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On Jul 27, 2012, trimmerman (1 reviews) from williamsport,
USA Minor Outlying Islands

Makes a 17" trimmer a 14" trimmer.Like trimming with a tinker toy.8 lines do not work better than 2.Made in china gimmick that is a waste of money.

On Jul 11, 2010, asal001 (1 reviews) from Carson, WA

bought the pivot trim to replace the head of my ryobi ss30 weed wacker because I couldn't find a replacement reverse thread bolt at the hardware store. Installed it eaxactly as stated in the instructions. The pivotrim looked like a good upgrade. Used it for slightly less than 2 hours, the head had heated up due to friction and got deformed and the head slipped over the retaining bolt on the the head sending the head flying scraping me in the face when it flew by. Maybe it installs better on other makes of trimmers but the ryobi installation is pretty iffy. I would beware of using this longer than 30-40 minutes at a time without letting it cool down. Tried to go online to post on their website all I got was a phone number no one answered.

On Aug 7, 2009, dontknow01 (1 reviews) from Rochester, NY (Zone 6a)

After purchasing a professional model gas trimmer from an authorized dealer and dealing with the bump & feed head that came with it, I was very unhappy - not at the trimmer but the bump & feed head. I have about 200 feet of chain link and many other obstacles I need to trim. The line kept snapping and I had to literally take apart the bump & feed head to restring about every 5 minutes. Fed up, I searched on replacement head options, stumbled on Pivotrim site & took a look. Since it was available at the local big box store and is reasonably priced, although a little reluctant, I gave it a try. Had it installed in about 3 minutes just as the website shows. Amazing, is all I can say! What a difference! Will never use a bump & feed again. I can do the entire trim process in 15 - 20 minutes versus 1+hours. Although I don't need to, I do replace the line each time I'm done using it so I know it's fresh for the next job. The line pieces can be cut and inserted within 2 minutes. Pivotrim rocks!

On Apr 29, 2007, brucesprague (1 reviews) from Humble, TX

This thing REALLY works! Does last longer, super easy to put new line in. I am thru with all other weed eater heads....this works! bruce

On Apr 25, 2007, dave53 (1 reviews) from Angleton, TX

The Pivotrim workes GREAT! I completed my yard without breaking a line. Thanks for a great product!

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