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During the last ten years I have dedicated myself to the growing of Heirloom tomatoes for fresh market.
With alot of luck, hard work and a sharp eye I have come across some of nature's amazing creations, rare mutations and out of this world crosses.
The seeds I offer showed 90-100% stability for me in 2006.
After a decade of living tomatoes in an aggresive Northern California market I can tell you that these varieties have set me apart from other tomato growers.
All the varieties I offer are very edible as well as eye catching. I deal with hundreds of tomato heads a week during the summer and rely on there feedback and can tell you that if the flavor was not there it would only be a one time thing. Support small farms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted on January 30, 2007



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On Feb 26, 2012, atldrmcrz03 (4 reviews) from Cumming, GA

Recently started some seeds packaged for 2009 and had an 80% or better germination rate. The tomatoes are always the first to sell out at our local farmers market as well.

On Nov 14, 2011, WillysWoodPile (12 reviews) from Kalamazoo, MI

-- I ordered 12 varieties on 9-30-2011... and I was tearing open my packets of seed [like a little kid] a week and a half later. -- I am very well pleased. I would most certainly recommend Wild Boar Farms. Brad's varieties are a must-grow in my opinion. In fact, I just ordered three of his newly released varieties today.

On Feb 9, 2007, elkwc36 (24 reviews) from Elkhart, KS

I received the seeds today plus some extra. My experience was very good. I will probably do business with Brad again. Will sure recommend him to others. Need more like him. Many others could sure take lessons from him. I will be sowing these seeds soon so will know more about germination then. Jay

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