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P.O. Box 9106, Stn. A
Halifax, Nova Scotia B3K 5M7 (Canada)
(902) 832-2832
(902) 832-2832



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On May 8, 2003, mizfinney (3 reviews) from Melvin, IL

I am quite happy with my order from OHR. This being my first experience ordering roses (as well as from a different country) I was a bit apprehensive. However, I was pleased with the good e-mail communication and the well packaged roses. I look forward to ordering again.

On July 7th, 2003, mizfinney added the following: One of my roses was incorrect (once it bloomed) and I informed OHR of this. They are replacing it. I didn't expect that, but I appreciate Peggy-Anne's assistance.

On Apr 11, 2003, gaia (2 reviews)

Looking for roses that survive tough winters can be a difficult challenge. Old Heirloom Roses, in my opinion can not be beat. They offer "own root roses" which are hardier and usually more disease resistant than typical roses. Their website does a very good job at giving dimensions for full grown roses so you how much space you can handle and their prices were very reasonable, shipping included. My roses arrived safe, still moist, and ready to plant with great directions. Customer service was very nice and more than happy to accomodate my novice questions. As soon as I make more space I will be ordering again.Last years order bloomed beautifully, and survived this NE winter.

On Jan 23, 2003, nancyh (1 reviews)

I have bought many roses from the owner, Peggy-Anne, and her knowledge and skill is extensive. I've never lost one of her plants. She sells large variety of old roses and rugosas that are hardy for northern and/or harsh climates. Excellent stock. She ships to US and Canada; plants are grown in Nova Scotia.

On Jan 7, 2003, broots (20 reviews) from Cochrane, ON (Zone 2b)

I do not grow roses, so no experience ordering them, but this company also makes wreaths & garlands for Christmas. I have been ordering mine from them for four years now & I have to tell you they have excellent quality & various kinds, e.g. hemlock, pine, cedar, etc. Everything on it is all natural,no plastic stuff. Website shows pictures of various wreaths & decorating accessories. You can order by fax, email or phone & then you put your cheque or money order in the mail. No credit cards. I have always placed my order by phone. Very friendly & helpful. But order in Nov. as they are very busy. Website for wreaths & garlands: //wreathsandgarlands.com

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