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On Apr 10, 2008, upsetcustomer (1 reviews) from Zillah, WA

I have been going to Wilson's in Buena for the past 3 years! I love the customer service there, the guys are super friendly and very fast! Every single time that I walk through the door, I am greeted with enthusiasm and respect. No matter what the weather is like or what kind of day it is!! (Keep up the excellent work David, Lupe, Richard, Mike, and Adam!) Except, there is one individual there that always seems to be "grumpy". I beleive his name is Jefrey or Duffy. On one occasion I was at the store and waiting in line to pay for my items. I overheard him tell one of his co-workers, "oh h**l no, are you gonna start talking like these "wetbacks" now." I could not beleive that he said that loud enough for other customers in the store to hear, let a lone to one of his co-workers. I am not hispanic, but that made me feel very very upset. Most of the guys there ARE hispanic!! I cannot beleive that man would say such a thing, being that a big part of their customers are hispanic as well. It's sad that at this point in time their are still people who make racist comments like that. The company should be careful in haveing someone like him employed. Someone might decide to take it a step further and go straight to L&I or the Equal Employment Opportunity Comission. We as customers should not have to be putting up with something like this. Much less this man's co-workers! I am aware that I can go someplace else if I don't like it. But, the sad thing is that.....I don't want to. I love coming into that store and seeing "the guys"...... After writing this, I have realized that maybe I should make the company aware of this issue. I don't know if it will do any good, but atleast I'll feel better knowing that I did my part by informing Mr. Roger Wilson of this and have hope that something will be done.

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