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Silicon Solar Inc.

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2917 HW 7
Bainbridge, New York 13733 (United States)

Phone: 1-800-653-8540
Fax: (866) 746-5508

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  Company Comment, posted on January 14, 2009:  
I want to personally apologize and assure that we have identified and have been working to address past and current issues regarding customer service with our company.

Silicon Solar Inc started by designing and manufacturing solar energy products in an industry that was growing at an exponential rate. During these times we experienced several growing pains like many companies who are small and starting out. As a result of these growing pains, our customers service was below both my own and the company’s expectations. Over the years we have worked to improve our customer service and ensure that our customers are receiving the most value in both their product and the service they receive, yet there is still room for improvement. Our company was founded as a product based company and as a goal and mission for 2009, we are shifting our focus toward a value added company that is determined to offer additional values to our customers through service.

We accept that there have been issues in the past and are working honorably to ensure that all of our customers (current and past) are serviced and provided with answers to some of their unanswered questions or service requests.
A successful business learns from its mistakes and being able to accept their mistakes and prevent them from happening again. There are no excuses for lack in customer service and this is why in 2009 it is our mission to ensure that we provide our customers with the highest level of service.

I want to let our customers and readers know that we are here to help and ensure that every one of our customers is taken care of. If anyone has questions regarding Silicon Solar or any outstanding issues with an order or services not rendered, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-800-786-0329 or email support “at”


The Silicon Solar Support Team

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Positive AshleyRiv
USA Minor Outlying Islands
(1 review)
April 3, 2018
Best Outdoor solar garden lights! my children are so happy to see our garden! Thank you
Positive TinR
Los Angeles, CA
(1 review)
April 3, 2018
Our company ordered the EnviroLight SX 200W from Silicon Solar for our parking lot. The sales person whom I spoke to was very accomodating and patient as I don't have any idea at first what to order for our parking lot. She assisted me and gave me all the information that I needed. After making the payment, I received a confirmation that my order was shipped the same day I made the payment. They are really fast. No delays. I received our order after 3 days. We have installed it and we do have a lot of customers asking where they can purchase this solar street lights. Very nice and reliable product. Thank you Silicon Solar and the sales person who assisted me. More power.
Positive Daniel_J
(1 review)
March 20, 2018
I purchased Aquajet 24V solar pump Very nice, great deal, easy transaction and very fast shipping. Thank you Silicon Solar Inc!!
Positive Nick_Smith
Bainbridge, NY
(1 review)
March 15, 2018
The Sales & Customer Service Team of Silicon Solar is really helpful.I looked for Aqua jet kit which will be suitable for my needs and compatible to my application.

The Sales Representative helped me with great information and suggested the correct product .Customer Service team also helped me with quick shipment and order got delivered in very less time.

I am so happy with the product and services.I recommend Silicon Solar to all.
Positive ChatriceM
Orange Cove, CA
(1 review)
March 15, 2018
Very accommodating Customer Service. Excellent quality products for a reasonable price. Well-packed items and shipped immediately. Thank you Silicon Solar.
Positive RaquelB
Armada, MI
(1 review)
March 14, 2018
Good Customer service, I did not expect that I will have someone to call me back as soon as possible. the product was great specially the solar lights with very good product in very good price. was so happy with the service will surely recommend it with my friends and family.
Positive Jerry_M
USA Minor Outlying Islands
(1 review)
March 14, 2018
Absolutely had my best experience with Silicon Solar, my garden looks amazing with your Solar Fountain Pump. Thank you and more power!
Positive SamanthaAlbert
Framingham, MA
(1 review)
March 14, 2018
I purchased a GenLight 2X solar sign light and I am so satisfied with the product. It was also delivered very fast. I received it after 2 days after ordering it over the phone. Now, all of the solar products that I need, I am purchasing it with Silicon Solar including the Aquajet 24V solar pump. I am so thankful that I was able to find this company.
Positive VanessaJBar
Murska Sobota,
(1 review)
March 14, 2018
Silicon Solar , overall as a company was great to work for.Everything here works as it should. Just an awesome work environment with awesome people.
Positive Brian_M
USA Minor Outlying Islands
(1 review)
March 14, 2018
Had an awesome experience with Silicon Solar.Very happy with their professionalism and overall process to date... I'll definitely purchase with them again!
Positive selena2016
Los Angeles, CA
(1 review)
July 14, 2016
I was hesitant in placing an order because of the not so good reviews of the company however due to the fact that they have only the product that was looking for lighting our billboard I risk myself to try and purchase with them I was checking with different site a however as I received my quotation it seems too impossible because of the affordable price that they gave. this is the only way to light our billboard sign as some quotation I received is such way over our budget so after I signed, agreed and pay my order I was informed that it will take 5-7 or 10 days to have the item so we waited within that time frame just to cut the story short we received the item and we can't imagine how the excellent product is with superb brightness and high-quality materials that were made. I hope this feedback can help more customer of yours to purchase with you I know there's no "perfect" company as I am working as well with a retail company with flaws but then again just make sure that all of the customer concerns must be taken care of and be resolved to avoid too many complaints in the future Thanks again Silicon Solar
Negative plorandos
Brighton, MI
(1 review)
July 13, 2016
I bought and received a solar pump from silicon solar in 12/2015.
It didn't work for my purposes, the company said I could return it, and gave me an RMA # and address for return in 12/2015
I still haven't received a refund, despite many emails and phone calls to date- 7/2016.
Negative SteviaProject
Sylmar, CA
(1 review)
July 11, 2016
Posted on July 3, 2015, updated July 11, 2016
I am researching the production of stevia, a sugar-substitute, in urban gardens. This is an effort of several years. And I am self-financing this urban stevia project.

I decided to prototype a low-cost hydroponic system. AC power is not possible where I work. I needed an inexpensive, yet effective solar powered water pump.

I ordered a $75 Chinese pump. It functioned for more than a year, providing a good flow despite my many problems with broken pipes, an empty reservoir, clogs from debris -- and then it failed.

I ordered a $130 Silicon Solar panel / pump system. Initially, the pump functioned per specifications. Yet after two months, the flow had dropped to less than half of what Silicon Solar advertised.

I did not know why the pump had ceased to function as specified. I only knew I had to get another pump as soon as possible.

In desperation, I ordered a Silicon Solar $230 panel / pump system.

( Since then, I tried several times to clean or repair the $130 pump. Not possible. )

Los Angeles is now enduring a heat wave with dry wind. Due to the failure of the Silicon Solar $130 pump, rows of stevia have withered and may have died. Years of nurturing those plants, perhaps lost.

And the $230 panel/pump I ordered?

I ordered the new pump in desperation. I paid in advance. I needed the pump that day. Immediately.

Weeks passed. When I called their 'customer service,' I spoke with someone in foreign call center who promised me 'priority service.'

After almost a month, I am receiving emails telling me they will send an email when they ship the panel/pump system.

If they had told me at the time I ordered and paid, that they would need months to deliver the panel and pump, I would have found some other supplier for the system.

I very much regret not researching the background of the Silicon Solar company.

Thank you, Dave's Garden. My urban stevia project will continue even if Silicon Solar fails to deliver the pump I ordered and paid for. However, when I find another supplier, I will check their name against the forums here. Thank you.

On July 11th, 2016, SteviaProject added the following:

11 July, 2016

I continue my research in the production of stevia, a sugar-substitute recommended for pre-diabetic individuals. I want to exploit hydroponics to grow the stevia in urban spaces. This is an effort of several years. And I am self-financing this stevia project.

I circulate the hydroponic solution with solar-powered pumps I purchased from Silicon Solar.

Silicon Solar is the only company offering mid-volume pumps with run-dry shut off features.

If any other company sold similar pumps, I would buy from the other company.

Silicon Solar presents problems:

1. They fabricate positive reviews. The editors at DavesGardens caught them uploading false positives. Are the recent positives also false?

2. They employ call-center clerks for technical questions. When I questioned contradictory numbers in the pumped gallons per hour charts, I listened as the clerk read the text off the website. In the end, I ordered without confidence.

3. They employ call-center clerks for order fulfillment questions. I paid via credit card – and the charge appeared immediately. Yet they did not ship the pump and solar panel. After a month, I called the call-center clerks, they promised ‘ priority shipping.’ No pump came. After weeks, I emailed the clerks, a received an email telling me not to email the clerk who had taken the order – and my money.

4. When the pump finally came, I discovered the specifications of gallons per hour of pumping misrepresented the actual pumping. To achieve the gallons per hour, the user must place the panel at an exact 90-degree angle to the sun, then the pump may approach the promised volume pumped. However, any angle other than 90-dgrees results in a much lower volume of pumped water.

This would not be a problem if the manual stated the requirement. I could have incorporated a tilt-hinge into the bracket to allow adjusting the panels for the seasonal changes in the angles of the sun.

In my comment last year, I wrote that the pump could not be opened for unjamming. After I received a second pump, I forced the jammed pump open. The thin plastic housing can be opened --- with great care and patience.

I will now be ordering another $230 pump from Silicon Solar. And I expect many problems and delays. I will pay and I will wait as they assemble the pump in China, then container the pump across the Pacific. One month? Two months? Ever?

If any other company offers such pumps, google my website and/or YouTube – GreenUrbanIslands – I will buy from another company in the future.

Thank you, Dave's Garden. My urban stevia project will continue even if Silicon Solar fails. Perhaps another company will offer the equipment I need. However, when I find another supplier, I will check their name against the forums here. Thank you.
Positive Nicole2016
Bainbridge, NY
(1 review)
July 6, 2016
Great products !

"I recommend all of you once to have an experience of using siliconsolar products . We recently tried ordering couple of Solar Spot light & Flag Light 24 Ultra Bright LEDs ,sku is PatioPal-GS-SpotLight-24 and also a pump kit Solar Water Fountain Pump with Battery Backup Aqua-jet Custom Kit 24V with Battery Backup ,sku is AquaJetCustom-Kit-24V-V2. They are really amazing .I also had got in touch with the Sales Team with polite and helping attitude towards customers to suggest the right products as per requirement. I loved the services of them.Thank you team of Silicon-solar for suggesting me good products."
Positive akeysz
United States
(1 review)
July 4, 2016
This is my first time purchasing with Silicon Solar and I’ve been very impressed. In particular, I’ve been impressed with your customer service, commitment and having my order delivered so fast!!. Thank you to all of you! Looking forward to purchase with you soon!!
Positive sharonruss
New Virginia, IA
(1 review)
July 1, 2016
I would like to commend Silicon Solar regarding about the replacement globe unit i received especially to Mafe who initially took my call.

Thank you very much for your help and speed response in resolving the problem. I appreciate your efforts an I extremely pleased with the results. Keep It Up!
Positive Aubrey1234
New York City, NY
(1 review)
June 29, 2016
I don't usually gave a feedback but I just want to share my experience about Silicon Solar I've purchased their Solar Water Fountain Pump with Battery Backup 24V – AquaJet Pro Kit and needed in less than 5 days because of a special event at my house as at the time i placed the order the customer rep named Brian told me that it will take 5-7 business days for the delivery but i requested to have it shipped earliest as possible as he said that they will do their best to have it shipped as soon as possible upon payment so after making the payment at that time with the receipt # and everything I was amaze that on the following morning I received a shipping tracking number of my order that it was already shipped never I expected in 3 days I already received my pump and I Love It all of my friends appreciate my pump after we install it and guess what they will purchase the pump i have with Silicon Solar thanks again I'll be purchasing more with you in the future!!!
Positive coco45
New Virginia, IA
(1 review)
June 28, 2016
Excellent Retail Company

“I have purchase the Genlight 2x! This is the first time I put my hand on green products, what an experience! I will definitely use solar things in the future.

This light kit is extremely to install, no installer require, myself can handle it, cause it is simple without connecting to the grid. Although it takes me sometimes cause i m new, but It will be so much faster in the future. I love solar things!”

Thanks again Silicon solar
Negative desperadonh
Nashua, NH
(1 review)
July 1, 2015
totally negative they are horrible.
pump 6 weeks late now another 6 weeks?
Negative Lovehum
(11 reviews)
May 28, 2015
Wow, I wish I read all these negative reviews before making a purchase with Silicon Solar!

They claim that they are Family Owned & Operated Since 1997 but customer service can barely type English. Silicon Solar is probably outsourcing their "support" to evade minimum wage laws in the USA. There's evidence that they write fake positive reviews here too. Fortunately Dave's Garden website at least put a stop to that.

I purchased their Solar Water Fountain Pump with Battery Backup 9V, the AquaJet-Pro-Kit-9V. The power was as expected but the battery portion stopped after a few months. I checked the battery with a volt meter and the battery only showed about 3 volts AC even after letting it charge in full sun for days. The battery is useless. Either it's extremely poor quality or defective.

After getting the run around for months, I finally got an email from Silicon Solar stating that they don't even warranty their battery after ONE month. Then they ignored my replies after that.

All I wanted was a solar pump for my bird fountain with a battery backup. I could have purchased the same or better quality on Ebay for a third of the price.

At close to $100 this was an expensive lesson. If other unsuspecting customers are trying to find reviews about products, hopefully they'll find all the reviews here. Don't waste your time and money.

Solar Fountain Submersible Pump AquaJet Pro 6-9V
AquaJet Pro Solar Fountain Submersible Pump 12-24V
Solar Water Fountain Pump with Battery Backup 24V AquaJet Pro Kit
AquaJet 6-9V Solar Pump Kit includes a 6-9V brushless solar pump with adjustable flow knob and dry run protection
24v AquaJet Custom Solar Fountain Submersible Pump Kit

Stay away from all of their products.

Negative HenryDavid
Rio Rancho, NM
(1 review)
March 8, 2015
To anyone who is considering making a purchase with Silicon Solar, please be advised that this company is guilty of fraud.

Last summer I placed an order with them for an item that was on sale. Surprisingly this sale item as out of stock. I was told that it would be shipped by the end of September

September came and went and the order never shipped. By the end of October I requested a refund. After two months of emails, phone calls and constant promises that I would get my refund, I stopped hearing from them.

In January I filed a consumer complaint with the New Mexico District Attorney General's office. The DA sent three letters to them and never received a response. The case has now been closed and I never got my refund.

Their web site proudly proclaims this to be a "family business". Well, there are families, and there are families.

If you are considering buying from them, I strongly advise that you not do so.
Negative Alzononaz
Orange, TX
(1 review)
December 23, 2014
So many have told MY story... "charged my credit card... no notice of back order when placing the order... promises after promises of being shipped out with a tracking number and etc. with no resolution." After a month and a half (and keeping all email exchanges on the subject which proved useful), I advised them to cancel my order and refund my money: which they did not do but promised me to check via a tracking number. I didn't wait for them to do anything because I was highly suspicious of them at this point when I canceled the order. When I gave notice to them, I IMMEDIATELY contacted my credit card company and disputed the charge, and my credit card company immediately refunded my credit card and created a claim. The credit card company investigated and I assisted with my information. Incredibly, Silicon Solar disputed my claim for a refund claiming I had received but never returned the item, and then changed their story to say I was sent the refund via check. I provided my email evidence and asked the claim department request Silicon Solar to provide a delivery receipt for the tracking number they claimed to use or conversely, to show my signature on the canceled check they supposedly sent me (via a tracking number): of course they could not do either because they had neither, and promptly dropped their defense and therefore my dispute stands, making the refund stand. From beginning to end it was a 3 month ordeal involving Silicon Solar.

Keep records, cut the transaction short when you believe it isn't going the way it should, contact your credit card company right away after cancelling your order.

Best of luck to you.... I will NEVER use Silicon Solar and will tell my story over and over again of the horrible experience with these people.
Neutral marcuz_0115
New York,
United States
(1 review)
September 18, 2014
Solar fountains from Silicon solar works really great. It is definitely not a waste of money as you can have great deals from them. I am actually planning to purchase solar garden lights with them because they do offer great service!

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Neutral abby_mendoza
New York,
United States
(1 review)
September 18, 2014
Silicon Solar had really great deals on their solar lights. I bought garden lights and was happy with how they work. I am really fascinated with how they look in the dark. These solar lights really added some accent on my garden. Now with all those lights, I find it more enjoyable to stay on our garden at night.

Note from the Garden Watchdog editors...

It is the policy of the Watchdog that customers cannot publish multiple reviews under different usernames in order to manipulate a company's rating. The rating of this comment was written by the same user who posed as "zaine_liane10", "lindarei12," "joie_julia", and "marcuz_0115." Therefore, these reviews have been changed from a positive to neutral rating so they will not affect the overall ratings given by customers.
Neutral joie_julia
New York,
United States
(1 review)
September 18, 2014
I purchased some garden lights with Silicon solar and I am really happy with their service. They responded courteously to all my questions and the delivery is very fast. As soon as I got the garden lights I excitedly installed it in my garden with the help of my husband. We never needed to hire a professional electrician as we can have it installed on our own. We actually had fun while installing those nice garden lights. Thank you Silicon Solar.

Note from the Garden Watchdog editors...

It is the policy of the Watchdog that customers cannot publish multiple reviews under different usernames in order to manipulate a company's rating. The rating of this comment was written by the same user who posed as "marcuz_0115", "lindarei12', "joie_julia", and "zaine_liane10." Therefore, these reviews have been changed from a positive to neutral rating so they will not affect the overall ratings given by customers.
Neutral zaine_liane10
New York,
United States
(1 review)
September 18, 2014
I bought a solar light from Silicon Solar upon a friend’s recommendation and I am really satisfied with the product. It works pretty fine and the light is bright which illuminates my porch really well. I feel like I am a professional electrician because I was able to install it by myself. I will definitely recommend Silicon Solar to my friends and relatives.

Note from the Garden Watchdog editors...

It is the policy of the Watchdog that customers cannot publish multiple reviews under different usernames in order to manipulate a company's rating. The rating of this comment was written by the same user who posed as "marcuz_0115", "joie_julia", and "zaine_liane10." Therefore, these reviews have been changed from a positive to neutral rating so they will not affect the overall ratings given by customers.
Neutral lindarei12
New York,
United States
(1 review)
September 18, 2014
I ordered a solar water fountain with Silicon Solar and I am amazed with how timely their delivery was. Their customer service was also exceptional; the agent whom I spoke with is very helpful and courteous. The solar fountain is nice and works really great. I would definitely consider Silicon Solar for my next purchase of solar product.

Note from the Garden Watchdog editors...

It is the policy of the Watchdog that customers cannot publish multiple reviews under different usernames in order to manipulate a company's rating. The rating of this comment was written by the same user who posed as "abby_mendoza", "marcuz_0115", "joie_julia", and "zaine_liane10." Therefore, these reviews have been changed from a positive to neutral rating so they will not affect the overall ratings given by customers.
Positive geri_ilagan
san pascual ,
(1 review)
September 17, 2014
I have had 2nd thoughts in purchasing here since I am overseas. They were very accommodating and patient with me since it was my 1st time to order such outside the country. I understand there are some bad feedbacks but for me the did well. Thanks Silicon. Looking forward in doing more business with you guys.
Neutral homesolar2
Summit, NJ
(1 review)
September 9, 2014
Purchased a solar water fountain from this company (had good reviews about the actual product). Delivery took longer than expected, however I am happy with the purchase. Product works great; If you need a product immediately, just call their office to confirm eta on item. ~Thanks

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Negative hoosierquilt
Vista, CA
(5 reviews)
August 28, 2014
Pretty much the same exact experience as everyone else: Ordered a solar fountain pump on 6/14/14. Waited 3 weeks for delivery. No pump. Called and emailed Silicon Solar. Took several attempts, and finally received a response back telling me the pump was back ordered, and not expected in until 9/17/14. Requested a refund on 7/2/14. Have sent many emails, made many calls. All the same excuse, about taking "7 to 10 days, have to work through our gateway company to get a refund either credited back to your card, or mailed to you." No refund to date. Now, not returning my calls or emails. Fortunately for me, I used my debit card, and my bank has issued me a refund and are investigating the purchase and the company. I have also reported them to the New York BBB and will also file a complaint with the state's attorney general office. // . They need to be put out of business, based on all their complaints all over the Internet.
Negative obrienlg
Philadelphia, PA
(1 review)
August 22, 2014
I purchased a solar pump for a garden fountain on May 21, 2014. After almost 2 months of non-delivery, I cancelled the order on July 15 and was promised a prompt refund. It is now Aug. 22, and after two emails promising prompt action in July, I still have no refund. They are no longer answering emails. My first mistake - paying with PayPal. PayPal has no responsibility beyond 45 days from the date of order, regardless of when it was delivered. So my only recourse is the company. I will also be filing a complaint with the NY State Attorney General Bureau of Frauds and Consumer Protection (// Based on these reviews, it would appear that they have a pattern of failing to fulfill orders.
Positive JamesRS
Oakland, MD
(1 review)
August 14, 2014
August 14, 2014, Maryland: After reading some of the reviews, we were cautious purchasing from Silicon Solar, but ordered a solar fountain (6-9v) with battery back up. We are completely satisfied! Some notes: 1. The packaging was perfect and well done; 2. All contents were there, and every component is of excellent quality; The battery back-up is excellent construction and works perfectly; the pump does exactly what was expected, but others should be aware that this system is for a relatively small water feature (ours is approx. 25 gallons); 3. The wires in the battery box are "right-sized" for the 6-9v); 4. The instructions are clear and accurate, but one must read them!; 5. The timing system works fine; 5. The shipping took a little longer than we expected (it's not Amazon, after all); 6. The solar panel is well constructed and quality. Conclusion: the 6-9v fountain pump with battery backup is an excellent choice and we are more than satisfied! Jim S.
Negative citainc
Ames, IA
(1 review)
July 13, 2014
Ordered a small solar water pump for a small fountain on April 27. Today is July 13. Still waiting. Keep getting emails about delays. Was under the impression they were a manufacturing facility but am now suspecting pump is made in China and they are waiting for it to get made? I don't know except after 3 months still no pump that was supposed to be here before mother's day to complete the present for my wife. In any case, I will be cancelling the order and probably fighting like hell for a hundred dollar refund. Oy vey. Move on when it comes to this company.
Negative lonfu
Kingman, AZ
(1 review)
July 2, 2014
ordered a solar water heater in june 2013, paid for it. When I called and emailed again in june 2014 said they would refund after one year of emails and excuses. today july 2 2014, no solar water heater, no money! Good website, no action.
Negative rippedoffbysmax
Sanbornton, NH
(1 review)
June 24, 2014
Sunmaxx doing business as Silicon Solar are thieves!!!! I have a complaint filed with the NY Attorney General's office of Consumer Affairs and Fraud. They claim an A+ BBB rating but the BBB has an alert posting on Sunmaxx as they are not rated and have MANY complaints against them. They took $4,500 from me for 3 solar arrays sent me some boxes that only contained legs for the arrays and told me that they were in the process of moving their office, so there would be delays in filling my order. I spoke to another person in the company and she indicated that my order was being drop shipped from a supplier of theirs. They lie to your face and don't respond to phone calls or emails. I'm taking them to court.
Negative rdean5552
Omaha, NE
(1 review)
June 24, 2014
Well my experience is not a good one. Basically, I should have known better. Always check site reviews before purchasing so you don't get disappointed. I ordered a bunch of stuff from their site several solar cells and some other stuff so I could start a project of building a solar panel. Me and my friends were excited when I told them about it. I ordered it on 3/13/14. It's now 6/24/14 and I've yet to see a package arrive or a shipping order received. I don't expect to see it anytime soon maybe never. If it's never I guess we can call them a bunch of thieves. I kept trying to email them and each time your solar cells are in production we are expecting them to be completed at random date, fill in the blank, here __/__/__. They just keep pushing back further and further I guess that's what they're good at. All in all I'm down 150$. I'm going to look for a different site to buy solar cells maybe ask some local people in my friend group see if anyone else knows of a good site. Maybe I'll receive the package from them sometime next century.
Positive thesaddlergroup
Draper, UT
(1 review)
June 6, 2014
My experience with Silicon Solar started shaky but it seems as they're making huge strides! Customer service and communication increased greatly and the product that they provided was high quality and very satisfactory! We're happy to continue business with this company. Sometimes you have to support businesses through their growing pains. Glad we did!
Negative TyroGardner
Bethesda, MD
(1 review)
May 5, 2014
Posted on April 28, 2014, updated May 5, 2014
All the reviews were 2008-2009. Supposedly, the recent college grad who had started this company had realized they had a problem and had reorganized the company and sorted things out. Apparently not. Here we are in 2014. We ordered a solar pump for our new ecosystem pond & stream. Husband spent much time with them to figure out best size. What they sent - and swore would work - barely pumped the water a couple of feet. Took a week of calls to get return authorization. Only one woman could authorize and she was out. Now we've been waiting for new pump for over two weeks. Got a box on Friday. Nothing in it but the solar panel. They swear they sent the whole system and "it must have been stolen out of the box." Sure. And then this weekend I read a virtually identical story on RipOff report: //

Now I doubt we'll ever get this pump. This guy has no business running a company. He should hire a grown-up to handle the business side of things.
On May 5th, 2014, TyroGardner added the following:

Received the pump, battery and related gear on Friday. Everything was in package except a small piece of plastic that covers the contacts on the back of the solar panel. We called them. They sent it today.

Meanwhile, set the system up with the panel in full sun and it barely pumped a small stream of water. We moved the hose to 1/2 down the stream (so all above would be dry stream) and it was only slightly better. The battery would not charge even when the panel was in full sun all day.

Giving up and buying regular pump. This is very disappointing.
Negative windsor224
Haycock,Bucks County, PA (Zone 6b)
(2 reviews)
December 17, 2013
Do NOT buy anything from Silicon Solar. I purchased $200 worth of solar lights and fountains. All is JUNK. The lights all are connected with very fine little wires that are all broken by the time you receive them. One fountain had a panel/pump combo that would not fit through the fountain opening so I had to hang it over the side out of the basin. It looks terrible. I spent months trying to get the company customer support to send me the correct items and all I got was a runaround. I finally, after 4 months emailed for the last time telling them that I was now very frustrated and asked if I was ever going to get what they promised. It has been another month and now they have completely stopped communicating. I wish I had come here first to read these reviews. So, DON'T get sucked in by their low prices for outdoor items. They have TERRIBLE customer service staff and the stuff is crap.
Negative exp898
Melbourne ,
(1 review)
September 3, 2013
I bought a cascading fountain from this company online, 2 and half weeks ago and still have not received the item nor any info regarding my order status.

What i have got so far is the order number and even that i have to email them to get it. Their website that says you can track order is faulty as well.
The sales rep advised that he will will get back to me with a tracking number which he didn't. Subsequently, i send another follow up email couple of days later to follow up and was told that he is unsure and will check and nothing has come back since.

I have also send several emails to their customer support but with no reply whatsoever.Tried calling one day and told to leave a voicemail.

This is by far my worst online shopping experience. I can only hope that the item will arrive at my door step one day. God knows when?!

Just thought my experience would be beneficial to those looking at buying from Silicon Solar. The website seems to suggest they have good products with reasonable pricing but to say that their customer service is appaling is an understatement.

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