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46983 Mindy Street
Mindy, South Dakota 57064 (United States)

Phone: (605) 368-2600
Fax: (605) 368-2260

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Positive ShaneH
(1 review)
February 8, 2021
I was looking for reviews on another company actually and came across these reviews and I was shocked for the most part.... ive placed 3 orders from them, Mark specifically and each one has been flawless. My equipment arrived quickly, my plants were healthy and thriving. They have answered the phone every time I've called and didn't make me feel stupid even when I made a glaringly obvious mistake only a fool would have.... Im not being paid for this review and I wasn't asked to do it. I just feel the need to make sure people know that they have some very satisfied customers. If anyone needs to see my aquarium or the equipment I've purchased feel free to add me on fb and I'll show you. They have been great.
Negative otis01844
Methuen, MA
(1 review)
May 15, 2020
Plants were not in great shape when they arrived. After a few days they looked worse. Tried emailing them but never heard back.
Positive Cheetoe8
Winder, GA
(1 review)
August 1, 2019
I ordered plants from this company because the price was right I am a beginner to planted aquariums. I ordered on a Wednesday and ordered 2 day shipping then I didn't ever get a tracking number so I started to read reviews and then I got worried. Well it turned out as stated on the website and i missed it that they only harvest once a week and if you miss that day then you have to wait till the next week. Well its Thursday of the following week and i recieved my order everything was alive and in good shape and I'm happy.
Negative Molitor
Centerville, MA
(1 review)
June 25, 2017
Like the OP, I ordered the $20 aquascaping service about 10 days ago. I sent them three emails asking what else I needed to do and never heard back. Finally, I sent a fourth demanding a refund and instantly received a reply, which was, "Take this down and you’ll get a refund.." with a link to this page.

I was not familiar with this site, but I'm glad I was directed here by I can already see that it's a site worth getting to know better!
Negative redeyenc
Morganton, NC
(1 review)
June 24, 2017
It's amazing how one can get fooled by a website. is a great website. They even offer Aquascaping Service where for $20 you give them a budget, and all info about tank, water, etc. plus you get to add a photo for them to work by.
I ordered this service with a $200 budget two weeks ago. After a phone message left (unanswered) and 5 emails (all unacknowledged) I am resigned to losing the $20, but realize what a good lesson this was: always check reviews for a new company you haven't dealt with before. Don't get fooled by the website, these people suck.
Negative ChazStevens
Deerfield Beach, FL
(1 review)
August 10, 2015
When I wrote to complain to this merchant, I was informed I had better be careful not to "libel his company."

From the vendor, "Be DAMN careful NOT to libel my company. Once again: Be DAMN careful NOT to libel my company."

Okay, noted.

If you decide to order, pay CLOSE ATTENTION to the very confusing shipping terms.

As I recall, 2nd day shipping ($25) was required for my order --- the merchant is in Tampa, I'm near Lauderdale. UPS Ground in Florida is delivered in one day, at a cost much less than $25.

And while I paid for 2nd day, the vendor sent the items ground.



The vendor emailed, "I chose the shipping method." Okay, so then why didn't you send it 2nd day? The vendor chose the cheaper method, yet billed me for the more expensive method.

And the packing was a padded envelope with the plants wrapped in paper towel and stuck inside a ziplock back.

Quite obviously, I could have saved a bunch of money.

But alas, that wasn't to be.

Look elsewhere for your plants, is my opinion. No need for nastiness.
Negative fruuuu
Collingswood, NJ
(1 review)
December 12, 2014
"I will never order from this place again. They are the most rude/ unprofesional/ incompitantly slow company i can imagine. I placed an order and payed for second day delivery after a week i called to see what was going on. The persone who answered... Mark.... was so rude and disrespectful after calling me a "little fucking punk" he told me that since i ordered at 11:30 on sunday instead of before 9:00, they would not ship till A WEEK FROM WEDNESDAY. Yes my 2nd day delivery turned into two weeks and when i called to complain about it i was treated with such disrespect i thought i was speaking to a high school kid. DO NOT ORDER FROM THESE PEOPLE IF YOU ARE EXPECTING TO RECEIVE YOUR ORDER IN UNDER A MONTH!!! OR ANY TYPE OF CUSTOMER SERVICE WHATSOEVER. I went to leave feedback on the website and you have to email your comments to them before they post them.... OBVIOUSLY THE COMMENTS ARE ALL FABRICATED BY "MARK AND RANDY" THE OBSURD "CUSTOMER SERVICE" reps
Negative ryan9316
Saint Petersburg, FL
(1 review)
July 17, 2014
On Sunday night at 9:47P.M. CST I made a 120$ plant order from I had selected 2nd day air, however, living in Florida I decided I better do overnight. I email them to that affect and also asked if since I was changing to overnight my plants would arrive (Thursday) instead of Friday. Their response, "Will upgrade for you
yes will be there Thursday".

Apparently they meant next Thursday. I called on Thursday to see where my plants were and they had not been shipped at all. On their website it said orders after 10PM CST will be shipped a week later. I would like to note that the website now says 9PM. Regardless, I'm sure an hour late order on a Sunday night hardly prevents them from getting an order ready. Realize that when dealing with this company you may be waiting weeks to get your order regardless of what the say in their correspondence.
Negative tthorn125
Hastings, MN
(1 review)
September 10, 2013
Posted on September 6, 2013, updated September 10, 2013
Absolutely horrible. These jack wagons don't know what customer service is!!! I have called them 4 times to get a SIMPLE tracking number.

If you HAVE $500+ of my f'ing money, give me a TRACKING number. Worthless. You don't even have the item I'm ordering. You're PASS THROUGH! How hard is it?

Apparently it's quite difficult for this small brained company. ONE week has passed that you have MY money and I have NO tracking number. Really???

Morons!! Word of mouth goes a long way, and my mouth is BIG.
On September 10th, 2013, tthorn125 added the following:

I won't change my rating, but after posting here I was contacted by the company. They claim that it is out of their control. My bottom line is I ordered on a Friday and I finally received a tracking number 9 days later.

If they have issues with the other company, then they should have dealt with it and not left me hanging. I should have been contacted that there were issues instead of me having to track things down.
Company representative comment on September 10, 2013:
On Sep 10, 2013 8:14 AM, Aquarium Plants ( responded with:

Woooo Cowboy! First of all let's get the facts straight. You placed your order on Friday August 30th at 5:44 pm, 16 minutes before we close for the weekend. Since Monday was Labor Day, we were closed and so was UPS. You called in Tuesday morning, the first day we were open since you placed your order late Friday, Screaming and demanding a tracking #. I explained this to you and told you your order would process today and we would get you a tracking # more than likely by the following day. You again call back later the SAME day wondering about a tracking#??? There were no issues with other companies. We do stock 90% of the items we sell and there are some items we ship directly from the factories. Some day when you GROW up and own your own business you can run it how ever you want! Bottom line is you had a tracking # on Thursday, the 3rd BUSINESS day after your order was placed!
I know you have a self proclaimed BIG mouth, but state the facts and be careful not to slander my company!!

Positive duncanroadfish
Hemby Bridge, NC
(2 reviews)
August 23, 2013
Posted on August 23, 2013, updated August 23, 2013
Posted on August 6, 2013, updated August 23, 2013
I ordered over $80 in plants from this company and it was a mistake !
I ordered 2 Tiger Lotus and they both look questionable . I paid for two 3x5 plantable mats and tey arrived with no growth on them and have since died. It took less than a week for that to happen. The quality of all the plants was
Very poor and not worth the money. I emailed the company 5 times since I received the order and gotten no response. These people sell crap plants for high prices I have been keeping tanks for 35 years and this is the worst quality I've ever seen. DO Not Buy From This Company ! ! ! !
On August 23rd, 2013, duncanroadfish changed the rating from negative to positive and added the following:

I was contacted by the nursery manager Aquarium Plants and received replacements for the two matted plants that arrived in much better condition this time. Chad was very helpful and I appreciate his effort.
On August 23rd, 2013, duncanroadfish added the following:

I was contacted by the nursery manager Aquarium Plants and received replacements for the two matted plants that arrived in much better condition this time. Chad was very helpful and I appreciate his effort.
Company representative comment on August 14, 2013:
On Aug 14, 2013 11:00 AM, Aquarium Plants ( responded with:

Not sure what you mean with the tiger lotus being questionable...They are a sprouted plant bulb and would either be good or bad. What plant did you order on the 3x5 mat? All of the plants we sell on the 3x5 mats most certainly are well established and very nice. Did it show up in good condition and then took a week to die in your tank? What was your order #? I am questioning if you even ordered from us. I did a search for orders going to Hemby Bridge NC and did not find any in the last 3 months and we would have seen and answered if you sent 5 emails.

Negative biotsrama
Boston, MA
(1 review)
October 3, 2012
I've ordered from them several times in the past, and I thought they were pretty good. In my last order, one of the plants, Aponogeton boivinianus, unfortunately melted away within a few days in my tank. I wrote up a detailed review of my experience, including substrate, lighting, temperature, and other tank parameters, and posted it on their website for that plant. Since I didn't want to be overly negative, I also posted more positive reviews of a couple other plants from that order (Aponogeton longiplumulosus and Tiger Lotus, Green) on the same day (April 19, 2012 as "Mike from Boston"). At the time, I know all 3 reviews were posted and visible.

Then a couple days ago, as I was browsing their site, I noticed that my review for Aponogeton boivinianus was missing. An older review for the same plant is still there. My other 2 reviews for the other plants are still there. It was just my review for Aponogeton boivinianus that is gone.

I concluded that my review for Aponogeton boivinianus had been deleted because of the negative experience. I e-mailed the company's customer support. They e-mailed back, essentially saying that customer reviews are "permanent", but their website's "shopping cart version changed", and that could have affected some things.

"Shopping cart version change"? I'm not buying that as the reason my one negative review disappeared. A company that filters, edits, or deletes customers' reviews has no integrity, and I can't trust them and won't do business with them. What if we gave them a huge benefit of the doubt and accept their excuse? In that case, I still lack confidence in a company that allowed serious technical issues to affect customer feedback and the ability of customers to judge potential purchases. That's a significant problem that degrades my trust in the company. So, either way, I cannot recommend to anyone.

Also… just realized this company has a rating of F from the Better Business Bureau!
Positive happytail
St. Simon's Island, GA (Zone 9a)
(3 reviews)
June 18, 2012
I have ordered from this company several times, over a period of 5 years, and everything I have received from them has been beautiful. Well packaged, received in a timely fashion, and healthy. I moved about 2 years ago, and broke down my tank, tried saltwater for about a year and a half, and am getting ready to go back to a freshwater tank, and will order all my plants from this company. I have looked at a few other online companies who have beautiful websites, but have horrible reviews, and I just had to post about my positive experiences with
Positive beckshorses08
Alliance, NE
(1 review)
August 19, 2010
I ordered my pond plants earlier this month. I got a call the next shipping day that they didnt have my plants, but If I wanted to wait until next week they would ship them. So I waited, and I'm sure glad I did! These are the best pond plants I have every bought! They were all healthy and had really nice root systems. There were a couple of broken leaves, but I expect that to happen. They even tossed in a couple of extra plants!! I would order from them again.
Negative puzzles
Elbert, CO
(1 review)
February 24, 2010
Company said it would notify me via email, when they ship my order. This never happened. When I received the order the plants were garbage. They were DOA. Small and shriveled up like they were freeze dried!
After contacting the company via telephone the person who took my call (claimed to be the owner) was extremely rude, said they do not warrant their product and will not replace the tiny, dead plants they had sent me!
I will never order from this place ever. No wonder businesses are failing with attitudes such as theirs.
Neutral balberth
(Zone 9a)
(18 reviews)
May 3, 2009
Okay. It's the Aquarium trade meets the plant trade, with somewhat confusing results.

I ordered pretty much every single Cryptocoryne they sell - these are aquatic Aroids that are used in planted aquariums, but which can also be grown emersed.

And they were cheap. About $2 each. No complaints there.
They also took a bit longer to ship than I was expecting - but not as long as to be alarming - maybe shipped out a week or so after I ordered.
The plants arrived in good condition .... but with one small problem.

No labels. I got 8 plants and maybe two labels.

In the aquarium trade, where these things are being used as design elements, this might be acceptable.

If they're going to sell to plant enthusiasts and hobbyists, they're going to have to provide labels. Or write the names of the plants on the baggies. Or something.

I did get the plants I ordered, I think. I believe that I was able to attach the correct names to each plant, by looking at the small pictures on their website. But I'll never be absolutely SURE. And divisions of these plants may get traded with the wrong names attached, which is a shame.

Plants were fair sized, safely shipped, and quite inexpensive. It's just an issue with the interface between the aquarium world and the plant world ... I'd rate them positive if this was an aquarium site, but this is a plant site, and those who may consider ordering from this vendor should be advised ... don't expect your plants to be separately labeled.

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