saint Augustine, FL (Zone 9a)

A few weeks ago, I bought a small bunch of passion fruit cuttings from the White Dove Farm through Ebay. From there, my experience in doing business with them was all positive and pleasant. Not only did the cuttings arrive quickly and safe all the way from the other side of the U.S., but the sellers were very conscientious in their correspondence with me on how to prepare/plant the cuttings, the care, and etc. They were very honest and even 'blunt' on what I need to do to make the cuttings successful. It was quite an educational experience for me...many tips they gave me were specific and not what I would easily find elsewhere. As a result, I am very happy to report that a lot of the passion fruit cuttings that I had planted are showing success with new leaves sprouting. With assurance that they will still be there to give further assistance, I look forward to the final result which will be when I am able to pluck some fruit from the vines! As the sellers mentioned in their website, their business is all about quality. I say a loud "amen" to that! -DS

On Jun 4, 2006, hgurule (1 reviews) from Summerville, SC (Zone 8a)

The owners of this company are very honest and communicate well with customers. I placed two orders with them for irises (110 irises total), and they had mistakenly only sent me one. When I brought it to their attention, they were very quick to fix the problem and refund my money for the second order. They were always friendly and went out of their way to answer all emails thoroughly. They sent many extras with the one order, and I would certainly order from them again. They also sell passion fruit starting in late July. They sell many of their items on ebay as well //stores.ebay.com/White-Dove-Farm-Fresh.

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