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Harriston, Ontario N0G 1Z0

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Positive droagie
Verner, ON (Zone 4a)
(2 reviews)
September 25, 2010
Just received 26 streps from this seller and was NOT disappointed with the quality of products sent. When I have received "starter plants" of streps from other companies, I usually recieved a rooted leaf with the starting of a small plant. The plants here were huge in comparison and extremely healthy.
The seller (Helen) was not only obliging and helpful, but also honest and friendly. Am bidding on her plants up for auction on ebay as I am writing this.
I honestly highly recommend her to anyone interested in gesneriads.
Positive gessiebell
Thornton, CO
(1 review)
October 19, 2007
I have won several plants from Helen on eBay in the last couple of years. I have always found her to be very responsive to my questions and helpful. I will not hesitate in buying more plants from her in the future. She always sends nice sized plants and does a excellent job of packing. Have no fear in buying plants from this seller.
Positive gardens4
(1 review)
October 15, 2007
I have been away the past 3 weeks so just received the message about Violets4You otherwise I would have responded sooner. Just wanted to say that I have bought streptocarpus plants from Violets4You both this year and last. Never had any problems what so ever. The plants are always good sized healthy individuals and arrive safe and sound because they are so well packaged. I will continue to buy more from them without hesitation.
Positive Bowieboy
St. John's,
(1 review)
October 13, 2007
I purchased several AVs from this company through eBay, and Helen was extremely obliging in every way, even to the point of unpacking a parcel to add another plant I wanted. The plants arrived in excellent condition, very well-packaged, and are thriving now. I plan to do business with Helen again, and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a positive experience with online shopping.
Positive megpiesmom
Sylva, NC
(1 review)
October 6, 2007
I have ordered from Helen in the past and I have always been extremely happy with her plants. She sends exactly what she says, if there is a pic of the plant you can rest assured that is what you will get. Her plants always are very healthy, the leaves and flowers of her plants are rich in color and arrive in excellent condition because she takes the time to pack them correctly. I have never had a broken leaf or potting mix dumped out of the pot.
There is usually several people bidding on her plants and if you are lucky enough to win the bid you wont be sorry. As long as she sells plants I will certainly buy from her.
Doris Whalen
North Carolina
Positive kirio
Saint Paul, MN
(1 review)
October 5, 2007
If Dave's Garden had a higher rating than Positive, Violets4You would deserve it. I have been purchasing plants, rhizomes, bulbs, tubers and seeds of all varieties for several years through eBay and its website. Everything arrives in excellent condition, well-grown and expertly packed in a timely manner. Indeed, there are usually 'extra' plant materials tucked into the box. It has been, and will be, a pleasure doing business with Violets4You. Thank you so much for the great plants!
Positive KAYELL
(1 review)
October 4, 2007
I have been buying plants from Helen for ~ 1 1/2 years - both on E-Bay & at A.V. shows. Her plants have always been healthy, the shipping quick, & the packaging excellent. Also, she has always been very helpful & courteous in our E-mails & in person. I will continue to purchase her beautiful plants.

Kathy Lucier
Positive brockblue
Rantoul, KS
(1 review)
October 3, 2007
This seller has rare violets. I had been searching for a violet for 2 years and lost out after bidding $70.00. I was so thankful to find Jeanne Paul Pardis and for only $7.95. I have bought from this seller several times in the past and would highly reccomend them. I love their violets. Thanks!
Positive plantfancier101
Spring Hill, FL
(1 review)
October 3, 2007
I have received plants from Violets4You numerous times and have always been extremely pleased with quality and service. I've bought plants, rhizomes, stolons, leaves and I've never been unhappy with anything! I'm sure I will be back yet again and again!
Positive violetchick051
Plainfield, NJ
(1 review)
October 3, 2007
Hi, I have bought from Helen before. I am in the US as well. Her plants are excellent and it came in great condition and is now growing fabulously. Since I was new to purchasing from Canada, she was more than patient with me when I contacted her asking where the plant was. She explained to me just how long the shipping would take from Canada to the US. She was pleasant, extremely courteous and very helpful. She happens to be a wonderful person to work with and an all around nice person to be in contact with as well. Helen has been wonderful and I hope to purchase more African violets from her in the future.
Positive destormm
(1 review)
October 3, 2007
Gorgeous plants and perfect shipping always!!!!

I have reached a point where I wonít buy anywhere else. Violets4You has repeatedly shipped healthy, strong, perfectly packed plants with no damage and in perfect condition even at the hottest times of the year. All communication has always been polite and informative.

It is a shame when one of the few GOOD SELLERS on Ebay is slandered for no other reason then jealousy or stupidity. If you donít know how to deal with Ebay do us all a favor and stay off.

Thanks again Violets4You for making Ebay a positive experience for me. Now please excuse me I have to go place a bid on one of your auctions!
Positive Greenpeter6
Astoria, NY
(14 reviews)
October 3, 2007
Over the past two years I have purchased many african violets from this seller on e-bay. The plants were all beautiful, sent quickly, and well-packed. I was happy with every transaction I made. I have exchanged e-mails with Helen. She has always been concerned that her plants arrived safely and that I was pleased after receiving them. I find the negative comments strange here. They do not represent the experiences I had with this company. But everyone is entitled to their opinion. I guess I judge plant sellers a little differently than most. I am only critical of a company that makes no attempt to correct an error or to deal with a problem in a timely manner. Mistakes do happen, plants do die during shipping. But if a vendor is sincere in correcting a bad situation, I consider that a positive experience. All my experiences with Helen have been great--not a single complaint--not a single negative transaction.
Positive clb2354
Guthrie, OK
(2 reviews)
October 3, 2007
I have purchased from this company several times. Each time my purchases arrived in excellent condtion and in a timely manner. In fact the Episcias are still happily growing and flowering in my home. Any questions I had to ask were answered very quickly and were a great help. I being a beginner with Episcias appreciated all the help and advice I was given. I will definitely buy from this company again. Thank you again.
Positive iddless
Lafayette, CO
(1 review)
October 3, 2007
Positive MagicsGarden
Phoenix, AZ (Zone 9b)
(4 reviews)
October 3, 2007
I have ordered leaves from this vendor and have always had great service from her.
Positive deb131
(1 review)
October 3, 2007
I bought a couple of plants from this seller (first time) and didn't have a problem. The shipping was fast and the plants were packed really well (great job). The plants were very healthy - sometimes they go into shock being transported and different climate as well - but these ones didn't. Excellant seller. Excellant plants. Very satisfied.

Hey Dave plants are doing great - thanks so much - hope to buy more next summer.

Vancouver, BC Canada
Positive thomas304
falmouth cornwall,
United Kingdom
(1 review)
October 2, 2007
hi i'm new to voilets 4 you and i selected cape primroses and they where delivered when they said and they are blossomed andsome lovely plants i cant understand how people can be so nastsy when people are trying to make a living to survive in this world i hope they sort it out soon Best to you all from a satisfied customer.
Positive 133central
Los Alamos, NM
(1 review)
October 2, 2007
I love this vendor. I bought several AVs from her; they arrived at my doorstep in mint condition from Canada to the USA within 2 days. I received the blooming plants during the hottest part of the summer and not a single leaf was lost. Her packaging was perfect. I did ask several questions about the AVs and received her response quickly as well as some excellent handling advice. Highly recommend this seller. Will be back in the Spring for more beautiful plants.
Positive LesleyS
t8v 6c5,
(1 review)
October 2, 2007
I have ordered from Violets4you at least half a dozen times and I have always had the best experiences with them. The plants were always shipped very quickly and packaged very well. Helen also gave me advice on how to care for my new violets, as I was new to growing them and even gave me a few free leaf cuttings to try my hand at starting my own. I have to say that my violets are now HUGE and no one comes over with out commenting on how beautiful they are. Thank you Helen!

Positive starlinda
Reeds, MO
(1 review)
October 2, 2007
I have ordered from violets4you several times and always been pleased with the pricing,shipping and the condition in
which the plants/leaves arrived. I would not hesitate to buy from them again.
Positive divvajacko
Hinckley, OH (Zone 6a)
(40 reviews)
October 2, 2007
I have received a Kohleria rhizome. I am an experienced Gesneriad grower so I know this is going to take time to sprout. I am very pleased with the support from Violets4you and will buy again.
On September 26th, 2008, divvajacko added the following:

I have nothing but praise for Helen. Her plants are of the finest quality. I am a repeat customer and will continue to be so. When I bid an auction of hers or a BIN on Ebay I do so with confidence.

Very nice and very helpful. Answers all my questions.

Highly recommended.
On September 26th, 2008, divvajacko added the following:

I have nothing but praise for Helen. Her plants are of the finest quality. I am a repeat customer and will continue to be so. When I bid an auction of hers or a BIN on Ebay I do so with confidence.

Very nice and very helpful. Answers all my questions.

Highly recommended.
Positive darleneallen62
Allen, TX
(1 review)
October 2, 2007
I purchased african violets from Violets4you and I must say that they were some of the nicest violets I have purchased this year. They were strong, healtly and beautiful. Helen made sure that she notified me when the plants were being shipped and when to expect them. I am very pleased and intend to do business with this seller again. Thank You Violets4you!!
Darlene Allen,
Allen, Texas
Positive Celene
Columbus, OH
(12 reviews)
October 2, 2007
I have purchased Kohleria, Streps, Episcia, and AV leaves from this seller several times. The quality of the plants is stellar, they're packed very carefully, and I've been thrilled with everything I've purchased, both the quality of the plant and the quality of the service. I will definitely purchase again.
Positive kattkompaniets
(1 review)
October 2, 2007
Have bought leves from violets4you and they arrivet to me very quickly, very carefully packed, and very healthy leafs.

Thank you
Positive variegatednancy
(1 review)
October 2, 2007
I have never met the owner of violets4you but I have ordered from this commercial quite a few times.

Plants and leaves received from this seller have always been in excellent condition when they arrived. Much care was taken with packing and the plants themselves always thrive.

I'm not sure why this seller is receiving such feedback that, in my case, is completely unwarrented.

I have often received packages from the big violet commercials and have sometimes been disappointed with their choices, or the packaging or other aspects of my dealings with them. This has never been the case with this lady.

I believe this seller must be an excellent grower since plants I have received have been in such great health and vitality. I don't think the difficulty some growers have had with this commercial is the norm and I will certainly continue to buy from this seller. Her plants and her advice to my questions have encourged me to continue to buy from her.

Nancy Robitaille
Positive lubago
(1 review)
October 2, 2007
I'm buy twice streptocarpus plants. After 10 days of shipping I need them in very good condition.
Positive LynnCollectynn
(1 review)
October 2, 2007
I just started collecting African violets this spring and it was my very good fortune to come across Violets4You on Ebay! The pictures in the listings were so enticing, unlike anything I had even seen retail and I placed my first order, using both the auctions and also Buy it Now. I was a bit worried about the shipping of live plants but I was about to discover how uncredibly careful and expert Helen is at packing these fragile little plants; every single one was prepared and packed with the utmost care! There hasn't been any damage whatsoever. What's more, every plant has not only survived but has flourished, many in bud on arrival.
I've had several fairly large shipments from Violets4You and they have always arrived the day after they were shipped..... and we're in another province!
Being a novice, I also had occasions when I asked Helen for a bit of advice. She not only answered me quickly and graciously but offered a wealth of information which I certainly appreciate. Such a generous lady!
I now have a whole indoor garden of healthy, happy AVs that are producing incredible blooms thanks to Helen's terrific plants, superb packing and shipping, and expert advice. I wouldn't hesitate for a second to recommend her (and I have!) I wish every vendor on Ebay was the same high calibre as Violets4You!
I'll be back in the spring!!
Positive Franlow
United Kingdom
(1 review)
October 2, 2007
I have had Five seperate orders from this fab company & I'll definately be back for more. I live in England. Helen & co have bent over backwards to accomadate me, answering numerous questions & providing wonderful information. Please do not be put off by the rubbish I have just read. In all the shipments I have received, only 1 plant had 1 broken leaf - now a cutting! All the others were immaculate. I have used both auction & buy it now with no problems at all. I would go so far as to say, this is the best eBay shop I have ever found. I'll be back in the Spring BTW :)
Fran xxx
Positive trace00969
(1 review)
October 2, 2007
I just recently ordered quite a few AV leaves from this seller on Ebay and she was absolutely wonderful! The leaves were shipped in a box with styrofoam, and each leaf was individually wrapped. Alot of care was put into packing and sending the leaves as each tip is gently wrapped up. I received the package within the tip had started to rot, but I promptly snipped it off, and it is still doing well.

I also ordered 5 kohleria rhizomes from her, and like she said they were each in individually, well-labeled zip lock baggies. So far, all of those but one have sprouted. Shipping was free for this......I think postage may have cost her around 2 dollars.

All in all, I was extremely satisfied with my two orders, and will definitely order again from her in the new year. The shippings fees are justified. I have never had a problem with communication......I emailed her a few times about the kohleria rhizomes as I was unsure how to root them, but she fully explained it to me, and they have been a success.

I definitely recommend this seller.......I know there are only a few places in Canada to get decent gesneriads, named AV's, and such, and it would be terrible to see this person get slandered by one person who had a bad experience.

Edmonton AB
Negative gessiegail
Taft, TX (Zone 9a)
(18 reviews)
September 30, 2007
I attempted to buy with PayPal account some items that were not being auctioned but just had a price on them. Little did I know what was in store for me with Violets4you............I have a negative rating of -2 (I didn't even know what that was as I had only tried ebay several years ago and didn't have a pay pal i blew it off not realizing the seriousness of it all)
I got the nastiest note from her and i posted it on DG not knowing that she is a member. When she fired back at me with vengeance she didn't even tell the truth. She tried to say that she offered to help me clean up my account and start over........which wasn't even close to the truth.
I will live the rest of my life happily growing plants without this lady and she can go right on selling to anyone who will buy from her. She kept sending me nasty dmails until I finally asked her to please not let me ruin one more day of her life!!!!!!!!
On October 17th, 2007, gessiegail added the following:

What a joke you have tried on the subscribers who hang around the Av forum.............who do you think you are kidding????????????? Do ya really believe the DGers believe a group of people you gathered to gether in this effort to redeem yourself? I can't fault you for trying........lots of work on your part.........but the truth is the truth......We on Dave's gardens don't know any of these users but I would imagine that Dave loves the fact that we have so many new subscribers ............unless, of course, you don't have to pay to speak your piece on the Garden Watchdog. This is making Westover's day and mine, too...................
Positive threegardeners
North Augusta, ON
(3 reviews)
September 26, 2007
I ordered 3 streptocarpus, they arrived in bud, beautiful, healthy plants and so well packed not a speck of soil was lost. Will definitely order from her again.
Negative westocast73
(Zone 1)
(2 reviews)
September 10, 2007
The seller had stated in Bold letters to e-mail her with any questions which seemed like a good idea so that is what I did.

Unfortunately I never saved my original message but I do know what the general gist as it was sent this morning. This is my loose version of what I said.

Hi, I am interested in your Kohleria and Episcia but have a few questions.

First I was wondering if the 10 Kohlerias were a random mix or if you only used the cheaper ones?

Second what size are the Rhizomes?

Third if I buy an Episcia as well does the free shipping with the Rhizomes count towards it and I pay the additional shipping fee or do I have to pay a seperate shipping fee?

Thanks Mike

Her Response

I pick 10 from the available ones - No - you will not receive An's Dice Dots or Black Diamond - They are expensive because there are so few of them and Black Diamond (I had only three) are sold out. There is no such thing as cheaper varieties. If I make some less costly its because I have more of them. They are equal apart from a couple of rare NEW introductions. The rhizomes are all different sizes depending on the variety. Most are small, and if they are huge they are 1.5 inch pieces that fit into a small ziplock. Rhizomes are sent in an envelope. Plants go in a box. NOTHING ships with rhizomes but rhizomes can ship with plants. Now - please don't bid on the rhizomes. I already know from all these questions how unhappy you are going to be no matter what, so let's just avoid this whole scene - okay? Finally I have already stopped the listing for 10 rhizomes - that's gone because I am almost sold out of rhizomes! No more 10 rhizomes deals. The first plant costs 8.50 then 1.50 each additional.

- violets4you

I have no idea how she came up with the two cultivar names as I did not mention them and they are not in her e-bay store. I also find it insulting she says there is no such thing as cheaper varieties. There certainly is such a thing and it does matter when you buy a random lot.

Honestly I just think it was totally unfair that I got scolded like a child for asking the questions she had specifically stated she wanted. I wasn't rude and I have a flawless e-bay 100% rating as a buyer and seller so I just think this was a totally unfair response and thought others should know.

If she can't handle the questions professionally how am I going to be treated if there is a problem with my order? Am I going to be scolded and treated like a con-artist? I just would rather avoid finding out.

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