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On Jun 3, 2021, UpperLeftCoast (1 reviews) from Tacoma, WA

I ordered from Roses Unlimited for the first time this year and was extremely pleased with the quality of the plants that I received. First of all, I have a definite preference for own root roses because I don’t want to deal with a rootstock and I want longevity. I don’t live in a cold climate but of course the added hardiness is nice too. The six roses I ordered were carefully packaged, and a great size for own root roses, with good root systems. People ordering from Roses Unlimited should understand that these are slightly younger roses than a bare root rose would be, by about a year, and you should not expect the age equivalent of a bare root rose. That said, the roses will catch up quite quickly if you care for them properly. I let a few of mine languish in the shipping pots a bit too long instead of repotting but they did just fine - a testament to how good the plants are. They are continuing to do well in my garden and I will not hesitate to order from Roses Unlimited again. Plus, the selection is outstanding. Some fun old garden roses, hard to find French bred roses and a great English rose selection. Highly recommended.

On May 22, 2021, DonnaMack (66 reviews) from Elgin, IL (Zone 5a)

Posted on May 17, 2019, updated May 22, 2021 Posted on May 22, 2015, updated May 17, 2019 Posted on May 1, 2014, updated May 22, 2015 Posted on September 18, 2013, updated May 1, 2014 Posted on June 1, 2013, updated September 18, 2013 Posted on May 2, 2013, updated June 1, 2013 In the midst of replacing roses from my previous home, I took the recommendation of a rose author I admire, and placed an order with Roses Unlimited. I am very happy that I did. My four roses came yesterday, and their health, vigor, size and beauty were wonderful. Tess of the D'Urbervilles had a bloom! The customer service was excellent, and Pat Henry was very responsive when I needed to add to my order. I ordered from four very good and well recommended companies this season, and Roses Unlimited was the best of them all. I will certainly be back.

On June 1st, 2013, DonnaMack added the following: Impressed by the roses I received, I placed an order for Heritage, to add another to my yard, and the white Heritage sport, Rose Marie. Roses Unlimited appeared to be the only supplier of that rose this year. They did not disappoint! Both roses were beautiful and well formed, and the Rose Marie was quite large. There is no need to keep these roses in pots - they are large and substantial enough to put directly into the ground. I will be placing anorder in thefall for spring delivery.
On September 18th, 2013, DonnaMack added the following: After sending an email to Pat Henry for roses I assumed would be for spring delivery (2 Marie Pavie and a Zephirine Droughin) I found that Pat had the ability to ship them to me for planting this month. I have other roses on order for spring. Wow. The two Marie Pavies had flowers on them. The Zephirine Drouhin was large and had lots of new growth. These roses do not need to be potted up in anticipation of planting. They will go in tomorrow. They are picture perfect, and they were wrapped and packaged with such care that not a leaf was out of place. I don't quite know how they do it, but their roses are, at the very least, tied with the best I have ever received. I love getting them in containers - so easy to plant. I continue to be very pleased with this company.
On May 1st, 2014, DonnaMack added the following: Today I received five wonderful roses from this company. A Dublin Bay with three large flowers (I have grown this rose before and the flowers were actually full sized), 2 The Dark Lady, also in a mix of bloom as well as buds large and open enough that I could have identified the plants from that alone, a very large Kathleen Harrop and a good sized Madame Hardy. I am puzzled about comments I have read here about not seeing roses arrive in bloom. Two of my roses arrived in bloom last year. And opinions may differ, but these roses were large enough to put directly into the ground. Generally I find that RU provides the widest variety I personally have seen, having ordered from three companies that ship solely or primarily bare root. and I find them very easy to plant, and quick to put on substantial size. They are consistently the largest own root roses I have found. And they are true to name.
On May 22nd, 2015, DonnaMack added the following: Another beautiful order from Roses Unlimited. I botched the planting of a rose and wanted to replace it, and Pat pointed out to me that I could add a second rose without paying more shipping. Ah, how was she to know I was craving another Glamis Castle? Done. The roses arrived yesterday. They are wonderful. And the Madame Hardy I mentioned in my previous review is almost six feet tall, covered with buds, and about to bloom. They are first rate.
On May 17th, 2019, DonnaMack added the following: I just got a series of roses from Pat that are just wonderful. And just a note on the previous review. I always send an email to Pat at Roses Unlimited. I have done this for years and never ordered online. In fact, I thought it was not possible to order online. I simply email Pat and she promptly responds. This year she was particularly wonderful because I kept adding roses to my order. I ordered 1 Perle d'Or and then at least two months later asked if she had another one. I started my order in January and ordered, I believe, six roses altogether, the last two in April. And in separate emails. She kept all of the orders straight and adjusted the pricing to reflect that they were all being shipped at once. The roses were Madame Hardy, The Dark Lady, 2 Perle D'or, Little White Pet, Country Dancer. Several of them were in bloom. They are all beautiful, and I am truly grateful for the trouble she took to keep straight orders placed over so many months, and filling them with such lovely roses. We are still talking of adding more roses. I just need to find room for them!
On May 22nd, 2021, DonnaMack added the following: Received spectacular containerized roses from Pat Henry. Most noteworthy were two climbing Gruss an Aachen. I know this wonderful rose as a non-climber, since I have three of them. But the climbing version is quite rare. I also received a glowing Madame Hardy. I am very happy to have ordered this rose again from Pat since a very successful one is in my yard. All were beautifully packed, without a mite of dirt in the packages. A very happy purchase.

On Jun 11, 2020, EllaRose (2 reviews) from Philadelphia,
United States

**They won't replace roses that fail to make it the first year, or if you don't notice they sent you the wrong rose soon enough.** I placed an order with RU was in 2017. It was kind of a frustrating experience from what I recall--- I ordered during the sale.... being told things were available and then ---oh actually not. Well, I finally settled on & paid for an: Awakening Julia Child & Pomponella Fairytale The Julia Child was rather puny and died over the winter. I contacted RU for a replacement and was basically told NO. The exact response very briefly saying, "Our guarantee is that the roses are healthy and true to name when you receive them. With the severe winter all over the states, many have lost roses and other plant material.Thanks,Pat The rose that was labeled & given to me as Awakening seemed to be doing well. It didn't look quite like I expected but I figured maybe it was just because it was in the baby phase...I had also had a child die & was pregnant in 2017/2018 so I had a lot going on. Last year I was still preoccupied with having a new baby and two other children & the rose seemed to be doing well... Well this year 2020... I'm looking at the roses blooms... Excited to enjoy them, as there were a lot more blooms on it... and I realized. This doesn't look like Awakening... not enough petals. It looks like New Dawn. I look more at other pictures online becoming more convinced that was the case. I email Pat with pictures and she agrees it looks more like New Dawn. I ask if she can send me an Awakening to replace it and she basically says NO it's been too long. I'm just frustrated. Out of 3 roses I ordered only 1 survived AND is the right rose. The customer service policy seems to be "tough luck" once you get your roses. If it is too small and dies, if it isn't the right one & you notice too late... It's just frustrating and honestly makes me never want to do business with them again.

On Jun 8, 2018, sanrobpat (1 reviews) from allentown, pa,
United States

I ordered from RU years ago and wanted to buy a few more of the hard-to-find roses I bought then. I tried to call the company over and over again for several days and the phone was repeatedly busy. I spent over 5 hours trying to place an order. When I finally sent an e-mail asking about the busy phone number I was told (via e-mail) that the phone was tied up because they were so busy, but they told me I could order on-line. I don't put my credit card info on-line even though I know most companies prefer it. My thinking is that if RU cannot handle the phone, then don't make it an option..... Just say on-line orders only. Oh, and get rid of the busy signal... just tell people you aren't accepting phone orders.

On Jan 30, 2018, Beta_Road (1 reviews) from Sylva, NC

Like many others, I have had wonderful experiences with Roses Unlimited's Own Root Roses. I have been a customer since the 1990's. I have a large garden in the mountains of North Carolina––not an ideal place for growing roses––with some of my roses reaching up to 20 feet on my buildings and rambling into trees. They are a terrific resource for true own root roses, which may take (as their catalog tells you) two years to become happily established, but which can then reward you for many, many years with hardier and healthier roses. Owners Pat and Bill are a wonderful source of information about growing roses in the South, and a visit to their greenhouses is always a teaching in itself. They have an incredible selection, not limited to tender varieties: Old, species, modern, English, rambling roses, all grown on their own roots. If you have had disappointments with grafted California-grown roses, take the long view, and buy own-root roses from Roses Unlimited and have the patience to allow them to be established in pots first, then move to the spot you want them to live for a long time. It is always better to know your nursery. First-rate roses!

On Oct 10, 2017, floria (26 reviews) from Athens, GA (Zone 8a)

Posted on May 10, 2009, updated October 10, 2017 First time ordering roses from this company - I ordered from several others during the past three years. The six roses I ordered came in timely and in excellent shape - very lush foliage and stems. The price is much better than other companies for 1-gallon roses. I highly recommend this company. I will definitely order again, particularly if these roses make it without the spraying regimen the company recommends.

On October 10th, 2017, floria added the following: Seven years later (due to my moving from Pennsylvania to Georgia), I find Roses Unlimited as great as before. The order went without a hitch. Pat was very patient with me. The roses (8x Darlow's Enigma, 2x Mme Alfred Carriere) arrived last week. They are very healthy, with clean roots almost filling the pot, good strong branches, lots of green foliage, several buds and flowers. I have already ordered more roses and would again recommend this company wholeheartedly.

On Aug 30, 2017, dave12122 (82 reviews) from East Haddam, CT

Posted on August 29, 2017, updated August 30, 2017 Posted on July 10, 2016, updated August 29, 2017 This is a tough review to write. Ideally, i would choose somewhere between neutral and positive. The situation started off with a bang in that apparently I just missed a yearly sale in which many plants were $10.00. Since I am a new customer, it would have been nice if they could have extended the sale prices for me, or offered some other incentive. (10% off my first order, etc.). But no, I just got a curt email that all the plants were full price. "Full price" is often $18.00 -$21.00 per rose. That's pretty high for the industry, so I was expecting extraordinary specimens. The plants were shipped promptly -no complaints there. However, two were less than a foot high, and the third plant was just over a foot, with a decaying bloom. In addition, the plants appeared to have been grown under a shadecloth and the foliage was stretching toward the light in an uncharacteristic manner. The rootballs were loose and quickly fell apart when taken out of the boxes. I cannot report how the plants will perform over time, or if they will survive the winter. However, I was underwhelmed by the plant quality and would doubtfully order from them again. A big negative is the postage cost, $18.00 for the three plants PLUS a $5.00 handling fee. If they offered Priority Mail instead of the ultra expensive UPS, I could have saved money and possibly purchased another rose. They seem more concerned with making money then growing a really superior product. Overall, a disappointing experience!

On August 29th, 2017, dave12122 changed the rating from neutral to negative and added the following: I wanted to follow up on the progress of the three roses I purchased last Fall. One in particular, Barbara Streisand, was the runt of the litter, but I was hoping it would perk up in the Spring. Well, Spring came and went and Barbara Streisand made a tiny amount of growth and promptly died. The other two specimens made a small amount of growth, but their performance was noticeably poorer than roses I had obtained from other sources. I decided to wait the season out, because sometimes roses do regenerate from the root or have a second flush of new growth. Unfortunately, neither of these two things happened with the Roses Unlimited roses. I wrote to the owner, Pat to let her know what had happened with the roses and asking if anything could be done. In most cases, I assumed I would at least get an email back expressing concern that the plants had not done well and offering a remedy. Well, it has been a week and I have not gotten a reply. Because of this, I am changing my review to a negative. Based on the very high cost of the roses, some of the highest in the industry, I would have expected super large plants, vigorous and ready to grow. Instead I got relatively small plants that just sat there all season, while plants around them were flowering and growing lustily. Roses Unlimited customer no-service is unacceptable and I definitely won't be dealing with them in the future. I should have been alerted by the meat and potatoes catalog which is just a collection of names and prices, not even colors, heights, etc. completely non-helpful. If someone is that lazy to do a proper catalogue, it often means they are lax elsewhere. Such appears to be the case with Roses Unlimited. They apparently don't want to go the extra mile for their customers, and are an embarrassment to the nursery industry.
On August 30th, 2017, dave12122 changed the rating from negative to neutral and added the following: Right after I changed my rating to negative, I heard from Pat. She is offering a refund on the Barbara Streisand alone. Because of that, I will go back to a neutral rating. I still have many reservations about dealing with Roses Unlimited in the future, because three out of three roses did not grow well. Hopefully, the replacement rose will grow better than the original.

On May 25, 2017, andies (1 reviews) from Colbert, WA

After I unpacked the roses and set them on a table on the porch, my husband asked what came in the box. When I pointed to the roses, he thought I was teasing him. After convincing him all those roses really did come in that box, he stood there scratching his head looking at the box, then the roses, then the box….. This is to say how beautifully the roses all bounced back so nicely after their trip across the country. They were standing tall and looked so full with blooms and buds, it really was hard to believe they arrived in that little box. RU does a fabulous job of packing. This was my first order and I have already made a second order. There will be more in the future.

On May 13, 2017, googoo (5 reviews) from North Aurora, IL

Posted on July 1, 2013, updated May 13, 2017 I got 6 roses from Roses Unlimited summer sale this year. Pat was prompt to respond to my e-mails. The roses arrived on time, well-packed, and very healthy. I told them what I want & sent them a check, and received my roses within a few days. I highly recommend this nursery for their professionalism and the quality of their plants.

On May 13th, 2017, googoo added the following: I have been receiving roses YEARLY from RU since 2011. They are always prompt in delivering their roses. Yesterday May 12, 2017, I received 7 roses in top conditions, well-packed, Barbra Streisand rose is at least 2 feet tall, with buds. For own-root roses, it's best to put in the best potting soil possible (MiracleGro moisture Control), plus 1/2 to 1 cup of gypsum, and mix-in alfalfa meal, and fertilized with SOLUBLE fertilizer, then roots will grow SOLID & thick to survive my zone 5a winter. I have been doing that for the past 6 years, and RU own-roots, esp. Austin roses can easily live more than 5 years.

On Apr 23, 2017, Ves (13 reviews) from Buffalo, NY (Zone 5b)

My experience with rose growing is limited and I couldn't be happier with their service. The owner Ms. Pat Henry was very helpful when I asked some questions and it's clear that they care for both their customers and roses. Having only a few roses, I'm starting to expand my rose garden and look forward to order from Roses Unlimited again.

On Jun 27, 2016, bluebuster77 (26 reviews) from Belmont, CA

Posted on October 27, 2013, updated June 27, 2016 Posted on March 27, 2013, updated October 27, 2013 Posted on October 10, 2012, updated March 27, 2013 Posted on March 30, 2012, updated October 10, 2012 Actually my rating was neutral. But I still like to do business with RU, they have wide range of rose varities and beautiful rare roses. Packaging was ok, no damage but all the dirt from the pot were loose inside the boxes. Plants are slight bigger than band size, throw into the gallon pot and fill with some dirt, that's it. Some comment shows their plants had buds and flowers, Nah!, I don't see any on my roses. Pricy shipping for weight of dirt, not for weight of plant. I'm not clear on price of rose as well, I don't see $16 roses, generally most are $18. Communication is fine, a bit slow but no problem. Payment system also slight complicated but not a big issue. Hope my RU roses are growing well and survive. I used EB stone rose grow to raise all my roses.

On October 10th, 2012, bluebuster77 added the following: Super heathy roses and of course true to the name. They bloom short period of time, so I can identify my roses. Ready to transfer to larger pot within a year. I still have endless list to buy more roses from their huge selection. June sales was outstanding, you don't have to missed this.
On March 27th, 2013, bluebuster77 added the following: Most healthiest and grow quickly big as grafted rose bushes. Better than other own root roses I ordered last year. Great selection with lots of rare variety. Still processing to order more roses this year including upcoming sales.
On October 27th, 2013, bluebuster77 added the following: So far so excellent!!! Two straight year, I never have bad experience to order from RU. All roses are quicly vigorous as I mentioned on previous feedbacks. My top 1 seller on own root roses.
On June 27th, 2016, bluebuster77 changed the rating from positive to neutral and added the following: Just received my another order, very disappointed with packaging which is not efficient. This is not my first purchase, however, their packaging is not improving. They used bag, tape and custom made individual boxes, securely stapled but more than 50% of potting soil are loose and scrattered all over in the big box. Room t ball are loose and barely cover with soil. Only big credit for them is good plant size, true to the name and so far over 20 roses I bought non of them die.

On Jun 9, 2015, southerncottage (12 reviews) from Watkinsville, GA

I was able to order through email and pay over the phone. The ordering process was pleasant, and they are friendly. My order shipped and arrived quickly. These are actually the biggest roses that I have received, none have ever been bigger. I ordered during their $10 sale, and wish I could have ordered more!! It is a bit hard to unpack, as they are packaged super sturdy, and appear to be packaged to survive an atomic bomb. They have a HUGE selection, so I have a huge wishlist. I enjoyed ordering with them and would love to order again.

On May 26, 2015, spikemom (8 reviews) from Philadelphia, PA

My first-ever order from Roses Unlimited arrived last week, after several pleasant email exchanges with Pat Henry that helped me decide which varieties to order. The three roses (Madame Plantier, Golden Celebration and Jude the Obscure) were impressively large, healthy, well leafed out and packed snugly for safe arrival. I have already compiled a "wish list" for my next order.

On May 26, 2015, clpgirl (46 reviews) from Chippewa Lake, OH (Zone 5b)

Posted on June 23, 2014, updated May 26, 2015 Posted on June 13, 2014, updated June 23, 2014 Posted on September 25, 2012, updated June 13, 2014 Inadvertently forgot to write this review to give RU a 5 star rating!!! I had looked for the Amelia Earhart rose for about a year and was unable to find any. Finally someone told me to check with RU. This rose was not listed as available but RU was able to find not one, but 2 Amelias for me!! They thrived all summer and I couldn't be more delighted!! Thanks so much to all at RU-I WILL be back in the spring!!

On June 13th, 2014, clpgirl added the following: Once again 5 stars to RU!! And particular thanks to their phone rep who has had UNENDING patience with me this spring-summer.. Due to incredibly cold temps in Northern Ohio this year I lost various roses in one bed-including my Amelias.... I ordered 7 roses from RU about 5 weeks ago. Again, prompt shipping, great packing,large, healthy plants, with several already in bloom!! (Including another Amelia, LOL). These roses have been in-ground for about a month and are all THRIVING. Went on their web-site last week and saw some sale roses. Then promply forgot to order, Called today and the woman who answered had "unlimited patience". At this late date, several roses on my list were sold out, However-above and beyond good customer service, she helped me find similar varieties, even similar parentage(!), checking the nursery stock several times, answered questions about fragance, color etc, even history of some of these roses. After several phones call (due to interruptions on my end), I just completed my second order of the year. RU is absolutely my new "go-to" rose grower!! Thank you so much for your beautiful roses, and WONDERFUL 5 star employees!!
On June 23rd, 2014, clpgirl added the following: Just received my second order this year and couldn't be more pleased! Once again received large, well-packed plants with extensive root systems. After my consistently A++experiences with RU, and their endlessly patient phone rep, I don't ever plan to use a local or other on-line vendor for roses. Thanks again!!
On May 26th, 2015, clpgirl added the following: Another WONDERFUL interaction with, ordering process and plant delivery from RosesUnlimited. I continue to be amazed with their patience in my quest for rarer roses....they 'found' Amelia earhart for me several years ago-thriving this year!nThis year they had two green 'china' roses,( rosa viridiflora chinesis) which are not easy to find on-line from reputable vendors-I had lost one several years ago purchased before i discovered RU, patiently helped me select a hardy, fragrant yellow rose from several I had in mind. In addition, they gave me advice on reviving an 8 year old zephrine droughn that hadnt even been purchased from them! Plants were beautiful on delivery, large with well developed root balls,one actually in bloom. Far superior to 35$ roses available at a local nursery! I would, and do, highlly recommend them to anyone purchasing any type of rose. This company provides integrity of product, advice, and wonderful packing and shipment times. Thank you so very much RU. It is always a pleasure!

On Aug 4, 2014, paminasheville (1 reviews) from Asheville, NC

I have been buying roses from Pat Henry and Bill Patterson since 2005 and now have a 30-plus rose garden in Asheville NC, all but two roses being from them. From the beginning I explained to Pat that I don't spray or amend with chemicals, and she has been wonderful in advising me on which roses I can grow to good result in those conditions. Happily for me, the list of disease-resistant roses with strong fragrance is growing, and I am currently replacing roses that have done well here, but who's habit and lack-of-fragrance I want to improve on with others Pat can now recommend. Though I usually go down to Laurens to pick up my plants at RU, I have also had some shipped to me with good result. I I have had great advice and great roses from RU, without fail.

On Sep 17, 2013, Just_One_Nerve (3 reviews) from Boise, ID

I decided to give this company a chance with my business based on the reviews here, HelpMeFind/Roses and GardenWeb. I may have been expecting too much, but I was simply not thrilled by the experience though my order was kind of "business as usual." To begin, their website could use some updates. Pictures of the roses along with growth habits would be useful along with an improved search tool for "fragrant," "color," or "cold hardiness," would be smart additions. It should have a clear "Order Now," button that informs customers about how to order and what to expect. I do not typically expect to e-mail or call companies when I order online so I took a leap with contacting the company due to what I had read on the aforementioned websites and since they had contact information on the website. With regard to the service, my initial email on 8/8/13 was answered promptly same day, though not as thoroughly as I would have liked but did include a suggestion as requested. Subsequent email on the 12th went unanswered, and it was one confirming a desire to order. Sent another email on the 13th asking about placing an order and asking what to expect. Response on the 14th confirming which roses were in stock, but did not address how to actually place the order as requested. They did not have many of the varieties I wanted instock which definitely left me disappointed. I called on the 14th and placed the order with a friendly woman who gave me an order number, and an expected shipment date of 9/9/13 which was basically a month away. I should have asked for an explanation for the delay in shipping, since I was a little disappointed by the news. But figured it would give them time to receive my check, allow plant growth and provide shipment during a more ideal planting time regarding seasons. Would have liked to recieve a confirmation email for the order or something, but referenced the order number on the check that was sent out on 8/14/13. They cashed the check on 8/21/13. I called on Monday 9/9/13 to confirm that the order was to be shipped and to ask for a tracking number. Was provided a tracking number which they only do by request. I just received the plants yesterday Monday 9/16/13 a week after the shipping start date. Not entirely their fault as I should have requested it be shipped on the prior Friday due to the distance in shipping from Carolina to Idaho with 5 business day shipping (which doesn't include the pick up date). The two plants arrived a bit wilted. The shipping box was ~ 8"x8"x24", with an 8"x8"x8" box used for both plants roots together stapled secure from the outside. The top of the root box did have some soil and plastic bags inside but didn't keep the bottom of the outer box totally clean. One plant has 3 spikes total between 12-16" tall with 1 bud, and the other has 1 spike 8" tall and then a swath of 4" tall spikes and no buds. When I originally received the order I thought only 1 plant was inside. The plants were not as full as I was expecting. I was expecting to see gallon sized pots with a more nursary like appearance. Total cost for the 2 plants including shipping was $55.00. While I would probably order from this company again, I would do it after trying other avenues first.

On Jul 19, 2013, mcgriffin (3 reviews) from Milwaukee, WI

I would like to share my very positive experience with Roses Unlimited. While they don't have web ordering, Pat is very quick to respond with any questions and orders. I ordered six roses this year. They all arrived in perfect shape and are currently doing great. This is a great source and very easy to work with - I highly recommend it.

On Jul 17, 2013, notmyhand (2 reviews) from Muncy, PA

Ordered over 60 roses from their summer sale. Prices were great, shipping was wonderful, and the roses were amazing! Even my fiancé, who is not a gardener, remarked upon the size of the plants compared to others I have ordered in the past. They also got packaging down to a science! 60 roses and not one broken or out of their pots! I cannot wait to order from them again. Thank you!

On Jun 2, 2013, divvajacko (40 reviews) from Hinckley, OH (Zone 6a)

Posted on June 21, 2010, updated June 2, 2013 I will continue to do business with this company. Pat is great and always happy to help. Own root plants are the best and their selection is outstanding.

On June 2nd, 2013, divvajacko added the following: Roses Unlimited is my go-to rose company. I made my usual multi-plant order and everything was wonderful. Pat is always willing to help and gets back to you quickly by email. Always a pleasure here.

On Jan 17, 2013, Ranger6 (1 reviews) from Norfolk, VA (Zone 7b)

Were there a rating for "very positive," I would choose it for Roses Unlimited. In past two years, I ordered twice. First, in 2011 through Pat Henry, included Lyda Rose, Mystic Beauty, and Elina. In fall of 2012, with lots of analysis and advice from Bill Patterson, ordered Eugene de Beauharnais, Paul Neyron, and Marchessa Boccella. All plants arrived in good shape, on schedule, and are still alive. Got great advice each time. Both Mrs Henry and Mr. Patterson realized they were dealing with a novice, and the selection and planting guidance were quite appropriate and kind, especially on the OGRs. The Lyda Rose grew to 4x4 the first year and bloomed prolifically. These people are knowledgeable, trustworthy, helpful, and reliable. Highly recommend. Very positive.

On Oct 11, 2012, jaybeene (1 reviews) from Memphis, TN

I don't like leaving a negative ratings ever, but I have certainly not had a positive experience with this company. Our ministry ordered 20 roses Oct. 27, 2010. The cost of the roses was $344 and the shipping was $110. We paid for the order in January of 2011 to have the order shipped in April as is the procedure for Roses Unlimited. We planted the shipment of roses upon arrival in April. Within two months, on June 2nd, 2011 I sent an email explaining that two of the plants had already died and that a third was looking puny. On June 20th, I finally received a reply from Pat Henry stating that the two lost plants would be replaced in 2012. On April 25th of this year, 2012, I sent another email regarding the replacements. Ms. Henry replied that she did not have luck rooting one (she did not say what she was going to do about that), and the other replacement would be shipped the following week. We never received the replacement. We only have around half of the plants we originally ordered and planted. The plants are obviously cut for rooting upon receipt of order, and shipped the following spring, which means they are less than one year old propagated by rooting in a greenhouse over the winter. I have found It difficult to plant such young plants directly into the garden and expect them to thrive without proper root establishment. The plants almost appeared to shrink after they were planted. I wouldn't order these young roses again unless I have a greenhouse to age the plants before attempting to establish vigorous growth in the garden. I have learned that the plants are a bit pricey for plants hardly rooted compared to plants aged several years found locally. And I am obviously not satisfied with the lack of proper response regarding our loss. I can find no guarantee posted on the Roses Unlimited website.

On Sep 19, 2012, Joseph_Cincy (13 reviews) from Cincinnati, OH (Zone 6a)

We had a warm early spring in Cincinnati (6a), and I ordered 6 bareroot roses in March for an early April delivery. I had ordered bareroots from the West Coast before with mixed results, and I was worried. Fortunately, that worry was in vain. The roses were large, had many leaves, looked very healthy, and two of them already had buds. The packaging was intense but effective. I got them in the ground, and they flourished. Five months later, they are all excelling, and they have grown more bigger and more robust than some bareroot roses from out West that I planted two years ago! I am impressed, and I'll definitely order from Roses Unlimited again (as in next spring! . . . I'm already trying to decide the list).

On Jul 14, 2012, Marlene4 (2 reviews) from Silver Spring, MD (Zone 7a)

Excellent assistance to a novice, Stephanie was patient and very helpful. Beautiful healthy rose was sent.

On May 24, 2012, GreenandGrowing7 (13 reviews) from Marcola, OR

I recently received an order of 17 roses from Roses Unlimited. As other customers have mentioned here, all of the roses I received were very large, well-branched plants that are ready to be planted in the ground immediately. Many of the roses were budded or blooming upon arrival. I live on the West Coast and was amazed by the marvelous packing job. Even though the three shipping boxes took seven days to reach me by UPS, every rose arrived in perfect condition and was still very well hydrated. Customer service is excellent either over the phone or by email and the huge selection of roses available is unmatched. I will be ordering again from this wonderful nursery in the future.

On Apr 29, 2012, casy (1 reviews) from Locust Grove, GA

Posted on April 29, 2012, updated April 29, 2012 I ordered 3 roses from Roses Unlimited and after seeing their website, decided to visit their "rose farm". They have 9 greenhouses from which we were able to view and select roses from. It was an interesting experience. The "own root" roses are smaller than hybrid traditional roses. They look very healthy in one gallon pots. I selected 6 additional roses and the gentleman "dug up" my order and I was able to avoid the shipping charge by taking the three original ones I ordered with me. The selection of roses is amazing. I took cuttings of a rose that I am having problems with and the gentleman immediately knew what rose variety it was and diagnosed spider mites (I should have known, except I read spider mites show up late in the summer and it is only April . He asked if they were next to brick (they are). Apparently brick makes the roses more susceptible as it holds the heat. The grounds of the greenhouses are amazing. There are hundreds of old climbing roses and other roses. While the gardens have not been maintained, it is well worth the trip esp at this time of year as all the roses are blooming beautifully.

On April 29th, 2012, casy added the following: The gentleman referenced above was Bill Patterson,one of the owners. I did not realize it until I saw his picture on the RU website.

On Apr 11, 2012, strawberryhill (4 reviews) from 5a, IL

Posted on March 19, 2012, updated April 11, 2012 The 3 Austin roses I bought from Roses Unlimited June's summer sale survived zone 5a winter, and have the most basal breaks this spring. I attribute this to their large root systems. I was so pleased with their performance that I bought 7 more. Roses Unlimited has been great in accomodating the many changes in my order, and change in shipping date. Why would anyone want to buy Knock-outs from local stores, with the large selection of hardy and disease resistant roses that this nursery offers?

On April 11th, 2012, strawberryhill added the following: I received 7 roses today, April 11. All are over 1 foot tall, very healthy, and many have buds. Firefighter rose has 5 buds, Bolero has 3 buds, and a few on Frederic Mistral and Sonia Rykiel (this has an incredible scent, worth buying just for the scent alone). I'm most impressed with Sweet Promise rose, such shiny reddish new leaves, and I don't see any thorns. Crown Princess Margareta is ready to climb, so tall - they are big enough to plant in the ground. Very good packaging - no damage whatsoever with such big plants. I'm happy with Roses Unlimited quality and service.

On Oct 10, 2011, mariedsheley (2 reviews) from Thibodaux, LA

At my request, he folks at Roses Unlimited delayed sending roses to me twice after their last shipping date for the year. Those to whom I spoke were unfailingly courteous and patient. Now,y bushes arrived without blemish; one had a bud. They are thriving in our cool, sunny fall weather. I believe that Roses Unlimited deserves the highest rating possible.. Marie Sheley

On Jul 25, 2011, phdler (22 reviews) from Homer, NY

Very happy with roses from Roses Unlimited. Nice size, healthy plants. They know how to pack them and all roses bloomed this year. Would definitely order from them again.

On May 20, 2011, sunsign5 (21 reviews) from Ipswich, MA

Received all 4 roses in beautiful super healthy condition ready for planting. Best packing of all rose companies I have purchased from online. No damage at all to any rose. I will be buying again from this company with complete confidence in quality and shipping procedure.

On Apr 28, 2011, kentstar (39 reviews) from Ravenna, OH (Zone 5b)

Awesome roses! This is my first experience with this company. I have heard many great things about them from other gardeners. Huge plants in large pots, and blooming too! One of them had 4 rose buds on them already! I had ordered Livin Easy and the Flight 93 rose. It took me a while to get them unwrapped because they were packaged so well but I won out in the end lol. They were very moist too and came exactly when I expected them too. Great job RU!

On Sep 7, 2010, jim1961 (6 reviews) from Tyrone, PA

Posted on May 21, 2010, updated September 7, 2010 First time ordering from Roses Unlimited. The roses were great ! Packing of the roses was excellent! Quick shipping! Thumbs up!

On September 7th, 2010, jim1961 added the following: Well, our Roses Unlimited roses have grown and remained very healthy this first season! So, we are very happy with our first purchase from RU! Thumbs up Pat!

On Jul 23, 2010, revolutionaryma (9 reviews) from Granada Hills, CA

Their plants are the best sized I have received online. I am across country however and the plants do get stressed on the way to me but they recover quickly. Shipping is also more expensive for me, of course. But if I want a bigger plant I will definitely go back to Pat to get them there. She wonderful to do business with.

On May 20, 2010, sneisen (4 reviews) from Osseo, MN

I ordered 10 roses during their sale late last summer. The roses arrived in good condition. Some had spots but I planted and treated like I do all roses and hoped for the best overwinter. I treated again this spring when I uncovered and was so happy that all 10 roses emerged in perfect condition. They are all doing great and look great. Ordering process during the sale was time consuming but the woman on the phone was very patient with my questions and suggested varieties in place of what was out of stock.

On Apr 8, 2010, trudii (2 reviews) from Charleston, SC (Zone 8a)

Absolutely fantastic experience last year ordering from Pat. I ordered 3 Mme. Alfred Carriere for around my garage and she suggested 2 shrub Cecile Brunner to be potted by my front door. Pat was incredibly patient working with me since I am not an experienced rose owner. My roses arrived very well packaged - it took me quite some time to dismantle the boxes but it was well worth it. They looked amazing! The MAC were much larger than I expected and already had blooms. They were planted per the instructions on the site and by the end of the season they were already 8 feet tall - not a typo - eight feet. As I write, just about one year after they were planted they are all covered in buds. The Cecile were smaller but looked very healthy. I potted them up and they grew like crazy all summer - despite my random watering practices. They bloomed from May through November straight through and the smell was amazing. I was so pleased with my experience I bought another 4 MAC to go around the other side of my garage and 12 more Cecile - with the 2 from last year will be planted all around my front porch. (Don't want to risk killing the Cecile with another year in pots!) I'm picking them up this weekend and could not be more excited not only for my new roses but to see the nursery. I agree with the almost universal consensus that the website is not great, it needs to have a picture of each rose. Beyond that though I'm okay with their choice to keep it simple - to me that says they are more interested in their roses than marketing which is really what I want as a buyer.

On Sep 27, 2009, scleme (3 reviews) from Charlotte, NC

I received 10 or so roses this spring and all are going gangbusters and very healthy. Great prices for what you get, especially when you include shipping. One rose was mislabed and was promptly replaced by the company, and the boxes are extremely well packed - the most secure of any mail order company I've used to date. The only down side of my experiece is that the billing end of the company seems to be quite disorganized - it is frustrating to receive invoices asking for payment 6 months after the order was paid in full (especially since they had already assured me their mistake was taken care of). But I would still recommend based on the size and quality of plants shipped.

On Aug 6, 2009, erica22 (1 reviews) from Henderson, KY

What a pleasure!! I ordered from RU twice this year and I was happy both times. The roses are a good healthy size, one even had a bloom when it arrived, packed very well for shipping, and the customer service was great. I have had blooms all summer and I cant wait to order more. Highly reccomend!!!

On Jul 21, 2009, tontogirl (3 reviews) from Powersville, MO

I ordered this year for the first time. I was very impressed with the large healthy roses. I really wish I could order online with them. I know I would order more if they had this available.

On Jul 18, 2009, vossner (116 reviews) from East Texas,
United States (Zone 8a)

Wonderful source for roses you don't find everyday. I took advantage of their Freedom sale and got 4 very healthy, very well packed, own root roses. Highly recommend. This mailorder nursery has been added to my listed of ones to ck frequently.

On Jul 15, 2009, loveblossoms (14 reviews) from CA,
United States (Zone 8b)

This was my first purchase from Roses Unlimited and I was simply delighted with the quality of the rose bush I purchased. It arrived in a timely manner, well packed, though minimally stressed with tons of yellow leaves (understandably dehydrated due to the warm summer climate here in the South) but otherwise SUPER healthy and robust. I gave it a good soak and some rest in a temporary spot with dappled shade as soon as it arrived and it responded quickly with healthy new growth. It continues to be adapting great. What an amazing plant. Bullet-proof to say the least. Very strong and sensational looking. I will definitely be making more purchases from Unlimited in the coming months. Thanks Pat for all of your care and expertise in raising such exceptional young rose bushes. I am very happy.

On Jul 10, 2009, skiekitty (6 reviews) from Parker, CO (Zone 5b)

OMG, talk about some major roses! These beautiful roses (I ordered 7 during their "Freedom sale", but were out of 4, so I got 3 roses) are bigger and healthier than I have gotten at some of our LGSs! Wow! I did preorder some roses for the 2010 year.. I cannot WAIT to see those! I'll be putting them in the ground now after I harden them off (I believe that these are greenhouse roses, so they have to be hardened off for "real world conditions"). One of them was already in bud and they're all gorgeous! Excellent packaging, VERY quick shipping.. only bad thing I can see is they don't have the ability to take cards. But it's WELL worth the risk of a check!! YAY!!!! VERY happy!!! I *WILL* be back!!

On May 8, 2009, kittenbark (5 reviews) from Waukesha, WI

I purchased from RU last year for the first time ('08) , 9 fragrant cloud bushes. I also purchased from the other own root vendors on GW: ARE, Heirloom and Chamblees. Although the other vendors had nice plants, nothing was as good as RU. Winter 08 I decided to bury my roses to see how much I could keep alive, as opposed to past years cones/mulching. My fragrant clouds from RU have 3/4 to 1" canes of last seasons growth that made it through the winter buried. I have never had any HT rose in zone 5 make it through winter this robustly. Although buried, the credit has to go to the quality of the plants, as the other buried fragrant cloud bands from heirloom and grafted fragrant clouds from JP are alive but barely and all other variables are the same (location, soil, winter wet, etc.). I was initially hesitant to order as RU availability checking is by email, and payment is in the form of a mailed check. However, they are now my preferred vendor. Their website is a little hokey, but their roses are the best, and they do respond pretty quickly to emailed availability questions. I strongly recommend them.

On Apr 23, 2009, mocatmom (9 reviews) from Driftwood, TX (Zone 8b)

I just received a wonderful shipment from Roses Unlimited - their own Mystic Beauty, a blooming Lyda Rose, and a large and budded - and IMPOSSIBLE to find - Versigny Generosa rose. They arrived in 90 degree Texas heat in pristine condition and didn't even need a drink. They were so securely packaged that it took me 20 minutes to get them safely out of the box, but I'm not complaining! I was worried about these roses with our recent heat wave, but they arrived looking like they were just packaged moments ago instead of three or more days ago. If they would accept debit cards or paypal, the shopping experience would be ideal. Nevertheless, this is an excellent source of lovely roses and I'll definitely be a frequent customer.

On Apr 8, 2009, splash763 (3 reviews) from West Columbia, SC

Positives -Sell all plants own root in 1 gallon containers. -Excellent selection of Hybrid Teas and Floribundas -Have alot of classic Hybrid teas and older AARS -Stock roses from Rose Barni and Viru Vinghaven that are very hard to find Negatives -Only accept checks. No paypal or credit cards. -Not all roses have photos on website. So browsing becomes difficult -Website is typically harder to use than most. As an aside the background music on the website is terrible. -Shipping costs higher than some due to the 1 gallon pots. -Limited #s or alot of roses. Have to order preorder well in advance for hard to find roses. Overall rating Roses Unlimited has provided me with over 30 roses that have all done extremely well in my garden. I have ordered from dozens of ownroot suppliers from nurserys and ebay and their roses are well above average. They are my go to supplier of own roots. Just order early or you will be waiting till next year. Excellent quality for your money I have always picked up my roses at nursery So I have no expierence with their packaging. If you visit your nursery wear good shoes and be careful as its a working nursery and not a sales center. The floors are muddy and aisles are hard to get through Have seen no evidence of RMV on their roses. In touring their green house I did not see any virused plants but I do not consider myself an expert on that subject.

On Apr 8, 2009, trulyro (4 reviews) from Auburndale, FL

I emailed Pat in mid March about placing an order of roses. She was very knowledgeable and helpful and answered the many emails I sent. I had a negative experience ordering roses online from a different vendor and she was quick to reassure me that I wouldn't receive 'baby' roses. They arrived today and were extremely well packaged. It took my husband 20 minutes to unwrap all of them. They are in excellent shape and several of them have buds. I'm very happy with my experience with RU and would highly recommend Pat and her staff.

On Oct 17, 2008, BlissfulGarden (51 reviews) from Baton Rouge, LA

Very positive experience with this lovely lady! She provides a GREAT selection of healthy, self-rooted plants of very good size. Her roses are grown potted rather than being shipped bare-rooted, which results in a much faster start for the plant here in the south. The only drawback to ordering from RU is that they are not set up to take credit card payments which can make the ordering process a bit cumbersome... but it's worth it to receive her wonderful plants. I will definitely order from Roses Unlimited again in the future. Ev =)

On May 6, 2008, Pinetucky (48 reviews) from Swainsboro, GA (Zone 8b)

My order arrived in perfect condition - 3 large, healthy roses with one in bloom. The packing is so secure that it does take a little time to remove the plants from the box, but the extra care taken allows the roses to arrive looking fresh and undamaged. The plants were shipped on the specified date. Communication was excellent too. I have been ordering from Roses Unlimited for over 10 years and have never been disappointed with their roses. Even though these are own-root roses, they are large and ready to plant in the ground. This is definitely one of the best sources for own-root roses. I continue to be a completely satisfied customer.

On May 3, 2008, astcgirl (10 reviews) from Brandon, FL (Zone 9b)

I ordered 6 roses recently. All arrived very well packed and healthy. I was amazed at how large they were. 2 of the roses already had buds and it has been one month now and all have doubled in size in the garden. I will surely order from them again. A+ company.

On May 2, 2008, redstar (5 reviews) from Plainfield, NJ

got my 2 roses today may 1, they were very secure in the box . had fun getting them out!. plants were good size. marina had 3 flowers on it my wife was very happy to see that!. singin in the rain has a bud, can't wait to see it flower!. i will order from them again in the future.

On Apr 9, 2008, clanross (5 reviews) from Lanexa, VA (Zone 7b)

I have ordered twice from Roses Unlimited and both times I have received all large,beautiful, healthy plants. Most were blooming or in bud. I have been very pleased and am looking forward to ordering again. clanross south Mississippi

On Oct 31, 2007, juanwillis (28 reviews) from Winchester, MA (Zone 6a)

I ordered 'Westerland' this past year, and when the package arrived on April 18 I was delighted to see an extremely healthy plant already budding! The rose established well in its first year with vigorous growth--I will definitely order from Roses Unlimited again in the future.

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