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On Oct 7, 2021, pempe (5 reviews) from Methuen, MA

Planning on buying an item for $25.00. Added to my cart and the shipping is almost $50.00 to Massachusetts. There were 2 options, one was $48.84 and the other was $101.05. Other websites like Far Reaches Farm and Dancing Oaks Nursery charge $25.00 for multiple plants. Plant Delights Nursery also charge a lot less. What a rip off

On Mar 29, 2021, dave12122 (82 reviews) from East Haddam, CT

Posted on March 4, 2021, updated March 29, 2021 In mid February, I went on the KIG website to possibly order some orchids. After spending almost a half hour looking at 50+ entries, mostly Calanthes, Cypriprediums, and Pleiones, I was very surprised that all but 2 entries were out of stock. That seemed odd for mid February, so I used the contact form on the website to write about my frustrating experience to the company. I was expecting an apology that my time was wasted and a possible solution to the problem - e.g.a short note on the website to the effect almost all of the hardy orchids are sold out. However, after a week, I got no response, so I sent my exact same message again. By the way, both times I wrote my message, I received an acknowledgement that my inquiry HAD gone through. Fast forward to last night, when I wrote a short review on Facebook detailing my experience. I did not recommend the nursery based on my short but time wasting experience. Almost immediately, I got a private message from a woman named Melissa. Her reply was a litany of excuses, the nursery had not gotten my messages, perhaps the webmaster had coded my response incorrectly, the "out of stock" items were listed because they were "backordered" , the website is new, etc. In the first place, 50+ orchids are listed as "out of stock". I did not see a statement to the effect "out of stock" items are automatically backordered. Perhaps they are if you order the out of stock plants, but I never got that far. Moreover, if the plants are indeed backordered, when do they come in? Later in the Spring? Summer? Fall? Next Spring? All these details need to be included, and they are not. The website is new? All the more reason to be as precise as possible in the plant descriptions, Since many of the listings are supposedly "rare", there should be oodles of information about items being possibly hard to grow, not suitable for Eastern Gardens, sensitive to wet soil in Winter (many are) or perhaps even "new, untested, a crap shot". Part of the problem Keeping it Green has is that they are located in a part of the Pacific Northwest that only rarely gets below 20 degrees. How could they possibly give accurate zone information based on this? In any case, I amended my Facebook review, and still kept the original classification, "Not recommended" based on Melissa's completely unhelpful comments. Within hours my review was completely gone, along with every other review on the page!! This amply shows me my initial concerns about this nursery were on the right track. A really classy organization would have "come clean" about their shortcomings and listed some ways they would try to improve. Instead, Keeping It Green chose to get defensive and swept my comments under the rug with what amounts to censorship! Is this the type of "friendly" organization you would like to give your business to? I can think of many other nurseries that deserve your business so much more, that believe in Customer Service, and respect all opinions, not just those making them look good. My experience with Keeping It Green shall remain "Neutral", as I never actually got to the point of placing an order, but it was profoundly disappointing.

On March 29th, 2021, dave12122 added the following: Daves Garden strongly discourages comments on someone else's rating. That being said, I do have a reaction to the person that thought I needed to be more patient. Let's see...I used the contact form to ask a simple question. No one answered for a week, so I asked the same question again. Still nothing, so I wrote a review on Facebook explaining my disappointment and confusion about so many items being out of stock so early in the season. This time I did get a reply from Melissa who clearly had me confused with someone else. Melissa's never ending excuses were completely unhelpful, and within 5 minutes, my review was gone. The nursery has had about a month from when I posted here to send me a D mail to try to make things right and apologize for the inaccuracies and other problems with the website. They have not, so I consider myself EXTREMELY patient in this instance. Whether they think I am the type of customer that might complain about something we'll never know. What I can tell you, however, is that any nursery that does this kind of thing is extremely foolish. Word of mouth is a very powerful tool, and I am always happy to spread the word of good buying experiences. In the same vein, if a nursery can't be bothered to answer a simple inquiry, I don't feel any particular allegiance to them. Most online nurseries are actually doing better in the Covid age due to people being home and bored. This is apparently a family owned nursery, which makes their puzzling self defeating behavior all the more exasperatimg!

On Mar 14, 2021, KitKat21 (1 reviews) from Silverdale, WA

Keeping it Green Nursery has a great selection of plants. I have never had a problem with any of the plants growing. I have been doing business with them for years and they truly care about what they are doing and genuinely are enthusiastic about plants. A previous reviewer commented on how they didnít like how quickly the owners responded or whether or not things were in stock. This nursery is run by a family, and grow the plants themselves. If you want to do business with genuine people and receive high quality plants, then work with small businesses like this one. If you want quick and easy availability, then take the chance with large nurseries that donít care about what they sell.

On Mar 8, 2021, tbuff (38 reviews) from Nellysford, VA (Zone 6a)

I have had nothing but positive experiences in the past with KIG and have found the owner to be responsive. I have been a rare plant collector for 45 years and have done extensive business with a large number of mail order nurseries. When dealing with a "new" nursery, I make a point to contact them to establish the status of their website since some smaller nurseries struggle to keep them updated. It is disappointing that certain individuals go out of their way to complain about a family-owned, rare plant nursery at a time when many such nurseries are closing and people are struggling to take care of life-threatening circumstances due to the pandemic. Let's have a little patience people!

On Oct 16, 2018, stevewuerch (1 reviews) from Eola, OR

I recently made my first order to Keeping It Green Nursery and I really feel compelled to express my opinion concerning their excellence. The entire order was truly superior. My main reason for dealing with this company is that they sell Petasites japonicus giganteus which is next-to-impossible to find in the nursery trade. The roots that they sent me were really high quality but I was even more impressed with the three bulbs of Cardiocrinum giganteum in my order. I have ordered this member of the lily family various times from different companies over the past 25 years but what they sold me was clearly superior to what I have received in recent years. They have many hard-to-find plants and they really need to advertise more. If it were not for my quest of Petasites I wouldn't even know that this nursery existed.

On Mar 17, 2016, thequietearth (3 reviews) from Hemby Bridge, NC

First let me say I have ordered plants several times from here and always been very happy. I placed and order for 1 Podophyllum Difforme Starfish Strain and 1 Euptela polyandra . I received both and the Euptella was awesome. However the Podophyllum was very small and sent bareroot in a bag of sawdust. I would say the plant was the size of a quarter or maybe a bit larger. I emailed them to ask why such a small plant for $60 but haven't gotten a response yet. I realize this plant is very rare and hard to find I was just shocked at the size difference compared to my orders in the past.

On Jun 29, 2015, rdtjr05 (30 reviews) from Franklin, TN

Very happy with the plants I received. Very good selection. Will order again from them in the fall.

On May 19, 2015, plant_collector (32 reviews) from Oak Ridge, TN

Posted on March 18, 2008, updated May 19, 2015 Really wanted to order from these folks as they seem to have some interesting items at reasonable prices; BUT they do not take credit cards. Back in the 20th century, I had some bad experiences with sending nurseries I had never dealt with before checks and then having problems getting what I ordered. You have no leverage at all. I'm sure these folks are aok (most are) but credit cards are just all around so helpful in this kind of transaction that's all I will use anymore.

On May 19th, 2015, plant_collector changed the rating from neutral to positive and added the following: Keeping It Green does now take credit cards and I have ordered from them and been pretty well satisfied. I also made a donation to their China expedition last year and recently received a box full of interesting plants in thanks.

On May 1, 2015, gregardener (3 reviews) from Littleton, CO

I ordered a Sanguinaria canadensis from this nursery and I could not be more pleased with the plant received and how it has performed once planted in the ground. The plant was of very high quality, true to form, and healthy. The owner is highly knowledgeable of the plants he grows and provides excellent customer service and information about successfully growing his plants. And the owner insures that purchasers are completely satisfied with his plants. As a regular and experienced mail order purchaser, I would definitely purchase more plants from this nursery.

On Jul 19, 2013, brianaucuba (22 reviews) from PEQUEA, PA (Zone 6b)

Good source of unusual plants. I ordered Epipactis gigantea and Sanguinaria canadensis rosea from Keeping It Green this spring. I was expecting small starter plants. What I received was way above my expectations. The Sanguinarias were large with several plants in each pot. The Epipactis were dormant rhizomes that I potted up. They actually flowered for me this year. I plan to order Oplopanax horridus when it is back in stock. I would not hesitate to order from Keeping It Green -- reasonably priced, good sized, unusual plants.

On Oct 11, 2011, kudzu9 (7 reviews) from Seattle area, WA (Zone 8b)

I have bought from this nursery a number of times and have always been satisfied with the plants. Since I actually live about 50 miles from the nursery, I have visited it and I have bought my plants in person either there or at several of the major plant sale venues in the Seattle area where the owner usually has a booth. This is the place to go for really unusual and exotic perennials from all over the world. I can't remember how I paid for my purchases, but the nursery is entirely on the up-and-up so I would not be concerned about paying by check rather than credit card.

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