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Caladium Bulbs 4 Less

Mailing Address:
310 E. Interlake Blvd.
Lake Placid, Florida 33852 (United States)

Phone: 863-465-BULB(2852)
Fax: 863-659-1043

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  Company Comment, posted on March 16, 2007:  
Welcome to Caladium Bulbs 4 Less Inc. where we are your
Caladium & Tropical Bulb Super Store!!
We are extremely honored to be recognized as a Top 5 Company in Dave's Garden!! Our products will speak for themselves!!
The Customer Service we offer is what sets us apart from EVERYONE else!!
Check out the Classified Ads for our Annual Pre-Spring Sale!!
We are located in Lake Placid, FL which is known as "The Caladium Capital of the World"
Be sure to check out our New Exclusive Varieties being grown exclusively at Caladium Bulbs 4 Less - You will not find these bulbs ANY place else!!!
We also offer bulk assortments of Mixed bulbs by the pound.
We only ship Top Quality Caladium Bulbs and all our bulbs are Guaranteed to grow!
Our Mixed assortments will add spectacular color to any landscape!!
We will also be stocking Top Quality Elephant Ear Bulbs as well as the Double Pearl Tuberose
All of our bulbs come straight from the farm!!
Call us at: 1-863-465-BULB(2852) with ANY questions you may have!!

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Positive NCMstGardener
Columbus, NC (Zone 7b)
(4 reviews)
August 7, 2017
Just received a great surprise. Our daughter sent us 20 Grade 2 Moonlight Caladiums. We were impressed with the quality of the bulbs (and the price she paid.). They are now in the ground and we are anxiously waiting for them to come up. Of course we must lift them in the winter here in zone 7.
Positive Kupu
Forest City, NC
(1 review)
August 18, 2015
Placed an order for 4 varieties of #2 bulbs and requested early shipping. Received healthy bulbs, well packed and protected. Happy with the transaction, and will be placing a larger order for next spring.
Positive exfed
Germantown, TN
(5 reviews)
October 20, 2014
Ordered from Caladiums Bulbs 4 Less last year and was very pleased with the size of bulbs, the timeliness of the shipment, and the incredible color of the caladiums. I have been checking the website, off and on, to see when I could make an order for this year. The website is "up" and I wanted to get my order in early to get the varieties I had my eye on. This is a great company with excellent products, service, and reliability. I made my order and arranged for the bulbs be shipped out to me in late April.
Positive melody
Benton, KY (Zone 7a)
(41 reviews)
April 30, 2014
Posted on April 6, 2012, updated April 30, 2014
Posted on April 15, 2011, updated April 6, 2012
Posted on September 22, 2009, updated April 15, 2011
Wonderful bulbs! I'm extremely pleased with the colorful results. I'm over 200 feet off of our rural highway and people who have passed by on the road have commented on the caladiums that literally sparkle along my front walk.
On April 15th, 2011, melody added the following:

April 15, 2011. I ordered caladium bulbs on Tuesday night (the 12th) and my well-packed box arrived by noon on Friday! (the 15th)This was an order of nearly 200 bulbs! That is fantastic service from Florida to KY. I can't be more pleased. Thank you Bill!
On April 6th, 2012, melody added the following:

My 2012 order was a carbon copy of my 2011 order. I ordered 125 #1 bulbs on Tuesday and my box arrived by noon on Friday. These are huge,healthy caladium bulbs, heavy for their size. Some of them were as big as my fist! I'd never consider using another company. Thanks for great service!!!
On April 30th, 2014, melody added the following:

My 2014 order was a carbon copy of the wonderful service and great bulbs that I have come to expect from Caladium Bulbs 4 Less. Everything was carefully packed in a sturdy container and quickly shipped. Bill always checks the weather conditions before he sends out an order so we do not have any cold-snap surprises in route. I'm a loyal, repeat customer and plan to remain so as long as I'm gardening.
Company representative comment on April 6, 2012:
On Apr 7, 2012 12:37 AM, Caladium Bulbs 4 Less responded with:

Thank You for the kind words!! We take a great deal of pride in providing our customers with 1st Class Customer Service as we know our bulbs will speak for themselves!!

Positive critterologist
Frederick, MD (Zone 6b)
(14 reviews)
February 13, 2014
Outstanding product and service! I've been remiss in not reviewing Caladiums 4 Less sooner, as I've been placing increasingly large orders over the past several years... larger each time as word has spread among family and friends who want to order with me!

Bill is passionate about caladiums and really enjoys providing top-notch service, from ordering to delivery. He'll answer questions any time. Every time I've dealt with him, I've felt he's gone "above and beyond" with my order. He's just one of the friendliest, sweetest people in the business.

The bulbs are always good-sized, often huge for the price, and they come nicely packaged, in paper bags with carefully folded tops... no "mystery varieties" because bulbs got jumbled during shipping!

This year, our local DGers did a bigger group buy from Bill, $500 worth of bulbs that we needed to have on hand for our seed swap gathering Feb. 15. That's pretty early for shipping tender bulbs, but Bill said, no problem, he'd double box them and insulate with rice hulls. He absorbed the extra shipping cost of doing it this way and even offered us a great deal on some jumbo bulbs that came in just before our box shipped.

The bulbs came yesterday, and the Fed Ex guy dropped them in front of the garage without ringing the doorbell. That could have been a big problem (it's cold!), but Bill called shortly afterward to check on them, as he'd seen the Fed Ex delivery confirmation. Whew! Disaster averted.

I haven't unpacked them yet, but I have no doubt about what I'll see when I do. :-)

FYI, for those who have wondered about "de-eyeing" bulbs for fuller plants but haven't quite worked up the nerve to do it... I noticed that Bill now offers de-eyeing as an add-on service. He also has an excellent description of the process on the website, for do-it-yourselfers.

Positive cathy166
Stamford, CT (Zone 6b)
(6 reviews)
August 14, 2013
Posted on May 4, 2012, updated August 14, 2013
Posted on March 8, 2012, updated May 4, 2012
I ordered in late October, and told Bill that I start indoors, so I'd like to get the bulbs early. He explained that he could not ship too early because the bulbs would not withstand cold temps during shipping.

He explained that he would carefully monitor regional temperatures before bulbs could be packed for safe shipment.

As most people know, the northeast has endured a strange winter weather experience with a scarcity of snow.
It was 66 degrees this morning when the box of bulbs arrived! It had been carefully packaged, arrived in perfect condition and contained extra bulbs. I could not be happier.
On May 4th, 2012, cathy166 added the following:

All the bulbs have a home and are producing beautifully. A true success story!
On August 14th, 2013, cathy166 added the following:

This year's bulbs were as nice if not nicer than last year! They arrived timely and have proven to be larger than promised. Extra bulbs in this order, too.
Positive DrSeefchak
Page Park, FL
(1 review)
July 21, 2013
Not only does this company provide the largest, healthiest, and most beautiful-producing caladium bulbs possible, the customer service on which the company is based is outstanding.

I have purchased caladium bulbs from Bill since 2004. The bulbs are consistently packaged with care and shipped so fresh, his communication is excellent, and the level of personal care is over the top.

It would be enough to be completely impressed by the absolutely gorgeous caladiums that come up year after year, but it truly adds to the experience to know that they come from a grower for whom beautiful caladiums are a passion and complete professionalism and care is a way of business.

Caladium Bulbs 4 Less is a the best in every way, and I would give Bill and his company my very highest recommendation!
Positive pirl
(Arlene) Southold, NY (Zone 7a)
(33 reviews)
May 11, 2013
Posted on May 11, 2012, updated May 11, 2013
Posted on May 14, 2011, updated May 11, 2012
Posted on January 4, 2010, updated May 14, 2011
It's always a pleasure to deal with Bill as he has always sent the biggest and best bulbs. His bulbs are also true to name, which is a pleasure for me since I garden using the color harmony theory and many companies simply don't care if their bulbs are right or wrong.

You simply won't find better bulbs than Bill's.
On May 14th, 2011, pirl added the following:

May 11, 2011 Once again Bill has delivered the biggest bulbs imaginable. He's a great guy, very easy to do business with and he's always been a gentleman.

I've bought from Bill for years now and have no desire to do business with any other caladium company. His bulbs are huge, true to name and I am a totally satisfied customer.

Thanks, Bill!
On May 11th, 2012, pirl added the following:

Bill's huge box of caladiums arrived today. What a guy! The corms are huge and he sent a gift of some I've never had so I can try them.

Bill is the best.

The bulbs are fresh, huge, arrived very well packaged and ready to plant.

I wish every company was as reliable as Bill.
On May 11th, 2013, pirl added the following:

Bill is just the best as are his bulbs.

My 2013 order arrived yesterday and it's excellent, as always, with some extra bulbs in each package. I planted 16 today and will get the others planted ASAP. I'm looking forward to another dazzling display. Bill's bulbs never disappoint!

Thanks, Bill.
Positive TampaBob
(1 review)
July 25, 2012
I ordered 100 bulbs of three different varieties via phone in the morning for pick up by another person the next day. The bulbs were ready as promised.

The package sat on my kitchen table for one day. This evening I opened the large paper bag. Inside were three smaller paper bags, each labeled, with my bulbs. The bulbs are larger than I expect for number 2's. All very plump and healthy looking, thanks.

Positive nitadrend
Yorkville, IL
(5 reviews)
April 23, 2012
In Spring 2011 I ordered Purple Majesty Caladium and they grew fine but remained tiny, about 3 inches. I called Bill for advice and he spent time explaining the difficulty that new variety was proving to be. He said to call him this spring and he would take care of things. I called and he sent out 15 huge bulbs that I chose, at no cost. I have found Bill to be very helpful, friendly and he stands behind his products. I am 100% pleased with Caladium Bulbs 4 Less.
Positive ssgardener
Silver Spring, MD (Zone 7a)
(2 reviews)
March 28, 2012
I was a little hesitant to order from this company, as there seemed to have been some unhappy customers in 2011. I was assured by the owner and other regular buyers that it was a trustworthy company with good products.

The bulbs arrived, very well packaged, during an early spring mini heat wave. It seems they were watching the news reports and knew that it would be safe to send them early in March.

The bulbs were started indoors and are already starting to leaf out. The bulbs were big, fat, and heavy for their size. The only issue I had was I had not idea which way was up! I wish a picture was included for a caladium newbie like myself.

I'll be updating this summer after they've been outside for awhile. So far I've been very impressed.
Negative im4nature
Keller, TX
(1 review)
January 14, 2012
My Master Gardener Association tried to to use his company as a fundraising source and he turned out to be the most unreliable vendor we have ever dealt with. In January 2011, We had an agreement in place for caladiums to be ordered in March and delivered by April. When the time came to place the order, he stopped returning phone calls and emails. Very unprofessional. I had to desperately seek another source for the caladiums. It was now late in the ordering season and very few growers had caladiums left. I desperately was seeking a grower who could supply the types of Caladium I needed and at a cost similar to what I had agreed to with Caladiums 4 Less. If Bill Kurek would have been honest in the first place, I could have easily worked out an agreement with another company. Instead he left me in a huge bind. Bill Kurek will tell you whatever you need to hear but will not deliver on his promises. I later discovered that Caladiums 4 Less doesn't even grow all the things I was told. Thank goodness there are reputable growers in Lake Placid, Florida of which Caladiums 4 Less is not one.
Company representative comment on April 4, 2012:
On Jan 21, 2012 7:22 AM, Caladium Bulbs 4 Less responded with:

We are sorry we weren't able to meet this group's needs, but we suffered a major crop loss as did everyone else in this area.

On Apr 4, 2012 3:41 PM, Caladium Bulbs 4 Less added:

They don't tell you how I bailed them out BIG time in 2010 when they had an order in with another company that they couldn't fill. I went out of my way to help them out!! I even gave them the bulbs at a cheaper price than what they would have paid from the company that screwed them over. I did respond to there emails last year but they didn't like what they were hearing. Our harvest was off by about by about 40% last year and there just weren't any bulbs available. It's amazing how they neglect to mention that I bailed them out in a major way the year before but take the time to trash me for a situation that was out of my control. Like I said, "I did respond to there emails, they just didn't like the fact that there was nothing I could do"

Negative jlnowak6
Kachina Village, AZ
(1 review)
November 21, 2011
I have ordered bulbs from caladiumbulbs4less in 2009 and 2010 that grew very well. In 2011 I ordered $119 of bulbs of which only one bulb came up. I have been corresponding with them since May 2011 to receive a refund. They said they would send me a refund but I have have still not received it. I even returned the apparently defective bulbs and that cost me an additional $20. I am very disappointed.
Negative Jennifer6
Bethel, CT
(1 review)
July 12, 2011
I placed an order back in January and was charged in full at that time. A few weeks ago (mid-June in Zone 6 territory) I wondered, "hey, what ever happened to those caladium bulbs I ordered?" I emailed the company two weeks ago but have received no response. Very disappointing, especially since I've had mostly great experiences from vendors I've researched here on DGW. I've emailed again today and will update if this problem is resolved quickly; even so, I'm none too pleased to have been put out almost $60 for half a year.
Positive Terry
Murfreesboro, TN (Zone 7a)
(122 reviews)
July 5, 2011
Posted on May 22, 2008, updated July 5, 2011
I've received assorted caladiums from Caladium Bulbs 4 Less, first last year and again this year. The bulbs arrived large and healthy, and they grow beautifully. Kudos, Bill!
On July 5th, 2011, Terry added the following:

Thanks again to Bill at Caladium Bulbs 4 Less. Bulbs came packaged great and after just a few days in the ground are up and growing.
Neutral CindyMzone5
Hobart, IN
(1 review)
June 22, 2011
Posted on June 17, 2011, updated June 22, 2011
Posted on June 15, 2011, updated June 17, 2011
Posted on June 14, 2011, updated June 15, 2011
Since the majority have rated this vendor positively, I'll be neutral until I can get a problem resolved. Took advantage of the DG special offer back in early Jan '11, placed an order via email (which Bill did respond to) and mailed a check (subsequently cashed) along with a copy of my order. Emailed him for shipping info early April (his original estimated ship date was April) but received no response. Decided I could wait longer for my order since our spring was so cold and hoped to see my order arrive in early June. When it didn't, I called on 6/9 - no live person, no return phone call. Called again 6/13 with same results. Also sent email 6/13 but no response yet. If perhaps there is a problem with my order, I'd at least appreciate some contact so that I know what's going on.
On June 15th, 2011, CindyMzone5 added the following:

Another phone call (leaving another message - never a live person), another email to this vendor, still with no response. Short of mailing a registered letter, I'm not sure what else I can do. I will have to change the rating to "negative" if I don't hear anything by the end of the week. Then I'll have to figure out how to get my money back.
On June 17th, 2011, CindyMzone5 changed the rating from neutral to negative and added the following:

After another round of emails and phone messages, still no response from this vendor. The website says they're sold out of caladiums for this season so I would guess my order from January is toast. Their "1st Class Customer Service" needs to be redefined if they can't be bothered to return phone calls or emails. I'm hoping to get my money back but guessing I'll have to do it all by mail since they don't respond to anything else.
On June 22nd, 2011, CindyMzone5 changed the rating from negative to neutral and added the following:

I did receive in the mail today a shipment of 20 large 'Kathleen' caladium bulbs (1 of the 4 different varieties ordered) and a full refund on my order along with an apology for the order screw-up from Bill, apparently due to mishandling by other people. I'm sure my letter to him crossed paths with the shipment to me. Based on the above, I will change my rating to "neutral".
Positive lisaaj
Columbus, OH
(19 reviews)
June 12, 2011
I decided to try growing caladium bulbs this year, and chose this company based on the reviews here on DG. I ordered 10 "Miss Muffet" and 10 Mixed Pink. They arrived on schedule and seemed very healthy. A month or two later, they sent the order again; when I asked about it, they said keep the bulbs, no charge- terrific! The bulbs are leafing out beautifully, and I'm sure I'll want to order from Caladium Bulbs 4 Less again!
Positive gbungart
Lake Mary, FL
(1 review)
May 31, 2011
We have purchased caladiums from Bill for the past 3 years and are absolutely thrilled with the product. I also speak from first hand experience when I say that talking with Bill has been a very positve and informative experience. We try to stop by the warehouse on our many trips to Key West from Orlando. Bill has always been willing to meet us there to make it easy for us to pick up some new plants. In fact he even met us on Monday (Memorial day) when we were returning from our recent trip) and we were fortunate enough to get some of his last plants of this season. My wife and I both deal with the public on a daily basis and know full well how demanding that can be. Too many times the public will think they can imtimidate shop owners into giving away the store because they come up with some crazy complaint. In the long run the stores that cave into these unreasonable demands just cause the rest of us to have to pay a little more. I for one like it when an owner will defend themselves and NOT be bullied into correcting something that wasn't wrong in the first place. The person that said the Customer is always right has not worked with the general public in the past 50 years. For those FEW of you whinning about this...find another company. Caladium Bulbs for Less is a great group of people. They have a superious product and customer service to match. Thanks SO MUCH! My yard is beautiful!
Company representative comment on May 31, 2011:
On May 31, 2011 10:13 AM, Caladium Bulbs 4 Less responded with:

Thank You very much for the kind words!!

Negative CaladiumGuy
Fort Lauderdale, FL
(1 review)
May 13, 2011
Posted on May 12, 2011, updated May 13, 2011
The bulbs were very small compare to what I seen from other company and when I mentioned this to him, he was very rude to me. I will never buy from this guy again, too rude for my business. There are too many others that I would buy from and I can get much better quality bulbs somewhere else.
On May 13th, 2011, CaladiumGuy added the following:

You can judge for yourself by just reading his word and the rage coming from him. The truth must hurt. What kind of a person would call his own customers name and make fun of them? Does he do this to all of his customers that have a complaint? This guy is not right and he scares me.
Negative SRQgarden
Sarasota, FL
(1 review)
April 28, 2011
I placed an order for Moonlight caladiums and I was sent June Bride caladiums. If you know the difference between the two, Moonlight is much whiter than June Bride. I contacted Bill, who is the owner of this place. He was very rude and cocky and refused to do anything about it. I will never buy anything from this guy again. I recommend hightly that you look at Classic Caladiums and Happiness Farm, at least they grow their own bulbs, unlike this guy Bill who just buys from others and doesn't know how to grow his own.
Company representative comment on May 31, 2011:
On Apr 28, 2011 10:25 PM, Caladium Bulbs 4 Less responded with:

This woman is NUTS!! She bought bulbs TWO years ago and waits until the beginning of this past March to tell me she received the wrong bulbs. Two Years!! She was shipped Moonlight but apparently she knows my business alot more than I do. After being called a liar, a thief and an A-hole, Yes, I did get a little rude. I flat out told her to call someone else!!!! I take alot of pride in what I do and Yes, I do grow some of my own Caladiums. Do I buy from other growers, Yes.
We ALL do!!! If anyone would like to see the emails I had to deal with please let me know and I will more than happily forward them to you. This woman needs to adjust her prozac because she's a flat out wack job!!!!

On May 31, 2011 11:44 PM, Caladium Bulbs 4 Less added:

This customer signed up for DG just to trash me. I'm sorry if my rebuttal was a little harsh but this woman is the classic example of someone who was looking for something for nothing!! If anyone knows of a store where you can wait "more than two years" to complain and expect something for free, please let me know. I'd like to shop there

Negative KuntryKuttins
Pineville, LA (Zone 8b)
(16 reviews)
March 18, 2011
Ordered on the 29th of January. Still have not received anything ... sent d-mails as well as email from their website. Still no response. Having to file dispute with paypal to get my money back.
Positive dagney1900
Columbus, OH
(2 reviews)
February 18, 2011
The most amazing selection of caladiums and very friendly staff. We have been ordering for 4 years and this just makes our spring each year. Bulbs are always in good conition with pretty much 100% success.
Positive tlovesm
Jacksonville, FL
(2 reviews)
June 7, 2010
Absolutely the BEST place for Caladiums and Tuberoses. Further, the customer service is the BEST you'll find. I read the only negative review and it's a joke.

The bulbs I received from this company last year grew very well and then came back this year (I leave them in the ground - Jacksonville, Florida) nearly twice as big! I can't stop their growth - it's wonderful. The caladiums I received are very healthy and very colorful - some of the deepest reds and pinks I've seen - stunning.

The shipping method is perfectly fine for these bulbs - not sure why the one complainer had issues. "Carefully pick the (bulbs) out?" Give me a break - use your fingers and pick the bulbs out - they won't break LOL!!
Positive trackinsand
mid central, FL (Zone 9a)
(47 reviews)
May 20, 2010
Posted on March 20, 2007, updated May 20, 2010
i found this company by accident as i was cruising through the watchdog. i've always wanted Miss Muffet so i thought i would him (bill) a try.

wow! i'm so impressed. nice, big, fat bulbs and the fastest shipping i've ever seen. not only that, this is one heck of a nice guy you're going to be dealing with, folks! there were instructions included and a free pen too.

i'll be back!
On May 20th, 2010, trackinsand added the following:

just wanted to add that 3 yrs. later, my Miss Muffets are all doing well, thriving and multiplying. i haven't had a chance to order anything new from bill since then but eventually i will. he's still the best!
Positive Florida9
Palm Harbor, FL (Zone 9b)
(12 reviews)
May 19, 2010
I ordered 4 types of Caladiums, 10 #1 bulbs each, from a special they offered for DG members. They were shipped when promised and arrived in a day. (I live in FL not far from them.)
The first three types came up fine, but when the 4th came up they were clearly not the Florida Beauties I ordered but Fannie Munsons. As soon as I notified Bill, he replied that they were out of #1 Florida Beauties, so he sent 15 #2s. They arrived in a couple of days. Mistakes will happen, but the true test for me is how a company responds. Caladiums4Less was just great. There bulbs are first class, all came up, and everything is healthy. I'll purchase from them every year!
Positive ge1836
Pittsford, NY (Zone 6a)
(24 reviews)
May 14, 2010
Posted on May 1, 2009, updated May 14, 2010
I was new to co-ops and didnt know what to expect.
Many DGers spoke so highly of Bill's business and showed pictures of the bulbs they recieved last year.
I took a chance, I wasnt dissapointed expectations were exceeded. 10 count bags with 11 bulbs? common Bill where's your math lol
The 5 pound assorted bag looks like 100 bulbs at least.
All bulbs are huge and well packed for shipping.
Kudos to you Bill and I'll be back next year.
On May 14th, 2010, ge1836 added the following:

Another wonderful pakage of Caladium bulbs,all top #1.Its a definate positive from me.
See you next year.
This company is very efficient and customer relations are easy breezy.
Positive nymegen
Windham, ME (Zone 5a)
(20 reviews)
April 25, 2010
Placed an order for 7 different varieties and each and everyone of those bulbs were much bigger and fatter than I had expected,some of the packages had even more bulbs than I had ordered. A wonderful company and will definitively do more business with Bill !!!
Positive Kevvboy
Key West, FL
(4 reviews)
March 24, 2010
I ordered a large variety of bulbs. They were carefully packed and shipped quickly, nice large bulbs and every one looks healthy and firm. Planted them out and drew every raccoon within five miles by including some bone meal .... but soon they were re-planted, sans bone meal. I've just snapped off the first sprouts of the "red side of the bed" and very happy with the service from Caladium Bulbs 4 Less.
Positive pollyk
Hannibal, NY (Zone 6a)
(83 reviews)
September 22, 2009
I ordered bulbs through a co-op, but also ordered on my own in addition to the co-op bulbs.

All the bulbs were fresh and healthy, and I had gorgeous planters full of caladiums this year. Still going strong. I'm going to hate when the frost gets them.

But I know where I can get more next year!
Positive PamelaQ
Navarre, FL (Zone 8b)
(22 reviews)
September 18, 2009
I purchased a box of Caladium bulbs from the 'DG Classifieds' here. A large flat rate box - very heavy - arrived. When I opened it my eyes almost popped out! It was just packed as full as can be with bulbs. It had to be hundreds...I planted about a month ago and it looks like every single one has come up. A huge mass of color. Just gorgeous. I would order again and again from here. I love this huge instant planting bed!
Positive luvblueridgemtn
(Zone 7b)
(13 reviews)
July 19, 2009
I ordered a medium box of mixed bulbs. Box filled to full capacity with really nice firm bulbs. Very pleased with communication and speed of delivery.
Positive seray53
(5 reviews)
July 14, 2009
Bulbs arrived promptly. They were separated into paper bags well marked with extras. All looked healthy and firm. Looking forward to adding to this collection. I will order again.
Positive Iris_SC
Blythewood, SC
(1 review)
July 13, 2009
I ordered my Caladiums from Bill and this was the BEST ordering experience I ever had. My questions where answered right away, shipping was very fast, packaging was great, the bulbs looked very nice and were just as advertised, and ALL of them grew.FANTASTIC!!!! I WILL be back next year.
Positive RebeccaLynn
Winston Salem, NC (Zone 7a)
(22 reviews)
May 11, 2009
In March I ordered 30 #1 Florida Fantasy Caladiums to be sent to me on May 15th. A few days before they were to be shipped, Bill informed me that the #1 bulbs of that variety, were not up to their standards, so he was shipping me 60 #2 bulbs at the same price. They arrived on May 16 in great condition, and they look as large as #1 bulbs I have ordered in the past from other suppliers. I am very pleased.
On August 28th, 2009, RebeccaLynn added the following:

My caladiums in August are absolutely beautiful! overflowing the flower pots on my porches with plants full of huge, heatlhy, colorful leaves.
Positive bleek
Lawrenceville, GA (Zone 7a)
(2 reviews)
May 7, 2009
Over the years I had bought a lot of Caladiums from various growers and I have to tell you that the ones I got from biLL were the most generous in size of all. I had ordered 400 mixed #2 bulbs and all bulbs were firm and healthy. Some of the early varieties had started to make a sprout, but that's OK, it's time for them since you can not stop Mother Nature. Packing was great and no bulbs were damaged in transit. I'll be back next year.
Negative yardenman2118
(Zone 7b)
(2 reviews)
May 6, 2009
NEGATIVE! I ordered the 40lb mixed caladium rainbow mix. I was stunned to find a simple (damp) large box intermixed with just bulbs and styrene peanuts. It took hours to carefully pick the bulbs out of the packing material.

Most had shoots, so I had to very careful not to break any off. Do you realize how much care that takes? Maybe I should have just dumped the single large box into a trash barrel of water and scooped the styrene out first and then drained the barrel!

But I did it the careful way, one bulb at a time. Foolish me, I did expect the bulbs to come in plastic or mesh containers in some set quantity like daffodils or tulips.

I don't care how good the bulbs are (and they don't seem that impressive - many are soft), I will never order from Caladium Bulbs 4 Less again!

I've been stewing over this for 2 weeks since they arrived. They were planted immediately, but I don't have good hopes. I'm not posting a negative report happily.

Mostly, I just want to suggest that the shipping/packing is awful! But a lot of the bulbs seemed very soft and I assume that is not good. If I get 30% growing, I'll consider myself lucky.

Company representative comment on September 18, 2009:
On Sep 18, 2009 10:51 AM, Caladium Bulbs 4 Less responded with:

I guarantee more then 30% came up!!!
There's absolutely no doubt in my mind.
As far as a simple damp box goes, I'm not sure what kind of box he would have preferred and the day I can control what Fed Ex or Mother Nature does is the day I retire! The old saying still applies,
"You can please everyone all the time"

On Sep 18, 2009 11:06 AM, Caladium Bulbs 4 Less added:

Sorry, I meant, "You CAN'T please everyone all the time"

Positive bsharf
Palm Coast, FL (Zone 9a)
(8 reviews)
March 27, 2009
I ordered Elephant Ears. They were lovely, big and firm. Quick delivery. Highly recomend this company.
Positive lowellsf
Arlington, TX (Zone 8a)
(2 reviews)
March 18, 2009
Great product, fast shipping and great communication from Vendor. Would recommend them and will shop there again.
Positive stetchworth
Ocean Springs, MS (Zone 8b)
(12 reviews)
February 26, 2009
I received my order of Tuberose's from this company today. They sent beautiful big healthy bulbs. They were packaged well and they arrived in no time at all. I highly recommend this company and I will be ordering from them again. A+++++
Positive elegantminx
Eastpoint, FL
(4 reviews)
December 21, 2008
I know very little about caladiums other then I bought 3 pretty red ones at a garden center that I've had for a while. I am doing some landscaping and I was asked if I could add some like mine into the patio scape. .".....well, sure I guess?"

Jumped online, found the closest mail order company and placed an order. Dave called me the next day, in person to tell me why he couldnt ship them, when he could, how to care for them and some great uses for the bulbs. He even said being so close in Florida he could cut me a deal on the shipping for a large shipment next year.


It had to be one of the best, most personal customer service experiences I've ever had. I can't wait for my bulbs to get here....I'll up date it then!
On December 21st, 2008, elegantminx added the following:

ok sorry people it was VERY late when I was writing, Dave being the fantastic host of this website was confused for Bill, being the terribly kind gentleman I spoke to on the phone......Sorry :)

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