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On Feb 1, 2020, ssmds (1 reviews) from Pittsburgh,
United States

I am the former Ask the Expert for Pennsylvania State by State Gardening. The magazine went out of business in August of 2019. While it was blamed on health issues, the publisher was not a good businessman. I loved writing for the magazine and many of my other articles appeared in other states. The writers were blindsided as well and many of us are trying to get our 1099's for taxes. I'm sorry that they didn't at least let subscribers know that it was shutting down and that they didn't get their issues. When it was running good, it was a joy to work for them. But after laying off editors, circulation managers and sales people, you simply can't get a magazine to run on air.

On Dec 29, 2019, LuvTplant01 (1 reviews) from Cumming, GA (Zone 7b)

I subscribed to Georgia State by State gardening magazine for two years. Got first year’s magazine ok. Did not get but two the second year 2019. Left several phone messages and emails. No response- something funny is going on.

On Sep 7, 2019, ArtBloom (1 reviews) from Milwaukee, WI

I have experienced horrible customer service from Wisconsin Gardening Magazine. I have a subscription which is paid through 2021. The last issue I received was March 2019. It is now September and I haven't received any issues. I checked with several people who also subscribe and they have not been receiving their Wisconsin Gardening Magazine either. I have called several times and left voicemail messages and did not get a response. I sent two emails and did not receive a response. I wrote a letter and STILL did not receive a response from anyone. Last time I called there was a message saying the voicemail box was full. Their customer service is just horrible. What company would act like this? All I can think of is the magazine has ceased and unfortunately I will not get my money back.

On May 27, 2019, lumpy007 (1 reviews) from Kent, OH

I received a gift subscription renewal for Christmas. I have only received the Feb 2019 issue, and nothing since then. Multiple attempts to contact their subscription dept. have been made. No one ever answers their phones and recorded messages have said that they are backed up from holiday gift subscriptions and have had communication problems from weather related problems. Has State by State Gardening gone out of business ? A local store that once carried Ohio Gardener for sale no longer has the magazine on display.

On Apr 29, 2019, Kldempsey (1 reviews) from Avondale, PA

I received a subscription to this magazine for a Christmas present. To date I have received only one issue and that was February. I understand it is 6 issues a year, but by the end of April I should of received at least one more issue. My biggest problem with this company is when I tried to call the voicemail mailboxes were full. I have been trying for a week and they are still saying they are full. Does not give me a good feeling about the company.

On May 13, 2010, mbrown2517 (1 reviews) from Enid, OK

I purchased the magazine with the intention of subscribing but found it was extremely misleading. The magazine is supposed to have a regional report for various regions of each state but the region I live in didn't have any information pertaining to my region in the column instead it was generic information on national public gardens, photography, biodynamics, and generic proven plant lists. When I contacted the magazine by e-mail stating my disappointment with the column I received a rude and dismissive reply because I am not a long time subscriber.

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