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On Apr 20, 2019, JonFlaig (1 reviews) from West Palm Beach, FL

We hired them to plant 2 Canary Island Date Palms as well as multiple Jasmine trees and various other things such as irrigiation. The job was never completed and we had to hire another company to finish the job despite multiple requests pleading with them to fix things as everything was dying within a month. We contacted several landscapers and all concluded that the job was extremely poor, the trees were planted improperly and too deep and certainly would die. Even the sod that was replaced by South Coast Growers was not done correctly and was completely dead. The ground was not prepped or graded. The bottom line is everything that was done was removed and either replaced or replanted. Unfortunately much of the plants were unsalvageable. We left the Canary Palms and had them treated and also had to have the roots uncovered as they were way too deep. Now the Canaries are dead without any fronds. For the past 6 months we have been emailing and asking to please remove the dead trees and replace them. We paid him $25,000.00 and then after hiring another landscaper we had to pay them over $15,000.00 Removing and replacing the Canaries will cost another $15,000.00. The bottom line is that the owner of this Nursery is a scam artist and unethical businessperson. Every landscaper who saw this work could not believe how atrocious and pathetic of a job was performed. We gave him multiple opportunities to correct it but he continually claims that we owe him more money. That is preposterous as we had to pay another company to replace nearly everything he negligently did. In addition, he has physically damaged my home by ruining my driveway pavers when they were trying to install irrigation. Repair of the driveway alone will cost $3000. South Coast Growers is a terrible company and the public should be warned about their horrendous work. They are a shame to the horticultural industry.

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