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Paradise Palm Co.

Moultrie, Georgia 31788
(United States)

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Closed As of 2015, the website domain is for sale. Prior to closing, this company was associated with Willis Orchard. If you have an update or information on Paradise Palm Co., please contact the Garden Watchdog editors.

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Positive crichardson
(1 review)
October 5, 2009
I live in Salt lake City, UT and was interested in growing cold/hardy palms in our zone 7 climate. I knew our winters were harsh and thought I would never find anything that could survive them. However the people at Paradise palm were very helpful and their website was easy to use. I found that windmill palms could easily survive here! After looking around some more I realized paradise palm co had the lowest prices and the best website. I ordered two windmill palms. After waiting a week I was concerned so I called their offices in GA and was told that they were picking out the best trees for me. The lady on the other line was most helpful and reassured me that my palms would be in great condition. They were mailed two days later and arrived one day after mailing via FedEx. When they arrived they were in great shape and were beautiful! The leaves were a little bent from the package but were a brilliant green with no brown spots. I planted them right away and they have been doing great. The temperatures have dropped into the low 30's here in Salt Lake City and they are still perky! I was very pleased with the service I received.

-Christopher Richardson-
Positive Evangelist4Him
Fayetteville, NC
(1 review)
June 15, 2009
I was searching the Internet for a company that sells and ships cold hardy, large palm trees. Google provided several, of course, but I liked the information, pictures and quality of Paradise Palm Co. Not only was their website full of valuable information and actual pictures of the each type of palm tree, but when I called, the man (Jason, the owner) that I spoke with gave me some critical information and advice. I ordered my Chinese Fan Palm online on June 11th. I called the next day just to confirm my order and inquire about shipping. Jason's mother answered the phone (a true family business) and told me Jason himself was picking out "the nicest, best formed palm he could find." The next call I got, the very next day was from Fed Ex Freight saying they had a palm tree they were delivering to my residence and arranging a specific time! Talk about awesome customer service! 2 days from ordering to delivery! My palm tree is absolutely the most beautiful I have seen in all my searching the Internet! It is almost 9 ft tall weighs about 500 lbs with a huge trunk and great mass of palm fan fronds! It was securely shipped and arrived in perfect condition ready to plant. I am very satisfied with the palm and the great customer service and would highly recommend Paradise Palm Company! God Bless!
Positive fjcooper
Everett, WA
(1 review)
June 10, 2009
I read Paradise Palm's reviews (both positive and negative) before ordering a palm tree from them, but it was impossible for me to discern a legitimate explanation for the negatives so I ignored them. Any business that sells nursery stock via the internet does so at their peril because they have no way of knowing whether the buyer has the skills required to successfully grow the plant (and some of them don't).
Personally, I found the products offered by Paradise Palm to be of excellent quality and was happy to discover Paradise Palm goes the extra mile to guarantee the customers' satisfaction. I highly recommend Paradise Palm as one of the better nursery stock purveyors, and I intend to give them my business in the future.
Negative filkorne
Cazenovia, NY
(1 review)
June 9, 2009
I had been looking for a larger standard size apple tree last year to replace my daughter's apple tree planted in her birth year, 1999. Paradise Palm advertised large (3"-4") diameter tress, and after much unsuccessful searching I went with them. I researched this toward the end of Winter 2007 (Mar 08), and was told that the trees were from up north in Pennsylvania. I had concern about that fact because the pictures sent to me of similar trees at their site in GA had leafed out. When I said that a leafed out tree wouldn't work in upstate NY in March I was told that they were from PA, and that now was the ideal time to get the tree in. When it arrived, the tree was fully leafed out. The snow was gone up here, and not being an arborist, I went ahead and planted the tree, and began taking care of it (water, protecting it from deer and rodents, etc.). We had an end of the season snowfall and it got cold again for several days. The leaves shriveled and fell off. Paradise Palm told me not to worry that it would sprout again. Jason also emailed me that if it died to just send it back for a replacement. The tree tried to make a weak comeback by the end of Summer. This year, some buds became active, but never truly opened. The tree is dead. I have sent emails and pictures via email to their address from which I've had communication with Jason in the past. No response. So much for getting a replacement tree. I'm in the process of continuing to seek satisfaction at this point - which to me is a replacement tree of the same variety & size, or a full refund. Poor customer service.
Positive jmagnas
New York, NY
(1 review)
June 7, 2009
I am a landscape designer in new York City and have used Paradise Palm Co. a few times. The service was excellent, the various species of palm trees I ordered arrived in perfect conditions, great size and healthy. Some of them are even living in terraces facing north in Manhattan.

Reading the negative comment posted, I have to remind this particular buyer that a lot of work is required until these palms are established and can thrive. I do recommend the book "Palms won't grow here and other myths" from David Francko. I would say that this book is a must for anyone trying to grow palms and other marginal plants outside their usual zones.

I would not blame the company for the death of the palms. but on the lack of basic knowledge on how to care for them in their first years.

Company representative comment on June 7, 2009:
On Jun 7, 2009 12:24 PM, Paradise Palm Co. responded with:

First I want to thank you very much for your knowledgeable and experienced observation. As this company's representative, I can not say what you said for us...without criticism. So, Thank you because this is so true most of the time.
As fro the other negatives about our two companies. We have 15 acres in total. 5 acres are enclosed by fencing with our warehouse and thousands of trees within. 7 acres include our parking area and field grown fruit trees and 3 acres are not yet in use. We are 99% a mail-order company that grows trees here and bring trees in from all over the U.S.. I've been to hundreds of other nurseries and feel that our nursery is a quit nicely run operation, as do the Ag. inspectors that frequently visit. However, we sometimes have people drop in that expect to see trees for as far as they can see over the horizon. And as far as the statement about "just shipping from up North", this is completely fictitious. We ship everything from here. Our "Instant Orchard" size trees are 1.25" caliper fruiting size trees that this person could have seen if the walked into our field. But to come in April or May is not the best time to see bigger fruit trees because we just finished a long shipping season and the new crop is still growing. We welcome anyone to compare our stock to any other companies, but when doing so make sure to compare the same sizes, ages and prices for that particular species.

Positive JFP
Syracuse, UT
(1 review)
April 28, 2009
Living in the Salt Lake Valley I've always been intruqued of how many plants grow well here. It's because of the relativley long growing season and abundance of sun and irrigation water we have here in the desert. I knew that in St. George, UT, 300 miles south and lower elevation, we grow cold hardy palm trees there, so why not try in my yard. I ordered my 1st palm trees in a timely manner, however the shipping container was badly tattered, but overall the trees were larger than I anticipated and healthy. Half of my palms were exposed, broken and looked lifeless. I contacted customer service and they without question, sent me a complete new order. I have nothing but good things to say about the quality of plants I revceived and live customer service personnel.
Negative thomasbeddy
Marion, VA
(1 review)
April 10, 2009
Last Fall I ordered some plam trees from Paradise Palm Co. in Georgia. The idea of growing palm trees in Northern Virginia intrigued me, so Windmill Palm Trees, Needle palms and Palmetto palms, recommended by them, were on my list. Their picture of a Pindo Palm, not recommended by them, looked interesting, but I ordered one of those too, to grow in my greenhouse out back. All the trees arrived well packaged in a small box shortly after shipping, and each tree was planted carefully outside, except the pindo palm, that was planted in a small container in my greenhouse. When the trees arrived I was well pleased and spoke to a lady there at Paradise Palm Co., thanked her and told her that I wanted to order some other plants that they offered. Shortly after ordering I received a second order from Paradise Palm Co, but the ups shipment was received from Willis Orchard Nursery, so I called the same lady again from Paradise Palm Co., and she assured me that there was no need to feel alarmed, that Willis Orchard was a sister company owned by the same man, Jason Willis, and he offered a much wider selection of fruit trees, nut trees, bamboo and blueberry plants than Paradise Palm Co. Willis orchards also offered instant orchard plants and trees, that also excited me, since I had received small banana trees, a tiny clump of Robert Young Bamboo and a somewhat immature Lucca olive tree, that was not guaranteed to live in my zone by Paradise Palm Co., but I meant to also grow the olive plant in my greenhouse, like the pindo palm tree. The idea that I could buy mature instant orchard trees from Willis Orchard Nursery fascinated me, so I told the lady on the phone, that I was going to rent a truck and drive down from Virginia to buy a truckload of instant orchard trees from Willis Orchards in March. By March the pindo palm tree that I had bought from Paradise Palm Co. was the only palm alive, and it was planted in my greenhouse. Meanwhile the windmill palm tree was a black dead stick, and the palmetto had shriveled up into a pile of smelly jelly. I drove down to Moultrie or Berlin, GA to buy my Instant Orchard trees last month, and I brought along my dead palm trees to get a free replacement, along with a mushy mass of banana phlegm and a withered brown carcass of bamboo – none of which showed any sign of green or life. Arriving on the scene of the two sister companies, Paradise Palm Company and Willis Orchard Nursery, I did get my free replacements, but I was absolutely astonished to see how tiny the Nursery operations was, when you consider the impressive websites and extensive advertising they do. There were very few trees on the nursery site and of poor quality and petite size. When I asked about the Instant Orchard trees I was told, “Oh, we can ship those to you from up North” Suppose I should have gone next door instead, rather than drive all the way from Virginia to this so called Nursery. On the way back home, I felt stupid and disgusted to have not investigated Willis and Paradise more. Stopping at Ison's Nursery in Brooks, Georgia, as an alternate stop, I found a nice selection of fruit trees of good size, but not the exaggerated Instant Orchards, as advertised by Willis Orchards, that were unavailable on their site, so I learned my painful lesson about buying large mail order nursery plants online without seeing them. See the trees first - before you believe it.
Positive bmr
Greensboro, NC
(1 review)
July 9, 2007
After having bad experiences with other on line companies, I was very reluctant to try again. I found Paradise Palm Co. & was very pleased with their customer service. Now the real test... Would they actually do as they said & deliver quality products on time?!!! To my surprise, I recieved a confirmation number & my order exactly when I was told I would. My trees were beautiful & not shipped bare root. I would highly recommend this company to anyone!
Positive ronsimeone
Rockville, MD
(1 review)
July 8, 2007
Having experienced considerabe difficulties with quality palms in my geographical location, I ordered from Paradise Palm Company in Moultrie, GA. A quality palm arrived, professionally packaged, with precise instructions. The phone conversations with the personnel regarding my order was professional, friendly,and oriented with the customer as a priority. A follow up email followed after delivery which further demonstrated the extraordinary service of this company. The type of service with Paradise Palm Company is almost extinct and Paradise Palm Company has renewed my belief that there are companies where the customer is a human being, not a charge card. Highly recommended.

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