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Custom Water Garden has water fountains, pond liners, pond kits, waterfall kits, water lilies, bridges & garden decor and more exciting things to offer for your pond and water gardening needs. We have free shipping on most orders over 100! We are here to serve you in any way we can.

Check us out at http://www.customwatergarden.com We also have a money back guarantee if for any reason you are not satisfied with that item.

Custom Water Garden now has a 10% off on all of our Fountains. Sping is just around the corner. Can't wait to build my Water Garden.

posted on November 20, 2006



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On Jun 5, 2009, ctgardener2009 (1 reviews) from Stamford, CT

I tried to do an online order several days ago, but after entering the order and my credit card info and pressing SEND, the screen froze. Unsure whether I had succeeded in getting the order through, I wrote an email to customer service. First, I received an email (from an unusual email address at iwon.com) saying thank you for your order and quoting a confirmation number/showing the exact comment I wrote on the message as to how many things I wanted to order. I later repled to that message and it was returned as "no such user". Next again within hours and in the evening, I received a personal email from the company, saying they had NOT received my order and they only accepted Pay Pal. Only one problem with that: Nonetheless, their website asks for Visa, MasterCard, Am Ex and Discover! (Why?? If e.g. they used to accept them and have fallen on harder times and have not updated their website, why should I feel confident that my confidential information is being handled correctly or that I will receive my merchandise?) I forwarded the other message to them and asked them if they had any connection to that message. They didn't email me back, so I called them the next morning. I reached a number that said it was the company AND a home residence. They neither called me back nor replied via email. That was several days ago. As of checking with my credit card company several days ago, no unauthorized charges had been made. Incompetency? Dishonesty? I can't say, but I can say that no matter what the reason or explanation, my comfort level for dealing with a company that operates this way for whatever reason is ZERO. There is no excuse for having a website that accepts credit card information but doesn't really accept credit cards!

On Apr 27, 2007, TazWillie (1 reviews) from Barnett, MO

I have orderd several Items from customwatergarden.com. Each time I got my order very fast and in good contintion. I am very happy with them. I've also talked on the phone with them.Very polite and helpful.If I need any pond & water gardening supplies, customwatergarden.com is the best place. Thanks for your help. Stacy Flimming from Maryland

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