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On Jun 22, 2015, DG08542 (1 reviews) from Princeton, NJ

On Jun 29, 2013, Gracye (7 reviews) from Warrenton, VA

Our first tree, as a married couple, was the result of an afternoon drive in the country. We happened upon Eastwood Nurseries, and found a glorious selection, laid-back but experts on-site, and found a "Lozita" Maple that just called to me. When I finally appeared from just one of their greenhouses, with "LuLu" in hand (Hubby named it immediately), I was told about it and why it was in my hands. Three years later, "LuLu" is in her little island, in the front of our 1950's cinderblock cottage, and has transformed from a little twig to a filled-out, SERIOUS JM on the rise! LOL! She is the DARKEST, healthiest tree, having survived some severe winters and deer bites. The planting instructions were great, and the care at which LuLu was pruned when the gentleman took her from my hands as he explained about her, is a cherished memory. We will go back. Cost? We thought a bit expensive, but the tree is living up to every penny we put into her.

On Mar 2, 2010, esteve59 (39 reviews) from Annapolis, MD

I have looked extensively at the web site and while they do have a tremendous selection,the prices are very high relative to other internet companies. $30-35 for a 1 yr graft is twice the amount most others I have found.

On May 21, 2007, mstewart (1 reviews) from New Market, VA

My partner and I had an expansive experience with Eastwoods Nurseries. Our orange cat had shredded the limbs off our Japanese maple, killing it. Our visit to Eastwoods Nurseries was for a single replacement. While my partner and Henry lounged around visiting, Francie and I went on a replacement mission. Partner and I left with 12 maples. All well shaped, all healthy. And, while we don't need another replacement maple, we're headed back for this open house for more danger, humor and the joy of their company (and probably 12 more maples).

On Apr 21, 2007, rosemount (1 reviews) from Charlottesville, VA

I just made my first visit to Eastwoods Nursery during their open house this past weekend and it was like going to heaven. They have an incredible selection of japanese maples, ginkos and conifers that all appear to be well grown. Both of the owners are knowledgable, helpful and friendly and even though it was pouring down rain and cold they were happy to tromp around to show me plants I was curious about. They had at least several varitites of maples not listed on the website or in their nice catalogue. The prices are quite reasonable and most of the maples were available in at least 2 sizes. They sent me home with growing instructions that are clear and well written. I'm delighted with the plants I bought and immediately started a new wish list for my next visit, which I hope will be soon.

On Nov 14, 2006, doss (39 reviews) from Stanford, CA (Zone 9b)

The people at Eastwoods were very helpful in helping me find a tree that would fit my situation. It was shipped on time and not even dirt was out of place. The trees were in pristine condition. I really appreciated the shipping in one gallon containers rather than bare root too.

On Apr 6, 2006, taylor89 (1 reviews) from Hopewell, OH (Zone 6a)

I ordered 3 maples from this company. They all arrived in great condition and very good packaging. I thought that shipping was very reasonable for 3 maples still in the pots. If I ever need to order JMs again they will without a doubt be the company that I call. Also, very friendly service, they made sure that I knew that , if I have any problems or questions be sure to call.

On Mar 5, 2006, Hobbolkien (1 reviews) from Roebuck, SC

I bought two hard to find japanese maples from Eastwood Nurseries, an I osami and a Meigestsu. They were strong and sturdy trees with excellent grafts. These were the best looking trees I've ever ordered through the mail. They came in 1 gallon containers instead of bareroot and were tied in their boxes so they couldn't shift around. Though shipping may be higher, I prefer getting my japanese maples this way. The trees themselves were in excellent condition. I don't remember the ladies name I talked to but she was very informative and courteous. I would definetly recommend and buy from this company again.

On Nov 3, 2005, jacquot (4 reviews) from Larchmont, NY

I've had several very positive experiences with Eastwoods. I've always received great plants for the price, which have now established and become focal points in the garden.

On Jun 6, 2005, Breezymeadow (8 reviews) from Culpeper, VA (Zone 7a)

I live a mere 30 minutes away from Eastwoods Nurseries, so won't be able to comment on ordering by mail. I did, however, visit them for the first time in person yesterday during the open house they held this past weekend. What a breathtaking array of cultivars!!! Three shade/greenhouses full, all plants properly labeled, as well as larger tubbed specimens & some bonsai outdoors. Both owners are extremely knowledgeable about all of their stock - & the stock is EXTENSIVE variety-wise. Any & all questions were answered thoroughly; a catalog, planting, & care handouts were given; & many suggestions were given as to varieties which would suit the spot we were looking to fill. Oh - they also carry a number of Gingko cultivars, as well as a number of varieties of Japanese conifers/evergreens. We ended up with a lovely "Orangeola" Japanese Maple - well branched, very beautfully leafed out, & healthy - about 2' tall in a 1-gallon pot, for $45.00, which is a very competitive price. I am looking forward to revisiting & purchasing from these folks many times in the future as I begin landscaping my fixer-upper farm.

On Jun 5, 2005, irmaly (14 reviews) from boone, NC (Zone 5b)

I was really impressed with this nursery. I had been looking for a particular jap maple for almost two years and finally found one at Eastwoods website. I worked with "Francie" there via email for over two weeks asking questions, ensuring I was getting the right tree and the right size, etc. When the tree finally arrived (and at a very fair price), I couldn't have been more pleased. It has a becutiful shape and form and was packed extremely well. It is a beautiful tree. I would not hestiate to buy from them again.

On Mar 28, 2005, JPOTTS (1 reviews) from Cincinnati, OH

I found their web site over the winter which is beautiful and very informative. I ordered two Japanese maples that arrived last week. The packaging was well done. Not a single twig was bent. Both trees were in great condition and large for the cost.If you have questions I would call and talk to them personally rather than e-mail. They have a lot of stock not listed on the web site. So ask for what you are looking for.

On May 27, 2004, mcdermottmarian (1 reviews) from Middletown, NY

I ordered four maples from Eastwoods after speaking with them twice over the phone. Their customer service was excellent and the plants arrived in PERFECT condition. 2 of the maples were large and not a single stem was broken. I was very impressed. I found the prices to be very competitive.

On Jan 1, 2004, dpf58 (7 reviews)

I ordered two maples from this nursery last spring and was very pleased. Prices were very reasonable for the size sent and the packing was superb - both plants in large pots carefully tied into their containers. I think it really does make a difference when plants are not removed from their containers, soil washed off, etc. Both established easily and grew very well this past summer. I'm sure the care (and weight) required for this shipping method cost a good deal more than the shipping charges. It's great to have an east coast source for great maples.

On Oct 17, 2003, glawton (2 reviews) from Chalfont, PA

I have ordered a number of trees from this company over the years and they always arrived healthy and in good condition.

On Aug 21, 2003, mason_bradford (4 reviews) from Conway, SC

I contacted them almost a week ago to ask them about a specific japanese maple and if they offer a guarantee and they have not once contacted me at all yet.

On Jun 1, 2002, haywho (2 reviews)

Wonderful selection of japanese maples. Ordered an "Orangeola" and it arrived on time and in great condition. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for quality jap. maples.

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