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Abundant Daylilies

Mailing Address:
1400 Highway 177
Bonifay, Florida 32425 (United States)

Phone: (850) 547-0915
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Positive HazelCrestMikeB
Hazel Crest, IL (Zone 5a)
(7 reviews)
May 16, 2013
Mark, I have received my recent order of daylilies. As with the orders from 2012, I must say that you are in the TOP TWO on my list. You sent me more than I paid for. The quality is top shelf. I highly recommend Abundantdaylilies without any hesitation. Mike B. Hazel Crest, IL. aka mikedon....LA
Positive virginiarose
Portsmouth, VA (Zone 8a)
(64 reviews)
May 7, 2013
I ordered about 14 daylilies over the winter on the LA and just got them a few days ago and wow! These fans are enormous and also there are plenty of extra bonus fans. Mine had grown 3 inches while they were in the box, they were very happy and so was I. The tag thing did not take too long, seems like I do my own tags anyway but I will make mine ahead of time like a friend on the forum. It makes sense to do them ahead of time so you can get right to soaking and/or planting. The bags keeps them nice and moist but not too moist. You can order with confidence, I will recommend Sattelmeier to everybody and I will definitely order from them again. Thank you!
Positive grass_lover
(Zone 5a)
(8 reviews)
April 25, 2012
Posted on August 18, 2011, updated April 25, 2012
Just received a five fan clump of Susie Tee from Abundant Daylilies and am very happy with the plant sent.The fans are green and the roots are large and healthy. -Communication with the nursery was great, and the shipping was fast. Wasn't expecting it quit this soon, but was very happy to find it in the mailbox this morning. :)
On April 25th, 2012, grass_lover added the following:

Just wanted to update my experiences with this company. All five fans of Susie Tee are thriving this year and the new order I received last week, that's been planted for about 5 days has grown about 3 1/2 inches already. And as a bonus, they also sent an extra fan. :) It's just fun to get a box through the mail from them. *g*
Positive faykoko
Cross Lanes, WV (Zone 6b)
(7 reviews)
September 6, 2011
I have ordered several times from the lily auction this year buying over 50 cultivars. I was very pleased with every order I made. The plants are all large and very healthy, many arrived with more fans than promised. The quality cannot be beat. I would prefer tagged daylilies instead of/or in addition to the labeled brown bags as I like to soak all my daylilies before planting. I have to make my own label for each plant before soaking. But with the quality and price of the plants I'm more than happy to deal with this minor inconvenience.
Positive maxsb
Adairsville, GA
(1 review)
February 8, 2011
I ordered from this company twice last summer. I was blown away by the size of the plants that were sent. I can hardly wait for this springs shipping season as I want to add to my unique daylily collection. This company (family) offers many of the newest daylilies to be introduced by the top hybridizers (Salter, Stamile, Kennebrew,Trimmer to name a few). I have many of the tried and true daylilies, so it is nice to be able to add some fancy new plants at an affordable price. I am looking forward to seeing Fashion Police, Linda Sierra, Blue Grass Music, Halloween Trick, Special Candy, and the others I ordered to bloom this year. I do have one question for this company. When will you update your Website for the 2011 season? My 9 year-old son and I are ready to add to our collection.
Positive blpender
Dowagiac, MI
(3 reviews)
April 29, 2009
I purchased a SINGLE FAN from Abundant Daylilies on the Lily Auction. My daylily arrived today. It was not a single fan, but instead an enormous clump. I am astonished and thrilled. I will definitely be a return customer.
Positive nrk1950
Newburgh, IN (Zone 6a)
(1 review)
April 21, 2009
Abundant Daylillies is the best company I've ever ordered from. I have over a hundred plants, so I know good daylilly starts when I see them. I received my three daylillies today and was astonished at how large and healthy the fans were. The root systems were huge also. All three plants had at least two fans, if not more. I'm looking forward to seeing each of them bloom. I will be recommending Abundant Daylillies to my friends and relatives. Thanks for a great product and excellent service.
Positive DitchLily206
Madison, AL (Zone 7b)
(8 reviews)
October 19, 2008
I bought 2 plants on the Lily Auction from them, Mandarin Corsage and Party Popper. Both were DF's. Plants arrived promptly and in good condition. I would order from them again, either from the LA or directly.
Positive ctgrower
Stratford, CT
(17 reviews)
May 7, 2008
Just received my first order from this company, and I was very favorably impressed. Because the plants I received were so generously sized, I'm sure the actual shipment was twice what I was expecting. They were also very healthy and vigorous, reasonably (or better!) priced, and not available at the other websites I tried. If you click on the "Shopping Cart" option on the first page, pictures from each variety are displayed, which makes navigating the site extra easy and fun. Mark (the owner) was nice enough to double check that the weather here in CT was seasonable enough for planting, and I appreciate his consideration. I am looking forward to seeing these hearty daylilies in bloom, and because they were so much larger than normal, I can be a little more creative in their placement. Thank you so much; I will be ordering again!!
Positive mattsmom
Tomah, WI
(19 reviews)
April 22, 2008
Just received delivery & all I can say is OMG! Almost all were more fans than expected! Several with 5 fans. Do not hesitate to order from this company!!!! I love getting extra fans of something I want in liu of a bonus. Fan size was fabulous as well as healthy root systems. They are clearly marked in brown bags, not a problem for what you are getting inside. I'm thrilled!!!!! Thanks, Mark
Positive mbabbitt
Bothell, WA
(8 reviews)
April 15, 2008
I just received two daylilies from Abundant Daylilies and these were by far the largest best looking specimens I have encountered from any online store. I was really shocked by the size -- compared to others I had received from various companies. It's like getting a year's grow for free -- sometimes two -- when compare to some other vendors.
Positive 3margaritas
San Pablo, CA
(2 reviews)
April 15, 2008
I recently received my daylilies (I ordered 3) promptly, in good condition. My only "con" would be the website was confusing to me, HOWEVER, I phoned and was walked through the process very patiently and courteously. I would definitely use this company again.
Negative smarkham
Adams Run, SC
(12 reviews)
March 23, 2008
I was very disappointed when the two daylilies I ordered arrived. Both were quite small and were put, just bare root, into two paper bags. When I opened up the bag they were dried out and half dead. Daylilies are tough plants and I am hoping they will survive but if they had just put a little more effort into the packaging, I think they would have done much better. I don't feel I got my money's worth.
Positive 2BWild
Washington, MI
(1 review)
June 14, 2007
Received 17 day lilies in extremely great condition - EVEN THE FIBEROUS SIDE ROOTS WERE STILL ON. Means they were washed very carefully. I do not mind the paper bags since they arrived extremely in vigerous condition -not wilted. By the end of the day following the very good instructions to the T, most center leafs had already grown a 1/2". Note: I make all my tags out of left over vinyl venitian blinds ends cut off at Home Depot. I cut them to the size I want or use as is. I use a graphite pencil or #2(not felt tip since if in the ground and with mulched over day lily it can erase premanent ink. Note: I bury all my tags 6" from base on the North side of day lily so I can find easily. I learned the hard way with a tag in the leaf does not stay very long because of birds using for nests or drying leaf and tag falling off and missing.
Now the fans were extremely fresh and most were nice large size, where two fans ordered mostly got two very big fans and/or three slightly smaller fans. One of the 2006 releases was a little smaller, but they were just released and basically only a year growing on them and rare. I will enjoyed planting them with my other 100 day lilies when I transferr them from my pot method to get great growth. Very Happy with Abundant Daylilies and Perennials. Will order again from a speciality landscaper.
Positive OFionnachta
Titusville, NJ
(3 reviews)
May 25, 2007
DLs arrv'd 7-8 dys from placing order. Nice large 2 & 3 fan plants, large root systems! Some of them look almost ready to divide right now! Yes they pack in brown grocery bags but they arrived damp & cool--DLs aren't glass; the bags were nestled in the box to protect the plants. Paper is a great insulation; that's why homeless people sleep in cardboard boxes & under newspaper.
Very friendly gentleman took my order over phone. I use metal tags I stick in ground, so labels attached to plants don't help me. They'll fall off when plant goes dormant in winter anyway. I just hope someday a pranking kid doesn't switch all my tags around!
Would be very happy to order again from Abund. DL--I have a small yard mostly shade, boo hoo. You sunny yard people, don't be afraid to order from these folks!
Neutral beaker_ch
Columbia Heights, MN (Zone 4a)
(23 reviews)
May 16, 2007
Wasn't thrilled with the small size of the fans and the packaging was poor. The plants did look to be healthy.

They ship the DLs in paperbags with the name of the cultivar written on the bag. I spent about a half hour this morning looking for rubberbands so I could attach a name tag. I ended up using hair bands. With so many plants coming in this time of year, I really appreciate the plants that come tagged directly on the plant.

I'll probably only order from them again if they are the only ones with a "must have" available.
Company representative comment on May 16, 2007:

On May 16, 2007 12:15 PM, Abundant Daylilies added:

Hi Patricia Hunter are plants are large size normally however you ordered 3 miniature daylilies with Cute As Can Be is one of the smallest daylily plants created and Winken Blinken and Nod is also very small. Siloam Harold Flickenger was a little bigger but it is still a small plant when it blooms. We also shipped you more than 2 fans as stated on some or all of them. Some had bloom scapes on them that may have been trimmed just to show that they were mature plants. If you want large plants please order our large varieties. We do sell plant labels just call and ask us or email us. However to keep cost down and sell at or below the Eureka Daylily Journal Average we do not always put labels on the plants but the bag is clearly marked with what variety is in the bag. Due to the extra weight of bags and the new postage rates we may start shipping with labels on plants but be careful on labels that do not last we use paint pens for permanent labels. We do sometimes ship in paper bags that are clearly marked.

Thank you
Mark Sattelmeier

Positive carolrees
Arlington, VA (Zone 7a)
(28 reviews)
May 9, 2007
I ordered 3 Big Kiss Daylilies which were very inexpensive compared with most other places. They came quickly and I received 3 huge fans with lots of folliage. I was very pleased and would order from them again.
On June 28th, 2007, carolrees added the following:

My Big Kiss Daylillies are now blooming & are stunning.

I placed another order for 9 daylillies & just received them & their huge with folliage on them, 4 times the size of daylillies I had ordered before from White Flower Farm & Wayside Gardens.
On June 28th, 2007, carolrees added the following:

I had order from other companies previously but no more. It's Abundant Daylillies for me. Very reasonable. Big Kiss was $75 at Oakes Daylillies but only $8 at Abundant Daylillies.
Positive testar
Albuquerque, NM
(1 review)
May 31, 2006
In an internet trance one night I ordered almost 70 daylillies from Abundant Daylillies. Shipping was prompt (they let me know the day the plants would arrive). The plants looked good upon arrival. Now, almost every variety I ordered is in bud or blooming right now. The bonus plants they sent are in bloom and are absolutely gorgeous. I would not hesitate to order from Abundant Daylillies again.
Negative Falconet
New York, NY (Zone 7a)
(8 reviews)
May 16, 2006
I ordered about 2 dozen daylilies from this company about a year and a half ago. Never, in more than 10 years of ordering plants by mail, have I received such poor plants in such abysmal packaging. They were all very small single fans with dessicated roots and many had dessicated foliage. The plants (4 varieties, 6 plants of each) had simply been stuffed into individual paper bags which were then stapled shut and the cultivar name written on the bag in black marker. The bags were put into a Priority Mail cube box just as is, and mailed. Their charge for this pathetic packing and shipping was more than double what the postage actually cost; I wouldn't have minded if the plants had been in decent condition rather than half-dead. Their prices were very reasonable and now I know why ("you get what you pay for" principle). I would never recommend or re-order from this vendor.
Company representative comment on May 16, 2007:

On May 16, 2007 12:40 PM, Abundant Daylilies added:

Sorry i do not know who you are. We sell double fan plants. You have never contacted us as if you would have we would have shipped you new plants. when you get your order on our instructions it says contact us if you are not satisfied with your order. We would have replaced it as we want are customers happy.
If you ordered from us but on here you put you ordered a year and a half ago this would be about 3 years ago from today and i could find no records from the New York City you are from.
We are now in Florida and are plants are much Larger now. The miniature plants are blooming size. If you want large plants order our larger blooming types. If you want replacement plants form 3 years ago please email us or call us and we will try to fix your past order with some new plants.
thank you,
mark sattelmeier or

Positive EveSotnak
Minneapolis, MN
(2 reviews)
September 21, 2005
The daylilies that I ordered came quickly and were all in excellent condition. The bonus daylilies were a nice touch. I would definitely order from this company again.
Positive plainsue
Somerset, KY (Zone 6a)
(5 reviews)
April 28, 2005
I bought my first daylilies from Abundant Daylilies. The service was superb and the flowers were true to type.

Having had subsequent bad experiences with OTHER companies not sending the type of daylilies advertised, I am more than happy to order from Abundant Daylilies. The plants I received were healthy. I like this company very much.
On May 17th, 2006, plainsue added the following:

I'm back again to add praise to Abundant Daylilies. I ordered more of my favorites this spring and they are in the ground "doing their thing." I like this company a lot and they have never failed me.
Positive cbeasley
(4 reviews)
June 26, 2004
flowers came quickly and the bonus was nice. However I later found the same plants for cheaper.
Positive lucyloo3
(1 review)
February 5, 2003
I have ordered twice from Abundant Daylilies. I have been very pleased both times. Plants arrived promptly and were well packaged. Each time I was also sent a bonus daylily which was a fun surprise. Photos on their website have represented my orders well. Roots systems were well developed and strong. I will definitely order from them again!!
Positive wendygoldberg
(2 reviews)
November 1, 1999
Abundant Daylilies features hundreds of varieties of daylilies. Prices were competitive with similar companies on the net. The company sent strong plants with large, strong root systems. The first order had single-fan plants, but he doubled the quantity and sent bonus plants for free. The second order had double fan plants. They arrived in excellent condition, and have bloomed this summer. I was satisfied by this company.

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