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Roseraie at Bayfields

Waldoboro, Maine 04572-0919
(United States)

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Closed The following message was posted on their site before the site was removed; email messages were returned as undeliverable, so both the URL and email addresses have been removed from this entry.

Over the next few months we will be closing our operation in order to retire. The final brochure was for the 2002 season just ended and there will be no bare root rose shipping after the last few existing fall orders are shipped.
Until this site is taken down or sold (see related NEWSBOX item) we will continue to process orders for fertilizer and supplies shown inthe merchandise section. If you have found the site useful, you might want to print out any or all pages for future reference.

If you have any "loose ends" from orders this past season please email us about them so we can get square with you.

We have a fairly substantial and varied stock of potted roses that will be wintered and sold here in Waldoboro on a reduced schedule next spring and summer. Once we can evaluate the effects of winter, we will inventory the stock and create a listing which can be had via a Stamped Self-Addressed Envelope (business sized) mailed to us at the above address. That sheet will also set forth the days/hours of availability.

At 67, after ten seasons, I am looking forward to a schedule no longer pressed by availability to the world at large with all its means of instant communication. I have gathered literally thousands of pleasant memories of helping folks discover and succeed with roses that give pleasure in colder places. To the almost 13,000 customers since 1993 I send warmest thanks.

Lloyd Brace

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Negative oldroser
(5 reviews)
February 10, 2003
Picked up a couple of plants at the nursery and they were fine. Ordered by mail and half were dead. No response, no refund. This nursery is now out of business and none too soon.
Positive SamWorley
(2 reviews)
January 11, 2003
The Roserie has gone out of business and I, for one, will miss it. They were one of the few nurseries that offered grafted old roses. This is important because in spite of the craze for own root roses, many of the truly old roses such as centifolias and albas can be slow to establish on their own roots. Over the years I bought a mix of own root and grafted from them and they have been remarkably vigorous plants, really some of the most outstanding specimens in my garden. Yes, sometimes they could be short over the phone and slow to respond to order inquiries, but in my experience the product was consistently high quality and they will be missed!
Negative claire
(1 review)
January 5, 2003
You must notify seller of dead plants upon arrival. If in the north and the rose is dormant, you may not know you have no rose until much later in spring. By then you are in the trap and owner will not answer you. You must go to Maine Atty.Gen. for an answer. Then you get your refund minus the postage and packing because owner blandly states you did receive the rose, though dead. To get postage refund you must go to AG again. Do you really want to buy a rose bush from this company? There are plenty of sellers who are so much easier to buy from
Positive sarahcincy
Cincinnati, OH
(8 reviews)
August 22, 2002
Ordered rose from him in 2001. They were all healthy, grew fine. Truly excellent detailed (yes, opinionated, but that's ok) instructions on how to plant. My only reservation is that the prices are steeper than some other good suppliers.
Negative prunella
Round Lake, IL (Zone 5b)
(3 reviews)
August 10, 2002
I ordered from them but never received the plants or so much as an email explaining why.

I went to the website after several months and they had posted a note that said any orders received after March 15 were not going to be filled!
Neutral mellen
(1 review)
August 7, 2002
i've purchased from him for years with mixed success. some roses thrive while others inexplicably die! very helpful with advise if you call, but beware, he's a bit of a cumudgeon (old time mainiac with set opinions)!
Negative daniellechalmet
(1 review)
February 1, 2002
I ordered 12 rose bushes from Rosarie at Bayfields in February of 2001. They were supposed to be shipped in late March. I received 10 plants at the end of April. They were the scrawniest plants I had ever bought. The canes were very thin, broken and sick looking, and the roots, which were shipped without protection except for the paper packaging, were dried up and scraped, with the bark peeling off. I called right away to complain about the 2 plants I did not receive. I was told I would be getting them shortly. When I explained that the bushes I did receive were in bad shape, I was first yelled at and I was told I would be reimbursed for the 4 which looked really bad. I never did receive the two missing bushes, or the money for the damaged. I called twice and was told I would get my money back. When I had not received anything by October, I called again. By this time, only 2 of the 10 roses I received had survived, and not very well at that. During that time, bushes I bought from other nurseries, at the same price, thrived. When I called the Rosarie to explain the situation, I was told that since I had not sent the roses back right away I would not be reimbursed, except for the 2 bushes I had never received. I was told at the time that this was explained on the internet site. Since I had ordered by telephone, I was not aware of this policy and I was told that it was too bad, but "that is the way it is, all you had to do was to look at the internet site". At no time before this had I been told about this policy. In October, 6 months after my first complaint, I did receive a check for the 2 bushes I never got.The roses I purchased from The Rosarie at Bayfields are the very worst I have ever bought, anywhere. They were bad plant material, damaged, sick, badly packed, my order was incomplete and the owner behaved as a bully. I would warn anyone against buying anything from The Rosarie at Bayfields.
Negative JanetSclar
(2 reviews)
July 1, 2001
We will also never order from this establishment again. We ordered roses according to his availability on the web site, but were told thathe was sold out of one of them so we chose a replacement and were told they'd be shipped the end of January 2001. Nothing had arrived by mid-February so we sent email and when that wasn't returned we called. When I spoke to him he said they expected shipment to go out the end of January, but some of their shipments were late (Hmm, we were under the impression hesold his own plants) and he couldn't tell us exactly when our shipment would go out - "maybe this week". Fortunately the roses did arrive that next week and were put in the ground - one of them looked quite weak with few roots and canes and some canker. We cut the canker back as usual, but it progressed. When we dug up the plant because the canker was unstoppable we found no new root development at all after 3 months in the ground. Upon emailing him of the problem I was informed that when we planted the plant it became oursole responsibility, as stated in his limited guarantee that comes with the plant. I re-read the guarantee and found it not nearly as narrow as he'd quoted to me. I wrote him back trying to be reasonable, but have heard nothing. We're talking about $9 that he refuses to refund. Ridiculous disregard for customer service. Never again.
Negative LucasCatChow
Tulsa, OK
(23 reviews)
April 1, 2001
I do not ever plan to order from these people again. The gentleman I spoke to was argumentative and rude when I placed the order. I had asked for a later shipping date than the original February he proposed. After telling me that he "knew best" when I should receive the rose (I wondered how someone in Maine could possibly know the weather conditions in Oklahoma better than a native), I finally got tired of being lectured to and compromised on the middle of March. By the first week of April had not received my rose. Called the company and someone said they were surprised I had not been notified that the rose was unavailable . A credit to my account was promised, but after a week it still did not show up, so I called my credit card company and had them cancel the charge myself. The rose was an unusual one or I would not have tolerated this person to begin with. Eventually found the rose at another company. That company responded with courtesy, and an own root potted plant delivered within 3 days.
Negative laurieconfer
(1 review)
February 1, 2001
I have ordered from the Rosarie for several years, and liked their wide selection. However, last winter's order was a disaster. When the roses arrived, all had thin canes, some with black canes, some broken. When one failed to grow, it was replaced. When another rose turned out to be mislabeled, Mr. Brace said he'd refund my money only if I agreed to give the plant to some "charitable organization" or throw it away, and send some petals and leaves from the mislabled plant to him in the mail. At this point in the season, the nursery no longer had any of the Maiden's Blush rose I'd ordered. The refund came several months later, only after repeated calls. I don't know Mr. Brace, but even though I had ordered from him over several years I found him patronizing and insulting when I had a problem. I had been a good customer for several years, but after my last experience I do not intend to order from them again.
Negative Dan479
(4 reviews)
April 1, 2000
I recently received an order form the Rosarie at Bayfields. The shipment was prompt and well packed. Enclosed suggestions for planting were clear and inclusive. My only disappointment was that, while one of the plants was husky with multiple canes, the other had only 2 pencil-thin canes. The root systems looked good, and I'm hoping they will compensate with some vigorous growth this season. I probably will order from them again in the future.
Positive cheryl123
(2 reviews)
April 1, 2000
I ordered one rose bush of a unique variety for a very reasonable price. I was sent a confirmation and a slip stating the date it would be shipped for my zone. I was very impressed with the communication, service and excellent packing and shipping. I have followed the detailed instructions for the planting and had taken care to cover up the bush properly for the cold spell that we had for the last weeks in April. I have since uncovered the bush to find what appears to be healthy, dark green foliage and hopefully a happy, growing bush. If all goes well with the bloom I would certainly consider future purchases from this supplier and my recommendations. I look forward to more unique and lovely roses from Bayfields.
Negative barbaratourgee
(1 review)
February 1, 2000
A couple of years ago I ordered several roses. Two were not available but a refund was promised. After repeated reminders to Mr. Brace, I received neither refund nor credit, although I still receive a catalog each year. The roses I did receive were fine but I will never order from them again even if I should someday get my money back.
Positive andreoli
(1 review)
October 1, 1999
I have ordered from Rosarie for the last two years. Nothing but good experience - Lloyd Brace is a great source of information and advice, and has responded quickly to my concerns. This year in southern New Hampshire was a rough one - extended drought threatened our well, so watering was on a limited "as desperately needed" schedule. One of the roses we bought, a rugosa hybrid call Rugelda, seemed blessed with magnificent growth anyway, way beyond what could/should have been expected - nearly outgrew the location selected in first year! Lloyd exchanged several emails with me as we tried to figure out why, and what to do about winter protection.
Positive jpetermonro
(1 review)
July 1, 1998
I have ordered 22 roses and visited Rosarie's site and met with Lloyd Brace. He, his catalog and his service is to be recommended. The fellowis genial and knowledgeable. Buy his three part fertilizer system and use it: we have had better success growing than with any other group of amendments.
Negative mgnann
(1 review)
April 1, 1998
I consider the service from Rosarie at Bayfields to be bad. I ordered 4 roses from them, and two never made it. Although I contacted them three times, I did not get any replacement or credit for them.
Neutral DeborahKral
(2 reviews)
October 1, 1997
I unfortunately had a bad experience with my first order of 10-plus plants being mislabeled and sent to the wrong address. They finally arrived at my house a week later quite dry and had broken dormacy. Most have survived and during a followup phone call I was promised replacement plants in the Spring/'98 for two plants that did not do well. It took three months to get a refund check for the roses that were out of stock despite several emails and letters sent to the company. I will, however, more than likely re-order from this company because I am optimistic this was most likely a "freak" problem. Their selection/rose quality is good.
Positive jamesroush
(3 reviews)
September 1, 1996
Great "folksy" customer relations and good plants. Gives a shipping date and sticks too it. Budded and some own-root plants. Both of the above I really appreciate because I like to receive roses before my "normal" shipping date that most companies use for Kansas. I either pot them and keep them indoors or I've hilled them up and then slowly exposed them. Gives them an earlier start here. They would send them in January if they thought you knew what you were doing!
Negative RheaWorrell
(16 reviews)
May 1, 1996
I am less than impressed with Rosarie at Bayfields not because of the quality of their roses but by their "folksy" service. The catalog is not really a catalog, but a listing, the roses are $12 each (they ought to be great for that price) and the fact that someone I know was grossly overcharged for their order.
Positive K509
(3 reviews)
April 1, 1996
The Rosarie is the place to start if you interested in quality and service. I placed my first order with them this year and intend to go them before anyone else if I need any of the varieties they stock. They have an excellent selection. They commit to specific ship dates and produce on time. The plants are robust with strong root systems. This is the kind of business that anyone who loves gardening - and roses in particular - should patronize. We need more suppliers like them who care about what they do, and they won't be around unless we support them!
Positive LindaFrench
(3 reviews)
April 1, 1995
Very good service and packing. Catalog is excellent. FAST turnaround--less than a week, at this time of year.

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