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Positive ToolbeltsWife
Curtis Bay, MD (Zone 7a)
(2 reviews)
April 11, 2011
Posted on December 11, 2009, updated April 11, 2011
Posted on August 06, 2007, updated December 10, 2009
I bought a LawnBot Evolution for my husband Christmas 2006. We kept it on Winter Charge and installed it about April 2007. Well, for the first two weeks, we would sit on the swing in the backyard and watch it mow. Amazing! Now, instead of hubby doing the mowing and getting all sweaty, "Junior" does the work and we reap the benefits!!!! The lawn is cut evenly with no "stripes" or missed patches. The unit seems to generate it's own personality also. Neighbors stop and stare in amazement. One neighbor sits in her window and watches it work. We have had people drive by, spot it, turn their head and almost drive off the side of the road.

Kerry has been most helpful when hubby had questions both before buying and after. His forum is really great! It gives owners a chance to talk to other "Botters" and gather their experiences. If Kerry doesn't know the answer to a particular problem, he goes to the manufacturer for correct information. Not everyone will do that.
On November 23rd, 2007, ToolbeltsWife added the following:

Well, it is now end of November 2007 and Junior has been retired for the winter. This unit has been the best thing going. Virtually no maintenance, maybe sharpen a blade once in a while. The customer service has been superior. The speed that Kerry answered any questions the Bamabots forum members had about their bots was amazing! He (and Preston) will go out of his way to come up with solutions for us. In my opinion, you would be out of your mind to purchase from anyone but "the big bad wolf" and his son at I would suggest that anyone wanting a bot, should read and understand what is in the review as it is very close to real life. Learn from it. What you will experience will be very close to what is in the review. It answered many of our questions and saved us a lot of time.
On May 9th, 2008, ToolbeltsWife added the following:

Time flies when you're having fun, right. Here it is, May 2008 and Junior is back to keeping the lawn in tip top shape. One of the forum members at stated that "It's weird to be excited about mowing my lawn." and I couldn't agree more!

We actually fired him up around April 5th or so, then went on vacation leaving him under our neighbors care. Junior only got hung up once during the two weeks that we were gone. One of the bricks around a flower bed was sticking up too high and he got caught on it. Our ground is made up of sand and other stuff so after a while things tend to sink down on one end and stick up on the other.

When we returned the lawn looked GREAT, not a bad spot anywhere and this was after a lot of rain. Now the outer edges of the lawn where we normally have to weed whack didn't look great at all. We had grass about a foot tall. A quick pass with the weed whacker cured that.

Our neighbor told us that he was really worried for the first couple of days as he couldn't tell if the lawn had been mowed or not. It looked great everywhere. We had given him written instructions on how to enter the password and restart Junior so he wasn't worried about that. Since our neighbor got home from work around 4:30 pm we had the mowing time set so Junior would be just finished. Then all he would have to do is check that Junior was back in his charger and not out in the yard hung up. (Since we've owned Junior he has only gotten hung up about 3 times)

Anyhow, since he was worried that it wasn't working he would move Junior in the charger unit so the next time he checked he could see if his position had changed. After a few days of doing that, he and his family went on a three-day vacation leaving Junior on his own. I guess he figured checking was a waste of time.

After we got settled in from our vacation and watching Junior mowing in the front lawn, we were in the swing on the front porch watching him, it came time for him to return to the charger unit. As he was following the wire back to the charger unit his outer side connected with one of the clumps of tall grass that hadn't been weed whacked down and it caused him to stop, backup, turn to the right, make a small loop around the clump of grass back to the wire where he went merrily on his way. We just sat there and said, 'Will you look at that!?'. The next day when he mowed the front lawn he mowed that spot down almost right away. Now don't get me wrong, I know it's just a coincidence but..... :-) Our Junior, what a guy!!

Today Junior did NOT stay in his charger unit when he returned, but backed out, made a loop around the unit, found the wire and headed home for the second time. That shouldn’t happen!! Panic set in but cool headed hubby came to the rescue. He stopped Junior by pressing the stop button…..MY HERO….. He noticed that one of the Charger Nuts on top that make contact with the charger plates was missing. After a quick check around the yard it was found lying under the dwarf maple tree. The nut must have worked loose over time and was spun off by the tree limbs rubbing against it as it always gets “leaf flags” attached to them. A few minutes later Junior was happy and willing to stay in the charger unit. Of course after all that effort of mowing the yard we had to take a break, so it was back to the swing…..oh yeah, did I tell you we were retired…. J

On December 11th, 2009, ToolbeltsWife added the following:

Another year of not having to mow the lawn. Turned Junior on in the Spring and other than swapping the cutting blade for a sharp one a few times we didn't have to touch him. Put him away for the Winter November 30th. We are in Zone 7 and get very little snow 1/16 inch so far. Junior does not mow from our front fence to the street but our neighbor on one sides hits that strip when he mows his lawn. We bake him a couple of Friendship cakes so he's happy. Can't complain about that, now can you.... See ya in the Spring. Folks, if you get one of these little things, remember you will be on the cutting edge and yes things will go wrong. If you're going to have a hissie just because it misses a spot mow the lawn yourself. It will not mow the back forty so don't expect it to. Have a nice Christmas.
On April 11th, 2011, ToolbeltsWife added the following:

Another year of not having to mow the lawn. Just as he was finishing up the year the right hand motor stopped working. Over the winter we had all of the motors replaced, new wheels, and new circuit board so he is all ready for 2011.

Today, was the first day mowing in 2011 and he did a very nice job of the back yard. Tomorrow the side yard, followed by the front yard.

I know everyone is bad mouthing the company that sold them their bot but other companies have taken up the slack.

Yes, it's an expensive lawnmower that should never have been billed as being able to mow large lawns but for our small lawn it's great. My hubby's ticker won't let him mow anymore so being able to turn it on and forget about it just wonderful.

Going on 5 years now without having to mow the lawn.

Negative firedoctor2003
Jackson, AL
(1 review)
January 21, 2011
I also ordered a peas sheller back in June 2010 and never received the order. They never returned my calls or email. I contacted the Alabama Attorney General and filed a complaint. I ask that the website be shutdown because it looks like they are still in business taken people's money.

I know I will never get my money or pea sheller, thank the Lord I did not order the $224.00 sheller.
Negative rann1964
Macon, GA
(1 review)
May 29, 2010
I wouldn't do business with them. The BBB gives them a rating of F which is the lowest rating. As late as April, they were taking money from people and not supplying the merchandise.

They no longer reply to emails and their telephone number is disconnected.

Their address is 1001 Crestline Drive, Dothan, AL 36301 which is also the address of which they obviously operate as the disconnected telephone number is the same.

Do a google search on the owner and that may explain what has happened to this company. I don't know if the first hits from google on this person is the same person, but doesn't look good with not replying to emails, having a disconnected telephone number and having taken money from people as late as this April with no reply. I would say, do business with them at your own risk.

I think the Alabama State Attorney General's office should investigate this company to see they're still operating and taking in money. Shame on you, Bamabots.
Negative imazoo
Ellensburg, WA
(1 review)
May 5, 2010
I am concerned because I ordered the pea sheller over a month ago and have not received it. I have emailed the company and not seen a reply, and now I have called the company and the phone number is temporairly disabled. My payment was received and removed from my account. I hope my product has been shipped.
Negative lawnbottowner
Riverside, NJ
(1 review)
March 14, 2009
I purchased a LawnBott Evolution from Bamabots. Immediately, the wheel fell off. I found that is a normal occurrence. Next, the wheel motor died. Bamabots was happy to replace it.

Next, the machine would mow, but the height of the cut could not be set high enough to avoid ruining the grass and the coverage was abominable. It did not cut even close to the whole area it was assigned which was well within the recommended size.

Then, the mower stopped moving at all. Next a letter came saying there was a recall. I returned the mower for repair and recall. They put a really silly guard on the bottom that just clogged up the grass and the mower still doesn't work.

I asked for my money back. Crickets. This is $3000 completely wasted. All I can do now is sue in hopes of recovering some of my money. This has been a nightmare! Whatever you do, do NOT buy this mower from this company or anywhere else.

Lawnbott may not be Bamabots invention, but it could be their destruction if they don't treat their customers correctly!
Positive choochoo7121
Ooltewah, TN
(1 review)
August 5, 2007
Great review of the Robomower RL1000 but wish I could borrow a copy of the DVD.

Company representative comment on August 5, 2007:

On Aug 5, 2007 7:30 AM, added:

Thank you! If you'd like a free DVD just email e and I will get it out to you ASAP!

Positive rrm151
Lititz, PA
(2 reviews)
June 21, 2007
Found Kerry Clabaugh's review of the Robomower 1000 very informative.

I have a Robomower 850 in it's fourth year of operation and this year it has suddenly decided to jump the fence and run into the neighbor's yard several times now. One neighbor had to repair their dog fence this year, so I'm not sure if the problem is that my mower is senile or if there is interference from the new layout of the neighboring dog fence. Kerry's write up seems to indicate that the neighbors fence could well be the issue.
Plus, there is a lot of other useful tips and information on the Robomower and even a little information on the Lawnbot competitor product.
Positive wilson_suzz
Anchorage, AK
(1 review)
May 26, 2007
The web blog was informative and funny!
Positive Shin1ichi
Flowery Branch, GA
(1 review)
November 21, 2006
I'v been a lurker for a while, great info, my tomatoes were even red this year! I was able to spend more time with them because of the robotic mower I bought from Bamabots earlier this spring. I got a LawnBott Evolution from them. Being somewhat geeky, but not totally, I was really suprised by the amount of info and suggestions from Kerry at Bamabots. He really talked me through the purchase and even helped me lay out the yard correctly. I enjoyed dealing with them so much, I came back and bought other accessories from him; awesome spiked wheels and the steppin edger! ( its cool)
Definitely a good company to deal with.

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